Joseph Kosinski: ‘TRON 3′ Expands On the Ending to ‘Legacy’; ‘Black Hole’ a Reboot

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joseph kosinski tron 3 black hole Joseph Kosinski: TRON 3 Expands On the Ending to Legacy; Black Hole a Reboot

There’s no denying that Joseph Kosinski is a filmmaker who perceives the science-fiction genre as a useful means for exploring ideas about the human condition, be it the relationship between creator and creation that was examined in TRON: Legacy, the nature of romantic attraction (as dissected in Oblivion), and related concepts that have been touched upon in his directorial efforts to date.

Kosinki is currently involved in development on two sci-fi projects, each of which revolves around similarly thought-provoking ideas and themes. The first is a sequel to Legacy – we’ve been calling it TRON 3 since it would be the third installment in the TRON franchise – while the other is The Black Hole, which is a new take on the cult sci-fi title released by Disney back in 1979.

Previously, Kosinski expressed his desire for TRON 3 to take the TRON property to the next level of creative expression – when he said that he wants it to be “our ‘Empire Strikes Back’” – and additionally mentioned that the film is going to pick up in real-time after the conclusion to Legacy. That might’ve seemed like a red flag to some people, as having TR3N take place some five to six years after Legacy could allow the film to skimp on addressing the questions and ideas raised by the previous film’s conclusion – and there are definitely some major implications to the ending of Legacy (which ought to be explored in the new TRON installment).

tron 3 legacy ending Joseph Kosinski: TRON 3 Expands On the Ending to Legacy; Black Hole a Reboot

Garrett Hedlund as Sam and Olivia Wilde as Quorra in ‘TRON: Legacy’

Fear not, though, as Kosinski has revealed – in a recent interview with ET – that TRON 3 will tackle head-on the lingering questions and unresolved issues from the ending to Legacy:

“[TRON 3] – the TRON [Legacy] sequel – kind of takes where we left off in ‘Legacy’, that idea in the last few minutes of the film, and really expands on it in an exciting way.”

TRON 3 should, in particular, focus on Olivia Wilde as Quorra, for reasons that go beyond the fact that the character is (spoiler?) the last surviving member of the “Isomorphic Algorithms” or ISOs (i.e. the species naturally-generated by “The Grid” rather than produced by the world’s inventor Kevin Flynn). Indeed, the whole ISO concept would benefit from additional clarification, even before you take the final minutes from Legacy into consideration.

Garrett Hedlund is the only Legacy cast member to be (semi-)officially confirmed to return for TRON 3, but Wilde is expected to come back too and – when asked in past interviews – has agreed that the film should be more Quorra-centric. The current script draft is being developed by Jesse Wigutow (one of the screenwriters to have worked on The Crow reboot), but it’s not yet apparent whether the original plan for TRON 3 – have Edward Dillinger Jr. (Cillian Murphy) serve as the main antagonist - is still in play.

black hole anthony perkins Joseph Kosinski: TRON 3 Expands On the Ending to Legacy; Black Hole a Reboot

Anthony Perkins as Dr. Alex Durant from ‘The Black Hole’ (1979)

Similarly, Jon Spaihts – best known for penning the original Prometheus script draft – is actively putting together a new script for Kosinski’s Black Hole project. However, it remains unclear just how much material Spaihts will be carrying over from either the previous draft written by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) or the original 1979 film.

Kosinski did shed some light on the similarities to the 1970s version, when ET asked him if he considers Black Hole to be a remake or reboot:

“I guess I would call it a reboot because the fundamental concept is there, but we are taking it in our own direction.”

A few years back, Kosinski revealed that he had plans to approach Black Hole from a contemporary “hard science way,” by incorporating the many advances in astrophysics and gains in understanding of how gravitational forces work made by the scientific community over the past three decades of research. Many of the sci-fi ideas featured in Spaihts’ Alien: Engineers draft are modern, yet also quite allegorical in nature (similar to the concepts in Legacy), so there’s a good chance that he and Kosinski will use a similar hard science (fiction) angle to update The Black Hole‘s themes.

Let us know how you feel about how TRON 3 is shaping up and whether you are more, less, or equally intrigued to see a modern-day hard science approach to The Black Hole premise (in the comments section, that is).


Oblivion will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 6th, 2013.

Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date on progress for TRON 3 and The Black Hole.

Source: ET

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  1. The last one was horrible, Bridges phoned it in like no other. They should’ve just made his part 100% CGI. Big disappointment… I will not be watching the next one.

    • Oh no! You’re not?

    • Bridges did a great job, IMO.

      He played two VASTLY different roles, yet kept them connected with certain turns of phrase, as they were, ofc, linked. He also maintained the spirit of the character from the original movie. Bridges has a pretty wide range, and he showed it here.

      How EXACTLY would YOU have portrayed the character differently, if you were in his shoes?

      • RIGHT?? Bridges was actually astoundingly epic, imho, in the reboot…and trust me when i say i expected terrible from the get-go.

        There is one line at the end, when the young Bridges is waiting for the father/older Bridges, and like an orphan son, breaks into an almost inhuman sounding tone (almost a growl) when he says, with real intensely personal anger, “You promised we be building better worlds…together! You BROKE your promise!!”…when he growls that “BROKE your promise” line, i got tears in my eyes. I know it sounds lame, but it was that kinda moment in any epic movie, where everything collapses around Samson in the “Coliseum” so-to-speak, and an actor just says that one line that yanks you off your chair and into their soul for a brief moment.

        Its like a big monologue or speech giving you goosebumps… So no, I don;t think Bridges “phoned” the movie in. The line at the end, alone, is just so gnarly and intense. I would pay to see any new Tron movies. I loved it and I’m 31. I saw the first one as a kid and was playing with frisbees w/friends (pretending we were at the “games”) for years.

  2. The more Quorra the better. If it’s Wilde, of course.

    • Oh yeah.

      No Wilde in T3 = no T3.

      It has to be heavily abt her, and her relationship w/Sam.

      She will be a potential savior, and in danger for that very reason. Plenty of room for Sam to juggle protective bf and Encom CEO roles, while Quorra learns of this new world, and of other Sides of Sam now that he is back home.

      All this, and we would get to look at her for the main of the movie. Win/win. Not that Gem wasn’t bad, because she wasn’t, but Olivia is Olivia.

  3. The Tron concept sounds cool, but it’s the Black Hole reboot/remake that I’m really interested in. I really hope they don’t stray to far from the original story, I thought it was fantastic. I was little when the original it came out, but I loved the story.

  4. I liked Legacy and loved the music and images. Definitely down to revisit that world.

    • They better get Daft Punk back for the music! They need Dilinger to bring it all together, and Cilian Murphy could be great as an “evil user” in the computer world! As for Black Hole, it was 20000 Leagues Under The Sea in space. Very dark for Disney, which is what made it great. Maximilian the robot still haunts me. They need somebody to chew the scenery like Maximilion Schell did, and not dumb it down for modern typical Disney audiences.

      • It’s funny that you suggest Disney not “dumb down” (a mythical concept) a Black Hole remake, and that movie has an incredibly dumb ending. Forget sound in space–there are whole sections where the surviving cast are breathing in outer space or in the Cygnus while it has been torn open. Any remake would be well served leaving the first half of the movie intact but fixing the sheer idiocy of the final act (especially that inane attampt at a 2001 riff–the reason I refer to Black Hole as 2001 Leagues Into the Maelstrom).

        • Agreed.

          Also, making the main robots’ eyes not cartoony black dots on a white background might be good too.

          The idea given was that no one knew what was “on the other side” of the hole (a ridiculous idea to begin with, as the collapsar is a globe, not a door-like disk, despite a potential ring of accretion matter), but the movie apparently did not know what was on the other side of it’s third act, either.

  5. Legacy should of ended with the villain escaping.

    • “Legacy should (have) ended with the villain escaping.”

      In some ways, it did.

      CLU was an abandoned child gone wrong. From his standpoint, Sam was the problem.

      I’m quoting from memory, so apologies for slight errors, but:

      CLU: “You did all this, for HIM? WHY?”

      KEVIN: “Because he’s MY SON.”

      CLU: (Clearly devestated that Kevin values Sam over him, still cannot bring himself to kill Kevin).

      Not that I’m hating on Sam, or excusing CLU (well, MAYBE a little excusing, as he was PROGRAMMED to seek perfection), but Sam was just another part of “rubbing it in his face” that CLU was not the favored son.

  6. It’s a pity that TRON: Legacy was overlooked by the Oscars for Best Soundtrack and Best Animation. Those jury members should be sucked into The Grid.

  7. Does that mean that Black Hole will no longer end with the strange passage simultaneously to both Heaven & Hell? Because at the time that was the hardest science we had available.

    • Some states’ education depts will vouch for the plausibility of that ending.

  8. Can’t wait for another Tron. I loved the last one and more Quorra would be great as well as Cillian Murphy. Agree they need Daft Punk back though.

  9. I can’t wait for Tron3! The original was a breakthrough, and was very thought provoking, and Legacy was a great follow up, but not as thought-inducing. Hopefully the third stacks up!

  10. Cillain Murphy would be great as villain but really what is going to happen in Tron 3?When will it be released and really should we believe the rumours?I would love to see Cillain as a villain again but can we be sure?

    • Materials in the BluRay release apparently hint at Jr. Dillinger, and possibly Daddy D., or a new MCP.

  11. Kosinsky´s Black Hole vs Nolan´s Interstellar interesting…

    • I was thinking exactly that… Interstellar should be more scientifically grounded… I don’t know it’s just a feeling.

  12. I cannot wait for another journey into the TRON world with TRON 3. However, I sincerely hope that the character of TRON has a larger role, Olivia Wilde’s Quorra comes back, and Daft Punk returns for the score! Speaking of scores, I have my fingers crossed that John Barry’s epic music is not going to be forgotten for this new version of The Black Hole.

    • Tron so needs to properly come back, sans helmet.

    • Finally! Someone who uses John Barry’s name in a Black Hole discussion! He’s half the reason why that film (mostly) works – set a tone for that film which was way ahead of its time. Barry’s score is one of the best ever made and I encourage everyone to check out its melancholy tone. As for a reboot, it would be cool to see the hard science aspect used, but the story needs a quality bad guy like Maximillian to return. He truly was a horrific charatcer, a Winter Soldier-esque baddie who you knew would cause destruction every time he showed up. Based on T:L and Oblivion I have full faith Kosinski will treat Black Hole right. Can’t wait for TRON as well!

  13. Would love a TR3N. Needs less of a thin script though.

    • I think the script was meaty enough in terms of POTENTIAL materials: sons relation to their father (and fathers who get lost in their work); jealousy ‘tween the sons (including rivalry); God and the son of God (uncomfortable to some, ofc); the free use and release of software vs EULA-controlled corp-lockdowns; stillness vs impulsiveness, with both having merit; etc.

      The way it was HANDLED was, unfortunately, off-key, and needed work.

  14. Both projects sound appealing.

    I re-watched the original The Black Hole in the past year, and came away with new appreciation for what an incredible, unusual and darkly beautiful film it is. I would just as well have the reboot do its own thing with hard science and so forth, because the original is such a thing. But part of me hopes that they do echo some of the visual design, because if done well with modern technology, it could be just insanely awesome.

  15. One word to describe Garrett Hedlund’s acting style: Wooden. Just awful.

    And cheesy…

    • I thought he was good. He was quite expressive, and hit all the right notes. “Wooden” is a very different thing. Christopher Walken is wooden, but he’s so d*** GOOD at it that no one minds. Hayden Christensen is wooden, tho he honestly tries not to be (which makes it all the worse, actually).

      Garrett was not wooden. He had a role that was not tripping all over itself with gushy sentiment or being a wiseacre at every turn (tho it did have an edge of disrespect of authority). He was, in short, a fairly realistic person, and quite a flawed one, with much buried pain that he repressed out of habit. When your dad is simply GONE, and may have abandoned you, how exactly do you grieve? The repressed but intense sadness Sam showed rang true for me when Garret played it, IMO.

    • The “Flynn Lives” movement was between TRON and TRON: LEGACY, not after. Flynn go boom fall. . Up? To be seen.

  16. “Wilde is expected to come back too and – when asked in past interviews – has agreed that the film should be more Quorra-centric.”

    As much as I like Olivia Wilde and her character in Tron; Legacy, and just as much as I liked Quorra, the movie is called “Tron”. And just like User897, I would love to see this character brought back and exploited into this new sequel instead of into a TV series like “Tron;Uprising”. Althought visually beautiful, Uprising’s storyline had a “Batman beyond” envy written all over it.
    A sequel with more Quorra… Hmm… If she wants to be the hero in this, we could call it “Quorra”. Better yet, “The legend of Quorra”… oh, wait! This one already exists under a different spelling. Nevermind. ;)

    Cillian Murphy would be absolutely incredible as the evil user, and that would mean Garrett Hedlund would have to step up his game as an actor. Facing the acting styles of Murphy and Wilde, he’d suffer from what I like to call Anakin/Christensen Syndrome: key-role, but overshadowed by other protagonists. Plus, can we get David Warner on the phone to portray Sark? If Allan made a copy of the Tron program, Dillinger could have made up one for the Sark program just as easilly. I see him acting as a false figure to hide a bigger newer upgrade : Sark 2.0 (portrayed by Murphy).

    I want this movie to happend so much. I love the disks, just as much as I love the look of the Grid… and if Daft Punk confirms their return, this could be the movie to surpass Legacy as I hope it will by at least a mile and a half (fingers crossed).

    Just my two cents.

    • Quorra’s role is *central*, both in her “digital DNA”, and her still-undeveloped relation w/Sam, all of this as as set up by T:L.

      That said, you have the right of it: BRING BACK TRON!!!!! I liked Rinzler; he really was a negative image, but, d*** it will be good to see Bruce back in action w/the blue-white glow and no hidey-helmet.

    • Garret will have some real work ahead, but I think he will do well. T3 actually might be LESS abt him, tho. . Tron NEEDS to be back. . . Kevin should come back. . somehow. Quorra is vital. Dillinger(s) will be (a) major player(s). . . Less room for just Sam, so more an ensemble. Assuming they realize they need to go there w/it.

      BTW, the viral release stuff strongly hinted at Dillinger Sr. in the wings. Sark at Encom, tho, is questionable, unless Dillinger Jr. is his user.

      T:L was on an isolated server (the *original* Encom server, one presumes, or just a backup?), so it remains to be seen how the extant Encom server farms, user IDs/programs, and internet, affect T3.

      I am wondering if Zuse and Gem will prove to have survived (likely, as Zuse played “all the angles”).

  17. “There’s no denying that Joseph Kosinski is a filmmaker who perceives the science-fiction genre as a useful means for exploring ideas about the human condition”

    I stopped reading after your first sentence. Joseph Kosinski makes soulless movies. His movies are all technical. What movies are you watching?

    • His themes are always humanocentric. They just seem to be devoid of true resolution in a human context. Sort of ironic.

      That he was an architect first matters a lot.

    • I was so broken hearted that the Animated series of Tron (TRON Uprising) got cancelled. It was the most beautiful looking cartoon I’ve seen. It perfectly captured the style and sound design of Legacy. So few people even saw the show. Such a pity..

  18. Oh,Black Hole! Another Disney bomb that will be rebooted. I hope it will not suffer the fate of Total Recall.

  19. I agree that the next movie should actually have more of the TRON character. Unfortunately though, they’ll probably bow to market pressure and just have more of the hot girl.

    I was disappointed with the CG Clu character from the first film though, because his fake appearance took me out of the film and just screamed bad CG. I’m sure they tried, but years from now we’ll look back on the character in the same way we look at 90s CG – in that it totally dates the film and stands out like a sore thumb.

  20. Both sound excellent, but how about some more Carlos music in addition to the Daft Punk?!

  21. cant wait. Wilde is like my favourite. hope the sequel has tons more action. legacy’s story i admit wasnt that deep but i wouldnt have minded if they doubled the action :)

  22. uhm… I wonder if TRON will actually be in a TRON movie…hmmmm… I think Jurassic Park 4 would be awesome without the dinosaurs…..

  23. A note to Kosinski: errant lighting as well as sounds and explosions in space will defeat the purpose of a “hard scifi” venture. Don’t fool yourself the way Star Trek Into Lens Flare does.

    • Is there *any* Scifi of recent yrs (besides Firefly) that maintains a silent void?

  24. Personally, I loved Tron Legacy. I love the visuals, the music, the world. I’m stoked for the new one.

  25. I was totally disappointed with Tron: Legacy. They had an opportunity to blow the Matrix franchise away. They failed miserably. Tron: Legay is what we ended up with.

    I hope they don’t screw up The Black Hole reboot.

  26. Re: TRON 3.0 Fans,

    Please permit me to at least ask one question:

    In TRON (1982), a software company, ENCOM, spent $ 25 million and took 5 years just to be able to digitize an orange. What were they trying to do?

    I believe I know the reason what – and why.

    It is too bad that Hollywood is so afraid of new ideas that i cannot forward my suggestions to make TRON 3.0 a really great movie.

    *if* there is a way, please let me know !

  27. Black Hole was possibly the WORST sci-fi movie I’ve seen, and I go back to the 1950s. If it is remade, rebooted or re-anything-ed, I won’t see it.