Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman in ‘Justice League’

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dark knight rises john blake Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon Levitt to Play Batman in Justice League

Christopher Nolan brought his Batman trilogy to an epic conclusion this past summer with The Dark Knight Rises, but there was no way that Warner Bros. was going to leave the character alone for long. As we’ve been discussing here at Screen Rant, the company has been planning to build its own Marvel-style cinematic universe and Batman is going to play a vital role.

The question is, who will play Batman and what role will the character have alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, and other important heroes in an eventual Justice League movie?

We’ve already shared five ways that Batman can fit into the Justice League movie, but a new rumor suggests the character and actor might already exist. According to his sources, Drew McWeeny at HitFix is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt “absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman,” building off of his role in Nolan’s final film.

In addition to this piece of news, McWeeny also reports that Gordon-Levitt may even appear as the Caped Crusader in an earlier film, like Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel. Zack Snyder has already commented on Man of Steel‘s connection to Justice League, so it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. Then again, Justice League is already schedule for a 2015 release date – could a Batman sequel be produced before then, or would they push the production of the DC superhero team-up back?

There are quite a few reasons why the Gordon-Levitt rumor makes sense. As anyone who saw The Dark Knight Rises remembers, the film ended with Gordon-Levitt’s character John Blake discovering the bat cave and, presumably, taking over the role of Batman. Nolan and company even shoe-horned in a line about Blake’s real name being “Robin” to make the connection even clearer.

 Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon Levitt to Play Batman in Justice League

If Warner Bros. wanted to maintain a connection to Nolan’s enormously popular Batman films, short of getting Christian Bale back for the role, Gordon-Levitt is the most logical option. It also doesn’t hurt that Gordon-Levitt has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable young stars, appearing in a number of critically acclaimed and financially successful films (from Rian Johnson’s Looper to Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln).

However, there are some drawbacks to having Gordon-Levitt take over the character for Justice League. For one thing, he’s not Bruce Wayne. Will Batman fans be okay with a different character donning the cowl in a major movie? And would the Justice League team dynamic be as interesting with Superman, Wonder Woman, and … Batman’s replacement, John “Robin” Blake?

Generally, reaction to the end of The Dark Knight Rises was positive, so this may not be a big issue. Then again, Batman is such an iconic hero that he’s one of the easiest characters to reboot, so it’s not as if the audience needs Gordon-Levitt for continuity sake. If the Nolan movies weren’t specifically intended to build into a broader DC universe of films, would it be more disruptive to try and bring Gordon-Levitt back than to simply reboot the character?

Bringing back Gordon-Levitt would also raise some other interesting questions. How far will Warner Bros. go to bring in their existing characters for Justice League? Would they also consider bringing Ryan Reynolds back to play Green Lantern? There was talk of rebooting Green Lantern, but if they’re not planning to use solo films to introduce each character before Justice League, wouldn’t you want to work with as much existing content as possible?

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it progresses. In the meantime, please share your thoughts on what you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Batman in Justice League (and potentially sooner).

Justice League is expected to hit theaters in 2015.


Source: Hit Fix

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  1. I dont hate the idea.
    I just think that it is untrue

  2. My problem is not with the fact that Nolan’s universe has no superpowered beings (Although they really need to let that trilogy be its own entity) its that the very first Justice League movie WOULDN’T HAVE BRUCE WAYNE AS BATMAN! I mean are you kidding me, we essentially have a Nightwing character being the Batman for the Justice League. That in now way is okay with me.

    • Agree fully with this and i’m pretty sure the guys at WB will too.

    • I couldnt agree more!!

    • Ironman didn’t have any super beings in his Solo films until the Avengers… you’re logic is flawed, they could bring Nolan’s batman back if they wanted to fork out the cash and really wanted continuity.

  3. Please don’t let it be so,PLEASE.

    • HAS WB/DC made a good superhero movie (without christopher nolan)?? THATS A HUGE NOOOOO so this to me sounds exactly like what they will do, just because they think it will add continuity, when in reality it will KILL JL right off the BAT (pun intended)

      • Are you only referring to recent superhero movies made by DC? Because the original Tim Burton Batman’s were amazing, as well as the original Superman movies. I will agree that DC has some planning and prepping problems, but I feel with the right people on board (Bryan Singer and Chris Nolan on Man of Steel if you didn’t know) they could pull it off.

        • There is a flaw in your theory.

          Believe it or not, Superman (1978) was not produced by DC or WB.


          • I actually knew this. But DC and WB still had creative input to the films. It was still distributed by WB and DC still had the rights. So Richard Donner, Pierre Spengler, and all the other men who made Superman(1978) had to ask DC and WB permission before they could do anything.

            • No, DC had the rights to Superman, always have. But not the Filming rights to Superman, the Salkinds bought those rights.

              • I’m not arguing with you. I’m just saying that WB and DC still had creative input. For instance, they approved the list of actors considered for the role of Superman. I agree with you that it wasn’t put out by them directly, but they did have their fingers in it.

            • No, because they did have Filming Rights, when the filming rights were given to the Salkinds. They actually iplemented a few things in the movie, that DC Comics decided to add to the Superman Mythos.

              Warner Brothers was strictly the Distrubtor of the film, much the same way FOX was for Lucas Films and Star Wars.

              The Superman “S” as the Crest for the House of Elm, Ursa and Non, Lois Lane and Superman first meet as he rescues her, Lois often ability to mispell words despite being an ace reporter, the Crystal look of Krypton and fortress of solitude.
              And a few others.
              DC Comics did not have that much input into the movie, but they liked some of the elements of the movie, and thus put them into the continuity. Thus negating any input in the film, had they had input in the scale you think, then none of that would have been approved.

              :) And the first film, ever produced by DC/Warner Brothers was Batman. That was the begining of all movies being strictly produce and distrubted by the combined team.

              • I have always Blamed Cannon Films for almost killing Superhero Movies.

                I present to you Exhibit 1 as evidence.

                Superman IV-The Quest for Peace.

                I rest my case.

                Thank god DC/WB Learned and have held the reins since Batman(1989) for DC/Superheroes

                Think they would have learned from Superman IV, but no, they put out Green Lantern….

                • Like I said, I agree with you fully. My only point is that DC/WB have ties to the movie. DC did approve the list of actors which included Muhammad Ali, James Caan, and Dustin Hoffman among others for the role of Superman. I’m not saying they ran the whole production. In fact, I agree with you that they had vey little to do wit it, but they did have a part. So I include it in my original statement.

                  • LMAO…

                    You know, I forgot about Muhammad Ali being cast….That would have been so freaking funny.

                    And proably cause the most out landish backlash ever seen in movie history.

                    I am not disagreeing with you on anything, but DC back in that time was strictly comic books, their influence in films was not that high, they wanted to get a movie out….And it would have been DC Strictly, as they and Warner Bros were not yet merged.

                    And Warner Brothers wanted a hit badly, and they needed their name back in the spolight. (They along with Universal, Paramount, Columbia, MGM all passed on some silly movie called Star Wars.)

  4. So let me get this straight, nightwing as batman in first justice league movie… HAH.This had better be a rumour cause JGL JUST DOES NOT PITCH TO ME AS BATMAN, im sorry he’s a good actor but not action wise IMO.Just goes to show that DC needs major prepping to compete with MARVEL

  5. Im so glad that most of you dont make films, Nightwing in the JL?? SInce when and why? Having Batman fail miserably thru a whole movie to have Bruce show up at the end? Who wants to watch a terrible Batman for 2 hours? I think JGL would make an excellent Batman, they are said to be making this movie as a form of the early days of the JL so just throw a little prosthetics on JGL to make him a tad less recognizable and a little similar to Bale and call him Bruce Wayne.And for gods sakes, enough with the freakin “realism” Go read a JL comic and tell me how you would translate that to the screen realistically without draining it of all its charm and wonder. Nolans movies were cool but i want my Batman fighting SUPERvillains. Its the fact that hes a mere human and can still best these freaks, gods and creatures that makes him so g****** badass and even able to hang with the JL.

    • Agree with you except that I think JGL is too young.He is a fine actor and maybe makeup can make him appear more mature.Still why no simply choose another actor.

  6. I wouldn’t JGL as long as he’s Bruce Wayne, and has NOTHING to do with the Dark Knight trilogy.

  7. i really dont mind JGL as batman i mean if they keep with nolans “anyone can be batman hes a symbol…” and so on i think the mass public can relate to that because everyone and they’re mother saw the dark knight trilogy.

    i dont mind all i know is it wont be Bale and good or bad we’ll have to hope its someone good enough to don the cowl

  8. Bruce Wayne is Batman. It will back-fire if they try to change this for the JLA movie. Warner and DC also need to get Green Lantern #2, with Ryan Reynolds as a much more serious Green Lantern, going ASAP. Great potential there, despite all the jerk-headed nay-sayers. Also need to get The Flash movie rolling (featuring Barry Allen as The Flash). Then we can start looking more seriously at a JLA mega-movie. One thought: re: Green Lantern #2 leading into the JLA movie…ever think about the fact that Martian Manhunter and Hawkman are steller characters from outer space…and GL #2 is rumored to occur more in an outer space atmosphere? Now, there’s a chance for a quick introductory cameo at the end…!

    • Bruce Wayne is not the only Batman to ever don the cowl. There have been 4 total throughout DC history. There is Tim Drake, who’s character is very similar to JGL’s John Blake. Wayne himself says in the comics that Tim Drake will be the next one to don the cowl after Wayne is completely done. Having JGL as Batman could totally work and I would go see it. What people don’t realize is that the comic universe, DC and Marvel alike, are constantly changing. So having someone else besides Wayne be Batman in the JL movie totally makes sense to me.

  9. i think JGL would make an enjoyable batman, not great but not terrible. i would love to see james lafferty as batman/bruce wayne. i dont really like reboots that come too soon like the amazing spiderman which was a joke, but id be more than okay with a “bruce” reboot and james lafferty as him. they need a different green lantern, and the green arrow should definitely be in the JL movie. a batman cameo in MOS would be so sick

  10. Even though I love Joseph gordon levitt, he is not old enough to play calm and master minded batman to be in JL.

  11. They should just reboot batman. Bruce Wayne needs to be there with Clark Kent and Diana Prince just as much as Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman.

    Besides, Batman is Batman because of his money. “Robin” Blake can’t use up Bruce’s leftover money unless he wants all those orphans to starve.

  12. Honestly, why wouldnt JGL be a match? Snyder’s superman looks to be a young lad, he would need peers who are of the same age (or look like frm the same age) JGL has action in him, anyone seen him in Looper and Inception.can safely say he seems cut out for the whole action genre.

    But having said that, i really wld like Bale have another go at Batman, even if it is arguably accepted he got nuked at the end of Rises.

  13. JGL is just not….Intimidating in my mind. I found Christian Bale to be more intimidating, because he projected this.

    I saw Christian Bale as Batman, and then I remembered American Pyscho and I bought it.

    I see JGL and I think 3rd Rock from the Sun.

  14. This would be a joke. This cannot happen.

  15. On why JGL should not be batman in JL movie is this. We need gritty, wise and older batman who can play the mature person
    in JL movie.
    You have dudes with super power running around.. and we don’t need young batman trying to suggest something.
    We need older, already been through all batman to advise them and keep them in check.
    That’s just my opinion.

    Also, I would LOVE to have Christian bale back. I understand from studio’s perspective, brand JL should be enough to entice
    people in, but why break what’s been working for so long and still super popular? In people’s mind, he is the batman and
    needs no other introduction. People can instantly identify him as the batman. Why change that?
    Audience who will be watching needs to believe that batman is capable of standing up to these galatic super power.
    I am not sure anybody other than Christian bale is believable at this point.

  16. Not a good move. JL needs a new Bruce Wayne. Simple.

  17. I vote NO. I know Dick Grayson replaced Bruce Wayne as Batman at one time in the comics, but Bruce Wayne is the original Batman, and has ALWAYS been Batman. Even if JGL stars as Bruce Wayne, people (who watched) TDKR will always remember him as John “Robin” Blake (also it won’t make any sense to cast him as Bruce Wayne anyway, thanks to TDKR).

    We have to cope with the reality that Chris Nolan’s Batman is a standalone trilogy, and if there’s any hope that Batman will be in Justice League movie, DC/WB need to (…sigh) release a reboot first, to establish a brand new Batman story set in the JL universe with a far distinguished and different approach than Chris Nolan’s Batman. No origin story needed, just straight to the main event, hopefully with a bit of hi-tech sci-fi stuff thrown in just right to get in tune with the JL flavor.

  18. No, just…please. No.
    I don’t want no character so much from the DK movies to take on the role for batman. It is NOT the same without Bruce Wayne. It is due for a fresh start for a batman remake in general. By the time they do remake it, I expect them to let it be much closer and truer to the comic(Minus the trashy new 52 BS).

  19. If they decide to reboot Batman for the JL movie I am ok with that. If the decide to use Nolan’s continuity ie. John Blake then I am ok with that to.

    As the Nolan Batman movies etsablished anybody can be Batman; Batman is more then just a man he is a symbol. This however does not mean that anybody can create Batman, that duty belongs to Bruce Wayne and only Bruce Wayne. So as per the Nolan trilogy Bruce creates Batman, is Batman and then lets Batman go (to Blake). After Bruce’s departure, Blake dawns the cowl as the universe that Nolan created begins to transition away from the realistic feel into more of a comic book feel (establish that this happens over a couple years while Blake is Batman). In addition, establish that Bruce’s Batman was the first “hero” of his kind and over the couple years Blake is Batman, other heros begin to surface. This could then lead nicely into the JL.

    Now how do they do all this stuff?…I dunno. Somehow they would have to incorporate all of the transitional elements I mentioned above in the JL movie. Which could prove diffiuclt. But Im sure there are people smarter than I that could figure it out.

  20. Avengers fans are so laughing at DC fans!Because this is what you get when you don’t try and plan a head!JLA movie will do well but on a more important and Fan/ will be a total epic fail!MARVEL has DC nipped in this world and did in a orderly fashion by being very meticulous in each and every step they have taken in order to ensure a total success for their future films and how the relate to each other.

    • I don’t completely agree with this. Marvel don’t have batman on their side. i already see teaming up batman and superman as bigger than Avengers.(maybe not in terms of money .. this depends on whether movie was made good or not).

      • That is a a matter of opinion.

    • DC Comics always appealed for different reasons than the Marvel Comics.The Marvel Universe as long as I can remember had several characters crossing over in the different story lines that exist.For DC that was much less so.For DC it will take more effort to put them together.But I agree,with more strict planning they could have introduced us much earlier to some JL characters.

  21. Yeah last time I checked John Robin Blake was Batman in the Justice League… Say it ain’t so…. This should be the Bruce Wayne version of Batman alongside Superman…

  22. IF anybody other than Christian bale or JGL dons the cowl for JL movie, they definitely have to come w/ reboot of batman before JL movie.. it’s a must. Audience needs to see that new batman can kick ass before getting to JL movie.. new batman just showing up in JL movie won’t work. He’s already weakest and he needs legends and experience behind him for audience to believe he can do all that crap he will be talking about in JL movie.

  23. There’s no reason to reboot batman or use Nightwing to play him. You could have a Nightwing movie and incorporate him into Justice League. But wouldn’t it be easy to just get Christian Bale to play an older “mastermind” Batman that runs the league from the shadows. Even if it was just an advisory role to say Clark Kent.

    In the end, Batman never played a massive part in the Justice League unless the other characters were captured in some way. It would be easy to pull off with a retired batman.

    • As a point, the Justice League movies could easily be set in between the Nolan movies.

    • “In the end, Batman never played a massive part in the Justice League”

      You are talking about the Justice League of America cartoons right?

  24. Nolan’s version simply doesn’t fit into Justice League universe.
    So no.

  25. I think using Joseph Gordon Levit would suck unless they are having him play Bruce Wayne!!!! Batman in the Justice League has to be Bruce Wayne at least to begin with and the whole ending of The dark knight trilogy Sucked Bigtime that was the lamest Robin tie in ever Nolan is an IDIOT!!!!

  26. Sorry for the double post but we need Batman and JL movie’s with just a little more Comic Book in them like the 1989 Batman still the Best Batman movie ever it was dark and serious but just enough Comic Book to really feel right. Nolan’s films were too set in the real world for me don’t get me wrong they were good (Batmobile and Bat Sucked though) he needed a Batmobile like the 1989 movie’s and an Awesome Batwing!!!!!! And the JGL part was BS BS BS BS that ruined the final movie for me!!!!!!

    • I didn’t mind this alternate take if JGL is supposed to be Robin or Nightwing.But as Batman it is kinda BS.

  27. Warner Bros.–just call Bale into your office, put a blank check in front of him, and tell him you hope he chokes on the amount he writes.

    Bruce Wayne must be in JL.

  28. i wish batman be played by christian bale, coz without him the justice league would be more challenge. as many watch to go JLA to see their fav superhero role model. but when they see new face it would be change of mind and hard to depress fans of christian bale not being batman.

    it would be new challenge though for the director to introduce new and make it blockbuster hit coz avengers team had movies well planned.

    but for new batman reboot movie it would be hard uless they introduce new person in JLA. coz christian bale will be aged lol sorry. but my favourite thing would be christian bale as iam expecting they keep him even though Dk trilogy was so realistic like real world. hope they make JLA make like real. then only DC can take over avengers or else would be just another comic fun. ,christian bale thumbs up

  29. Please let this be untrue. We need bruce wayne as batman. It doesn’t fit to not have bruce wayne be batman in a justice league movie, primarily in the founding of the JL. This can’t be true. Listen, i have an idea. If Christian Bale doesn’t want to play batman again, that’s fine. Just cast someone else, but keep some of the elements of nolan’s bat flicks in the justice league to keep/help continuity and the transition of nolan’s bats into the JL movie. EXAMPLE, you can recast bats with another actor, but keep michael caine on as alfred, and keep gary oldman on as commissioner gordon. Marvel did this with ed norton as bruce banner. He was in the 2008 hulk movie, but the character was recast with mark ruffalo for the avengers.

    • This gets tiring.Nolan’s Batman is set in an alternate universe where Superman does not exist.Or any character with super powers.How would that fit with the Justice League.Again Nolan’s adaptation is an alternate take on Batman.It’s not the Batman from the comics.

      • chrichton, the article above was discussing ways and gave a link as to how you could incorporate nolan’s batman into the JL movie (in paragraphs 3, 4, 5, and particulary 6). I was just adding my opinion to that notion just like everyone else concerning this particular RANT. Reading the article would have kept you from being or getting “tired” because you would have then realized you wouldn’t need to “explain” anything.

        • No,it’s not the rant that is tiring.It is people who keep bringing Nolan in the mix like he is the only one thus far to have made the best Batman.He did not.The whole Nolan Batman universe doesn’t fit in the Justice League universe.To then even suggest bringing over characters or actors who portrayed characters from this Nolan universe into the Justice League universe is preposterous.Nolan’s vision simply doesn’t work in connection with Superman or the Martian Manhunter.That is why any argument in favour of JGL as Batman or Nightwing is doomed.

    • I don’t think they could replace Bale as easily as they replaced Norton. Norton was in one film that grossed only $260 million. But Bale was in three films that grossed almost $2.5 billion. Nearly everyone saw at least two of the Batman films, and they’re used to seeing Bale under the cowl. Suddenly changing him wouldn’t go down well with the fans, I’d imagine.

      • No No No
        Bale can very easily be replaced.
        They don’t need to show Bruce Wayne.
        Just Batman.Not the one from Nolan’s universe.
        But the one from the comics or cartoons.Which fans are you talking about?
        Nolan fans or Batman fans.There is a difference.
        True Batman fans would not mind a new one since they would want to see a version that truly acts like Batman.

        • Your average Joe-blow movie goers aren’t “true batman fans”. They don’t give a f*** about the comics, because I guarantee 80% of them have never picked up a comic book in their life. But they saw the movies, and are used to Bale. The continuity of it is the big part. They’ve seen Bale for 7 years, and probably most of them have never even seen the Burton ones. For them, Bale IS Batman, and they’ll get either confused or upset if he doesn’t reprise his role.

          • akub, but the same can be said about comic book fans. It goes both ways. Nevertheless, non-comic book fans are the ones who would less care if they don’t see bale wearing the cowl than comic book fans. Why? Because continuity in comic books IS a big part of what makes comic book fans, fans. This applies less to non fans, since their main concern about a superhero movie is the same as for any other movie non-CBF would see…that the movie make sense and is enjoyable. Point is, if there is an actual reason for the recast, fans and non fans won’t mind it. Bale saying he no longer wants to be batman is reason enough for fans and non fans to be fine with a recast.

            When it came to Norton, I for one, as some other CBF, did not want a recast for bruce banner. Nevertheless, I understood, according to SCREENRANT, norton was being excused from playing bruce banner because he and marvel had a falling out (either over money or screen time, but it had nothing to do with marvel feeling that norton was not a good banner, because he was the best).

        • chrichton, I agree with you there. Excellent point. I support it.