Josh Brolin Was in the Running to Play Batman; Responds to Ben Affleck Being Cast

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josh brolin batman ben affleck Josh Brolin Was in the Running to Play Batman; Responds to Ben Affleck Being Cast

There were a handful of candidates floated to portray Batman in Zack Snyder’s developing Man of Steel sequel before left-field candidate Ben Affleck accepted the job, ranging from Matthew Goode – who portrayed Ozymandias in Snyder’s Watchmen comic book adaptation – to lesser-known character actor Max Martini (Pacific Rim) and well-established star Josh Brolin (Labor Day), in addition one of Screen Rant’s own choices, Richard Armitage (The Hobbit trilogy).

Brolin, who stars in director Spike Lee’s Americanized take on the modern Asian cult classic Oldboy later this year, has since confirmed that he was, at one point, a legitimate contender to don the cape and cowl in Snyder’s movie. The actor, much like Affleck, is the appropriate age to play an “older” (read: 30-40 something) Caped Crusader who will clash with Henry Cavill’s less-experienced Kal-El in the Man of Steel followup; not to mention, Brolin is no stranger when it comes to portraying characters with a benign surface that shatters when their primal nature bursts out during acts of violence (see: American Gangster, Gangster Squad, etc.)

However, despite him being qualified for the Batman job, Brolin told The Huffington Post that was only considered for Man of Steel 2 (a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman) and that he never received a formal offer from – nor did Brolin engage in a proper conversation with – Snyder about the possible casting:

“We did. I didn’t have conversations about it, but Zack, that was part of his idea. It just didn’t turn out. It’s OK. It is OK. You know, another scenario might have worked better, but I’m happy for Ben.”

Interestingly, there’s a decent argument to be made that Brolin seems like a more natural fit to play Batman, whereas Affleck is a better match for the character’s Bruce Wayne persona (something that Screen Rant‘s Andrew Dyce touched upon in his article examining the Batfleck casting). Brolin has convincingly portrayed physically-explosive characters before, yet his portrayal of the methodical Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men shows that he can handle both sides of the Caped Crusader’s personality. Thing is, though, Brolin doesn’t wear the conventional playboy look as well as Affleck – who, as he showed in The Town and (to a lesser degree) Argo, can also be serious, broody and threatening when the occasion calls for it.

Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Josh Brolin Was in the Running to Play Batman; Responds to Ben Affleck Being Cast

As it stands, though, Brolin isn’t worried about the lost opportunity and has joined people like Matt Damon and potential Man of Steel 2 composer Hans Zimmer in throwing his weight behind Affleck as Batman (not least of all because of the online rally against the latter’s casting). To quote Brolin on the situation:

“I’ve never seen such a global reaction in my life. I feel for him, truly. I would not want to be him right now. The reaction becomes so personal. It’s like, ‘F**k this guy, I wish he was dead.’ And you’re like, ‘What? Dude, seriously? This guy is just working like you are. He’s doing the same thing you are. He’s trying to make the best choices he can.’

“I think I might have said that like 15 years ago, but now, because of the Internet, man, I just feel for anybody who gets lambasted at that level. I want him to kick ass and I want everyone to love it and kind of eat their words.”

Are you onboard (or, at the least, wiling to keep an open mind) with Batfleck at this stage? Or would you’ve preferred that someone like Brolin landed the role of the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel?


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 is slated to begin filming in Michigan by early 2014. The film will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: The Huffington Post

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  1. And that is why Marvel will always be the best.

    • @ Justin

      You are exactly right.

      This is the truest and smartest comment I’ve seen in a while on this site.

    • Always, meaning since like 2010 right? Or was it ’09? It surely wasn’t BEFORE the most critically acclaimed CMB ever made was released by WB in ’08.

      • What, you mean the Heath Ledger critic’s pity party movie?

  2. Jason Isaacs for Luthor and Burn Gorman for Joker(if he’s in it)

  3. we dont know how affleck will be until we see it…but just by casting him compared to a lesser known actor they (WB) double down on the box office

  4. I’m kind of glad Brolin didn’t get it. Jonah Hex kind of sucked I don’t think he is meant for comic book movies. I don’t look at him and see batman. And he is older than Ben Affleck. By the time they would have gotten to Justice League He would be over 50.

    • Yeah Jonah Hex sucks, but I thought he was great as the character, according to most reviews Brolin was one of the few good things in that terrible film.

  5. I don’t think Ben is a bad actor, just the same way I don’t think lots of actors are not bad. Lots of actors do one thing, really well (Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel), he’s to Ben Afleck. You can’t separate the actor from the role, unlike day Karl Urban who disappears into his role’s. What will end up with is Ben in a Batman costume (and we will know it’s a costume since we can’t separate the two)and quite likely it will dispel the illusion we need to enjoy the movie. None of which has anything to do with his ability as an actor, but who he is as one.

    • “(and we will know it’s a costume since we can’t separate the two)”
      We? why don’t you stick to speaking for yourself as a pose to speaking for me or others who don’t agree with your rhetoric. Get that dictionary and give it a good read. Don’t use the word we unless you have our consent first.

      “and quite likely it will dispel the illusion we need to enjoy the movie.”
      Once again speak for yourself, because nothing in this movie will dispel any illusion for me since the whole movie is an illusion LOL it’s not a documentary, It’s fiction art not reality good grief…

  6. Josh says he didn’t have conversations with Zack about it.
    Which is an acknowledgement that whatever consideration was
    afforded Josh Brolin to play Batman was not serious consideration.

  7. Josh “Jonah Hex” Brolin is a great actor but would have been a lousy choice for Batman because of hi age. I have no interest in watching a 50 year old Batman in Justice league and he would have been a lousy Bruce Wayne as well, being a handsome charmer is not his game. Ben is bigger better looking and will be able to play both sides of the coin plus he’s an incredible director and will be great for either the Batman franchise or JL franchise and he will be controlling on of them. WB and the fans will be the benefactors of this unpopular but shrewd move. I just find it ironic that many like to bash Ben because of Daredevil but they are slow to remember Jonah Hex which was way worse.

  8. Folks, let’s pay attention to market forces. MoS2 will NOT springboard into a Justice League film, irrespective of how good a job Cavill and Affleck do. The implosion Lucas and Spielberg predicted will occur in 2015. Look at how many tentpole films come out that summer. Avengers 2, Star Wars 7, Finding Dory, JP5, ID4 part 2, Terminator 5, POTC 5, Ant-Man, etc. Some website counted 25 of them. This is ridiculously oversaturated! And you know ticket prices will go up to match the insanity.

    Do you want to pay $20 for admission to non-IMAX, non-3-D? Because that’s where it’s going. So much for repeat viewings because that’s what determines who the winners are. Best bets? The Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Lucasfilm axis walk away the champs. I love the Justice League but what’s ticket prices going to be in 2018? $30? $40?

    I don’t love them that much.

    • What were ticket prices like 5 years ago? You really think they’re gonna go up that drastically?

      Regardless, never underestimate the stupidity of the masses.

      • Freedom, I believe it because I’m watching the cost of food and gas. And I think more people are bailing out of the cinemas for better entertainment options like premium cable, online streaming exclusives, videogames and the like. Counting on the habits of the masses lasts only as long as they don’t believe they’re being fed the same thing over and over again. Just like every other asset bubble, the appeal of Hollywood blockbusters will implode.

        • The appeal for Batman and Superman is there, as well as several other comic book movies so I wouldn’t worry about the franchise. I do have to agree that fewer people are going to the cinema, from what I’ve been seeing at least. With piracy on the rise and prices going up, cinema isn’t even on the list for some people. Either way, don’t think that much will change in two years, maybe a bit but nothing too drastic.

    • Ant-man is the OPPOSITE of a tent pole man. It’s the movie tent poles are supposed to support. But yes, the market may get over saturated. Or… It could just end up a record year for movies. Lucas and Spielberg may just be a little butt hurt because they are both kinda has Beens. There run is pretty much over and I am guessing they HOPE Hollywood implodes.

  9. “Ben Who-fleck?”. (as Chris Kattaan said long ago…)

    Nah, he might be good, even very good, if the film is well made. I reserve judgement, but woulda liked the Hell on Wheels guy to be in the role.

  10. The Town is one of my favorite movies, if he is as badass in that movie, than batman vs superman will be OK

  11. TBH Gangster Squad was the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen.

  12. Bale isn’t in the second Superman because the script isn’t there that would be worth Bale’s attention. He redefined both Wayne and the Batman. If they can’t get him on board it’s for a reason.

    Mind you, I don’t mind Affleck. But bring these two comic icons together so close to the third Dark Knight movie and NOT getting Bale back behind the mask is a really horrible idea. May as well recast Superman too.

    • Bale didn’t redefine a damn thing. Nolan maybe, but not Bale. And no true Batman fan now thinks of Bale as the definitive Batman as you suggest, he is one version from one of a thousand sources on Batman. As time goes on, that interpretation will fade into nostalgia the way Burton and Keaton’s did.

      Redefine Batman. Get real.

      • Most true Batman fans do indeed think Bale is the definitive Batman.

        A handful of people romanticize that Keatons turn in the pretty silly Burton films takes that place but not most of us.

        • @ Dragon & Chris

          I never seen a perfect Batman film made. While Nolan’s Batman trilogy may be one of the best trilogies made, imo it is not a perfect Batman trilogy.

          • I agree. As much as I’m a masdsive fan of Nolan’s films, it’s more imo a perfect Bruce Wayne trilogy. And I’m not talking about Wayne the facade, but the actual Bruce Wayne. The guy who lost his parents and his life journey.

            Which is 1) brilliant imo and 2) really well to keep seperated.

            The most perfect Batman incarnation, being the perfected tech-ninja reckoning I know currently, being the perfected tech-ninja reckoning, is Arkham City’s.

            • Sorry, screwed up my copy-paste action in the last sentence.

              • WHHERRRRRESTHEEDITBUTTON!?!?!?!?!?

                • 555

          • I agree. Which is why I guess I get a little pissy when I read people saying things like “it redefined Batman”

            • I wouldn’t say Batman the character himself but films based on the character, yes.

              • I can agree with that. but that is easy to do, the same could be said of Joel Schumaker (sp?) and Kilmer/Clooney. Every time they make a movie the character will be slightly re-imagined. But that would be a different subject IMO.

                My response was to the line “redefined Bruce Wayne and Batman.”

                There was no “in movies” or “film version” or “at least in Hollywood” added. To me that means literally redefined the character, not just the movie interpretation. Perhaps the original poster could clarify which of these he means, and I could either shut the hec up, or go further into a butt hurt rage!!!

                555 (I live in Thailand, the number 5 is pronounced “ha”)

              • AND Mr Fawkes quite clearly called Bale “the definitive Batman” even claimed this as the opinion of most true Batman fans.


                • @ Dragon

                  Well, Mr. Fawkes has his opinions, but he’s sadly mistaken if he thinks that’s the opinion of most true Batman fans. I liked Bale’s Bruce Wayne as much as I did Keaton’s. But I liked Keaton’s Batman more than Bales as I thought Keaton was more intimidating & always dark & a sense of empty lost underneath the mask throughout each scene. In TDK trilogy I felt Bale kind of lost that edge in some scenes or over did them. Im not saying Bale was bad. I remember Bob Kane saying outta all the actors back in the 90′s dating to past who played Batman, one who came close to playing both Bruce Wayne/Batman in his opinion believe it or not was Val Kilmer.

        • I did not say MOVIE Batman, nor did the original comment say “redefine Batman in live action.”


          When I, or any true fan of the 75 years of the character, think of Batman, Christian Bale is not what comes to mind. He is one version amongst hundreds. Being that the only two versions mentioned in response to my comment are both movie versions, I am guessing that is where your interest in the character lies. But there is much more to Batman than that which has been put on film. IN FACT, I will go as far as to say Batman HAS NEVER REALLY BEEN IN A MOVIE. Not yet anyway. Batman was not redefined by the Dark Knight Trilogy. Did they have a different definition and/or take on the character? Yes. Did they redefine him, meaning forever change? Not a f***ing chance.

          Like I said.
          Redefine Batman. Get real.

          • @ Dragon

            Got ya. There’s been so many versions of Batman that I feel they need to draw a line. But with the New 52 comics, that’s unlikely. I know for sure Batman is my 2nd stand-alone comic book character while Superman has always been my #1 favorite as that character pretty much stayed the same over the years before the New 52 comics. Other characters like Batman went through changes in the DC comics before the New 52.

        • Also Chris, you kinda proved my point.
          At one time Burton and Keaton’s Batman was the bees knees. Now, it has its place in the lore of the character, but has since been surpassed. I mentioned it because one day (at least I hope) the same will be thought of Nolan and Bale’s Dark Knight. Great for its time, but has since been surpassed.

          Hopefully by the real, as defined by decades of material, Batman.

          • @ Dragon

            I too have said like Burton, Keaton & Nicholson’s work in the Batman films that Nolan,Bale and Ledger’s work will be surpassed & faded as the years pass.

            • Sounds like your a level headed guy Mr. Punisher. Some people get very caught up in current zeitgeist. Even quite a few journalist throw around terms like “never to be surpassed” it makes me cringe every time I read it. Is there forward vision really so limited? I liked Nolan’s films, they are some of, if not THE, best comic book movies to date. I look forward to watching the films that leave them in their wake.

              Speaking of Frank Castle, when are they going to get YOU right on film? Now THAT is a movie I want to see. The Punisher was always my second favorite character.

  13. I like Affleck but nothing suggest he is intimidating.

    Josh Brolin on the other hand could nail the role of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I have no idea how anyone thinks BA would make a better Wayne.

    Brolin looks experienced. Like he is the older dog just not interested in taking crap from the rookie, now matter how super powered he is.

    I do like Ben as an actor but he simply does not have the gravitas that Cavill does after one turn as Superman.

    I know they say a good actor can make you believe anything but no one is going to cast Affleck as the baby Jesus in their christmas play and it is no insult to his abilities.

    Josh Brolin would have been perfect.

  14. Once again, WB/DC proves they do not know what they are doing and that their management and really whole organization is light-years behind Marvel.

    This whole article is just a critical testimony to just how foolish and shortsighted WB/DC really are. It’s just embarrassing. They get one shot at pulling this movie off, and they come stumbling out of the gate, yet again.

    If they weren’t so laughable, I would almost feel sorry for them.

    • Same can be said about this post.

      Light years ahead huh? Would you like to explain why the rights to all Marvel properties are split up over several studios?

      A couple of B.O. homeruns and Marvel is the king now huh?

      If you just want to talk recent movie success… then yeah congrats Marvel made more money. So what? Luckily for WB/DC (and real fans) there is much more to this than how much money a movie makes.

      (And BTW, if Iron Man 3 is “light-years ahead” of what WB/DC is doing then I would much prefer stay in the stone-age)

      • +1

      • Doctor……

        “A couple of B.O. homeruns”???


        Are you serious?

        “Would you like to explain why the rights to all Marvel properties are split up over several studios?”

        Sure Doctor, that’s easy, because they’re very smart, that’s why. If all of Marvel’s properties stayed with them, we would never have the amount of Marvel movies we have now. One studio can only produce so many movies a year, but by splitting them up over several studios, they get more exposure, and we get more movies.

        Geez, it’s not that hard to figure out, get a clue.

        Scoreboard pal, why don’t you try looking at it? That’s all that really matters, and Marvel wins EVERY TIME!

        You’re just yet another WB/DC slappy/apologist, aren’t you?

        I can’t wait to see your posts in a couple of years, regardless of Benny’s performance: “This was the greatest portrayal of Batman ever!”

        You keep drinking that WB/DC Koolaid there pal, just keep gulping it down.

        You WB/DC apologists are all the same, just keep spinning it brother, just keep spinning it.

        • “Would you like to explain why the rights to all Marvel properties are split up over several studios?”

          Sure Doctor, that’s easy, because they’re very smart, that’s why. If all of Marvel’s properties stayed with them, we would never have the amount of Marvel movies we have now. One studio can only produce so many movies a year, but by splitting them up over several studios, they get more exposure, and we get more movies.

          ^^ Right. Dodge the part of them going bankrupt. Nice to know that Marvel had to go bankrupt (the correct answer) in order for them to make such great movies. Yeah, it sure worked out great. Can’t wait to see that Wolverine vs Hulk movie…no? Well, at least you’ll have that connection to Magneto with Quicksilver and Scar… no? Geez, how about Hulk vs Thing? Spiderman joins the Avengers?

          My point is: DC has never gone bankrupt, and they still own ALL their property. They have a rock solid foundation that was built by Batman and Superman, love them or hate them… but they built this park that your having fun playing in right now…

          …so try to show some respect and don’t spout nonsense like your first post -

          ” This whole article is just a critical testimony to just how foolish and shortsighted WB/DC really are.”

          Huh-uh. Why is that “Zack”?

          ~ at least I still post under my same name and don’t hide behind an alias..~

          *lowers spectacle slightly*


        • Sorry Zack.
          The good Dr now owns you.
          Thanks for playing though.

          I can’t believe you actually think Marvel WANTS there properties split between different studios.

          • @ Dragon

            I usually don’t agree with Dr. Mindbender, but I do on that. “They’re both right”-Donatello from TMNT 2. J/K Dragon & Dr. have a point.

            • I don’t know the good Dr that well yet. But he seems far more knowledgable than Zack, who seems to think Marvel purposely gave up creative control of their two biggest franchises as a calculated move to get more movies out. Then created a shared universe where they now can’t even use their own properties, or mention parts or their origin. **cough** Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver **cough cough**

              Although, I will say, it doesn’t really matter that WB has ALL the rights to DC characters if they are too pink taco to use them. The difference is, if WB get their head out their collective arse and puts a DCCU together, nothing will be off limits. While Marvel will forever be without Spidey, FF, and X-men. I can forgive the first two, but NO X-MEN?!?!?

        • @ Zack

          So that’s why WB/DC don’t release more than CBM a year? Because they pretty much got the rights to all their characters of DC Comics? I guess what you said would make sense.

      • +1

        I like Marvel movies, but I am sick of this light years ahead BS that seems to permeate the intraweb.
        Without WB/DC and Superman/Batman there would be no Avengers. Show a little respect to those who paved the way for your heroes to make it to the big screen.

        Think I’m wrong? You think any studio takes a chance on B-list Iron Man had Superman and Batman (the two biggest characters in comic book history) not proven that CBM were viable commodities. Hec, Marvel wouldn’t have even been able to get off the ground to begin to think about maybe making Iron Man, let alone the Avengers, had the success of the big two from WB and DC not made comic book IP an asset. Allowing them to build capital by pimping out there biggest properties. Namely Spider-man and X-men.

        • Dragon & Dr

          The people at WB/DC make their living off of suckers just like you two, congratulations. Unless of course you two work for them. Hmmmm…..

          My kids are smart enough to see how foolish they are, why aren’t you?
          Right, Marvel owes all of their success to WB/DC, I see. More Kool-Aid over here please.

          If WB had the Marvel properties, we’d never see a movie about any of them. If Disney had the WB properties, at least we’d have more than the same old Superman and Batman retreads. Where’s Wonder Woman? Where’s The Flash? Oh, he’s on TV next to a terrible Green Arrow show. Where’s Green Lantern, oh, oops, they did make Green Lantern. That was a gem.

          Oh, and speaking of hiding behind aliases, my birth name is Zachary Loftis. I’m sure yours are “Mr. Mindbender” and “Mr. DragonArcher23”, unless you’re the same guy. Probably are.
          Nothing worse than a hypocrite.

          Keep drinking that WB Kool-Aid fellas, and good luck getting through life blind, you’re going to need it.

          • @zack, true marvel does owe its success to dc films, people have a tendency to forget that the original superman was comic books first 100 million hit and the original batman was first that grossed 250 million domestically and then with the help of ledgers death reached its high of 533 millon domestically in 2008. Marvel brilliantly took it to a whole new level by kickstarting a new uinverse and are only studio not to reboot their comic book characters with seven movies and counting.

          • Dragon Archer is my alter ego, since I mostly come here and post about comic book movies it seemed fitting. I wouldn’t want my enemies to get there hands on my loved ones so I must protect them with the secret identity. I also wear a mask while I post, just in case your diabolical plan involves activating my web cam to learn my true identity.

            How does your real name make your opinion any more or less valid?

            I will agree that if DC had sold the rights to their characters to another company we may have seen more of them on film. Then again, the other company might have messed them up so bad that no company would have touched any comic book characters for a long time. If you think Disney in the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s would have made the same movies they are making today, you are the one drinking kool-Aid. I’m not saying WB is perfect, not even close. They have still yet to have the balls to put the ACTUAL Batman on screen. But I realize you don’t have what we have today without their contributions. I also realize Marvel is far from perfect. Your kids don’t see it, because that is who Marvel makes movies for. Kids.

          • Also funny how you went on your rant but never answered the ONE question I asked.

            Does anybody spend 200 mil to make Iron Man had Batman not shown that these movies can be profitable.

  15. I’m looking forward to reading the massive u-turn in opinion once the film is released and all the nay sayers just relax and enjoy the film for what it is… It happened with Man of Steel didn’t it.

  16. Everyone is putting Ben down for this role but I’m keeping an open mind

    Heath Ledger was not my choice to play the joker in the Dark knight

    and now no one wants the pressure to follow in his footsteps of such an

    iconic performance. Keep that in mind ladies and gents

  17. Yea, no-one wouldn’t wanna play the Joker not long after Ledger passed away. Especially if they might decided to have the Joker in MOS 2 as a 2nd villain perhaps. There was huge year gap between Nicolson & Ledger’s version of the Joker.

  18. Everyone said Heath wasnt going to be good………… and he goes down as Legendary . Ben is in his prime now. He’s gonna do a great job because he knows he has to. for you haters, those of you going through Bale-withdrawal, & true batfans who just cant wait for MoSvsTDK. Whats done is done. Also , Brolin wouldve been my first choice if they were to do a DARKKNIGHTRETURNS Batman. but Kal was way older in that storyline ….. I believe in Ben. I also believe that it wouldve been better if At the end of MoS, where clark joins the daily planet , if someone ran up saying “a bomb is about to destroy Gotham” ___ kal saves Bat-bale from the plane… boom . you got older bruce, joseph gordon can be nightwing . everyone would be happy

    • @ Chris

      I wouldn’t go as far to say Ledger’s role as the Joker was Legendary. He just played Nolan’s version of the character great was all.

  19. Except for one thing. This is going to be a new Batman. Forget about Nolan’s version. This is a new Batman. The problem is that BA doesn’t look intimidating at all. He might portray an OK BW but he will fall short with Batman.

  20. Besides you have to live by your principles. If you say you felt humiliated portraying a superhero and that you wouldn’t do it again, then why on earth did you accept to portray such an iconic role.

    That for me is contradictory to say the least.

    • Well, it has been ten years since he made that statement lol. People sometimes change their opinions on things in that long of a time period.

      • And contradictory? Dude, if you based your whole career and personal life on things you say during a rut, you’re pretty much guaranteed not doing much the rest of your life. He’s only human lol, relax.

    • My opinion.

      He was just butt hurt. he is a fan of Comic Books, he was probably upset by how hard the movie was panned. Might have wanted to distance himself a bit. Like when a girl dumps you and you say, I don’t care, you were ugly anyway. Then go home and cry yourself to sleep asking why? Why?! WHY!?!!

      Not that this has happened to me… I was being… Like hypothetical and stuff!

    • Ben did not say he wouldn’t do it again.
      He said: “something I wouldn’t want to do again soon’

      Soon is the keyword.
      Not ruling out doing it later.

      And it’s later.
      Very much later.

  21. The more I read about Batfleck, coupled with DC’s recent decision not to allow Batwoman to marry Maggie Swayer in the comics (resulting in the creative team leaving), the more I’m continually left with the feeling that Warner Bros/DC really have no clue about the direction to take their comics and the movies. Just more evidence why Marvel is best.

    • You do realize that these are two separate companies right?

      DC has no say in which movies get made or how they get made.

      WB has no say in comic book plots.

      You do know that right?

  22. Keeping your word keeps you honest my friend.

    • If you’re going to bring an idea like that on a statement like Affleck’s, every person on this planet is a lying pansy.

    • Read my reply above.
      Ben is not breaking his word.

  23. Zack synder, warner brothers and christopher nolan totally screwed up by not including a post credits scene setting up batman for mos sequel, they were too afraid it would tank. 660 million worldwide with cavill is impressive to kickstart a universe. By the time dc releases their next film, all the spinoffs of avengers will be completed and culminated with avengers 2 and then the next round of post avengers 2 films will begin next phase. Warners should be truly embarrassed by not finding someone to plan their universe.

    • I hope they CONTINUE with no post credit scenes. Once the credits roll… I want to leave.

      • +1
        Though it`d be nice to have some scene at the end of the movie to hint at a future film, similar to Batman Begins.

        • Batman Begins did it perfectly, I could live with that.

  24. What could of been. (sighs of despair and anguish follow)

  25. I don’t believe in movie critics, and I don’t believe in fanboys. I believe in me and I know what I like. If I like the movie that is all that maters. Man of Steel is the best Superman movie ever. I love he killed Zod. That rocked! Bring on Batman vs. Superman Zack will nail it!

    • If if I didn’t agree with you I would +1 this.

      I like you having the brass ones to just say “it’s the best because I say it is” and the brains to know that is true.
      Beauty and the beholder and all that jazz.

    • Here here!!


    Honestly anyone who thinks Brolin couldnt do a good job because of Hex is retarded &those who think he can’t play a charming Bruce Wayne even more so.. Check him out in wall street: money never sleeps… He might not be the conventional playboy but NAILS the charming 
     dickish rich guy mannerisms.. 

    In equal measures of glaring stupidity the ppl who think Brolin CAN do the part despite the painful misstep that was hex.. Yet somehow batfleck can’t because he did DD are card carrying morons and hypocrites

    He may not have been my first OR second choice (anson mount/Luke Evans) but in hindsight he’s THE perfect choice… Physically there’s probly NO ONE in hollywood who comes close to matching Bruces naturally intimidating 
    physique &boxcar jaw ESPECIALLY if you were a fan of the original batman TAS… he’d  automatically  make the perfect Wayne with his past track record… and for batman just apply/amplify the grittier aura  he adopted for The Town 

    The trick (&i hope youre reading this Ben) is to almost kill yourself… (bear with me on this) its the only way these hypocrites &sycophants will respect or take your portrayal is if you Mr Batfleck pull a Ledger out of the bag &go FULL method (minus the tragedy, of course)

    My Recommendations are thus (&you have both the money &resources to do this) map out Bruces path around the world training to be batman &follow that route as closely as you can within legal/logical reason.. 
    Arrange a tour of the FBIs top criminology  facilty in princeton familiarise yourself with their methods.. 
    Before that stop down by The WildCard gym in LA just walk in no agents no handlers tell (talk to Mickey or Freddie if u have to) em you wana rebuild your foundation… spend a couple weeks while you brushup on your voicework.. 
    moving on from there head to dartmouth England visit the cabbage heads AKA royal marines.. (theyve the best training program in the world & IMO Bruce has always been depicted with a seasoned soldiers demeanor.. something which could only come from Alfred an ex-marine indoctrinating young Bruce in their ways BEFORE he even set out to train with the worlds best criminals/crime fighters… Hopefully this’ll inform you on that militaristic mentality &go towards any rewrites of the character you might need to do.. 

    Next stop  Paris France &lookup Sebastian Foucan or a David belle (foremost experts in freerunning) have a few sit downs with either of them maybe even participate in a workshop &if your feeling up to it go on a city run you never know you might enjoy it.. I know i did

    after that head to Lyon (Interpol headquarters) get your ppl to arrange a tour/introduction &make sure you speak to Mireille she’s the head honcho ATM… If you’re having trouble ask for Mr Noble, he like yourself is a (former&forever) jersey alumni &spitting image of Thomas Wayne believe it or not….. 

    After a debrief with Mireille.. shadow Ron Noble for a week or so to soak up the methodology &try to fit in some savate classes while you’re there..

    Onward to Italy.. soakup the atmo.. take an advanced driving course.. &have a look at how wealthy spoilt “playboys” with REAL dark secrets AKA the mafioso oligarchy ACTUALLY carry themselves in public.. 
     &learn how to carry a suit.. PROPERLY  I suggest milan.. 
    If you think thats too “gaudy” you can always hit saville row of london (while  youre in england beforehand)

    moving eastward take a stop in Thailand get your ppl to put you in touch with Tony Jaa for a lil training session.. (it will be brutal)
    Last but not least (preferably throughout your trip) IMMERSE yourself  in zen philosophy to
     achieve the innate calm/stillness necessary to inhabit such a character oh ring Matt (Damon) &get him to put you in touch with my good friend Joey Ansah choreographer/antagonist for THAT fight scene from Bourne Ultimatum (the morocco apartment scene) 

    You’ll want to train with him for the duration of the filming &feel free to bring him in as your personal fight coordinator if need be.. But before that ask Joey to introduce you to Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi (Japan) where he’ll nodoubt further instruct you in the ways of Bujinkan/Ninpo Taijitsu a key philosophy in batmans methodology/approach/SOP (ninjuitsu/shadow arts/stealth)

    While you’re doing all this keep a journal documenting your progress (much like ledger did)  

    Goodluck Batfleck.. Hope you see this hope you kill it.. For all our sakes