Josh Hutcherson the Newest Spider-Man Reboot Contender [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 3:44 am,

[Update: Click here for the official announcement of who is the new Spider-Man.]

Word over at IESB is that Josh Hutcherson (aka Gabe from Little Manhattan, one of the cutest movies in the history of cinema) is now in the running to play Marc Webb’s teenage web-slinging Peter Parker in Spider-Man.  Hutcherson’s rave reviews may stem largely from his indie works – Little Manhattan, and the upcoming Sundance hit The Kids Are All Right – but he’s no stranger to blockbusters or genre flicks.  He was in Zathura, Journey to the Center of the Earth and will feature in MGM’s remake of Red Dawn.

IESB doesn’t specify where they’ve gotten this exclusive nugget of info, but do say they’ve contacted Hutcherson’s representation to see if there’s any truth to the rumor. They point out that both Hutcherson and Percy Jackson‘s  Logan Lerman, who was previously thought to be a lock for the new Spidey, are both “young, unknown, cheap” and ideal for the reboot’s purposes. Too bad Julie Taymor already snapped up indie rocker Reeve Carney for her Broadway production of Spider-Man, because the guy’s a dead ringer for Pete.

Still, to carry off a new franchise that will doubtless have a plethora of sequels, Hutcherson would be a smart way to go, since he’s been acting (quite well) since a tender age.  At least it’s a tighter race than all that Captain America hullabaloo, though then again, it’s early yet.

With a slated release of July 2012, the casting of the role of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man should be announced sooner rather than later. Emphasis on ‘should’. There’s been comparatively little outcry over the casting rumors so far… what do fans think? Are these two young actors interchangeable as far as the community is concerned, or is there yet another actor that you’re pulling for?

Source: IESB

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  1. Hutcherson doesn't have a Parker look or vibe. He looks like Robin from the Val Kilmer Batman movie

    Logan Lerman is closer physically to the part.

  2. Noooo. Huctherson, I dont think, fits Spidey's profile.

  3. Something about this guy just looks wrong to me. I think that Logan Lerman and Aaron Johnson were much better choices. But as long as the franchise is with Sony, I won't be able to bring myself to really care about it. I just hope that Disney/Marvel manages to sort out their rights issues with Sony and Fox soon, because every day that this unnatural split drags on is a pain to endure.

    About Freddie Highmore – I think it's a good idea, but I'd really rather wait until he's a few years older. His voice sounded too child-like to me the last time I heard it (which was admittedly a couple of years ago). I can't imagine the sound of that voice coming from behind Spider-Man's mask.

    About other casting – Dunst and Franco are easily replaceable. Anyone would be a better Venom than Topher Grace. Replacing the Dr Connors and Sandman actors could be hard, but doable (they were good in their roles, but not outstandingly so). Replacing Defoe as the Goblin would be tough, but with a great actor it could be possible. Someone here suggested Ralph Fiennes, which I think is genius. I can't think of a replacement for Molina as Ock – but then again, he has expressed interest in returning to the role… a reboot would give him this opportunity. The actress who played Aunt May was perfect as a sweet old lady and it would be a hard choice to replace her, but not impossible. And the one actor who truly, 100% fitted his role to a T… JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson. Casting perfection. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can ever replace him.

  4. I actually didnt really like Tobey as Spiderman. Goes the same for Kristen Dunst for MJ

  5. you can make Adam Brody look younger…i heard a rumour that Robert Patterson could be a possibility but hes s***….i havent seen Adam Brody in anything recently and he plays a good 'geek' in the O.C so i think just make him look a lil younger perrrrrrfec! lol thats who i would wanna play Peter Parker anywhoooo!

  6. Save the reboot for TV, and bring back Tobey for round 4 with some minor rewrites.
    I would go with Logan Lerman from this list and add Drake Bell and Michael Cera with darker hair as Peter. You would need a Triple H type for Eddie, maybe Ryan Hansen.
    For MJ, Anna Osceola,Sara Paxton,or Jenica Bergera. JJ has to be JK Simmons or John Getl.

  7. Too nerdy

  8. Hutcherson does not scream Peter Parker/ Spiderman at all. I prefer Logan Lerman, he looks perfect for the role. The Lerman rumor was the best superhero rumor out so far, a lot of these rumors are just ridiculous. Lerman looks perfect and I would actually watch the reboot if he was Pete. Now the real question is… Who is going to play Mary Jane Watson?! I really don't want another Kirsten Dunst type actress playing that role, she was just horrific!

  9. Actually. Logan LErman looks like he could be Peter Parker from Ultimate Spider-man While Josh looks more like the classic Peter from the 80s Amazing Spider-Man comics.
    Tobey Maguire was great up untill the middle of the 2nd movie. In the comics, Peter only stays whimpy and geeky through out his high school days. Right after Peter starts living life outside of High School, he become a smart-ass with a strong attitude. Tobey Maguire couldnt pull off the serious parts because he just always made you laugh when he tried (spiderman 3 anybody).
    Milo would have been great physically, 10 yrs ago but he doesnt have the acting skills.
    freddie highmore is way to scrawny and small. Even in the Ultimate series Spiderman appears to be skinny but if you were to size him up to any of the bigger guys you would notice that it is only because he is lean. freddie highmore would have to build at least 14-1/2″ arms, 28″ waist, 45″ Shoulder Width, and a 38″ Wing span….He just couldnt do it.
    Acting as well, like previously said, he always seems to have that british accent. Spiderman is from Queens, not Europe.
    We need somebody with strong acting skills and a fit/healthy (not skinny or scrawny) physique.

  10. I will say it again this reboot idea sucks. But the kid is alright. I wud have gone with Jesse Eisenberg myself though or Aaron Johnson from Kick-Ass.

  11. i think the idea of going back to high school sucks.. the only way i would ever like it is if logan lerman was peter… he was my first and only choice… i called that shiz right when they said they wuz taking it back to high school lol.. i wanted a more mature kinda spidey.. older.. how am i supposed to be checkin out a hot ass mary jane when shes in high school…. jared leto as a grown up petey or justin bartha from the hangover… then for mary jane someone hot like sienna guillory… but they need to hurry cause all the hotties are being taken for other super hero movies.. like scarlet johanson..

  12. i have been a life long spiderman fan and think Freddie Highmore could do it. Seems to combine the essential elements peter parker needs. Have followed his career for the last few years and he's now at a perfect age to do a film like this.

  13. i'd go for either freddie highmore or logan loman; highmore might just edge it for me due to superior acting skills. nice idea.

  14. addition: freddie's not as 'scrawny' now as it may seem. some recent pictures show him as a young adult whose still slim but has attractive physique. and he could work out a little for the role too..

  15. They are using ultimate Spider-Man as their base so all you people wanting a huge Eddie Brock be prepared to be let down!

  16. LOL, Tobey Maguire couldn't act Peter Parker to save his life let alone Spiderman. Tobey had never even read a Spiderman comic nor was he ever interested in them as a kid and it really shows in his wooden performance.

    He was just going through the motions of acting to a script without even knowing the character at all. LOL!

  17. All of them terrible choices! Joshua Gordon Levitt is perfect for Spider-man and is the only one who should get the role. They had better not screw this film up by getting another terrible actor who is wrong for the role.

  18. Josh Hutcherson looks like a more robin type while logan lerman looks like spiderman

  19. When we think of spiderman we think of skinny, nerdy and of course friendly Peter Parker, although I admit that Hutcherson may not LOOK like Peter Parker, i think that everyone underestimates him. If he gets this role i think that he could definetly pull it off :)

  20. I really think that Josh Hutcherson would be a great actor in the reboot of Spiderman, how i know this I have all of his movies and all of them are really great movies.

  21. I agree with stephen about Josh. He is probably the best actor of his generation.He has starred in some very good to great movies.He is very proffesional and experienced for 17.He is a natural for this role; versatile and also athletic enough to perform some stunts.What more could you ask for? J Hutch all the way!