Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Joseph Gordon Levitt John Blake TDKR Joseph Gordon Levitt To Join The Dark Knight Rises

We’ve known Tom Hardy would play a key role in The Dark Knight Rises for quite some time, but it was only recently when it was confirmed that he would be playing the villainous Bane character alongside Anne Hathaway who is also joining Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise as Selina Kyle. If two hot Hollywood actors joining an already powerful cast for the sequel to the biggest comic book movie of all time wasn’t enough, it might soon become three….

In what seems to be becoming a full-on Inception reunion for director Christopher Nolan, growing star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is next in line to join the star-studded cast of The Dark Knight Rises.

Deadline has the exclusive on a big update to previous rumors about Levitt being a candidate to join the cast of Nolan’s third and supposedly final Batman film. While there are no specifics on what character he would play, JGL is currently in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises and speculation immediately points towards JGL playing another villain in the film.

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a busy schedule going forward, it turns out that he has enough of an opening to participate in the filming of The Dark Knight Rises, and will be good to go when production begins this Spring.

If you’ve been following the development of Batman 3, and the obligatory rumor mill associated with it, a fake (but maybe not all fake) casting grid made its way online back in July and on it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name along with the character he was being looked at for: The Riddler.

Any fanboy who knows Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s talent, growing popularity and how positive the Inception experience was for him and Nolan, can piece together the obvious that he’d be a good match for Nolan’s next Batman outing, but now it’s becoming a reality and we’re excited at that fact. Levitt was also connected to the Spider-Man reboot as a potential lead due to his connection with director Marc Webb, but that didn’t pan out and we’d really like to see him work again with Nolan and better yet, to once again share the screen with fellow Inception star Tom Hardy.

With the rumored possibility of The Riddler being a villain for Christian Bale’s Batman to oppose being debunked, is there still a chance that character is in the movie? If not, who should Joseph Gordon-Levitt play in The Dark Knight Rises?

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The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Here’s my theory. He’s the MAIN VILLAIN and the major casting announcement of Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway is just Nolan’s way of keeping the story details secret. I think he’s messing with our heads and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • I like the idea of JGL being the main villain in TDKR, no real preferences on who he wud play but always wondered how nolans version of riddler wud look (especially after the joker).

      I think it would work especially well in a story line where gotham has turned on batman and put a price on his capture, enter Catwomen, a thief trying to cash in on batmans bounty and Bane a steroid pumping bounty hunter ( or a navy seal or something) hired by the police and/or the mayor to hunt batman down. This presents Batman with not only a villan to stop but also two anti-hero types to evade while doing it.

      also maybe Bane/Hardy could become more and more deranged at his continous faliures to catch the batman combined with his ever increasing drug use maybe ending with him joining forces with JGL’s un-named villan.

      • @ PatK,

        I surely liked whatever your idea was. And I rarely dig into commentators’ scripts. Let alone complement them.

    • You nailed it.

  2. Maybe he could be robin? With Bane, catwoman, and possible hugo strange, batman ight need some help.

  3. What would we do without character speculation of new actors added to the cast of upcoming films? 😛


    • Vic…

      We’re not speculating…We all KNOW.


    • JGL HAS to be Edward Nygma! The Riddler character maybe won’t be fully developed but I’d like to see him as ENGYMA!

    • It would be a less colorful site of course…

  4. Riddler please!!!!!!! but nolans version, not a cheesy comedian like before.

    • riddler isnt gonna show =(

  5. Gee! If you put him in white pancake makeup and green hair, he’d be the spitting image of Ledger’s Joker. Who’s to say there wouldn’t be a small role for the Joker in prison? It sure would be “joke” befitting the character and Inception and Memento shows that Nolan likes to mess with the audiences minds.

    • I think you are just right, i was going to express the exact same thougt.

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!

    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks so much like Heath Ledger! And Joker didn’t die in The Dark Knight! So, I totally agree with sherlockzz.

  6. I thought Avatar 2 was only coming out in 2014…

  7. There are several different members of the Rogue’s Gallery that JGL could play.

    Mr. Freeze
    Black Mask
    Tally Man

    Any of these characters could fit into Nolan’s Bat-verse somehow.

  8. Has anyone thought that he could play Mario Falconie? JGL could play an incredible mobster, but the estranged son who tries to make his Dad’s business legit? Surely the mob would not be happy and could provide a similar character to Dent in TDK (by providing a good man in a dark time). Also batman and gordon could be skepitcal because of wht happened with Dent. And batman could finally rest now that the mob is gone. Also, if kyle discovers the truth about her father, there could be a little family element. Especially if Bruce ends up with Selina. That would give him the family he never had. I know Mario isn’t prevelent in the comics but just an idea. Thoughts?

  9. probably won’t happen but i’d love it if they skipped robin and went to nightwing. or maybe bane will break batman in the beginning of the movie and this dude takes over for the next hour and then batman has to beat everyone up by the end lol

  10. just saw bane get his butt kicked in young justice. his face was painted.. hope they dont go in that direction

    • @ tankD

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the idea of Bane’s face painted popped up since Joker’s was.

  11. i wonder how hardy will potray him when hes spanish? or is he latin? im really curious about bane more than the joker…:]

  12. Skipping Robin to go to Nightwing imo would be a bad idea. Id go with Azrael takin Batman’s place after Batman is injured. And its a battle to see whos top Bats between the two as Gotham must decide who they is better fit to defend the city.

  13. I just think who ever Joesph is playing….it and he will be very good! This is exciting!

  14. he could be a villain or a supporting.
    I dont know why,but I think he is connected to Selinas story somehow.

  15. The Joker please!!! Please!!!

    He looks so much like Heath Ledger, and with make up it would be uncanny!!! I know I’ve said it before, but it’s trueeeeeeeee!!!

  16. I like JGL as Riddler or Azrael….Im probably gonna get alot of heat for this: I thought he was actually quite good in GI JOE as the cobra commander. I think JGL is an excellent character actor, much the same as Tom Hardy is and no matter who he plays I love the fact that Nolan uses real actors in his movies.

    Does anyone else still think of “Angels In The Outfield”. when you think of JGL lol…man that guy has come a long way.

    • @ Ice-man08

      I thought JGL was better under the Dr.Mindbender character role while someone else could of been Cobra Commander. Imo i thought JGL voice even almost sounded the same as the 80’s cartoon character. And yes i do think of Angels In The Outfield when i see JGL,lol. Can’t help it. Also think about how he was killed in Halloween H20 aswell.

  17. Black Mask would be awesome, but I can envision JGL playing the rich socialite side much easier that the villain alterego. No matter – I’m sure he’d pull it off

  18. I’m thinking Azrael

  19. 3rd rock from the sun thats all imma say this guy has a come a VERY long way, w/e he does im sure he is going to own.

  20. I would like to see him do a Black Mask or Riddler. But the Riddler I doubt happening in ‘TDK-Rises’ (The reason I don’t use ‘TDKR’ as a short form for this movie is because I have reserved it for something deeply engraved in my mind – ‘The Dark Knight Returns’).

    Somehow I think JGL will be a part of some love-triangle along with The Bat and The Cat. Or at least with Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle. With his alter-ego taking over due to jealousy or something. Can’t really wait for the official declarations.

  21. The characters I am unable to envision in Nolan’s Bat-movies are the side-kicks Robin (UNLESS Nolan decides making a movie about ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ which I sincerely hope he does.), Nightwing and definitely not Azrael.

  22. Can someone explain to me how the rumor floated about Robin Williams as Hugo Strange got floated and was almost immediately debunked, but now, Deadline reports JGL “in talks” and it is automatically assumed he is in the movie? Why, because there was a rumor beforehand?

    It seems to me that BOTH are just rumors and JGL MIGHT have a role, but then again, if it was signficant, why would Nolan & WB announce it AFTER the major announcement of Bane & Selina Kyle (I still don’t think we actually see Catwoman in full form – more of the love interest angle). It’s not as if the Nolans are writing a specific part into the script for JGL. They know who the characters would be, so why wouldn’t they announce them all at the same time?

    As much as I’d like to have seen the Riddler – to continue the mindfuq that the Joker had on Batman – I can’t see it happening, although it would be great to have JGL in TDKR. He’s a great actor!

  23. Well Nolan already said he isn’t doing a riddler, and in looking at his first two batmans he loves to stay in the realm of reality, so I wouldn’t expect a Mr. Freeze. I would love to see what you all think with that in mind. Oh, and I read they kept deleted scenes of Heath Ledgers Joker so they can be added to this Batman, so I don’t think we’ll see him as the joker either.

    • Nolan as far as I remember never actually said “There will be no Riddler” He simply announced who would be in it.

      Also there is footage of Heath from TDK that wasn’t used but they were not kept for the purpose of putting in to this film. It’s not intended at all in fact.

      Also even if Nolan did say for 100% sure that Riddler would not be in it (which he didn’t) and you believed him why would you doubt him on the Joker? because he did say with 100% certainty that the joker would not appear in TDKR at all. Those were his words he said that there will be no Joker in TDKR. Now if you don’t believe that that’s fine ( though Nolan isn’t known for lying at all) , but you can’t not believe that but then say he said someone else won’t be in it and act like that makes it a fact that they won’t.

      If he can lie about one character he can lie about another. ( Though he hasn’t done so at all yet so no reason to doubt him. )

      • I agree they they didn’t keep footage of the Joker to put it in TDKR. TDK was finished before Ledger died. To assume they kept footage of the joker for that purpose is to assume Nolan knew Ledger was going to die, which is absurd. I didn’t mean to say that. What I was saying is if he did decide to do it, the footage is there. And what I read was that Nolan said he would not recast the Joker for an appearance, but the potentiality of using old footage was possible. And I do know for a fact that Nolan came out and said there would not be a Riddler. He did this in reply to the rumors a couple months ago that JGL was cast as the Riddler. Personally I think he’ll be Deadshot, Blackmask, or Hugo Strange. Someone more realistic than Freeze or Firefly.

        • No what he actually said on the Joker subject wasn’t that he wouldn’t recast the role. He said THE JOKER WILL NOT APPEAR. The most we can hope for is for someone to say The Joker. There will be no physical appearance of the character… According to Nolan of course. It’s possible he lied but I doubt it. However he did in fact say The Joker will not show up in the film in any way.

  24. Why is everyone obsessed with Joker appearing in TDKR despite what Nolan has said already? Why not just wait till the movie comes out cause obviously any rumors of Joker appearing or being mentioned by name even means squat at this point. Movie won’t be out till little over a year so don’t your hopes up.

    • Well in that case Wally why talk about the movie at all. It’s not out for another year why get excited about anything surrounding it. It’s not out for another year lets just move on and talk about movies that are out this week only.

      • @ Daniel F

        Im not asking people to stop talkin about the movie, I was refering to a character from the last film by the name Joker which Nolan mentioned more than once he doesn’t plan on having in this next one. People shouldn’t get so attached to things. Quote from Ironman 2 as you might know.

  25. I say no he shouldn’t play the riddler if the riddler is goanna be in the movie.I say the best person for that part is Johnny depp. I say give him another part in the movie. I know what ever part it is he will rock it.

  26. Actually what Nolan said on the Joker was that he “wouldn’t feel comfortable reprising that role.” It’s a slight distinction, but may prove to be important if his comfort level has changed since he and his brother wrote the script for TDKR. Admittedly, it seems unlikely, but I don’t think we, as fans, should rule it out before more information becomes available. He did however say that “it won’t be the Riddler,” for what it’s worth. Nolan is true to his word, but he’s also very crafty with his language. In any case, I’d personally love to see both characters, or either character in TDKR, so, I don’t have a horse in this race, but I can’t wait to see what Nolan will do with this new material and the new villains. Should be fun!

    • I predict Levitt will be Robin

      • Robin would be ridiculous. I know this is batman, and there is a legacy that goes with batman and the comics, but don’t forget that Christopher Nolan is writing and directing this movie. He’s not about to turn this into Batman Forever and ruin the trilogy.

        • Hey batman forever was awsome!

  27. as long as he is not robin!

  28. Am I the only one who thinks he would make an excellent Ventriloquist/Scarface? The character would fit in with all the mobsters in this trilogy, and he could easily be made to be a realistic villain. I always loved those characters from the cartoons back in the nineties; he was horrifying.

  29. Nolan said that the riddler won’t be the VILLIAN. Edward Nigma/Nashton could be a member of the gotham task force out to hunt down Batman and since the riddler is a private investigator he could fit perfectly in this movie but simply as Edward Nigma/Nashton. Nolan could gives us subtle hints about his character such as they did with Mr Zsaz in the first film but with the Riddler he could simply just be wearing green somewhere on his suit. My personal favorite would be for him to get shot somehow and be forced to carry a cane around hence an aspect of his Riddler persona. So it’s definately possible that he could be in the film but just has a more minor part than the main villians.