Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Joseph Gordon Levitt John Blake TDKR Joseph Gordon Levitt To Join The Dark Knight Rises

We’ve known Tom Hardy would play a key role in The Dark Knight Rises for quite some time, but it was only recently when it was confirmed that he would be playing the villainous Bane character alongside Anne Hathaway who is also joining Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise as Selina Kyle. If two hot Hollywood actors joining an already powerful cast for the sequel to the biggest comic book movie of all time wasn’t enough, it might soon become three….

In what seems to be becoming a full-on Inception reunion for director Christopher Nolan, growing star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is next in line to join the star-studded cast of The Dark Knight Rises.

Deadline has the exclusive on a big update to previous rumors about Levitt being a candidate to join the cast of Nolan’s third and supposedly final Batman film. While there are no specifics on what character he would play, JGL is currently in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises and speculation immediately points towards JGL playing another villain in the film.

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a busy schedule going forward, it turns out that he has enough of an opening to participate in the filming of The Dark Knight Rises, and will be good to go when production begins this Spring.

If you’ve been following the development of Batman 3, and the obligatory rumor mill associated with it, a fake (but maybe not all fake) casting grid made its way online back in July and on it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name along with the character he was being looked at for: The Riddler.

Any fanboy who knows Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s talent, growing popularity and how positive the Inception experience was for him and Nolan, can piece together the obvious that he’d be a good match for Nolan’s next Batman outing, but now it’s becoming a reality and we’re excited at that fact. Levitt was also connected to the Spider-Man reboot as a potential lead due to his connection with director Marc Webb, but that didn’t pan out and we’d really like to see him work again with Nolan and better yet, to once again share the screen with fellow Inception star Tom Hardy.

With the rumored possibility of The Riddler being a villain for Christian Bale’s Batman to oppose being debunked, is there still a chance that character is in the movie? If not, who should Joseph Gordon-Levitt play in The Dark Knight Rises?

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The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. A while back, I was thinking how would The Riddler fit in Nolan’s Batman films?
    My theory would be that Edward Nashton is a newspaper writer who was going through some old papers and discovered a pattern relating to Batman in them. Just as William Earle plans to sell Bruce’s share of Wayne Enterprises out to smaller companies, the billionare reappers after being missing and presumed dead for many years. At that same time, a masked vigilante known as Batman begins taking out mobsters, most notably Carmine Falcone, the leader of most of the organized crime in Gotham. Also Wayne Enterprises begins to invest large sums of cash into an unkown R&D department supposedly making weapons for the U.S Military. Edward investigates further and learns that no weapons have been purchased, which raises the question as to where is that money going? Then he forms the conclusion that Bruce is Batman.
    That’s as far as I got with my theory :D

  2. The character that comes to mind when I see him? Robin.

  3. maybe we skip robin and go right to nightwing…but i could see him as a sidekick more of a equal like nightwing if the bats ever needed help in a fight it would be with bane but most likely its going to be Riddler

    • HA! beat me too it man, didnt even see your post 6mins ago.

  4. sure no robin….
    but what if they skipped the whole little red bird and went right into Nightwing from the start??
    sure its not “cannon” but this is his universe.

  5. and another thing. I really hope they don’t throw another villain into the mix. If they’re going to do justice to Banes character we don’t need another equally in depth character mucking up the screen. Too much in one film, Bane, Riddler AND Selena kyle…
    I think spider man 3 showed us what happens when you have to many super villian-irons in the fire.

  6. anchampion: Nolan’s Batman series has had many villians in each film.

    BB: Scarecrow, Falcone and Ra
    TDK: Mob, Joker, Two-Face (lesser extent)

    • Don’t forget Scarecrow showed up in Dark Knight, sure it was short lived but he was there too.

  7. Also, Nolan knows how to handle ensemble casts…his track record is pretty good.

  8. Here’s an interesting idea. They go with the Bane “breaks the Bat” route in some way shape or form. On the one side you have Bane taking control as a vigilante and on the other side JGL as Nightwing, each with a different perspective on how criminals should be dealt with. Batman must battle with his own ideals, and decide which of the two are right whilst dealing with his own feelings for Selina. Thoughts?

  9. JGL may also wind up being cast as the cult mob boss Roman Sionis/Black Mask!

    • @ whocares

      Man you beat me to it. :-)

      I think Azrael is a good call, but I’m going to throw another cat among the pigeons by suggesting Roman Sionis – The Black Mask. :-)

  10. I don’t know if this is just oi to end up being rumour, or what, but this is exactly the ews I’ve been waiting for since Inception. JGL is one of my favourite actors, I’d love to see him in this.

  11. Let us remember that Batman needs a new Lucius Fox to develop all those wonderful toys. JGL could play this role.

    • Why would he need a new Lucius Fox? Fox is still in the fold. He never resigned.

    • Yeah Morgan Freeman IS coming back, if you go back and watch the part in Dark Knight where he puts his name into that computer he’s smiling as it’s shuting down. And he did tell batman “as long as this computer is here I won’t be.” So his story ends with him walking out of R&D smiling and the computer blowing up in the back ground. So yes Fox is coming back.

  12. He could be black mask.

      • He is identical to Ledger so, this is my guess:
        The joker scapes from Arkham with a pair of bad guys, then he accidentally kills someone that is related to Anne Hathaway’s character, say Catwoman. She is confused and of course pissed off, so she starts fighting against Joker with no law or regrets (anti-hero), and being friends with no one. Bruce knows her, kisses her, and everything else. Then Batman and her kill the Joker, and Catwoman disappears. Batman stays alone, as it seems is going to be, and triggers the born of another supper villain by accidentally opening the cage of a fat hamster.

        THE END

  13. Robin? Riddler? :)

    • I did think he could be Dick Grayson.

  14. My guess is Levitt plays some rich socialite to contend with Bruce for Selina Kyle, and whom she plans to rob.

  15. Too many actors, too many characters, what’s that? I can hear Batman and Robin calling from the past…

    • Drsam I’ve seen nothing but good news from this film and Nolan has a fantastic track record. I don’t get why your hating on this film so much. Do you really hate TDK so much that even good news to you like a fantastic actor joining the cast makes you doubt it?

      Do you seriously believe that Nolan would make anything even similar to Batman and Robin? Even his worst film is a million times better than that.

      • No I dont hate it that much at all, but the reference to Batman and Robin was in regard to that they stuffed it too full of characters, if, and I’m not saying it will be the case, JGL is going to be a villain, that makes 3 potential villains.
        Even 2 seems overkill at this point. I’m concerned about how they will balance the film overall.

        Obviously I dont know who he will be playing, or how the film will work out story wise, but I worry that it could get bogged down in characters. I already thought including Selina Kyle/Catwoman was a step too far.
        This is the last film, there is a lot to wrap up, existing characters need to have there storylines completed, and the finale part of a trilogy can often be the weakest link because they become bloated.

        I don’t know, maybe my comment was something of an overeaction. But I am interested to find out what kind of story they will be using that can focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne, Bane, Selina Kyle and whoever JGL ends up playing, not forgetting Lucius or Alfred.

        • Not sure why two seems like to much to you. Nolan has had more than two in both films and handled it very well. Nolan does a fantastic job of managing his rogues. For all we know there could be a third rogue and it’s just a small appearance.

          Batman Begins

          and to a small extent Zsazz who showed up in the court room and then in another scene on the streets attacking people after the gas release.


          Two Face
          Scarecrow in s small 5 minute cameo

          So far TDKR has only announced

          Bane and Catwoman. Also to be fair it’s only announced Selina Kyle who may only be Selina Kyle and leave it open for her to become Catwoman in the next film. She my only have a brief appearance as Catwoman. She may only be a love interest with just a small bad guy Cameo.

          If she is however one of the main rogues if we are to follow the previous formula there would be one more major player and then someone with a small rogue Cameo ala Zsazz in Begins or Scarecrow in TDK. For instance JGL could take the space as the new mob boss type. He could be Black mask or Rupert Thorn or even in Nolan’sverse the riddler is a mob boss of sorts. So far it’s less rogues than the previous films have had and Begins and TDK were loved and respect by most even if your not in that crowd. I know you at least loved Begins even if you didn’t care for TDK.

          • He could also be Dick Grayson. That is possible.

            And yes, I do love Batman Begins.

            I think the casting is great for this movie, but I’m not convinced Bane and Selina are the right characters for this final film.

            • It would piss me off if he was Dick Grayson. Just like Batman Forever pissed me off. An adult Dick Grayson takes everything away from the character. It’s like casting Jason Todd as the red hood and pretending the Robin thing never happened. It’s just a waste of time and we are better off with out the characters.

              I think Bane is the best Rogue for the film. He was the only logical choice as far as I’m concerned. I don’t understand how anyone could think he wasn’t perfect.

              I do agree on Selina though. I’m not against the idea of Selina but I really do not want Catwoman in this film. I’ve seen her to much and I’ve never liked her. Truth is she was never once interesting in the comics until she switched sides and started working with Batman rather than against him. As a rogue she was really dull and uninteresting. She was a simple thief who stole cat stuff.

              The truth is we have no idea who he is. Hell nolan may even create some new cop or mayor or doctor for him to play and all our guesses are wrong.

              He could be Riddler, Black Mask, Azreal, Joker (pretty sure that won’t happen) or some random cop thats now on the force. He could even be the new DA. Hell he could even be a shrink.

              • What would you think of a live action Batman tv show with Jensen Ackles as Batman?

                • Guys

                  Hope you don’t mind my two cents worth. :-) I love Jensen Ackles on “Supernatural” but feel he’s a bit too short and stocky for Batman.

                  Maybe I’m wrong with that perception.

                  David Boreanaz on the other hand I could definitely see. :-)

                  • Not at all. Your opinion is always welcome.

                    I always used to say Boreanz for Batman and while he still looks the part, he might be a bit too old for the part now. I would say though, that if they did a live action TV show, and Boreanaz played the part, they could introduce the character of Robin but actually have him as a child. After TDKR, I think we might not see Batman on the big screen for a few years, so why not put the character on the small screen, makes sense to me. With a decent budget and good writing, it could rival a big screen adaptation.

                    • @ DSB

                      You’re right, most TV shows these days have large production budgets and it does make perfect sense to have a Batman action TV show for a while before we see another motion picture.

                  • Magnetic

                    Your always welcome

                    To stocky I don’t get that. Batman is pretty darn stocky in the comics him self. he’s very buff more so than any movie has shown.

                    You seem to suffer from the same mis conception most people do when you say Jensen is to short. Easy mistake to make when you see him stand next to Jared P all the time that dude is a beast. In reality though Jensen is 6’1 which is actually not at all short and pretty close to Bruce in the comics. Bale is actually 6 even which would make Jensen larger than the current Batman.

                    Christian Blae – 6’0
                    George Clooney – 5’11
                    Val Kilmer – 6’0
                    Micheal Keaton – 5’9
                    Adam West – 6’2
                    Jensen Ackles – 6’1

                    This would actually make Jensen the second tallest batman by only 1 inch.

                    • I think seeing him next to Jared P just makes him look short.

                    • Thanks Daniel for putting those various actors heights into perspective.

                      i guess some misconceptions are hard to shake. :-)

                    • Jared P may actually make a good Batman as well imho.

                  • Magnetic

                    No worries easy mistake to make. He stands next to very tall people all the time. I actually thought he was short in the first and second season as well. It wasn’t until season three when I started thinking “Man he’d be a fantastic batman if he was taller” then I looked up his height and saw he was 6’1. Didn’t believe it at first because the perception of the show. So I checked multiple sites. It was confirmed by several sites Including IMDB. I think I checked about 5 or 6.

                • Actually Sam I love the idea.

                  I actually have plans for a Batman TV show. I have no illusions that I’d be so lucky but I have planned out the entire series. I’m happy with it but I’m biased. It’s my second fave project right behind the TV show I’ve discussed with you the most.

                  I’d be happy with Jensen or David. Either would work.

                  My show would pick up right around the time of Death in the Family I’d start off with Jason Todd robin and the first finale would be me killing him off. I’d try to stay faithful to the comics with only minor changes to make it a little less campy. It’s certainly the most faithful adaptation of any comic if I do say so myself it’s inspired by nearly every major Batman event follow alot of the stories.

                  • That’s pretty much the sort of thing I had in mind, something faithful, and also stay away from main villains like The Joker/Riddler/Penguin.
                    I’d like to see Hush/Black Mask/Clayface.
                    I think David and Jensen would be very different Batmans, but I’d like to see the detective side of the character more, see him being more analytical and calculating.

                    And a proper Batmobile.

                    • I wouldn’t stay away from big name rogues but I would try to use lesser known ones more than they have been. I’d still use Joker. Though I wouldn’t use Riddler or Penguin all that much no more than they have been in recent years even the comics have cut down on them a bit especially Riddler.

                      Yes a good Batmobile I hate the tumbler. However it would be a TV show so it would have to be with in reason.

                      I would try do stories like Killing Joke, Death in the Family , Knightfall (but faithfully and properly because it can’t be down in just one film), No mans Land and Hush.

                      Each major large story like Knightfal, No Mans Land and Hush would take up an entire season if not two. While smaller stories like Killing Joke and Death int he family would end up being a half a season each. The first season was actually planned to be part Killing Joke and part Death in the family with the conclusion being the death of Jason Todd. Then in season 2 I’d start introducing the Robin that would stick with series for its entirety Tim Drake.

                      The stories would follow pretty close to their comic counter parts with minor modification and in some cases major ones. It was planned to follow close enough to be considered faithful but not so close that I’m just copying the comic and pasting it to a script. I’d obviously add a lot of dialogue and edit the stories so they connect and bridge together better.

                      I actually have a plan to tell older stories in flash back episodes. For instance I have an episode planned out for Year One sort of in the middle of season 1 to split up Killing Joke and Death in the fam. It would be a nice touch IMO due to Killing Joke dealing with Gordon being abducted and it would show a bit of their history.

                    • I’ll email you later, this sounds very interesting, perhaps closer to the idea of Batman I have than any of the films so far.

                  • I like the idea of using flashbacks to show things that have already happened in the story, it totally eliminates the need for any kind of origin episode.
                    Also, what about including Nightwing? He could already be established if you wanted to use younger Robin’s.
                    As for the larger villains, I would hold off on them until the second season, but keep dropping little hints of The Joker, and then do the killing joke in season 2.
                    An Arkham Asylum style episode could be fun too, show the madness.

                    • I definately intended to use Nightwing in fact he would appear in my first episode at the very end of it to establish his existence. It would be his first year as Nightwing and the second episode would cover his history as Robin. The second episode would be the two reluctantly working on a case together and showing flashbacks of who Dick was and how it all went wrong between them. using elements from Nightwing year one where it shows the rip that grew between them.

                      My plane of using Joker in season one is because I wanted to show the Jason Todd story so I could do Red Hood with out flashbacks and I didn’t want him there beyond the first season. Also I wanted to start off with a bang. With the biggest rogue there is so that in season 2 I can venture in to the lesser known rogues. Pull them in with joker and keep them glued with the guys they didn’t know about or rarely heard of. Season 2 would of been more of an original story I’d create for that time frame and I’d focus on some lesser baddies through out most of the season and rap up the last few episodes of the season with Raas but he wouldn’t be in many episodes and early on I’d use Talia just to clue you in on who he is while still being able to use lesser knowns much like Talia her self.

                    • Also funny you mentioned Arkham Asylum. I planned out a two part episode based on that story in later season.

                      Anyway we should probably stop talking about this here lol and annoying others.

                      If you want to talk more we can chat in Email like we used to or switch to Facebook.

              • “An adult Dick Grayson takes everything away from the character.”

                Not quite, Grayson has had roles as a lawyer and has done detective work in different stories. I think it would make for an interesting take if he was someone Batman could rely on for assistance. Just not in the role as Robin for this series. After all the situation with the Gotham police and no doubt the public has to be antagonistic. Although Gordon will no doubt be buffering this, he must be limited by political pressure from above to resolve the whole Dent/Batman issue. Batman still being at large attempting to stop crimes, avoid capture by the police, and fighting Bane has got to be leading the story somewhere towards a resolution. Of course maybe the assistance in the story comes from Kyle only and it makes more sense that Levitt play the role of political foil. Perhaps going through a transformation from antagonist to protagonist once Batman’s worth and innocence is realized. I’m theorizing of course that at some point Dent’s death gets attributed to the Joker where the responsibility belongs. Clearing Batman of that makes sense story wise and I think becomes a central point in a conclusion. Batman’s reputation must arise from the dirt it’s in now, their has to be a way for that to happen.

              • He looks like he could be a good replacement for keith L.

                • My wife and I are catching up on Smallville (season 8) and I thought the other day how much cooler it would have been to have a young Bruce Wayne helping Clark versus a young Oliver Queen. I like Oliver Queen but Bats and Supes’ relationship is just so complex.

                  I say all that because what if JGL was cast as Superman in the DKR? It’s not happening and I know the word on the web is that Nolan doesn’t like the idea of crossovers but for some reason I just want to see Bats and Supes on the same screen arguing with one another.

                  Wonder if it would be Dick Grayson? Possibly Hugo Strange? Isn’t there another female lead they are wanting to cast?

                  • They wanted to use Bruce Wayne on Smallville, but Wb wouldnt let them use the character so they used Oliver Queen instead.

    • My thoughts exactly DrSam.

      These are the types of things that potentially ruin franchises.

      • I think we will have to wait and see, Nolan can definitely handle a large cast of great actors, but whether or not TDKR can handle the expectations put upon it is another matter. The third part of trilogies tend to throw everything and the kitchen sink in the plot, I really hope Batman doesnt end up getting weighted down with too many charcaters and too many plots.

  16. JGL is a fantastic actor and glad to hear he’s attached.

    With that said. It’s strange seeing him involved because he looks so much like Heath that for a long time alot of people were saying he would be a great replacement for Heath as The Joker for the third film. Not saying that will happen I’m pretty confident it won’t just strange to see after that.

    • I wouldnt be against him playing The Joker, maybe even for just one little scene.

  17. I think we need a new ambitious young DA who is leading the charge to hunt the Batman down. Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes are dead so who else to fill the DA shoes?

  18. JGL will be Hugo Strange or Riddler

    • Nolan has already ruled out The Riddler, but he could be Edward Nigma.

      • In Ironman 2 they got in a more famous person to play James Rhodes because the previous fella was not so good, perhaps JGL is coming in as Vic Zsasz, her certainly has the build for that character and we know he exists in the Nolan universe.

  19. oh well, this ruins the movie for me. kid CANNOT act, he’s a movie ruiner not unlike the great thespian paul walker.

    • i dont know how he gets work or nominations for best actor since he’s so bad…..

      i am very excited for this news! im not sure what he can be though, but i doubt its joker or riddler or robin… probably not a villain or hero.

  20. as of how it would fit into the Batman movie we know of so far

    i think it would be best that Lovitt play a relation to Salina Kyle. A brother or finance that would be protective of her. He would be a voice of reason and give Kyle more time on screen without Batman. Even though we know he can do the action roles, this one wouldnt be very physically demanding as much as being smart and good looking. 3 super-powers is enough for one film.

  21. Does anyone else find the title “The Dark Knight Rises” a bit curious? What is the Dark Knight rising from? To me, the title seems to imply that Batman will die or at the least be severly incapacitated. If that is true, maybe our pal JGL could be playing a Robin/New Dark Knight akin to Batman Beyond… Remember, you heard it here first.

    • Ummm, did you not see “The Dark Knight”? Batman will, in some form, RISE from the spiritual trouncing he took from that film (from Harvey’s heroism being irrevocably tarnished, from the Joker’s mind games, and from the police escalating their hunt for him, believing him to be a cop-killer). I thought that was fairly obvious…

  22. Is it me, or Nolan likes to cast same actors film after film? Hopfully Gordan will be a new villain instead of Riddler but doubtful. It seems odd to have Catwoman,Bane, & maybe Ridder into the same film especially if rumor i still up that Scarecrow could return again. That’s more villains people complained about Batman & Robin and Spider-man 3 had. One more villain & id say it wouldn’t hurt the film if Batman had Robin to watch his back.

  23. Here’s my breakdown. JGL will play a young Harvey Bullock. His character will be an up and comping detective who will use the situation of the GCPD hunting down Batman to try and further his career. That way we will see Commissioner Gordon having to appear to be trying to catch Batman, while foiling Bullock. Bane will not, repeat NOT, breaks Batman’s back. That is not a one movie storyline and since this is the final Nolan Batman, the last thing he would do is leave the series with a broken Batman. However, I do feel that Bane will show up early on and crush Batman. That way, Batman will be fearful of Bane as well as having to always stay away from GCPD through out the film. The real story will be Batman overcoming these things, defeating Bane, and winning back the respect of the Gotham people, at least as much as he had before. That what I’m thinking. I have no idea how Selina Kyle will fit in.

    • I’m with you on that one… A young Harvey Bullock indeed.

  24. This news is very surprising. First off, Gordon-Levitt wil play an iconic character; no way he plays somebody meaningless.

    From there I am lost because I really did not think Nolan would be casting any other big Hollywood names. My guess is that Bane will be the main villain but as for the impact of Selina Kyle and Levitt I am lost.

    Doubt that Levitt will play the riddler. Maybe a mob boss that walks with a penguin type limp? Raz Algul’s son? Joker in Arkham?

    I think that the Joker idea is a good possibility. Think about it, Nolan wants to tie these movies together and how could he do that without involving the Joker? I mean the Joker had such an impact on Gotham in the last film we need to have him in the movie. Also Gordon-Levitt is the PERFECT choice. FOr one, Levitt and Ledger both were in a movie together (10 things I hate about you) so Levitt could say (to alleviate people’s anger and frustration at someone else other than Ledger playing th Joker on screen) that he is taking on this role in support of his friend’s memory; fans will eat that up and he will not be ridiculed.

    Also, we know that Levitt is very busy and will probably only play a minor role in the film, much like what the role of the Joker would be.

    In addition, they have casted Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway adding to an already superb cast, so why cast another big name? Are there not already too many big name actors in the film? There has to be some big reason for this casting, I highly doubt that Levitt will just play another villain and I really dont think Dick Grayson will be in the film (and for the better). So who else besides the Joker could he play? I doubt they introduce yet another major character in this third installment.

    And finally biggest reason why I think Levitt will play the JOker is that he LOOKS LIKE LEDGER!!!! I mean look at both of them and you ar bound to see the resemblence. Throw some makeup on him and the difference in appearance will be negligible.

    Levitt will play the Joker…bank on it

    • Nolan HIMSELF already said no Joker cameo…

      • He will be playing the joker, mark my words.

        • I’ll hold you to that…

          • whats so disrespectful about it? they had jude law johnny depp and colin ferrel finishes his scenes in imaginaruim and nolan is famous for disinformation

    • That’s my guess as well. Similar to Cillian Murphy’s cameo in the second movie, Nolan is brining back the Joker for a scene or two. Keep in mind, I’m not claiming Leavitt will do his own interpretation of the Joker. That would be the kiss of death. His job will be to imitate as closely as possible Ledger’s own take, voice and mannerisms. Sort of like an “homage” to Ledger’s immortal portrayal and a link in continuity between two and three.

  25. As soon as I seen the link to this page, the first character that popped into my head… Was Robin!? He would make a fantastic Robin, or a ‘Nolan version’ of the character. Possibly portraying the role a stuck up rich boy (like bruce pretends to be) trying to follow in batman’s footsteps or just doing it to look good rather than ‘do good’… And obviously would learn to actually be a hero through out or at the end of the movie.

    So that’s my opinion (and hope for the film) that just popped into my head when I read the title of this link :)

  26. @ aAa

    right because a director never tries to throw his audience off in preproduction

    • and you’re right about that, something Nolan is known for… but he does it in a very masterful way, not in a straight-forward fashion in which he went to details as of why there would be NO Joker cameo. Then again I could be wrong, I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  27. I would love to see him as Robin. I think Chris Nolan could pull off putting an adult robin in a Batman movie or if not that to continue the series for future non-Nolan movies he could be someone like Terry Mcguiness from the Batman Beyond series, by this I mean not that character exactly ,but someone who could follow in Bruce’s footsteps after he retires. JGL in a Batman movie=awesomeness.

  28. as much as I would love Levitt to make even a small cameo as the Joker, I honestly think that this movie needs Hugo Strange. if theres a manhunt going on for Batman, then the GCPD going to need someone to help them get inside his head and Strange is the perfect man for that job.

    I seriously doubt itll be Riddler or Robin. Joker and Strange are my picks for Levitts role.