Is Josh Hartnett Thor’s Brother Loki?

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Earlier today, the report popped up that the director of next year’s Thor had a meeting with Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, Generation Kill) and rumors began circulating that this man could play the God of Thunder.

Now, IESB claims they have some inside information that Josh Hartnett has had meetings with director Kenneth Branagh and that he’s on the short list to play villain and Thor’s brother, Loki.

Foster brother to Thor, Loki is the physically weaker son of Odin in the land of Asgard where strength and bravery in battle are most valued. Loki made up for this with his gift in sorcery. Mischievous growing up, his pranks became more severe and sinister and he earned the nickname, God of Lies and Mischief. Power hungry and vengeful, Loki later became the God of Evil and his plans eventually made their way to include Earth.

When I first heard that the Skarsgård could play Thor, I liked the idea – He’s a physical match and not a big A-list actor which is what I was looking for. On this news of Mr. Hartnett as Loki, I get the unexpected but interested feeling similar to what I felt when I first heard Heath Ledger would play the Joker in The Dark Knight.

If this comes to be, I think I can get behind it and I’d be very interested to see Josh play this very different style of character then we’re used to seeing him play.

The hypothetical cast so far may include Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Hartnett, Kenneth Branagh and Samuel L. Jackson (who’s signed a 9-picture deal with Marvel) – And to think, just yesterday my friends and I were wondering when casting decisions would start being made with the movie expected to open next summer.

What do you think of this possible casting choice and that of Thor’s?

Thor is scheduled to release July 16, 2010.

Source: IESB

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  1. UNTRUE!
    Darn typos!

  2. Looking back at the top of Nikki Finkes story ,
    it does say there is a push to get Hartnett in EITHER of the two lead roles but she says there is a equally powerful lobby pushing all the unknowns.

  3. I looked up most of the names you listed, Gary … interesting possibilities … attractive, tall, lean, young actors.

    I’m still in the Skarsgard camp, but find the list of contenders very interesting. What do you think?

  4. I think Alex should be Thor and his dad should be ODIN!
    If they pick a big name instead,
    Then the the supporting cast should be peppered with character actors/unknowns
    this can be GREAT if they do it right.

  5. Wow and I thought Alex was a bad choice Seriously Charlie hunnam ? Tom hiddleston ? Ok I’m now on board with Alex or at least more on board. If those are the other options.

  6. Yah, but if HHH was on that list, then it would have been ok…


    Lol, yes, I know he wasn’t your first choice, but you supported him and that’s really the only thing I’m making fun of… :-P

    What is his “signature” move now? The only ones I know is like The Rock’s “People’s Elbow” and Stone Cold’s “Stunner.” lol

    I just looked it up, it’s the “Pedigree” right? LOL, imagine if Thor raises his hammer and was like “I’ll give you a taste of The Pedigree!!!” LMAO :-D

  7. Please let it be a great movie…please,please,please

  8. Well Daniel F, you are committed to being hostile. Okay. It is meaningless to me. Do it your way.

    You are completely wrong about acting being easy. It is a talent, a skill and the product of training. But training cannot create an actor capable of portraying a lead character. The camera picks up so much that you don’t usually noticed. If you think anyone can take acting classes and be prepared to star in a multi-million dollar special-effects movie then you sure don’t know anything about making movies.

    No one is suggesting that the actors being considered to play Thor play him as they appear now. But no serious actor can keep his body built up …. it’s not called for in most roles.

    The only sources I have found so far that suggest wrestlers for the role of Thor are fans of theirs … nothing has been reported about Branagh meeting with any of them … or that they’re being considered. Does anyone know anything different?

    As I said before, I train so I know how hard it is to build muscle (though I’m not aiming for size) and if you think it’s hard to build muscle as a man, try it as a woman! None of these actors are going to have the mass of someone who dedicates their life to building muscle.

    Clearly the producers/director are not worried about whether the actors will have muscle mass. Their starting with different priorities. Thank God.

  9. @Daniel F. “anyone can act with training it’s not hard”.

    I see, I guess the thousands of bad actor’s out there just need more training… You should be an agent!

  10. Ok, I’ve deleted a couple of comments (Daniel F, sweetwater) because things are getting personal.

    You should be able to defend your positions without attacking the person who differs with you.



  11. Okay, Vic.
    I apologize.

  12. I personally like Alexander as Thor alot and this is coming from a comic book fan. At first I wasen’t sure i’ve seen him in True Blood and Generation Kill but I was hoping someone perfect would fall from the sky. Looking at all the other options though Alexander is by far the best choice look wise, size wise, and although he’s not done alot in the US he has been acting for a long time. His dad playing Odin would be awesome. Josh Harnett playing Loki is very interesting its ironic I had the same feeling as the Ledger cast too. Could be brillant if he’s got the range I think he does. Plus with a relatively unknown (Alex) in the lead role they’ll need some big names in the supporting cast for sure. If not Portman, Sif def needs to be played by an A-list actress. I have high hopes for this movie if they go with Alexander and he can beef up as well as do what i’ve posted I think it can be a excellent movie.

  13. Its kind of strange that nobody mentions the fact that this man literally has Asgard in his name .”Skarsgard”.As far as Hartnett is concerned give him a villianous role just don’t give him Loki.I see him playing as the The Dark Elf “Malekith” which would work quite well for a subplot for “The Warriors Three”.The Warriors Three WILL be in this movie.The perfect casting for them would be: Fandral(Kenneth Branaugh),Volstagg(Brendan Gleeson),Hoggun(Josh Brolin).Aside from them being there for some comedy relief,there needs to be some real serious KICK ASS action and drama for them too.Adrien Brody is an Academy Award winning actor who is mysterious & has depth who has also never played a villian to my knowledge,at least nothing like Loki.The resemblance is uncanny!!!!Brody has this innocence about him that would make it extremely shocking to see him be evil.He would have to be nice & harmles & innocent looking to win over Odin.Josh Hartnett already has sinister looking eyes,which would be great for Malekith.The role for Odin can be done by a few actors but I think Anthony Hopkins would do the best job.As far as looks,we live in the technbology age now were they can make Anthony Hopkins body look like The Guitar God in the Guitar Hero video game & remember the movie “300″.A reverse “LOTR”esque effect would have to be used because Agardians are 6″ minimum in height including the females.Vladimir Kulich would be perfect as Baldur(kind of a legendary,aging almost burnt out Thor)but still kicks ass when he has to.

  14. Vladimir Kulich couldn’t be baldur. Baldur is the God of Charisma and the handsomest of all the gods. Vlad is a little too old and weathered. Brody can act but is too ugly to play Loki. Loki has to be goodlooking and charming so Josh def looks that part, just not sure he can flip to acting diabolical afterwards.

  15. If that idiot Adrien Brodey is in Thor, I wouldn’t watch it. I don’t get what people see in him, I see the same exact facial expression from him no matter what he’s supposed to be, happy, sad, angry, all the same. Oh look at my sad/happy/angry/emotional eyebrows:

  16. I see your point about Vladimir Kulich as Baldur & that is true about what he represents as an Asgardian but he is depicted differently in different issues depending on the artist and writer.I also feel what yoursaying about Loki also but Frost Giants generally are not attractive and Loki is a midget version of a Frost Giant which is another one of the reasons he has a Napolean complex.If you look at most depictions of Loki,he looks incredibly similar to Loki.Josh already looks too villianous,i’d rather Loki look like someone not so threatening looking.But I do see your point.

  17. Aside from being an Academy Award winner,Adrien Brody looks like most depictions of Loki (long face & nose/skinny body) and has a sort of quiet and innocent dimeaner which to me seems to be more dangerous and striking than someone who already has that “sinister look”.I’d say screen test Josh Hartnett and Adrien Brody then give the role to the best man for the job.

  18. A few actors have received Academy Awards for movies they did’nt deserve them for in which Halle Berry is one of them for”Monsters Ball”.In fact if in any movie she should have gotten one would have to be “Losing Isaiah” or maybe even “Jungle Fever”(small Part but well done).I do know Adrien Brody is a good actor and DID deserve his Oscar but he needs a role such as this to show a whole other spectrum of his ability.He’s a “nice guy”,he can pull it off if he uses that nice guy charm then totally flips the script literally.I think Josh Hartnett could pull it off too but Josh has a stature and energy that would seem to push Loki into a more “physical” type that would go up against Thor in hand to hand combat and that is NOT what Loki is.It would be a battle of wits & trickery through Loki’s magic.

  19. Wait, where did you get the idea that Adrien Brodey is a “nice guy?” Have you seen him talk? He preaches to everyone like he thinks his opinion as a celebrity is soooo important.

  20. @Ulik

    I know Brody can act and I see your points and they are fair. But as a massive Thor fan, wanting this movie to be all it can be, and also make a ton of money, I need Josh to be Loki to draw in people to the movie.

    Because I want them to make Thor a Trilogy, and have Ragnarok in the end…

  21. Josh Hartnett as Loki!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  22. You know, Josh Hartnett has actually played this type of character before, and he did an amazingly good job of it as well. Remember the movie “O”? He did a very god job of playing the cunning trickster Iago. I’m looking forward to seeing this.