Is Josh Hartnett Thor’s Brother Loki?

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Earlier today, the report popped up that the director of next year’s Thor had a meeting with Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, Generation Kill) and rumors began circulating that this man could play the God of Thunder.

Now, IESB claims they have some inside information that Josh Hartnett has had meetings with director Kenneth Branagh and that he’s on the short list to play villain and Thor’s brother, Loki.

Foster brother to Thor, Loki is the physically weaker son of Odin in the land of Asgard where strength and bravery in battle are most valued. Loki made up for this with his gift in sorcery. Mischievous growing up, his pranks became more severe and sinister and he earned the nickname, God of Lies and Mischief. Power hungry and vengeful, Loki later became the God of Evil and his plans eventually made their way to include Earth.

When I first heard that the Skarsgård could play Thor, I liked the idea – He’s a physical match and not a big A-list actor which is what I was looking for. On this news of Mr. Hartnett as Loki, I get the unexpected but interested feeling similar to what I felt when I first heard Heath Ledger would play the Joker in The Dark Knight.

If this comes to be, I think I can get behind it and I’d be very interested to see Josh play this very different style of character then we’re used to seeing him play.

The hypothetical cast so far may include Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Hartnett, Kenneth Branagh and Samuel L. Jackson (who’s signed a 9-picture deal with Marvel) – And to think, just yesterday my friends and I were wondering when casting decisions would start being made with the movie expected to open next summer.

What do you think of this possible casting choice and that of Thor’s?

Thor is scheduled to release July 16, 2010.

Source: IESB

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  1. Harnett as Loki? Sounds interesting.
    Can’t picture anyone but Skarsgard as Thor, though.

    He looks so big on True Blood, especially his shoulders and arms. Would it really be so tough to bulk up for Thor?

  2. Daniel F, I respect your sensibilities in trying to preserve the graphic look of Thor. I really do.

    But the problem I have with the look of your preferred selection – James Preston Rogers – and the look of others like John Cena – is that their faces becomes distorted with that body mass. I don’t know if it’s that amount of weight-lifting, or drugs or whatever …. but their faces are not handsome. They are not sexy looking – which I think Thor must be.

    What can be drawn for graphic novels does not translate well into living people. Men that big look overblown and rarely move gracefully. I just can’t see how anyone the size of the graphic Thor would be able to look, move and ultimately act appealingly enough to be Thor.

  3. First off I never ever suggested Cena for anything and never would. Second Preston Rogers face looks very normal he doesn’t have that odd face that your referring to. In fact he looks almost exactly like Thor. As far as size goes I’m not saying exactly the same size as Thor just big. Rogers is perfect in size he’s big enough to be bought as this all powerful god but small enough that you could see him being agile and graceful. Alex is big enough that you could buy him as a computer nerd and looks like he’s maybe been in one fight in his entire life and when his sister finally let him out of the headlock he told his mommy. I’m never said HHH was the best choice just that he is a better choice than Alex. However I couldn’t see anyone fitting in to this role any better than James Preston Rogers. Just looking at him he is Thor.

  4. Well, Daniel F. …
    I understand your point but I don’t think you know too much about Alex. He’s no bean-pole nerd. He’s been a Swedish marine and played an American one for 7 months in Namibia while filming Generation Kill – and was put through grueling marine boot-camp training. He stays lean because that is what is required as a film actor. In fact, in his role on True Blood, women from all over rush to post on the HBO wiki boards about how gorgeous his body is; not to mention his face. He may not be your preference, but there’s no reason to be unfair to the guy.

    So, we will have to agree to disagree on this. Preston Rogers is impressive in many ways … he is nice looking but not movie-star handsome. If he was choosen to play Thor, I would still definitely see the movie – but I might wait for it to play on cable. Depends on what my comic book fanatic friends say. Their reviews would be the only ones that count.

  5. BTW, the word was suppose to be “chosen” in case I was unclear.

  6. Sweetwater,
    Is Alex the son of Stellan Skaarsgard?

  7. Yes. Alex is the eldest son of Stellan Skarsgard.

  8. Daniel F,
    I get that Alex is not your choice for Thor, but what is so wimpy about him at The Rangers game, for example, (he’s on our far right)?

    In the center, in the hat

    out at night with a costar

    These are all shots of him in real life settings, not after a workout, not camera-ready. He’s tall and muscular and handsome. I’m just sayin’ ….

  9. The first link didn’t work, so if you’re inclined, try this:

  10. Well, the first one will have to be a cut and paste adventure. Sorry.

  11. Women liking your body says next to nothing. There are huge groups of woman the go crazy over all different sizes. In fact right now the big trend is super skinny guys who sort of look like girls. Look no further than the punk trend. Girls go crazy for Zach Braff who is by no means well built he’s just a skinny guy who isn’t covered in fat.

    I can’t seem to get your links to work at all by the way not even copy and paste.

  12. Oh yea he is built like a brick wall. These are pics from 09 you know what he currently looks like now.

  13. All I have to say is, you two are so gay, lol. :-D

    just kidding, haha. You two are posting picture after picture of some dude and talking about how ripped you want your man to be or what not, hahahahahaha. Sorry, but if someone didn’t know the context of what we’re discussing here, this looks really really bad… Unless sweetwater is a girl, I don’t know because your name is pretty androgenous, in that case, then it’s all you Daniel-San, lol. :-P

  14. Dudes! How funny … so I sound like a gay guy? Of course I’m a woman! I thought the screen name made that obvious. Sorry. I wasn’t trying to hide the fact.

    The point I was trying to make last night was simply to refute Daniel F’s claim that Alexander was “big enough that you could buy him as a computer nerd and looks like he’s maybe been in one fight in his entire life and when his sister finally let him out of the headlock he told his mommy” That was untrue and unfair. But that is my only point.

    I am not trying to talk Daniel F into liking Alex as Thor. Daniel is entitled to his preferences … and none of us have a vote anyway. But why be inaccurate or unfair. Alexander is an appropriate choice for Thor – no wimpy, skinny nerd. Whether you like him or not, he’s a reasonable choice to consider.

    Yes, tastes vary. There is a fan base for lots of different looks. But the idea of who is handsome or beautiful has a basic international standard. Alexander is celebrated for his looks – Sweden’s sexiest 5 times. He replaced his Dad at the top of the list.

    So, my only assertion was that Daniel F was being ridiculous in his description of Alex. You don’t want him for Thor – I get it. But nothing is served by denegrating an actor unfairly. I certainly didn’t ridicule J.P. Rogers. That’s it.

  15. Daniel F.
    Thanks for the pics (one didn’t work)… I think he looks great and apparently he’s filming nude or semi-nude shots for True Blood now (possible this minute) and – as an actor – he shows up looking like whatever he’s told to look like. Alan Ball has had all his leads, male and female, slim way down. Ryan Kwanten hardly wore anything most of last season. He is very defined and very lean. They all look however Alan Ball wants. If Ball wants big, Alex would be big.

    Alex cannot be a successful actor if he walks around looking buff. An actor would only put on mass for a specific role. Most acting jobs require an actor to be as lean as possible. And because he’s an ACTOR he adapts to each part. If he looked big now, he wouldn’t be working on True Blood. Even the kind of size that wrestlers put on is very unnatural … no actor keeps his body that way.

    But Alex is 32 years old, 6’4″, Swedish, handsome and a trained actor. He is an appropriate man to consider for the part. A better choice than Brad Pitt or Kevin McKidd (who I adore), certainly.

  16. BTW, all the picture links you (Daniel) and I have listed come from shots taken over the last 7 months. Alex was bigger in the summer (when he wasn’t filming True Blood but was working on a movie in NY).

  17. @ sweetwater

    Oh ok, I didn’t want to assume anything. Your name wasn’t like Julie or Sheila or Lil Miss Cutsey or anything, so I didn’t want to call you a girl and you really be a guy. Some “manly” ego’s might have been hurt, lol! :-D

    So Daniel, bad news man, it’s just you… :-D

    I don’t know, as long as the person has some stature, he’ll be able to bulk up to look good. The acting will be 100x more important to the film than anything else. So that’s all I’m worried about.

  18. Hey, what is this I hear about Josh Hatnett actually in the running for Thor, NOT Loki???

  19. @Ken J

    I haven’t heard anything about that.


  20. I just read it on another movie website, filmonic, along with news that Nathalie Portman might be the female lead in Thor as well?? Why so many big name known faces??

  21. @Ken J

    Big names seemed to work well for Iron Man – maybe they’re looking to repeat that formula.


  22. I don’t say anything ‘gay’ about saying a guy isn’t big enough muscle wise for a part.

    Sweetwater the debate was never how sexy or attractive people find alex. That is so unimportant the debate is how big Thor is and how small Alex is in comparison. Lets please realize that being toned or defined is not the same as being big.

  23. I saw that recently too Ken,

    Maybe we’ll get up another Thor post tonight/early tomorrow

  24. Daniel F, I do think it is a salient issue (looks, etc.) I get what you’re saying about size vs tone – I train so I am familiar with body builders, weight lifters, and such. I also live in Los Angeles so I am surrounded by actors. I understand what you’re saying – I just disagree with you.

    In the interest of appealing to the broadest possible audience, I think Branagh will choose acting ability and looks over brawn. The pool of people who understand and appreciate Thor’s physical nature is small. That pool would not be sufficient to generate profit for a multi-million dollar film.

    How sexy or attractive your main character is will very likely effect the success of the film. On a similar note, wasn’t Wolverine suppose to be a short character (short in stature)in the X-Men? Am I wrong because it’s been a long time? But a key component to the success of the franchise has been Hugh Jackman’s appeal. Jackman is taller than average (6’2″ I think). It made a big difference to have a sexy guy – no pun intended.

    If Thor doesn’t sell as “sexy” you’ve whittled down your pool of potential fans. As I’ve said before – I do respect your loyalty to the original graphic Thor. On paper, he is sexy. But it doesn’t translate to humans and it doesn’t translate into return on investment.

    Of course, it’s all a matter of speculation. Hopefully we will find out soon. Alexander is filming True Blood until sometime in the summer. Don’t know what the other known candidates are doing …. maybe it will be someone that nobody has mentioned.

    I do think it would be particularly just to see a real Scandinavian get the part though.

  25. Ken J, that’s cool. Better not to assume, I guess. Sorry if I didn’t make my gender clear from the start – in this discussion, I think it makes a difference.

  26. What is this I’m hearing about Jared Padalecki being considered as Thor? Am I just late on this? He’s young – and tall. Anyone know anything?

  27. Sweetwater,
    According to Nikki finks website
    the current candidates for Thor are:
    Charlie hunnam
    From Sons of anarchy on Fx,
    Tom hiddleston who playedChurchill son in HBOS TheGathering Storm,
    Nikki Call Alex visually right forThor by the way.
    Liam Hemsworth,
    Soon to be seen Slys The Expendables.
    And Joel Kinnaman described as (some danish dude.)
    Nikki also confirms the Portman rumor.
    But is he specfically up for the role of Sif?
    that is uuclear at this time.

  28. Oh Gary! Thank you!

  29. No problem sweetwater .
    Given that they are looking at British and Scandanavian actors (good for them),
    My guess is the Hartnett/Thor rumor is probably untue,
    But you NEVER know!