‘Lost’ Star Josh Holloway in Talks with Marvel Studios [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:29 pm,

[Update: Looks like Holloway's rep's are denying this rumor.]

With his tenure on Lost complete, Josh Holloway may already be on his way to scoring another iconic role. Collider is reporting that Holloway’s camp has been in talks with Marvel Studios about the possibility of Holloway taking part in one of their upcoming projects.

There’s no word on which character he might be playing, but based on the slate of films Marvel has already announced, speculation is  running rampant.

Although Nathan Fillion has previously been rumored as a contender for the role of Henry Pym/Ant-Man, Holloway would be an intriguing choice as well. The character is set to debut in The Avengers and Edgar Wright is still attached to direct an Ant-Man solo movie. Still, given his level of star power my inclination is that Holloway would be eyeing a more prestigious role. Fillion’s sense of humor also seems more in line with that particular character and the tone of Wright’s other films.

With Jeremy Renner  denying that he’s  a front-runner for the role of Hawkeye, that role remains a possibility as well. As much as I love the idea of Renner playing the part, Holloway would also be a strong choice.  His price tag might also be significantly lower than Renner’s, a recent Oscar nominee.

namor Lost Star Josh Holloway in Talks with Marvel Studios [Updated]

Marvel has been keen to bring Namor The Sub-Mariner to the screen and given his affiliation with The Avengers, it’s conceivable that they might introduce him as part of that ensemble before having him headline his own film.

With an already crowded roster I’m not sure how many lesser-known characters they’re going to be utilizing, but Holloway would be an inspired pick.

dumdum1 Lost Star Josh Holloway in Talks with Marvel Studios [Updated]

There’s also that S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off that is likely to feature Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan, one of the key members of Nick Fury’s team.  How do you think Holloway would look in a bowler hat?

Update: Our friends over at Comic Book Movie managed to get in touch with Melissa Kates from View Point LA, the agency that represents Holloway. According to Kates, the news of a Holloway/Marvel team up is “just a rumor.”

Now again, take that denial with a grain of salt and remember that publicist and agents are paid to keep things quite until the deals are done. The way I see it, either Holloway is still very early in talks and Marvel doesn’t want fanboys jumping the gun, or Holloway has nothing to do with Marvel. If the latter case is true, well, maybe Marvel SHOULD start thinking about getting into the Josh Holloway business – if our comments section is any indication, there are more than a few Marvel characters fans would like to see the actor play.

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @screenrant

Which one gets your vote? Are there any other characters in the Marvel universe he’d be a good match for?

Source: AvengersNews via Collider.

Update Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Renner is a recent Oscar NOMINEE,
    Jeff Bridges won The Best Actor Oscar this year for Crazy Heart.
    Holloway would be good for a lot of roles .
    This is good news .

    • Thx Gary, we changed that.

  2. I’d like to see Holloway tackle Hawkeye if Renner isn’t doing it. He’s got that attitude and swagger perfect for Clint.


    • I think Heath is spot on. Clint Barton would be a perfect role for him.

  3. I really don’t think The Avengers needs any more characters, I think it’s going to be an unholy mess under Whedon’s direction and writing.

    That said, Holloway is the best actor from Lost, and while that’s hardly praise, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a Marvel character or other comic character.

    He’d make a decent Green Arrow.

    • “That said, Holloway is the best actor from Lost, and while that’s hardly praise”

      Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson are two amazing actors…and i personally think most of the lost cast did an excellent job. just saying..

      • I agree about O’Quinn. Dunno who the other guy you mentioned is, I gave up on Lost at season 2.

    • green arrow is a DC comics character

      • I’m well aware of that. I said MARVEL characters or other comic book characters, to which I meant to include something other than MARVEL. A DC character for example.

        • Three points
          1) Lost has very enjoyable acting. I will be looking forward to most of them doing more silver screen work in future years.
          2) Joss Whedon does great ensemble work in my opinion. They can add as many charcters as they want and he will make it into a well balanced movie(which if they use the secret invasion story, he will feel compelled to adhere to the source material)
          3) Josh Holloway should be given the opportunity to redeem the Ghost Rider franchise. He’d rock it.

          • If you like Lost, thats fine, the show and most of the cast did nothing for me.

            As for Whedon, I once thought as you did. But watching anything he has written now, years later, he recycles plots and characters constantly, and his once cool dialogue is attrocious with retrospection. I’m just wondering how he will find a way of making a woman the main character and who will die, only to be implausbibly ressurected.

            • Heyyyyy did we have a back and forth thread on batman before this thread?

              Idk Whedon I think can still give each character the right amount of screentime without anyone feeling shafted which is kind of what I’m looking for. Some of the dialogue is crappy but I think he has a script from someone else that he is tweeking so it shouldnt be ALL him.

    • Green Arrow’s DC, am I not mistaken?

      • Sorry- just saw YES. I’m quick to the reply button..

    • Yeah I’m a bit worried about Whedon at the helm of the Avengers project too.

      If this film is meant to be the pinnacle of all the individual character films leading up to it, then it truly needs to be a spectacular epic surpassing all of the previous combined efforts.

      I was kind of hoping for an experienced big name director to handle what is to date Marvel’s most important film and one that needs to garner a fair amount of critical acclaim and success.

      The Avengers should be Marvel’s crowning jewel and yet under Whedon I feel I’m going to get an extended TV episode rather than a true cinematic experience.

    • @DrSambeckett

      My reply to you got shuffled down the list for some reason. Oh well. :-)

    • well this comment just looks silly now……………..

  4. this is random and i know Fox has the rights to X-men so i’m just throwing it out there but wouldn’t Josh Holloway (i guess if he were younger) be perfect to play Gambit

    • my thoughts exactly although taylor kitsch did an all right job in x-men origins wolverine

  5. this is GREAT NEWS! i agree with the above comment that Avengers is getting crowded fast (Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, perhaps Nick Fury), so I hope he’s not in that, though he WOULD make a great Hawkeye.

    My guess? Two. 1) Gambit (you KNOW he’s perfect for it); 2) Daredevil (they want to reboot that franchise badly; again, he’d be PERFECT for it).

    • I agree as well… with all these heroes lining up for the Avengers movie…I haven’t heard anything about the villians yet… who are they going to fight? Will it be HYDRA, or a team-up of some of their enemies? Or even the HULK? Remeber the Hulk wasn’t a willing recruit for the Avengers. It took a lot of convincing (ass-beatings) to convince him to join…lol

  6. Actually, I thought I was alone on the Namor thought.

    BTW, “Namor” could cameo as one of the Invaders in Capn America. I wouldn’t even mind a stinger. And with the announcement that Marv wants to make films based on lower tier characters- despite a rich history, Namor could fit that bill. A Namor film has been attempting to get off the ground.

    He could also be up for The Super Skrull in The Avengers. Who said is has to be a hero?

  7. hawkeye or gambit, he is perfect for both of those roles. (and yes i know gambit is x-men duuuhhh, but the thread does say in talks with marvel studios not avengers directors or anything.)

  8. Id have to say Hawkeye. doesnt seem like Ant-Man or Namor and Dum Dum Dugan… well, in a bowler had with a mustache

  9. heres another idea. what about iron fist in the Heroes for Hire movie

  10. I would have to say that Zachary Quinto from heroes would be a way better fit for n
    Namor. Not sure who they would cast Hollaway as.

    • Zachary Quinto for the win. It’s only logical…

    • I don’t think anybody else has a chance against Mr. Quinto for Namor.

  11. I think Josh Holloway would make an awesome Cable…dude is well built, smart and an imposing actor. Just thinking of him yelling…Summmmerssss. gives me the chills.

    Either him or the General from Avatar would make a great Cable spin off.

    • I’d say the General…. he’s got the attitude…lol

  12. I’d like to see him play Gambit in the next Wolverine movie.
    He’d be perfect as Shipwreck in the new Joe movie!!

  13. Would have been a good cap america!

    • Hold that thought, you just never know…

  14. This is fantastic Sawyer…..

  15. hawkeye..yes,only if renner is out-tho a slimmed down Val Kilmer as Henry pym is much better..Iron Fist??possible..there’s really not that much in A-list heroes…B-List maybe..but he has a better chance at playing a bad guy too or a good/bad guy..Quicksilver??..or in a Ghost Rider Redux..a perfect Johnny Blaze-forget Nic Cage…

  16. I think Hawkeye would work. The only other thing i could think of would be Angel. he would make a good Angel. I would love to see the whole xmen series go into the mutant hunting part where angel turns into archangel. I don’t remember what its called but i remember a cool group of mutants called the marauders that the xmen fought.

    • I think he would make a better Cannonball than Angel, but that’s just my opinion. He could probably pull off a great Corsair, or even a Cable. Perhaps something in a mask, like a Fantomex? I’m sure there are enough characters out there he could do.

      As for a Gambit, they already screwed him up with the one in Wolverine. Bah!

    • Although, of the choices in the main article, I’d prefer him as Hawkeye!

  17. Id like to see him play ghostrider.

    dude is perfect for it

    • just jumping in here but one marvel character i would love to see on the production table is moon knight awesome story and it could easily be adapted to the silver-screen

      • I wouldent really think that was a great choice because his face/ looks are part of his selling point. For someone like moon knight it would be better to get a voice actor because who wants to see Josh holloway under a mask??? u feel me.

  18. So,his reps are denying it.
    Too bad.

  19. I’d have to say he looks just like Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. Heard Marvel was producing that one soon.

  20. Although talking down the role gambit for the wolverine movie, saying he ‘didn’t want to be typecast’ he has probably realised the potential of a marvel movie being a launchpad for a career now that ‘Lost’ is finished.

    I think you will see him as gambit in X-men first class.

  21. He definitely should play Gambit but I’d rather have him in X-Men 4 since Rogue is in it and he could try to steal her away from Ice Man. As for Iron Fist Ray Park is supposed to be him. They want a guy thats a master in martial arts for that role.

  22. i just saw “Legion” last night..though it was an interesting and fun flick-a thought crossed my mind that Paul Bettany would be great as Namor..he has the intensity and physical prowess as well as accent that could carry a film especially if the character was in the same room as IronMan,Thor and Captain america..also Bettany is a trained actor unlike Hemsworth and Evans, so a little more push and pump from him may also help tighten any future avengers Flick..of all the actors out there right now-Bettany needs to be involved somehow..also Holloway definitely for Hawkeye-i already forgot about Renner..

    • Really?? i kinda liked the guy who played the other lead angel would make a great namor…dont know his name but he was pretty friggin cool.

      • his name is Kevin Durand…he was the blob in wolverine,keamy the mercenary in lost and going way back- one of the flunkies in walking tall…he was the guy that got tossed in the jail while the rock and knoxville tore up his truck..

        • the way they had Kevin Durand fight in Legion, he would be a better pick for archangel

  23. Holloway should play Gambit if he ever decides to do anything with Marvel. He’s perfect for the role.

  24. Terry O’Quin as the new Professor X? We’ve already seen him as a teacher in a wheelchair in Lost. Of course he doesn’t have an English accent.

  25. everyone needs to forget gambit..its done and gone..plus that’s 2oth century foxs problem now..eventually when they are done screwing up Marvel continuity with their films,maybe Marvel will be able to fix what they messed up..then maybe he might be gambit..until then that character belongs to someone else..and probably by the way fox handles their properties..probably for a long time..

    aside from hawkeye,iron fist, and maybe the sentry or even Moon Knight, i can’t really see him playing anyone else that’s credible..unless its a bad guy that’s not already involved in other franchises..captain marvel??
    or Corsair..but that’s an x-men related character so forget that..

    maybe its time to bring in their wild west characters??

    i don’t know but unlike dc, marvel has only some access to characters not picked up by other companies..

    its too bad i would love to see him make good at marvel..only time will tell..

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