‘Chronicle’ Director Confirmed to be Working on ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:48 pm,

fantastic four reboot josh trank Chronicle Director Confirmed to be Working on Fantastic Four Reboot

Shortly before Chronicle hit theaters earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the director of the superhero flick (with a found-footage twist), Josh Trank, was already in line to helm Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.

Trank thereafter dismissed such speculation, stating that he’d not even met with studio heads about revamping the F4 property (at that time, anyway). When reports flew in a few weeks later, revealing that Trank had begun negotiations with Sony for him to direct the long-stalled Venom movie, it was widely assumed that the Spider-Man spinoff would instead mark the filmmaker’s first excursion into comic book movie territory.

However, while in attendance at the CinemaCon 2012, 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman revealed (via Collider) that Trank is indeed helping to dust off and re-polish the Fantastic Four film franchise – and may end up directing it after all.

“Josh Trank, who did ‘Chronicle, I think this has been reported, is gonna come on and work on a take or a vision, that he has for ['Fantastic Four'], so we’re excited about that… I think there’s a possibility of [him directing]. I mean he’s gonna develop it now, and then it depends on the script.”

In addition to Venom, Trank has also been linked recently to the Soviet comic book adaptation Red Star. Similarly, there’s been speculation that he could end up directing a sequel to Chronicle after all, now that his collaborator Max Landis is set to pen the followup.

Basically, given Trank’s current status as a hot-in-demand filmmaker, it’s best to not assume he’ll direct any of these projects, before an official announcement is made.

Many would agree (a good chunk of the Screen Rant crew included) that Trank managed to successfully ground the archetypal superhero story elements and action proceedings in Chronicle – by balancing them out with captivating drama wrought with genuine human emotion and engaging character dynamics.

Based on that alone, Trank is a worthy candidate to try and recreate the relatable, dysfunctional family dynamic of the Fantastic Four squad from the original comics – an area where the previous film adaptations are generally criticized for having missed the mark. Hence, Trank’s involvement with the F4 reboot reads as encouraging.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of the Fantastic Four reboot – including, whether or not Trank ultimately decides to direct the film – as more information is released.


Source: Collider

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  1. This doesn’t need to be made it’s stupied for stupied people who keep going to see these s*** movies. Please not another lame comic book reboot make a comic movie that hasn’t been made yet like y the last man or any other Kirkman books all are good. No more retarded 4. It’s lame as these lame losers on this site.

    • Thing is, The Last Man and Kirkman aren’t that popular. And DC clearly wants to make a Justice League movie, so rebooting the Fantastic Four is the next logical step.

      PS. It’s spelled “stupid”, stupid.

      • what does DC have to do with FF? that’s Marvel :P

        • He means that F4 would be the logical counter of Marvel to DC developing JL.

  2. Joss Whedon should direct all marvel movies from now on.

  3. I won’t hate on Fox too much. They are 3/5 for the X-men movies as X-men, X2, and First Class were all good movies (I really like X2 and FC). Were they perfect, no, but they were more than passable. Last Stand and Wolverine on the other hand….

    The problem with Fox is that when they miss, they miss BAD.

    The only reason I want the rights to revert back to Marvel for F4 is DOOM. Doom could easily be a central villain in a future Avengers movie. He is THE villain in the comics right now. I can’t think of an earth based villain more powerful than Doom atm.

    The facts are, Marvel doesn’t have the time or money to have every single character revert back to them. You can forget Spidey or X-men ever coming back. Too much money can be had with them.

    Any F4 movie will fail in my mind if they don’t get Doom right.

    • Agree on all accounts.

    • Just sharing my opinon that Doom isn’t needed. I don’t disagree with you that Doom is a key villian, but there are plenty of story lines (villians) that are just as large for the Avengers. More than enough to out last the current cast which will require a reboot.

      I personally would love to see Ultron before Doom, or even Kang. Even a villian team would be cool (masters of evil, heavy metal) Would be nice if they would use the next Thor to set up Enchantress and Executioner then come back in Avengers 2 with Masters of Evil.

      Oh well, sky’s the limit and I am afraid they will move on before they ever hit all of my wish list. :)

      • @ eric

        I read that Enchantress & Executioner are rumored villains for Thor 2 but also heard Thanos could be appear due the events of Loki’s failure in The Avengers & what Thanos would want from Odin’s vault. With a Ant-Man film on the way, im hoping to see Ultron aswell Vision. Master Of Evil would be cool aslong it’s not like Legion Of Doom from Superfriends-like. I agree the sky’s the limit & aslong as Marvel is doin what they’ve been doin, they will keep on delivering great films imo.

  4. Quicksilver and scarlet witch are two rare characters that can be used by Marvel or Fox because they’ve been avengers but are also mutants and x-affiliates.

    I wonder if she-hulk is another of these rare characters who could be an avenger with marvel but also a fox fantastic 4 member.

    How’s Jennifer Walters is a corporate lawyer who went to the ISS with Reed and his team, she was radiated with Gamma rays, and the rest were cosmic rays. Have five members, why the heck not. She-Hulk would probably leave at the end.

    I’d like to see a THING who’s further mutated with the spikes, and she-Hulk, along with Johnny Storm, Sue and Mr. Fantastic. As far as villains, there’s so many over the years but cinematically… I think mole man could be used in the reboot origin pic (I know you think I’m crazy but with guillermo’s pacific rim coming and the idea of gargantuan monsters being controlled by an insane deformed dwarf, that’s movie gold in classic Fantastic 4 style) and then have Wizard at the end to set up the Frightful four in the sequel.

    Bam! Fantastic 4 reboot done, more or less. Gina Carano for She-Hulk, heck DC/WB will never get the Wonder Woman movie out of development hell so why not paint some green on Gina?

  5. Screen Rant,

    As opposed to filing this in

    “Reboots, Remakes and Re-imagins That Nobody Asked For: Fantastic Four Edition”

    File it under

    “Reboots, Remakes and Re-imagins That Nobody CARES For: Fantastic Four Edition”

    • Who says nobody cares?

      I care, they didn’t do a very good job in the first place so doing a remake/reboot of TF4 would be great.

      I just wish they’d do a proper job in the first place instead of requiring a do-over to get it right.

  6. So much for F4 being aquired by Marvel Studios.

  7. I’d love for FF to be done by Marvel Studios, but it wont be this time around. I’m curious who everyone would want to direct? I don’t know if the Chronicle guy will be good or not, but I can’t help but fantasize about other directors.

    It’s like the fantasy I have about Ridley Scott directing Dune. I’m so hung up on the idea that I now have dreams about it.

  8. “It’s like the fantasy I have about Ridley Scott directing Dune. I’m so hung up on the idea that I now have dreams about it.”

    Damn. Now I have the idea of David Lynch directing Legend stuck in my head.

  9. I vote Mads Mikelsen (Casino Royale) as Doom

  10. When it comes to casting the movie will be a big challenge, half the reason the old ones weren’t that good was because the casting was off for the most part. They just need to focus more on making it entertaining, a lot of times in movies the movie makers can have a lot of fun and get carried away with all the fun they are having and not focusing enough energy on making the movie good, thats what i think happened with the last two. At least everybody who worked in those movies said they had a lot of fun, so we can give them that. Anyway i just put together a semi cast myself.

    For the thing it would be hard because we all know that Chiklis was actually good as the thing (i think he needs to be CGI) i did some thinking and i think that a young Bruce Willis type would be excellent for the Thing, no clue on what actor that is so forgive me.

    For The Invisible Woman i think that Charlieze Theron would be excellent because she is an awesome actress the only thing that i’m not sure about is that she may be too old but hopefully with some makeup that can be overlooked by the audience. I also think the movie makers need to not emphasize so much on her hot body though like they did with Alba which was a mistake. They need to work hard at making her a dominant female but thats always hard because in every female action movie the females are always fighting in heels and bras and everything, she needs to be dominant because of her classic Invisible Woman personality, and just through in some hot slips on the side lol.

    For Human torch i would pick Kevin Pennington but i have no clue how old he is, but at least i think he could pass as Theron’s brother. Also i think he looks a lot like the Torch in the comics, but can he pull of the spunky attitude and burst of seriousness.

    Then Mr. Fantastic, i am divided between two actors, i read another post saying Thomas Gibson, i saw a picture of him and was like HOLY S*** that guy physically looks just like him, but there was something that through me off and this sounds really stupid and all but i’m not sure if he is handsome enough for Mr. Fantastic i dont know why but that just thorughs me off for some reason. I thought maybe Gabriel Macht from Suits but the last time he did a superhero movie it wasn’t really good.

    For Doom just for the fun of casting (meaning i dont know who would be the bad guy in the movie) but i would choose the one and only Mads Mikkelsen from Clash of the Titans and Casino Royale. That guy plays an unbelievable bad guy and he looks the part beyond this world i think.

    What about you guys what do you think??

    • Mads Mikkelson is a BRILLIANT choice for Doom. Touche sir.

  11. I don’t mind reboots, if they have a good reason to be, ie the original lacks something. But Fantastic 4 was, fantastic. It lacked nothing. And the cast was/is perfect.. If you looked for 100 years you would never find anyone more suited to the roles of Mr Fantastic or Ben Grimm. Ok, I’ll admit Rise of the Silver Surfer blew big time, but instead of rebooting the whole franchise just make the next movie better. Make it up to fans that way.