Is Josh Hartnett Thor’s Brother Loki?

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Earlier today, the report popped up that the director of next year’s Thor had a meeting with Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, Generation Kill) and rumors began circulating that this man could play the God of Thunder.

Now, IESB claims they have some inside information that Josh Hartnett has had meetings with director Kenneth Branagh and that he’s on the short list to play villain and Thor’s brother, Loki.

Foster brother to Thor, Loki is the physically weaker son of Odin in the land of Asgard where strength and bravery in battle are most valued. Loki made up for this with his gift in sorcery. Mischievous growing up, his pranks became more severe and sinister and he earned the nickname, God of Lies and Mischief. Power hungry and vengeful, Loki later became the God of Evil and his plans eventually made their way to include Earth.

When I first heard that the Skarsgård could play Thor, I liked the idea – He’s a physical match and not a big A-list actor which is what I was looking for. On this news of Mr. Hartnett as Loki, I get the unexpected but interested feeling similar to what I felt when I first heard Heath Ledger would play the Joker in The Dark Knight.

If this comes to be, I think I can get behind it and I’d be very interested to see Josh play this very different style of character then we’re used to seeing him play.

The hypothetical cast so far may include Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Hartnett, Kenneth Branagh and Samuel L. Jackson (who’s signed a 9-picture deal with Marvel) – And to think, just yesterday my friends and I were wondering when casting decisions would start being made with the movie expected to open next summer.

What do you think of this possible casting choice and that of Thor’s?

Thor is scheduled to release July 16, 2010.

Source: IESB

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  1. The skarsgard choice is interesting
    I have a little trepidation about Hartnett,
    I HATED pearl Harbor!
    That having been said,
    I shall wait and see.

  2. i liked him in lucky number slevin,
    resurrecting the champ, and sin city (though it is a small role),
    also in 30 days of night

    but loki is such a different character than anything i’ve ever seen him in, he seems alomost too quiet for this role. but it’s a movie i want to see made so hopefully it’ll be good. still if he pulls it off it might be amazing.

  3. I actually like Josh and most of his films however I don’t see it. Then again I was very wrong about Ledger and I could be here as well. I just hope this isn’t their attempt at a famous name to make up for an lower celeb being Thor.

  4. I think not getting “A” list actors for the heroes in their movies is a good idea. If they get “A” list actors for all the characters individual movies they will never be able to afford to do Avengers. IMO

  5. Terrible choice!
    There is one guy out there who can play a great Loki and that is the bad guy from Doomsday! Someone imdb that dude, his character in the movie comes to mind when I think of Loki.
    I still hold my ground that Branagh is a bad choice as director, John Milius!!!
    So far I see only two good things from this film, 1) it is set in Asgard, 2) Alexander Skarsgard as Thor!

  6. Ohhh interesting. I’m a bit of a Josh Hartnett fan, I have to say. I think this could work but it is very different from anything I’ve seen him in before.

    Never heard of the dude who’s playing Thor, but he looks and sounds like a swedish heavy metaller, which is a good start.


  7. Gary, Pearl Harbour was a long time ago, he has done some good stuff since then. Lucky Number Slevin is a great movie.

    I have no expectations about this movie, if they can actually manage to make this movie without it being cheesy as hell, then I’ll be impressed. It feels like to me they are stuck with making a Thor film because he is in The Avengers, so they have to introduce him before they have him in the that movie.

  8. I didnt like Lucky Number Slevin,
    But as I said I am still willing to give Hartnett a shot as Loki .
    He is just not one of my personal favorites.

  9. No. Get Joseph Gordon Levitt for Loki. Great actor – has the right build.

    Make it happen Marvel.

  10. I’m a little surprised by the idea of Josh Hartnett as Loki, mainly because I just don’t think of such a young look for that character.

    I will agree with Almanza, that I enjoy “Lucky Number Slevin.” I’m not a huge fan of Hartnett’s, but I do like some of his material. Perhaps my main concern about casting someone like him in the role of Loki, is that it suggests more of a physical Loki than a crafty and conniving Loki. I would expect the latter, but hopefully this choice in casting is a sign that they will give Loki all of those qualities.

    I do have to disagree with SK47 about the director, though. The only reason I’m now interested in seeing a Thor movie is because Branagh is directing. Picking someone like him to direct tells me Marvel is serious about this being a quality film versus a poorly-scripted excuse for lots of action and special effects. That’s not intended as a slight against John Milius, though. Frankly, I would love it if Milius was helping write the screenplay. “Rome” is one of my all-time favorite TV series.

  11. @ Bill Blume,

    Same thoughts for me on all your points :)

  12. Bill Blume, I am not knocking down Branagh, I enjoyed Dead Again tremendously and his take on Frankenstein. However, for this type of film I truly believe that only John Milius can deliver the goods!
    Attaching a director to project can be peak someone’s interest but the end result might not be satisfactory. Some instances it works, Nolan on Batman, Hansen on 8 Mile. Some cases, it does not, Jim Sheridan on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ comes to mind. But you get the point.

  13. Hartnett? Really? Awesome! An out there choice I would have never expected, but I’m all for it. I’ve been a fan of his since the Faculty(you know you liked it too) and Skarsgard sounds like he could be the man for the job, provided he starts weight training NOW. Haha, he’s in pretty good shape, but he doesn’t look like a Norse god yet. That carries a giant hammer.

  14. Loki
    could work
    i herd sum ppl wanted the guy who Played “Scarcrow”in batman begins.
    he was in ‘red eye’ i cant remember his name.
    i dont know if i agree, but im just pass’in of info.

  15. Anyone now where I can download or see a copy of the script or even the original script? I heard it was leaked a long time ago?

  16. Oh and someone please give Skarsgard some syringes and lock him in a gym till the movie begins shooting. He’s got the look but not the mass.

  17. @ Manowar,

    He’s pretty fit and muscular now, but yes, if he is to be chosen for Thor (It’s still loose speculation) then I’m sure they’ll have him buffing up… and now he’s got an extra year to do so!

    I don’t know where you can get the script (I don’t want to read it), but I hear it’s awesome and that it calls for a massive budget – the drafts that made it online did anyway

  18. I think Thor should be a huge guy, I dont care if hes all that good of an actor to tell you the truth, he never seemed that smart in the comics as it is plus is human form can be the good actor, I just want a big kick ass Thor, and as far as Josh H as Loki, that might be casting genius!

  19. @SK,

    Are you referring to Craig Conway, when you talk about the bad guy in Doomsday?

  20. With the amount of money these celebrities get for these roles, I’m surprised you guys are still arguing over Skarsgard’s size. You realize that they don’t have 9-5 jobs right? They have all the time in the world and plenty of money for gyms. They can bulk up, fatten up, thin up, whatever the role needs no problem. Look at Kurt Russell. He made soldier less than a year after he made Breakdown, where he had to GAIN weight, as in FAT, to look the part of a typical middle age husband for the movie. But if you’ve seen Soldier, in less than a year between the filming, he went from big gut middle age out of shape guy to a born and raised super soldier. Trust me, this guy has PLENTY of time to bulk up, it’s not even an issue.

  21. Ken the problem is having the time to bulk up does not mean he will bulk up. It all depends on his dedication. Also I would like to add he is a tall tooth pick he does not have enough time to bulk up to a respectable size to play Thor. Maybe some people will be ok with that, but I know a lot of people who aren’t. At best he will look like a tall version of Brad Pitt in Troy which was pretty small especially compared to the god of thunder.

  22. bigDOG,
    Yes, the guy with the Mohawk, if his name is Craig Conway then YES, I can perfectly see him as Loki!

    It is possible for Skarsgard to bulk up! Not like bodybuilder huge but really bulk up like some of those Strongman competitors. Get a right trainor, proper nutrition and Mass gaining supplements, he can pull it off by the time Thor is ready to shoot.

  23. @ Daniel, if Kenneth Brannagh wants the role of Thor to look a certain way, he will tell anyone he’s thinking about hiring. Apperance is a big issue in filming and celebrities are asked to change their apperance to fit the roles ALL THE TIME. It’s not AT ALL uncommon and not at all a surprising concept. If Kenneth Branagh wants him to bulk up, expect to see him bulked up for the movie, and he has a year’s time to do it. Enough time and then some.

  24. Ken your working on If’s here. Who says the director wants him to bulk up he may not care at all. Also while yes he has time to Bulk up he does not have time to get to a proper Thor representation size. Have you ever done body building or any kind of sculpting. Sort of a specialty area of mine believe me he has no way to get to a proper representational size and tone it to looked ripped. He can get fat yes or he can gain a little bit of mass and tone it up. He however can’t look like Thor or even close to it. If he was bigger already maybe, but he is a bean pole.

  25. LOL daniel, yes, no celebrity has ever been able to bulk up within a year for a movie role. Ok, it’s such a far fetched idea… :-D

    So let’s just forget it all and get a pro wrestler to do it. It’ll be such a better movie because of it…

  26. Daniel F,

    If the producers and Director want the actor of their choice to bulk up, it’ll get done – I don’t think dedication is a question.

    Who would you like to see play Thor?

  27. Some discussion questions:

    There seems to be a bit of a split over Skarsgard as Thor due to size (despite him being 6’4″)

    1) Do you guys want a body builder over a quality actor?

    2) The Thor from the comics weights 660 pounds, what are you looking for in the live adaptation?

  28. I believe he wants a pro wrestler, HHH or “Triple H,” to get the role, so Thor can lay the “smack down” on the enemies, lol. :-D

  29. I never once said no one has ever bulked up for a role ken in fact I have stated several times that no one has ever bulked up the amount that he would need to for a role. Some people have put on 5 – 20 pounds but Alex is a bean pole and would need to gain a massive amount of bulk to be even close.

    In nearly every topic this has come up on I have said who I wanted in the role three or four times. You can continue to latch on to the HHH thing as much as you want, but I clearly stated several times who my first choice was.