‘Chronicle’ Director Talks Sequel & ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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chronicle director talks sequel and fantastic four Chronicle Director Talks Sequel & Fantastic Four Reboot

Chronicle has made back its $12 million budget – plus $30 million – and is already considered a box office success. Naturally, such returns have led to talk of a sequel, as well as bigger future projects for the film’s director, Josh Trank.

In a recent interview, Trank discussed the possibility of making a Chronicle 2 before unequivocally shooting down rumors that he’s in talks to direct Fox’s forthcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

On the topic of Chronicle 2 (courtesy of The Playlist), Josh Trank said:

“I’m still not sure [about ‘Chronicle 2′]. I was nervous this type of [found footage] movie would be perceived as a gimmick. So I was in denial for a while about what the potential of the film could be.”

A Chronicle sequel by Trank would likely utilize the writing talents of Max Landis — son of John Landis (Animal House, Trading Places) — who wrote the screenplay for Chronicle. He was also in the news recently (well, the blogosphere news, anyway) thanks to his The Death and Return of Superman parody video.

On Landis, Trank said:

“We reconnected on Facebook. I ran into him, we were catching up on what we had been working on. The topic of ‘Chronicle’ came up, and I basically told him everything, but he stopped me halfway through and said, All right, I’m gonna write a script in two weeks and I’ll be back.’ And that’s exactly what he did, he wrote it in two weeks and came back to me. I gave him the skeleton and he filled it out with the heart and soul and muscles.”

Returning to the topic of a Chronicle sequel, he said:

“I kind of stubbornly tried to maintain the purity of the [found footage] concept throughout. This movie is rooted in that style, so any kind of sequel should go along the same track. But again, there’s the risk it could be less fresh than the last film.”

On whether the rumors of his involvement in the Fantastic Four reboot are true:

“I have not met about ‘Fantastic Four’ reboots. I was on the press tour and had to call everybody up and ask, what is this about? ‘Fantastic Four’ is at Fox, and I guess someone theorized about it, someone heard it, and ‘Variety’ was like, that’s happening! I can’t really speak on that, because I don’t know what to say.”

Chronicle Director Shoots Down Fantastic Four Rumors Chronicle Director Talks Sequel & Fantastic Four Reboot

However, Trank neglected to shut the door on Fantastic Four altogether, saying:

“I do have a deal with Fox, but right now I’m trying to work on original ideas. To me the most important thing is a good story, though I know how cliché that sounds. Finding my next project, whether it’s a big franchise idea, or a small idea, it’s all about strong characters and a good story, making something I would really want to see.”

Fantastic Four deserves a quality adaptation – the less said about the three previous attempts the better. If Trank being involved makes that a reality, then hopefully he’s open to it. But if the guy isn’t dying to see it done and doesn’t have a dedicated vision for how it should play out, perhaps it’s best if he moved onto wholly original projects.

What’re your thoughts on Chronicle‘s director rebooting Fantastic Four?

Chronicle is in theaters now.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. Didn’t Variety’s article about him directing Fantastic Four say the studio WANTED him to direct it. I don’t recall it saying he was in talks. I could be mistaken though.

  2. Wonder who the cast is gonna be when tey reboot it

  3. I wouldn’t be against this. First movie was a nice surprise and was brilliantly directed for a first timer. If he’s wondering how to do another found footage movie, look at the angle Rec 2 went for inspiration. Sure, different genres etc, but that took the idea of Rec and multiplied it by ten.

    • rec2 kind of killed the series though. First one was superior in a lot of ways

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree. I thought Rec 2 was superlative :)

  4. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting the rights to FF back with Marvel and letting them reboot it properly. As for Chronicle, I am looking forward to getting the chance to see it.

    • No you are not alone but unfortunately we mere mortals have no say in it. I still don’t understand the time frame however. Afaik, all these “in perpetuity” contracts various studios have with Marvel is supposedly conditional on the studio in question having a movie IN production roughly every 3-5 years. So unless there is something in the contract to allow for extensions, they should have already gotten the rights back. I also know though that Disney/Marvel has expressed a focused interest in getting this franchise back so I can’t imagine if there was some clause allowing an extension, Marvel would agree to it.

      I say FOX should be happy with keeping the X-Men and let FF go.

      • i agree with you mongoose. FF 2 was released 15 June 2007 , so, if the 3- 5 year time frame is correct, fox has just under 4 months to have something “in production” or back to marvel go the rights? it would be awesome to have FF incorporated in the shared movie universe

      • I have to admit, even with all the continuity errors etc with the xmen films, I still enjoyed them (first class above all others) I agree, have Fox keep Xmen and let FF revert to Marvel

  5. I want someone to have the balls to do a sequel that doesn’t resemble the first movie in tone and style and beats. Just because “Chronicle” was found footage doesn’t mean “Chronicle 2″ has to be found footage. Someone needs to break this mold.

    • ^I agree

  6. looking at how well fox rebooted planet of the apes and x men first class

    i am not against it staying at fox

  7. I’m all for FF reboot. It’s hollyrebooted lolz. Still we need fresh movies like Chronicle, more sci/fi, comicbook.

  8. I thought Chronicle was a solid movie. I could see them doing a sequel w/o the”found footage” concept.

  9. Let me say first that i didn’t know much about chronicle going in to see the movie. i had heard about the hype but was curious because i have been a solid fan of the found footage style since blair witch, the last transmission and even Apollo 18 because the thing about the style that intrigues me is the idea “what if it were true”. it allows you to escape into an alternate reality that could be, well real yet possibly not. Suffice it to say this one is a rarity. As a matter of fact the first of it’s kind for this veteran reviewer.

    For once the hype matched the return.

    Unlike typical FF movies this movie doesn’t rely on jump scares but heart and then heartache. Men who come to care for one another not just seek to tear each other apart because we are males, and there is something refreshing about that. To know that a woman doesn’t have to be in the middle of men to decide whom the villain is but that they care for one another out of the experiences that they had together.

    Although the movie owes a tiny share to AKIRA. This is quite literally the best found footage movie ever made. Yes even better than the blair witch. But the thing that really surprises me is how it doesn’t really feel real yet it is captivating nevertheless. I was never under the impression that what i was seeing was authentic. I guess because of those darn Lego’s. For some reason the effect albeit small was not colored correctly and it kind of gave away the whole “this is real” mojo. But i have to say the story is what saved this movie. As a matter of fact this movie truly proves that if you want to make a good movie. Story is not only important but it is the foundation. It is the whole show. Accompanied with character development everything else doesn’t matter. You can get away with a couple so so effects with a story like this one.

    Having said that. I really hope the director revisits this movie with a sequel. Not a cheap one either but a movie with a nice fat budget. This guy apparently knows how to spend wisely and efficiently because at no point in this movie did i sense a wasted motion. I mean not one minute was forced, unfocused or unnecessary, it all worked PERFECTLY. I really want to see what happens next to Matt…

    As far as Fantastic four is concerned. The director would be better served to expand on this masterpiece of his own which could potentially do for him what T2 did for James Cameron.

    Hopefully this isn’t lightning in the bottle. But as far as i’m concerned. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has it’s work cut out for it if it wants to best what i believe is the best drama/sci-fi/thriller of the year.

    • I completely agree. For not much of a budget, I thought the movie was amazing. And yes I want them to make a sequel to find out what happens to Matt. It doesn’t have to be found footage, but it still has to have that dfjkghdjkfg for lack of a better word thing that made it so appealing to me.

  10. I would like to see Chronicle left alone as a single film.
    If they were to do the sequel as another found footage film the 1st question would be where did they find more footage? And if the answer isn’t credible it has already set the film back.
    And if they change the format it won’t fit in with the 1st. Remember Blair Witch 2? Bigger budget and a standard format actually hurt the movie.
    I know it goes against everything the studios stand for and want but every hit doesn’t need a sequel.

    • You know i was thinking about blair 2 when i initially wrote my examination of the sequel. Every reviewer out there wants a traditional sequel. But Blair 2 was a strange little movie. That didn’t work well for so many reasons that i don’t think the FF style had much to do with the fact that the story was total garbage. Although the FF style was really the source behind the originals success no doubt about that.

      The thing is chronicle is not your typical FF movie. At least i didn’t feel that way. So i’d say it doesn’t really have to stick to that format but it could go either way cause the story was so darn good.

      But it seems from what was written by the writer that he penned the sequel (in two weeks?!!) with the mind set that it will follow in the found footage style. As you very accurately put the problem with this is the fact that Matt has already said that he didn’t particularly like being on camera. So him chronicling his adventures might be problematic. As a matter of fact this might spell the death blow for the sequel before it even gets to the theaters.

      If it were me. I’d write the story from the pov of military agents who discover a fourth man with powers who collapsed the cave on purpose so that no one else could get the power. This person is leaving corpses and destruction in his wake which causes the government officials to document what appears to be the work of the fictional Godzilla. The government tries to locate Matt for his eventually smack down with a more powerful enemy… Perhaps the guy at the rave who tossed a drink in Andrews face for looking at his girlfriend perhaps is this ultimate evil.

      Who knows only time will tell.

    • ok i understand your concern,but i loved the story. i dont rely think they should go with found footage.. it wont play.. but i would realy love to see the part two done as an actual movie. forget the bumpy ride camera crap that drove people cray in the first movie. just do the sequal people will go to see it.. il even buy popcorn i promise.

  11. chronicle was a nice surprise. i didnt really view it as a FF movie. we got to see the movie from another pov that is all. if chronicle does have a sequel it should be about how they got the powers to begin with. we shall see. and F4, do we need a reboot NOW? let’s try some new Marvel movies before we redo this one as well.

  12. I would love to see Chronicle continue in the form of a comic. I was really invested in the story of the film.

  13. He would be a PERFECT fit to direct the Runaways movie for Marvel.

    There Wont be another Chronicle Movie.
    Because Andrew and Steve Die!
    Where are the going to go
    from that? And KYLEBUTLER,
    have you seen Chronicle?
    Because it does show
    How they got Telekinesis.
    Maybe You Should Think Before you right

    • He Is SO RIGHT!

      • Hahaha. Good one.

    • Thanks Rage for writing what I was thinking at the top of the page. Even though the movie has 3 main characters, the story is told in part from Andrew’s point of view. And he is dead! What is the point of a sequel? Chronicle is the best movie I’ve seen in 2012. Because it was new and different. Write something new and different. 2011 was a down year for Hollywood. Ideas like Chronicle 2 is why.

      • I know! It’s my favorite move To. I cant even think what the plot would be if they had
        a sequel

    • At the end scene of Chronicle, I fully expected a sequel to come. AND, I postulate that the powers the boys received from the underground crystals will be capable of raising one or both of the dead boys back to life. Because Andrew’s body is cremated, he may return in an Obi Wan state, or perhaps be capable of materializing himself using matter from the environment.

      There are many conceptual vehicles the writer can use to re-introduce Andrew and/or Steve.

      I would see a sequel.

  15. If there is a Fantastic Four reboot I think it should tie in with the Spider-Man reboot. Keep those two in the same universe.

  16. Rage they may have showed wat happened but they didn’t show what that was in the cave why was it there? Could there possibly be more? How long has that been there were there ppl b4 who went and had the same exsperience? How did they make it out? And if they do make a sequel which I’m hoping for it should be about Matt trying to find what that was that granted them this gift and how he’s controlling it and searching for the answers. What I kinda wanna see is Andrew and Steve live you no I mean Steve was struck by lightning but he was flying didn’t he say u have to make it go over ur body to lift u up? And wouldn’t it protect him and Andrew would like live cuz of his hatred for everything hell wat if he could heal himself? As much as I’d like to see that it would most likley make da movie suck lol but let it focus on Matt and don’t change the footage Matt has a camera now he can document.

    • I totally agree with you. I just don,t really care much for the FF style movie, its was the story that made this movie good and i would love to see a sequel about Matt with Andrews camera. He even hinted at the end for a sequel and promised Andrew he would do anything to find out what happened to them. Perfect plot for a second film and i can finally get all the answers I want. If they finish the story, give us some answers then they definitely get my money.

  17. I Loved ‘Chronicle’, but I think it would be better if they just leave it as a single movie.

  18. @monika
    sadly the fantastic four and spider-man cant be included in the same film universe because fox owns the rights to the FF and sony owns the rights to spidey. The only way for this to happen is if the rights to both go back to marvel so that they can be included with the rest of marvel’s characters. I really hope this happens soon so that marvel can do spidey and FF justice by following the stories form the comics and making the characters act like their comic counterparts. Because none of the fantastic four movies that have been made were ever even close to being good, and spider-man 3 was horrible. The Amazing Spider-Man looks good, but not great. I probably won’t go see it in theaters so that I don’t help fund its success. I’ll just wait to get it on netflix. And if Im correct the fantastic four rights should revert back to marvel after 2012 if nothing is in production because the last movie came out 5 years ago.

    • Really hoping for a daredevil and fantastic four reboot, get this done.

  19. Fantastic Four needs to go back to Marvel asap. I also hope Daredevil reverts back to marvel soon. I think that should also go back within a year or so because the last daredevil movie came out 9 years ago. I don’t know if Elektra counts since its not a specific Daredevil movie, however that character came with the package when Marvel licensed out Daredevil to be produced by fox. Even so, Elektra came out 7 years ago. I think fox should just sit on it and do nothing so that the rights can go back to marvel studios, or just sell them the rights. Either one works. Because marvel has gotten their hands back on The Punisher as of May 2010, and Blade as of May of last year (Both were announced to have gone back to marvel studios at the san diego comic-con). If they get Daredevil back, they’ll just need SPider-Man because Spider-Man is connected to all 3 of them so well in the comics, that they can make great movies that connect those specific heroes, and even connect them to everything else marvel studios has done, and will continue to do.

  20. I loved chronicle so much that instead of making a sequel I think hey should just make a tv show about it. I think the material is there. The who,e show can be based on Matt trying to figure out the truth about what happend and what that was in the cave and like a government conspiracy. Think about it remember the cops that yelled at them to get away from the whole I bet they closed it up. Matt’s relationship growing with that girl…ect. There is so many places to go with the story that it deserves more then another two hours it deserves another 10 seasons IMO.

  21. I think they should make a chronicle 2 were younger kids find that telekinetic crystal and grow up with telekinesis but one will make a bad choice and be evil.

  22. The movie was stunning. Believe it when i say that before (cronicle) had ended i was already looking for commentaries about a sequel . Trank, do it for the seauel fanstics and go for(cronicle 2) many like me , want to experience the adrenaline of this movie once again. Thanks…

  23. Do the chronicle tray to explain whats going on

  24. First off, I loved the first film, the story of Matt, Steve and the mentally destroyed Andrew, really pulled at my comic book nerd heartstrings. This was a great playbook on how a successful origin story should be made. That being said, a sequel is something I am really on the fence about. I don’t want a version where it is a hollywood’ed “Bang Bang” Michael Bay-esqe film, I love what they did with the found footage concept and how they really dwell deep into the characters and made you actually invest in them, and seeing it take a Hollywood turn may destroy the franchise that could have gotten a trilogy. I’d love to see a direct sequel tho probably with Matt learning from the Tibetans Monks and learning self control and to use his powers for good. Then on the flip-side have Andrew body be recovered by the government and the “Alien” bringing him back to life and him escaping. Then as alot of awesome commentators said before me, Matt’s girlfriend could be a Lois Lane type of reporter with her knowing about Matt and his powers, she then sends him a video of other “heroes” who have gotten powers *Which is what we will be watching for the first arc* the second arc will be of Andrew coming to where the new “heroes” are and trying to destroy them, and the rest of the world with a big battle happening in their city. The final arc would be Matt coming back to help whichever “heroes” are left and stopping Andrew once again, then Matt and the rest of the “heroes” leave with Matt to hone their powers. That just what I would do if I was making it, that way we get our character development we loved in the first film, and get a new feel for new and old characters, some awesome super hero fight scenes and building destruction which I’m sure Hollywood wants to do, and hell maybe some cameo or return from a once thought dead future class president(Cause he seriously needed more screen-time). Well what do you think Movie-lovers, I know this may not happen but i’d love to see what your thoughts would be on this take.