Josh Hutcherson’s Epic Spider-Man Audition Video

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I’ve never understood why it takes some of these movie studios so bloody long to settle on actors/actresses to play the lead roles in their superhero franchises. Twice this year I’ve nearly jumped out of my third-story apartment window, after having to report Spider-Man and Captain America casting rumors ad nauseum. And don’t even get me started on The Avengers – thank god that business all got settled at this year’s Comic-Con.

However, Latino Review received an exclusive video yesterday that clearly shows what all goes into the superhero audition process. If you ever wondered what it takes to prove you can play Spider-Man (or any other superhero), then you definitely need to watch this.

The video in question is of actor Josh Hutcherson performing a fight sequence, as part of  his late-stage audition for the role of the new Peter Parker in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot. You may or may not remember that Hutcherson was rumored to be Spidey for all of a couple hours before Social Network actor Andrew Garfield was confirmed as  the new Peter Parker.

If this audition tape is anything to judge by, some of the people who were groaning over the notion of Hutcherson playing Spidey may have been off the mark: the kid looks pretty fit for the role.

Watch Hutcherson take on a group of school bullies, courtesy of Latino Review:


Can you believe he did all those stunts on his own?!  Kidding… Kidding… I kid :-). Still though, that’s pretty impressive camera/FX work for an audition – makes me think we around the blogsphere need to work harder on getting our hands on audition vids – screw sitting around for weeks on end, writing constant rumor and speculation posts! Let’s review all the audition videos and THEN start arguing about who can/cannot play these roles!

However, I do see one fatal flaw in Hutcherson’s impressive portrayal of Parker – not enough one-liners! In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy the one-liners were shamefully heavy-handed and scant, and Hutcherson could’ve improved upon that with some witty improv banter throughout that fight scene. If there is one thing I’m hoping right now, it’s that Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man reboot director Marc Webb are planning to get that aspect of the character right. Anybody who has read a Spider-Man comic knows that the web-head rarely ever shuts his mouth (kinda like your old friend Outlaw 😉 ).

How did you guys like that audition video?

The Spider-Man reboot will be in theaters (3D and 2D) on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I know it’s just an audition piece, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, but I love how he sweeps the legs of one guy without actually touching him. Now that’s impressive.

    • uhh, there isnt supposed to be physical contact. The movies speed it up so there looks to be contact. why am I arguing this??

      • Ha, I know that, but usually camera angles make it so it at least looks like there’s contact, there was nothing but air between his leg and the other dudes, it was hilarious.

        • nitpicker lol

          • Not really, like I said, I didn’t expect it to be perfect as it was only a screen test, I just found it funny.

            • yeah really lol

  2. i enjoyed it … i like the fact that they gave Peter a good case of acne … on the forehead and around the mouth . and the action was real good

    till next time


    • not really off. he was OK.

      • ricky18, you’d rather have an english actor play the iconic role??

        • What’s wrong with that?

  4. I hated his battle face. Other than that, it was quite enjoyable.

  5. No like really off it just looked fake……i know its just a test but im sure hed kill the role…..

  6. I hope that scene isn’t in the movie, because, well, unless he is TRYING to scream “look, I am Spiderman!” to everyone in school…

  7. Haha yeah i know what u mean Ken……

    • kinda like tobey did?

  8. Cool… but Parker looks like he’s been sniffing glue. And the Chick!? She didn’t seem the least bit impressed! No “Oh my!” or “Wow!” or even a thank-you! I think Peter should have addressed that…. and if she was still going to be snotty about it? Round kick to the head.

  9. LAME thats it just LAME

  10. This was pretty cool. A lot better than the guy they picked anyway, imo.

  11. Josh hutcherson was Spiderman. That tTuesday the rumor came out about him, it wasn’t actually a rumor. By Wednesday night, he wasn’t spidey anymore.

  12. Well I can see why Hutcherson was considered but this just deepens the confusion in my mind why Garfield was picked. Garfield seems far too tall and lanky to play the character. Impression wise he looks nothing like Parker of the comics either. So what must have made him stand out, must have been his performances in all the other audition elements. Still I don’t see how you could think you can garner a lot of interest with the average moviegoer that has seen a bunch of this story already from the first movie that Sony made. Fan interest, yes I can see that, though personally I refuse to bother to spend 15 to 20 dollars to see basically a story the same studio served up only a few years ago that propelled them into a hole that required a reboot…

    • im not seeing it either way lol

  13. I know….i just want them to continue with part 4 with tobey……

  14. Why doesn’t anybody like Garfield? What’s so bad about him? I mean he got the part over Josh Hutcherson for SOME reason, and considering Marc Webb is the director, I think that reason was well justified.

  15. I like garfield better than hutcherson amillion times better…..

  16. I’m definitely hoping this scene isn’t part of the movie either…it’s too much like the fight between Flash and Peter in the first movie so we’ve already seen it. I’m sure it’s just an audition piece (why would they have a scene straight from the movie with someone not even cast yet) but I hope it’s nowhere in the movie. I also have to agree with the lack of one-liners! That was missed in all of the Raimi movies and I definitely missed them, it’s his humorous arrogance that makes me love the Spider-man comics! Let’s get them in this next franchise!

  17. Hope this scene isn’t in the film it’s like ripping off the old one.

    Also while he would of been an awful choice he still would of been better than the guy we got at least he looks like a high schooler.

    • his accent will slip, trust ME

      • Might not do, anthony – his dad’s American!

  18. @Blanconino, that scene is from Raimi’s Spiderman that they are using just for testing purposes. They would never release anything from the actual script, so thats why they used one of the old scenes. And it will most likely not be in the script since they are going for a Peter Parker from the comics. But yeah, Josh would have made a bad spiderman, he doesn’t look right for the part. Andrew actually looking like Spiderman from the Amazing spiderman comics.

        • Thanks for the links Alice. If you focus on the shape of the head and his ‘full cut’ hair style, sure you can see the resemblance, but look closely at the differences in his eye set and his nose and his height. Face recognition focuses on those things + height + build to make positive I.D. Garfield’s nose is too prominent and his eye set is slightly too wide in addition to being or at least seeming too tall. Notice how he’s bent over slightly even talking to the taller girl. Do a search here and check how he looks on stage next to the guy announcing him at the event. I’ve never seen a comic with Parker making a face like that. It looks goofy-dufus and sort of unnerving. I will say this if you’ve seen him act you definitely have an advantage over my impression. I can understand where you’re coming from then, in that case, and bow to your knowledge of A.G. as definitely superior to mine. However I’ve read a lot of Spider-Man comics and I’m just not feeling it. Then too, if they would’ve done it right the first time then they wouldn’t be in this mess and we would be talking about the merits of who should be playing Venom. No the management had to have their way. Which has been around longer McDonald’s or film? Even McDonald’s will make a sandwich ‘your way’ if your willing to wait.

          • old man,

            Well I’d rather have him too tall than too short, we already went through that the first time around. I think it’s really impossible to find an complete exact replica of Peter Parker and can act. Usually if we do find look-a-likes [lets say an unknown] of the comic book heroes, they are people that can’t act [should we have contacted Kellan Lutz?]. I watched Spiderman the first time around because well…it’s Spiderman and i was interested on how he would look on the big screen. Little did i know it wasn’t the Spidey from the comics [although the FX was cool]. So I do think they could have improved. So that’s why I’m hoping that this time around it’ll be the way it’s supposed to be (Im remaining optimistic because I want it to happen!). And even if the Raimi films were good, they not too faithful to the comics. Especially with Peter Parker’s personality. Now if they can separate themselves from the Raimi films especially with the look of Peter Parker than I think that’s the way to go. That’s why Garfield was a choice totally out of left field. he isn’t reminiscent of Tobey’s Peter Parker. And he certainly is the best actor out of the shortlist that they had. There’s nothing that irks me the wrong way than to see piece of crap acting. And just because it’s a superhero movie it is no excuse. This isn’t a god/alien/Nordic superhero we are talking about here who just stands around showing his biceps. This is a nerdy everyday guy, that not only has to deal with villains but juggle a social life as well. And even when he has all these things on his mind he still isn’t afraid to make quips and wisecrack from time to time. And I think AG can bring that.

            BTW. Mcdonalds has been around since the 40’s. so no it isn’t older than the movies. ;]

  19. Ricky I’ve seen his acting it’s not at all impressive and no matter how hard they try they can’t make him look like a high schooler he looks 25-27 and at best could pass for 22 with a lot of work but not 16 and since this is suppose to be a franchise with at least two films of him in high school in part 2 he’s gonna be 30 playing what a 17 year old? If the first film pushes it to college instead of HS they might get away with it but it defeated the purpose of what the film was suppose to be.

  20. That was some horrible acting. They really are going for the twilight spiderman movie.

  21. Its not like they got it, that seen is from Spiderman 1. But i agree horrible acting. I wonder if Jamie Bell’s was any better. At least his acting is better than this guy’s.

    • *Its not like HE got it. is what i meant.

      • S&^T i screwed up the writing.

        *Its not like he actually got it, that scene is from Raimi’s Spiderman 1. But i agree on the horrible acting. I wonder if Jamie Bell’s was any better. At least his acting is better than this guy’s.

  22. Daniel F
    Hes gonna look young,he does in every film i see him in lol! But still theyre ALL bad choices……only hutcherson woulda been a worse choice…..

  23. I’m but I’ve been reading comics for almost 2 decades and I’ve read some very old comics and I’ve seen nearly every version of Peter Parker and not even one single one of them looked even remotely close to this new so called spiderman.

  24. The truth –

    It’s tacky and cheesey because it’s an audition? No, not at all. An audition is to show how you would play a role and to put your acting chops on display. That was just bad acting.

  25. Opps Truth my mistake for thinking we could swear of any film.

    Actually by paying to see a film your supporting it and a real fan doesn’t support a crappy adaptation of something they love. Critics don’t matter they can bash the film as much as the want and bloggers like you and I could call it the worst thing we ever saw but if they got our money they really don’t care. If we all go and watch it despite awful casting or any other bad thing about it well then it makes alot of money and they continue to make crap if we don’t see it that sends a message. That’s what a true fan does a fan of spiderman a fan of comics and a fan of good films in general.