‘Chronicle’ Director May Helm The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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There’s been nothing substantial to report, with regards to the Fantastic Four franchise reboot, for almost fifteen months now. Even though the comic book project was originally announced back in early 2009 and reports about numerous big name celebrities being pursued to star in (or lend their voices to) the film began circulating in mid-2010, there’s been very little progress made on the project since.

Jump to the present and Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman is no longer producing the FF reboot – though, that could be construed as a good thing, based on part of his history with comic book movies (he produced Jonah Hex and wrote Batman & Robin). There’s no word yet on who 20th Century Fox wants to recruit as a replacement producer, but there are new reports about a potential directorial candidate.

Variety is reporting that Josh Trank has held several meetings with Fox executives about him coming onboard as helmer on the new Fantastic Four flick. The movie is being scripted by Michael Green, who previously served as a co-showrunner/writer on TV shows like Smallville, Heroes, and Kings; he is also the man credited for devising the screen story for Green Lantern.

Surprisingly enough, Green has been the primary screenwriter involved with the FF franchise revamping since it was first announced in 2009. Take his (decidedly mixed?) resume as you will, but at least it sounds like the screenplay for the FF reboot won’t be going the overdone “dark and gritty” route – which, arguably, would be really an incongruous approach to take with the FF universe and its characters anyway. But, we digress…

Trank previously worked on the TV series The Kill Point and served as editor on the sports drama Big Fan. He will be making his big screen directorial debut next month with Chronicle, a found footage/superhero flick that has been generating some serious buzz online, especially in the past few weeks.

According to Variety insiders, Fox officials are very much waiting to see how Chronicle fares when it hit theaters, both in terms of critical reception and (most importantly, to studio heads) at the box office, since it’s slated to open during the 2012 Super Bowl weekend. Assuming the movie isn’t an unmitigated bust, it appears likely that Trank will be sitting in the captain’s chair on the FF reboot.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Chronicle Director May Helm The Fantastic Four Reboot

Dane DeHaan plays a super-powered teen gone bad in ‘Chronicle’

The two previous live-action Fantastic Four movies (ignoring Roger Corman’s infamous 1994 film) released in theaters were sizable financial hits; as far as comic book adaptations go, they’re generally considered to be far from the worst. All the same, neither flick is so widely beloved as to prompt a major outcry at the idea of a reboot, especially one being handled by more accomplished and competent filmmakers.

However, therein lies the problem with the new FF movie, as it stands: Green’s previous work doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence and Trank is simply an untested director – though, based on early Chronicle footage, he’s managed to craft a film with some unsettlingly dark atmosphere and pretty solid effects work, while working on a much smaller budget ($15 million) than he’d have at his disposal with the FF reboot.

All the same, best to hold off on getting too excited (or not) about Trank being eyed to direct the new Fantastic Four movie until Chronicle hits U.S. theaters on February 3rd, 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. I enjoyed the old Fantastic Four movies (yes even Rise of the Silver Surfer) while the sequel had its fair share of problems I did like it overall. It annoys me that they did not even finish a trilogy, but instead are going to straight up reboot it. Don’t get me wrong I like Chris Evans much more as Cap than as the Human Torch and if being in FF kept him from that I wouldn’t be on board with FF. I just hope things work out and we get a good reboot and by the way Fox where is that Silver Surfer movie you promised us?

  2. Ehh, with so many upcoming superhero movies they’ll have to wedge this in some August release to find no competition. Frankly I see burnout becoming a problem and with two just OK movies of this franchise already out they have a pretty steep hill to climb to generate any substantial box office heat. That means coming up with a pretty fantastic story, which won’t be easy on a 90-100MM budget…

  3. I enjoyed Fantastic Four for what it was, but I really don’t find myself getting exciting, even if this is a reboot. The character are third rate characters at best, to me.

  4. What the hell? It has been nearly FIVE years since the craptastic FF:RotSS. hasn’t the statute of limitations run out on the contract??? I thought all these franchise agreements required the studio to have something IN production every 3-4 years or Marvel got them back by default. Fantastic Four will be will over five years before they get something moving which doesn’t seem to jive with that info.

    Let Marvel have their damn IP back so it can be done right.

      • whoohoo! that means you agree with me 50% of the time :)

      • I actually think Doom wasn´t half as bad as Susan. I mean, Jessica Alba as a scientist?! What were they thinking?

  5. I was amazed by the Chronicle trailer, it was better than I expected.

    I hope the film will be great as the trailer when it gets released.

    And about the director of Chronicle to direct the FF reboot?

    First of all, the first two Fantastic Four movies were good but kind of spoofy.

    I hope Fox will turn a dark turn story since X-Men: First Class took the kind of story and it became a success during to the script and the performances done by the cast.

    If Chronicle is a success then Josh Tank should do the FF reboot.

    If not then, forget about it all.

    Also the writer is awful, come on the guy wrote Green Lantern.

    That movie was my worst comic book movie not of last year but maybe in years since Batman and Robin.

  6. Good point mongoose maybe they’ll futz around long enough and it will actually run out on them. That’s the real story everyone wants to read just how close are they??

  7. I thought they were letting the rights revert back to marvel…. Damn.

    • that was just a rumor, but it wouldn’t be a big loss for fox if they did.

  8. if they can make this kinda like the new spiderman film,nolans batman films, and the x-men film and make them feel real i would love to see a retelling with a more villianous doctor doom,the inhumans,and Namor.

  9. no where in here does anybody say ff will meet with the avengers, or spiderman. and i did not see daredevil mentioned except by you. geez dude, give people a break. we can’t all be “in the know” like you.

  10. I’m agreein’ with Hi c. If they’re really going to reboot FF, then they need to put a whole lot more effort into the character of Doctor Doom. He’s an old European monarch, not a corporaate American CEO. I really want the next FF movie to be done by Marvel, but I’m giving up on that dream.

    • Eh. I just wanna see it done “right” with a solid story. Having the rights reverted back to Marvel doesnt guarantee both will happen.

      • Guarantee? No, of course not but can they really do any worse the Fox has done with the last 2 movies? Pretty much the only direction we can go is up. Marvel has a MUCH better track record so I would be willing to bet if anyone could do it right, they could.

  11. Damn. Here I thought the rights would revert back to Marvel Studios this year…

    This sucks big time. Fox had their shot and they messed it up (the movies themselves weren’t terrible, but they didn’t pay attention to the source material at all IMO – I mean, we got a short Thing, a horrible version of Dr Doom and oh yeah, Galactus was a cloud… a cloud!)

    I’m hoping this project falls through the cracks: seeing as the writer they hired was responsible for GL and the director they’re considering doesn’t really have that much experience (to my knowledge).

    IMO, they should just let the rights revert back to Marvel so that they can do it RIGHT.

    • Also don’t forget that “cloud” created the Silver Surfer with the tiniest sliver of its essence but was then able to defeat his master, something 1000+ times more powerful? That end was a complete buzz-kill for me.

      • Are you sure Galactus gave the SS his powers? From what I remember of the movie, Norin Radd always had that ability; he just made a deal with Galactus to become his herald if he left his planet alone. In the comic, the SS was given his powers by Galactus.

    • YA he was a cloud…but would you really have wanted to se a giant man floating around eating planets??? They should have just stayed away from that character

  12. 2+2 dosnt equal 16…Sorry

    It’s a nice place to be. That’s for anybody including myself. So what Daredevil wasn’t mentioned…its owned by Fox. That’s the jist. Stop the word games, it dosnt matter in the text of the statement.

    Wow! Where did this sensitivity to others opinions come from! All of a sudden, or is it just mine you have a problem with. Sensorship Lives!

    • Dude, you make less and less sense every time I read one of your posts…

      • Agreed TheAvenger (in Simpsons Gov Arnolds voice)

  13. jeez louise, calm down. i’ll i’m sayin is not everybody can keep up with what studio owns the rights to what character(s), i’m not playin any word games, and no one has CENSORED you. go eat a snickers.

    personally i wish the avengers would make a ton of money, so much that marvel could buy the rights back to ALL there I.P. and expand the MCU. it would be nice if DC could get the same thing going with their characters, and get that justice league movie they keep hinting at.

    • While I agree with the spirit of your post, do you realistically think the controlling studios would sell back the rights for a reasonable sum of money? After the success of the X-Men franchise, I highly doubt Fox would let it go for anything less than a couple billion (remember they have to guesstimate potential lost revenue and then tag on some extra…..”just to be sure”)

      If The Amazing Spiderman does well I can see Sony demanding a similarly (but probably smaller) silly figure.

      If Marvel wants their IP back it will probably cost Disney many times more than its worth.

    • Hahahahaha!

      “Go eat a Snickers.” That made my day. Thanks for that!

  14. @ Tra8 – you have just basically slapped everyone who comments on these threads in the face with your ‘I know everything’ attitude and you wonder why there is a little ‘sensitivity’ about your post. For the 1000th time, everyone on here has an opinion, not JUST you.

    • he’s a troll, nothing more. he claims to be “in the biz” but i doubt it.

      @ mongoose, maybe they could work out some deal to buy back at a reasonable cost, plus the current controlling studios could get a piece of the profits, or something to that effect. yeah, i know, it’s wishful thinking.

    • I just don’t get the argument here… you go on about which characters are owned by Fox, when in fact, MOST of us knows which of the characters are owned by who.

      I’ve gone through the comment section on this article (more than once), and the only person who mentioned Daredevil, Ghost Rider, etc. was YOU.

      We know Fox owns the Fantastic Four (unfortunately), and the only mention of ownership on this comment page was that some of us wants Marvel Studios to gain back control of the FF (even though we know that Fox currently owns FF and that the chances of the FF reverting back to Marvel are pretty unlikely at this point.)

      If I may suggest: take a step back, calm down, READ through this comment page, read your posts and REALIZE how silly you sound at times.

    • Did mommy lock the basement door again?

      • Guys,

        Let’s all relax a bit shall we?

        Thank you,


      • Hahahaha!

        • I agree with Vic but I have one point to make, this is the Internet- a lot of people are from other places in the world that are on here.

  15. Ghostrider FF and Avengers need to team up maybe wif sum x-menz and Daredevul?



    • Tra8 doesn’t f*&^&$%%$&%*%&$^ing approve of this post.

  16. Hmm

    • Vic said play nice … so this is my only comment.

    • If your kids are older than Ink, they´re probably more mature than you. Just saying. Now go and troll somewhere else.

      • Not sure how to take that Scape. :)

        • Well, because he said his kids are older than you. So I assume they´re at least 41/42 years old. And people who are 41/42 years old are usually mature. Usually.

    • One more Tra8, and you’re done.

      Fair warning.


  17. I hope to see a FF reboot. I dont care if FOX does it. They DID put out the first 2 X-Men movies and they were good. I think FOX just needs to listen to the fans more.

    I really want to comment on this Tra8 guy but it looks like Vic’s on it so I’ll leave it alone :)


  18. all i can say is wow

  19. i can hear the whistle of Mjölnir, the ban-hammer!

    • Lol that’s good

  20. Dude go troll somewhere else plz.. Seriously are you 13? Not getting any attention at home so u decide to troll here? Well u my friend are bout to get banned from this site :)

    • Vladiator,

      It has been handled.


      • Haha nice Vic :) get em trolls

        • I don’t like to “get” anyone. It’s a last resort that I don’t like to use. But some people just refuse to play by the rules and arrive to just stir things up.


          • THanks for intervening Vic. The vein in my neck was starting to throb with anger. :)

            • And my tongue was bleeding from where I was biting it. :)

              • Vic – FYI when I hit reply under a post it isn’t placing under the comment I intended it is just adding it to the main comment string … if that makes any sense.

                • INK,

                  Unfortunately, often when comments are deleted that were in a threaded discussion, it throws everything off. Don’t know how to fix that.


                  • Aww, gotcha. I was going to say the other threads are working perfectly. Now I know.
                    BTW, hope you’re beginning to feel better.

                    • Thanks, INK. Good days and bad. Still only a former shadow of myself and getting very sick of being sick.


    • Ok because the creator of this site tells you to stop your trolling doesn’t give you or someone in your household who has a badge to make arrest . Because there is no law unless it’s in your feeble mind from lala land.

  21. badges? really? now you are threatening to have people arrested? someone in your house an officer of the internet police? wow! i think this has got to be the silliest reply yet!

    on the subject at hand, namely the FF4. i think it would be cool if fox gave up on the idea, let the rights revert back to marvel, then FF could show up in the 3rd avengers film. cant you just see cap talking to the new HT:”…you seem familiar to me for some reason…have we met before?”

  22. You do realize Vic is the owner of this site, right?

  23. Ahahahahahahahaha! You (Tra8) are probably the dumbest [insert offensive curse word] that has ever commented on here. Just let me say “goodbye” to you in advance. Because that´s probably your last comment.

    • LMFAO ok this guy isn’t serious is he? How are you going to bash the owner and creator of this site? Please dude just get off here, we don’t need retarded trolls on here.

  24. Hahahaha, that explains everything.

  25. Now my comments look weird, glad that was over.

  26. “…he just vanished, like a fart in the wind!”

    that was crazy.