In November 2008, Fox Studios hired, Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck) to pen the script for X-Men: First Class, a prequel to the existing set of X-Men films that have come out every 2-3 years since 2000 when Bryan Singer brought to life one of the most popular comic book franchises.

Schwartz’ gig came to end a few months ago however, when Bryan Singer – long-rumored to be returning to the X-Men franchise – signed to direct X-Men: First Class. With his recruitment also came the signing of another writer, Jamie Moss (Street Kings). While it was confirmed that the movie would still be an origins prequel to the existing set of films and not a reboot, they would be starting fresh again and Schwartz work would not be utilized.

MTV News caught up with Schwartz recently and discussed the situation how far he got with the script.

“I finished my draft… Bryan Singer came on board the movie, who’s the best possible guy to direct the ‘X-Men’ movies, and he wanted to make a very different kind of movie. He’s Bryan Singer. If he wants to make an X-Men movie, they make his X-Men movie… But it was a great experience and it was an honor to work on it.”

There’s no way Singer would come back if he didn’t get to create the movie and its story himself. So the question then becomes, what will Singer’s story do different and what was Schwartz’s all about?

“I cannot. It’s on lockdown… Sworn to secrecy. I swear to god, there’s a sniper with a gun pointed at me from that building.”

We won’t know for a long time what Schwartz’ story was going to be about so all we have to go on is what producer Lauren Shuler-Donner has revealed in the past. So, looking forward, what will Bryan Singer’s take on Xavier’s first group of mutant students be about?

We already know that it will involve Xavier’s creation of the School for the Gifted and his befriending of Magneto. I figure they’ll build Cerebro together and as the story unfolds, we’ll see their relationship start to drift apart through their different philosophies on the future of mutantkind and co-existence with humans. I think the dynamic of seeing these two leaders working together and teaching the first X-Men will make for an interesting backdrop to tell another X-Men story on screen.

We also know that new characters will be created for the movie, which is unnecessary in my mind. They can’t actually utilize the First Class roster of original mutants from the comic books but there are plenty of others in the X-Men universe to pick and choose from.

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Cyclops, Emma Frost and Quicksilver(?) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

We’ve had several discussions here on Screen Rant over what characters X-Men: First Class will feature but one name that keeps popping up across the web is that of Gambit who made a small appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine last summer.  Last year, Lauren Shuler-Donner said Gambit wouldn’t be in the movie but now that they’re starting over with a new story, the possibility is there.

Taylor Kitsch, the Canadian actor who played the part without the trademark accent in Wolverine’s origin film has a major career-making role as the lead in John Carter of Mars which will throw him into the spotlight, making him a higher profile and more bankable lead to star in another X-film. Like most franchise movie contracts, Kitsch has an option for two more X-movies but the question is, does Bryan Singer want him?

Another thing we know is what we’ve heard in the past of Bryan Singer’s unused ideas for what would have been his version of X-Men 3. We also know that he wanted to introduce Emma Frost in X3. Combine that with her important (albeit small) part in last year’s Wolverine, which seemingly ended with a tie-in to what would be Xavier’s first group of mutant recruits, then we can expect to see her in First Class.

I won’t get into my theories again on the future X-Movies and how they can all tie-in together and lead into more installments but if you’re an X-Men fan, stay tuned into Screen Rant for more on the X-Men movies including First Class, Wolverine 2, Deadpool, X-Men 4, New Mutants and more.  We’ll be exploring and discussion the character of Cable and what we’ve heard so far about his possible introduction.

I think Fox is heading in a better direction with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Singer’s First Class and the talent involved with each project. Bryan Singer made the only two solid X-Men films and he knows the characters best and will make First Class tie into his other movies better than anyone else can. As much as I was disappointed by the last two movies in the franchise, it seems they’re trying to make amends going forward. If they don’t, they’ll lose a lot of excitement and fans for their future plans and that’s not good for business.

Source: MTV

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