Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Spider-Man Reboot

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spider man reboot joseph gordon levitt Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks Spider Man Reboot

With (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb being selected as the man in charge of helming the Spider-Man reboot, one of the first and more obvious rumors of who may play Peter Parker was the talented rising star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who worked with Webb on the aforementioned critically acclaimed rom-com.

Along with rumors of Jim Sturgess and Taylor Lautner, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t right for the role of Peter Parker. He’s incredibly talented and he did a fantastic job working with Webb before, but he’s too old for the role in my opinion with the direction they’re going in.

That being said, he was one of two best parts (the other being Ray Park’s Snake Eyes) of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra where he played the title villain being set up for the sequel and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play a villain of the movie.

MTV spoke with Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the Sundance film festival this weekend about his thoughts on the Spidey reboot and whether or not he’s talked about the project with Webb.

Here’s what he said – note his body language:

I think Levitt should be involved in this. He’s growing in popularity and is a really likable actor. I’d love to see him play a major part in Spider-Man’s overzealous reboot, but just not as Peter Parker if they’re going the high school route (which they are).

I think they should go with an unknown actor as the lead and support him with named actors such as Levitt. I also think from his reactions here and Webb directing the reboot, it’s a wasted opportunity not to have him play a part.

What do you think?

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Source: MTV

(Ultimate?) Spider-Man is scheduled for a summer 2012 release.

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  1. so it begins… Studio is already trying to chum this s*** down our throats. FYI the feedback for Webb and the possibility of Levitt for Spidey Reboot as been negative on this site as well as others. Levitt is the wrong choice for Peter Parker especially for high school. Plus who wants Screech to be Parker anyways?

  2. Once again another actor who looks nothing like the Peter Parker from the comic books. LOL! What a cruel joke this franchise has become.

  3. I just don't see him as Spiderman but if they can make Tobey Maguire Spiderman I guess this kid could also play him.

  4. Wow, a lot of negativity towards JGL. I'm neutral on him being Spidey. I think he's one of the most talented up and coming actors around. However I do see some minor problems with him being PP.

    However, not on the whole “he doesn't look like PP” bandwagon. There are different versions of PP. In the cartoons he looks like a buff jock. In comic books, it's different. Different versions of comic books also.

  5. yes freaking yes JGL for spider-man, this guy is super talented!!! do it DO IT!!

  6. aicn loves JGL

  7. these terms like “rising star” and “up and coming actor” to describe Levitt are…well, off. Remember, he's had several good leading roles recently (not G.I.Joe), and was on every sitcom from 3rd Rock from the Sun to Roseanne to Quantum Leap, yeah, Quantum Leap, 1991. He's the type who should have played Spidey instead of MacGuire 8 years ago.

  8. who? the fat guy? he doesn't count. He's been bought out. I'm talking about the fans. The ticket buyers. Let's be real here.

  9. Yeah I remember him on QL!

  10. JGL is 28 years old! He's nearly as old as Tobey NOW! How long does he realistically have to play a high schooler does he really have? He already looks too old to be in college. Amy Pascal, Walmart… if you go with JGL as I suspect you already have and these little “rumors” like Webb are much more than that, do you really think at the cheap Twilight budget you're planning to shoot this film you'll have a box office take even close to the franchise you're trying to rip off with someone as unattractive to the teen fan base as JGL?

    I will not be taking my kids to see this film nor will I be buying the bluray and dvd. Take note of that, Walmart! That's 4 tickets and 1 bluray purchase you won't be seeing.

    p.s. Shia Labeouf can not open a film. It's was the 100 million dollar plus VFX extravaganza that brought in the dinero for his summer flicks. You really need to go, Amy Pascal.

  11. I'm still in favour of Jim Sturgess. They really need someone that will be able to personify the character of Peter Parker faithfully on screen who also actually looks a bit like Peter Parker from the MARVEL comic books.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is certainly an experienced actor and could be utilized in a supporting role.

  12. I too agree with Jim Sturgess, but I like JGL and think he could play a part in this movie. Not sure who exactly…

    They need to focus on the story, and let Spiderman be fun.

  13. My collection of “Amazing Spiderman” is almost complete and apart from the early Steve Ditko issues, the depiction of Peter Parker has had a distinctive look with similarities of how he is drawn by different artists over the last four decades as being the rule rather than the exception.

    The same can be said for other MARVEL titles like “Web Of Spiderman”, “Peter Parker:The Spectacular Spiderman”, “Marvel Team Up”, and “Spiderman”. If you look at these titles it's not hard to see that Marvel Comics do in a sense have a visual template for Peter Parker.

    If I had to pick one that is a slightly different version it would be “Ultimate Spiderman” which has him back in his teenage years in a brand new story line.

    The cartoons are ok I guess. The door is wide open for poetic license and things will be different to the original run of comic books.

  14. Absolutely DrSamBeckett

    An engaging story line is crucial and of course some of the fun factor, a witty and sarcastic Spiderman, with a touch more realism without the Twilight angle.

    It's not too much to hope for, but may be impossible for Sony to deliver. :-)

  15. Interesting…He's hyping th e movie like it's a promotional interview for the reboot… But when asked if he's in any way involved, he become's al quit and timid ending with him again boasting that the film wil be realy good….

  16. JGL was being COY!!! My ESP is kicking in, he's in the movie for sure, and he wants to open his mouth and tell the world but he CAN'T!!! And he hates it. Webb's already made him promises, I can sense it… he's going to be… he's going to be… it's coming, he's… he's… Cletus Cassady… everyone's favorite spawn of Venom! None other than Carnage, that convict with a shank up his sleeves and a hunger for serial killing, yes folks that be the way it be.

  17. I finally saw '(500) Days of Summer' this weekend and it simply compounded my belief that Joseph Gordon Levitt is a hell of an actor and one I'd really like to see make it big (although his work in indie films is damned good).

    That said, I really think he'd make a better Eddie Brock than Peter Parker (if they bring Brock into it).

    Or a Harry Osbourne.

  18. I like Joseph-Gordon, he is incredible and an amazing actor, BUT, not for Peter Parker. G.I.Joe should be his only foray into mainstream, blockbuster films. I would prefer if he stuck with indie films instead. But, eh, everyone needs a paycheck.

  19. You say JGL is too old if i remember correctly Tobey was around 26-28 when he played a high school peter. I know he didnt stay in high school long, but still the arguement that he is too old is kinda blah. JGL was born in 81 so he is around 29-30. Plus he could pull off a high school student. You guys know hollywood. They will cast other late 20s early 30 year olds to play the other high school student. I am not saying i completely agree with JGL being him just stating that the age thing is again….bla

  20. no one really cares about the fat guy but read the user comments they count, he dont.

  21. Screech? Are you mistaking JGL for Dustin Diamond?

  22. I'd be ok if he was Harry or some villain but not Spider-man.

  23. I don't think they're “off” at all. Only in 2009 did his name start getting more mainstream. Yes, many will recognize him from 3rd Rock, but now he's becoming recognized as a mainstream Hollywood film actor.

    His stardom is just beginning and he has great things ahead.

  24. Any thoughts on Villain roles he may play? Alot of folks are hung up on him as Peter Parker but I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the case.

  25. Does anyone else think that Levitt looks a bit like Ed Furlong? Maybe they should have tapped him to play John Connor. ;)

  26. Hey everyone, I'm pushing to be Spiderman/Peter Parker I am an Unknown Actor and Screenwriter. I would nail this part I know I would. Please support me. I have what it takes and I'm trying to get in touch with Marc Webb for an audition.

  27. WOAH! JGL was Cobra/The Doctor in G.I. Joe?!? Why am I just now noticing this?? Holy cow!

    But no he is not right for Peter Parker/Spider-Man. So far none of the 3 that we've heard about sound right for the role. Out of all of those 3 I would go with Taylor Lautner (scary I know), but really they shouldn't go with any of those. I'm not sure who they SHOULD go with though…

  28. I've read the comments regarding JGL. They're not in favor of him.

  29. Sony should've tapped Brad Bird to reboot Spider-Man. But Amy Pascal has her greasy petty little ways. I can't wait when this blows up in her face. Then they can fire her along with Webb for killing the most valuable franchise at Sony.