Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman in ‘Justice League’

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dark knight rises john blake Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon Levitt to Play Batman in Justice League

Christopher Nolan brought his Batman trilogy to an epic conclusion this past summer with The Dark Knight Rises, but there was no way that Warner Bros. was going to leave the character alone for long. As we’ve been discussing here at Screen Rant, the company has been planning to build its own Marvel-style cinematic universe and Batman is going to play a vital role.

The question is, who will play Batman and what role will the character have alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, and other important heroes in an eventual Justice League movie?

We’ve already shared five ways that Batman can fit into the Justice League movie, but a new rumor suggests the character and actor might already exist. According to his sources, Drew McWeeny at HitFix is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt “absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman,” building off of his role in Nolan’s final film.

In addition to this piece of news, McWeeny also reports that Gordon-Levitt may even appear as the Caped Crusader in an earlier film, like Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel. Zack Snyder has already commented on Man of Steel‘s connection to Justice League, so it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. Then again, Justice League is already schedule for a 2015 release date – could a Batman sequel be produced before then, or would they push the production of the DC superhero team-up back?

There are quite a few reasons why the Gordon-Levitt rumor makes sense. As anyone who saw The Dark Knight Rises remembers, the film ended with Gordon-Levitt’s character John Blake discovering the bat cave and, presumably, taking over the role of Batman. Nolan and company even shoe-horned in a line about Blake’s real name being “Robin” to make the connection even clearer.

 Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon Levitt to Play Batman in Justice League

If Warner Bros. wanted to maintain a connection to Nolan’s enormously popular Batman films, short of getting Christian Bale back for the role, Gordon-Levitt is the most logical option. It also doesn’t hurt that Gordon-Levitt has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable young stars, appearing in a number of critically acclaimed and financially successful films (from Rian Johnson’s Looper to Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln).

However, there are some drawbacks to having Gordon-Levitt take over the character for Justice League. For one thing, he’s not Bruce Wayne. Will Batman fans be okay with a different character donning the cowl in a major movie? And would the Justice League team dynamic be as interesting with Superman, Wonder Woman, and … Batman’s replacement, John “Robin” Blake?

Generally, reaction to the end of The Dark Knight Rises was positive, so this may not be a big issue. Then again, Batman is such an iconic hero that he’s one of the easiest characters to reboot, so it’s not as if the audience needs Gordon-Levitt for continuity sake. If the Nolan movies weren’t specifically intended to build into a broader DC universe of films, would it be more disruptive to try and bring Gordon-Levitt back than to simply reboot the character?

Bringing back Gordon-Levitt would also raise some other interesting questions. How far will Warner Bros. go to bring in their existing characters for Justice League? Would they also consider bringing Ryan Reynolds back to play Green Lantern? There was talk of rebooting Green Lantern, but if they’re not planning to use solo films to introduce each character before Justice League, wouldn’t you want to work with as much existing content as possible?

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it progresses. In the meantime, please share your thoughts on what you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Batman in Justice League (and potentially sooner).

Justice League is expected to hit theaters in 2015.


Source: Hit Fix

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  1. dont think this will work it just has to be bruce wayne

  2. I think they shouldn’t try and keep Nolan’s version of Batman in continuity since that universe tries so hard to stay grounded in reality. It really limited the kinds of situations Batman could get into, as well as the villains he could face. I feel like the Justice League world would not gel with this properly. On a sidenote that I feel is less important, I also agree that it should be a Bruce Wayne Batman. Nolan’s story is pretty much done as is.

  3. I am so excited to see how miserably the Justice League movie fails. It will be truly epic

    • Great contribution…thanks for such wonderful commentary. Sheesh.

    • @Gooch
      I’m agree with you

  4. am i the only one that just wants to see Adam west in the bat new style bat Armour…. gta love POW bubbles… in all seriousness tho he shud get a cameo stan lee style in the films

    • That would be cool!

    • I hope to fvck that this is just a silly rumor, but guys like McWeeny have a habit of turning out to be right. If true, this would be a complete travesty. For one, Nolan’s Batman movies, while interesting, were by and large artistic failures, none more so than the last installment (and I say this as a big fan of “Memento” and “The Prestige” and an occasional reader of the Batman comics). Absolutely nothing — no actors, no producers, no original characters, no Nolan universe/”realism attitude” — should be held over for any future incarnation of any DC character/franchise. A fresh start must be made by both the Justice League movie and any potential Batman reboot. Beyond this, Gordon-Levitt is COMPLETELY inappropriate in all ways for Batman. Anyone who wants him in the role has absolutely no taste or discernment for casting. At most, I could be fine with him showing up in the film as Robin/some unnamed Gotham vigilante if WB is jizzing themselves to connect these films, as silly as it would be. Second, Batman is Bruce Wayne. You cannot discard Wayne and still have Batman. In the comics you have the leisure to play around with this stuff and have other characters take on the cape and cowl, but not in a feature film.

  5. Just one big glaring problem with this idea.

    End of TDKR Wayne left his fortune to Alfred, not Blake. For Blake he only left him the keys to the Batcave.

    In Justice League, its always been common knowledge the Bruce bankrolled everything they built, had, or used. EVERYTHING. So without Bruce laying out the cash and tech that made the JL work, it then becomes a bit harder to do the story. Of course writers can always change the story and attribute the cash flow to someone else, but then that begs the question of who? Are we going to see Queen and his arrows? None of the other heros have the bank account to foot the bill for an orbital space station with teleporters, or a hall in the middle of Metropolis that has a super computer that monitors the world for misdeeds.

    So you see the problem then?

    While JGL would be awesome to see in a suit, Batmans should not be it. Nightwing absolutely, maybe even Red Robin. But Bats is just not going to work. There needs to be a Bruce Wayne in JL otherwise things kind of fall apart.

    But who knows, writers can sometimes surprise us and give us something we were expecting but still pleasant to experience. Initially I had serious doubts for Bane, but in the end, it worked out perfectly.

    • If it were me and I had to go along with what you said, my counter argument would be as follows:

      Alfred has the money, Robin has the cave, the orphanage has the mansion. Robin could ask Alfred to pass all funds to him “for the good of the orphans”, blatantly lying in part because some of that money would go towards his crime fighting career.

      His inexperience as a version of Batman ensures he has to be saved by Superman at a crucial moment, beginning their team although Robin would be mistrustful due to his off-world origins and hearing about Zod’s actions during Man Of Steel.

      As for Justice League, what I’d do is have the team up first then each solo movie would follow the specific characters before, during and after the JL events.

      What I mean by that is similar to my idea for a Spiderman/Venom movie, where you get a Spiderman movie with hints of Venom before the character makes his presence known in a future Spiderman movie while the Venom spinoff would show Eddie Brock becoming Venom, getting used to his newfound powers and lurking in the shadows as Spiderman himself swings by as part of a scene from the webslinger’s movie.

      Something like that.

      That way, you get the origin out of the way quickly, move swiftly through the JL story via some sort of quick 5 minute thing then continue with the rest of their story.

      It’d be like the DC hints during the Arrow TV series, such as when Bludhaven was mentioned or The Huntress appearing. Just slight, brief cameos as part of a bigger story.

  6. Why is everyone so up tight about things lining up with the comics? Things change with time & there has been a lot of time since the Justice League was created. Whether JGL plays the Batman, or Night Wing, or Robin, or whether they cast a new actor to be Batman – it’s not going to throw the entire movie off kitler… Do I have my own opinions? ABSOLUTELY! But I’m not going to rant on here whether something will or will not work.

    • Thank you. These people on here acting like it’s their lives that been played out on camera or their the ones who’s digging in their pockets to make this damn movie.

      • to be honest its quite interesting to read them all lol

  7. Not a very well-written article, Rob F (IMO). You didn’t stress enough how this needs to be taken with a major grain of salt. In fact, you didn’t even once say that there is a possibility that this is false. This is just a RUMOR. There has been absolutely no confirmation from any studio, producers, or the actor himself. Just the word of one reporter with his unnamed sources. Sure, it may turn out to be true, but for now, we have no idea.

    In the future, please be more clear about this in your articles. Or not, if you want. Just stating my opinion.

    • “We’ve already shared five ways that Batman can fit into the Justice League movie, but a new RUMOR suggests the character and actor might already exist.”

      All you gotta do is read, man.

    • “Rumor Patrol: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman in ‘Justice League’”

      “We’ve already shared five ways that Batman can fit into the Justice League movie, but a new rumor suggests the character and actor might already exist.”

      “There are quite a few reasons why the Gordon-Levitt rumor makes sense.”

      I think its made quite clear its a rumor.

      • @avatar & @Ben:

        Ok, fair enough. Rob did mention that it’s a rumor. But still, it seems that he never really went into detail about how, since it’s just a rumor, there’s a strong possibility that it’s false. For example, he could’ve mentioned how McWeeny is the only person to have said this, and it hasn’t been confirmed or corroborated by anything, and therefore should be taken with a major grain of salt.

        Also, Rob certainly could have mentioned that McWeeny is a trusted reporter who is known for coming up with good scoops months in advance, which later turn out to be true. But he didn’t.

        But I realize that I’m nitpicking here. And maybe that’s just his writing style, I don’t know.

        And btw, a few hours ago, a representative of JGL denied JGL’s involvement. Obviously he could be lying, as that happens all the time. But just sayin’

  8. I think this is an awful idea. If there’s a Justice League it should have the Bruce Wayne Batman not John Blake. Reboot the entire thing or bring back Bale.

  9. No way ! Leave the Nolan Universe alone!

  10. I just never agreed with the whole John Blake is the new Robin or Batman ending. It wasn’t necessary, felt really tacked on and just caused more confusion than anything else. Nolan had set out to bring closure to his trilogy but just left things more open – ended.

    It would have been a lot better to end TDKR with an action sequence (in the same vein as the intro for the animated series) Where we see a Batman in full flow but his face remains hidden at the end. That would’ve created that whole mystery as to whether Bale’s Batman will return or whether there was a new Batman all.

    Gordon Levitt as the new Batman should be dropped and they should pay Bale the top dollars to return. He said he will not come back but then so did Connery, Stallone, Willis, Sharon Stone and so on and so on..

  11. I dont know if im supposed to be excited or dissapointed

  12. Gee, did you ever think JGL would be Bruce Wayne? Good grief, they made Chris Evans Human Torch and Captain America, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Green Lantern.

    JGL doesn’t live in the Nolan universe, he’s an actor. Actors are open to opportunities. This is new. You all think JGL is permanently John Blake. Hollywood doesn’t work like that

    • Deadpool and GL are in two different universes -.-

      • I’m aware…I’m not spewing out random information without resources, I actually know how movies work.

        But your statement is irrelevant to mine. I’m saying you can have a hero play ANOTHER HERO. It’s happened, whether it be in 2 different universes or not. The general public doesn’t pick Marvel or DC, they pick whatever looks good to them. Just because JGL was in Nolan’s Batman doesn’t mean he can’t be in another Batman universe as someone else. You may not want that, but does Hollywood honestly care what we think when it comes to ideas? Rarely

        • “Just because JGL was in Nolan’s Batman doesn’t mean he can’t be in another Batman universe ”

          Your statement doesn’t make sense. What purpose would they have for choosing JGL as a possible batman contender if not to piggy back off the success of the Nolan franchise? Its the prime example as to why they will go with him as oppose to choosing an entirely different actor to depict a new Bruce Wayne.

          “Gee, did you ever think JGL would be Bruce Wayne?”

          That would simply cause more confusion as viewers of TDKR are well aware of JGL role as an entirely different character. If they’re going to totally disregard his character of Robin Blake and make him Bruce Wayne then they might as well just go with an entirely different actor with no prior connection to the recent Batman franchise.

  13. Fake hype to build buzz for the DVD sales. No way Blake character is coming back. WB would never let someone other than Bruce Wayne be Batman on the big screen which is one reason why we still don’t have a Beyond movie.

  14. The Nolan films were good and still are but sadly Marvel is winning in their race for money. I like the idea of tying in “Robin” as batman because it causes audiences to feel an attraction to him already. Although I think a justice league film is not the right way to go I mean marvel has the avengers and the justice league is the same thing with cooler heroes. But if they did a suicide squad movie with villains being the heroes it would be so different and unexpected it would have to well.

    • Marvel is also winning the race for making good movies.

  15. i’d like JGL as Batman but only if he was Batman. Meaning we’d only see Batman on screen and it would never reveal if it was Bruce or Robin Blake under the mask. It would add to the immortal legend of Batman thing they got going on.

  16. Just another Rumor for now .
    I will believe it when it is proven and not before .

  17. By the way ,Hitfix was pretty sure Logan Lerman was going to be the next Peter Parker .
    Just saying .

  18. I would be fine with this.

  19. I’m not a big DC guy but I always thought that Batman was the conscience and the cold voice of reason in the JL. Kind of the father of the group. For that reason, I’d like to see Bruce Wayne and Batman rebooted as a mature, physically intimidating individual and that’s not John Blake.

  20. I was really looking forward to Armie Hammer as the next Batman, because JGL isn’t the actor with the big physique around here.
    But still he ended as Robin aka Nightwing, so they should keep that instead of rebooting him as the new Batman.

  21. Bat idea.

    • What a Joker!

      • No need to be so Two-Faced.

  22. Wow, I’m seeing similar hate just like when Heath Ledger was announced to play the Joker. Sure, this is just a rumor, but I’m seeing the exact same type of negativity.

    • Maybe but heath playing the joker wasnt as big a stretch to me as jgl playing batman. The issues from what i remember is that ledger wasknown for chick flicks jgl just doesnt fit imo

  23. He doesnt fit the role, doesnt look the part. I say Tom Hardy would be good

    • So have Bane be the new Batman? A bit too late for that, unless you want to confuse everyone. This is just like when people say Ryan Reynolds should play the Flash in Justice League. No, just no. You have to be realistic here.

  24. LAME.

    Bad move if this is true. Bruce Wayne is Batman. Wayne went through the trials and tribulations to become Batman, not this pseudo-Robin character. This doesn’t even make sense. Recast Batman and recast Green Lantern while you’re at it.

    Com’on WB/DC, git yer $h!t together!

  25. This news, if true, is a sign that WB and some of fans can’t accept that the Nolan series is over , and they’re trying to hold on to it as long as possible. Its time to pass the torch to a new group of actors , filmmakers, writers , visonaries. This attempt to try to keep the Nolan series Batman alive through John Blake via JLA, is pretty desperate and lazy imo. Sooner or later , and in some form or another they’re gonna have to reboot the series and to let go of Nolan’s coat tails.

  26. If I HAD to pick an actor to replace Christian Bale, it would be JGL.

    That said, I really really really hope it doesn’t happen.

    This whole “shared universe” thing is obviously a cash grab scheme by WB after seeing the success of the Avengers. As much as I’d love to see a JL movie, they have to do it right for it to be successful. And one thing they need is as much continuity as humanly possible. That means Henry Cavill as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, and yes, even Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. One of the major selling points of the Avengers was that all the heroes from people’s favorite franchises were in one film together. WB, in all it’s infinite wisdom, decided that they also want one, but they don’t want to work hard on it, so they’re just gonna try to pull together whatever they have and try to make it work, which could be okay, but if and only if it shares continuity with their existing franchises.