Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Joseph Gordon Levitt John Blake TDKR Joseph Gordon Levitt To Join The Dark Knight Rises

We’ve known Tom Hardy would play a key role in The Dark Knight Rises for quite some time, but it was only recently when it was confirmed that he would be playing the villainous Bane character alongside Anne Hathaway who is also joining Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise as Selina Kyle. If two hot Hollywood actors joining an already powerful cast for the sequel to the biggest comic book movie of all time wasn’t enough, it might soon become three….

In what seems to be becoming a full-on Inception reunion for director Christopher Nolan, growing star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is next in line to join the star-studded cast of The Dark Knight Rises.

Deadline has the exclusive on a big update to previous rumors about Levitt being a candidate to join the cast of Nolan’s third and supposedly final Batman film. While there are no specifics on what character he would play, JGL is currently in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises and speculation immediately points towards JGL playing another villain in the film.

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a busy schedule going forward, it turns out that he has enough of an opening to participate in the filming of The Dark Knight Rises, and will be good to go when production begins this Spring.

If you’ve been following the development of Batman 3, and the obligatory rumor mill associated with it, a fake (but maybe not all fake) casting grid made its way online back in July and on it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name along with the character he was being looked at for: The Riddler.

Any fanboy who knows Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s talent, growing popularity and how positive the Inception experience was for him and Nolan, can piece together the obvious that he’d be a good match for Nolan’s next Batman outing, but now it’s becoming a reality and we’re excited at that fact. Levitt was also connected to the Spider-Man reboot as a potential lead due to his connection with director Marc Webb, but that didn’t pan out and we’d really like to see him work again with Nolan and better yet, to once again share the screen with fellow Inception star Tom Hardy.

With the rumored possibility of The Riddler being a villain for Christian Bale’s Batman to oppose being debunked, is there still a chance that character is in the movie? If not, who should Joseph Gordon-Levitt play in The Dark Knight Rises?

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The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Here comes Robin!…

  2. My guess? Nightwing.

  3. perhaps the fan boys will stop whining they may just get the riddler. but i doubt it he might be playing a police officer or he could be nightwing as cool as it would be i doubt that to

  4. Is there enough room for another villain? Maybe he’s a pal of Wayne in some way or they come to meet as Gordon-Levitt plays some type of up-and-coming politician.

  5. Richard Grayson…

  6. But not Robin..

  7. I’m (admittedly very naively) hoping for the Riddler. Maybe Nolan just meant that the Riddler wouldn’t be THE villain…Or maybe Levitt will play a different character…

  8. I keep thinking Jason Todd…but we all know that won’t happen. Maybe a replacement for Fox?

    • You’re the second person here who’s mentioned replacing Lucius Fox. Why would you want that? I think Morgan Freeman is great as Lucius, and just in case you’re thinking it, Fox didn’t resign.

      • @Michael:


        Yeah, he’s the second person I have seen too, strangely with EITHER some fixation to replace the great Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox OR they simply never understood the ending of TDK.


        There I said it. And Freeman is doinf a great job.

  9. He’s too old for Nightwing and too young for Hugo Strange. I’m thinking that The Riddler may have a role in this movie after all, although that was supposedly debunked. Warner Bros did hint at The Riddler being in Nolan’s Batman Universe back when they were promoting ‘The Dark Knight’ through viral videos and newspaper pages.

  10. I can’t really think of anyone he could play other than the Riddler. That’s the only one he fits physically unless he’s going to try and fill Heath Ledgers shoes as the Joker.

    • Just because he looks a bit like Ledger doesn’t mean he can act like him. A new Joker would make me puke, nothing can or will touch what Ledger did, that means you too Mr. Nicholson. However, I’d be down with the Riddler, but probably wont happen. Anyways, can’t wait!

      • I disagree.

      • @dwefe,

        Yes, I DO agree IF somebody tries to just ape TDK’s (Ledger’s) Joker, then it will be a big joke and NOBODY including the great Mr. Nicholson himself will be able do it. (Although had the script of Batman (1989) got any depth then Nicholson would have been a MIND-BLOWING Joker. Unfortunately the script failed him. It was NOT his fault.)


        No, I do NOT agree if Nolan or any other director decides to write the Joker right from a scratch without looking for inspiration from Ledger or Nolan.

        Afterall, The Character is always greater than the Actor.
        There always be somebody better or at least equal to Ledger but NOT in this series I hope. Because that would take the fizz out of everything: Nolan’s hard work so far, Ledger’s performance and the character Joker itself and that poor little new actor.

  11. I think playing a family member of the Falcone crime family would be great or Hush.

  12. Nah I don’t think it’s Robin. And I don’t think the Dr. Hugo Strange idea is going to die anything soon. I’m pretty sure it’s not Riddler seeing as Nolan has said he’s not in it even though I’d love that idea. No I’m leaning toward Gorden-levitt being Hugo. Might be odd but that’s just my humble opnion. So now we wait and see.

  13. I think Joesph would be only great as Edward Nigma, because if I see him playing another bad guy or character in the film i’m going to keep on calling im the Riddler.
    I would really like to see Riddler in the film even if a small cameo like The Joker card at the end of Batman Begins. maybe a voice, really anything that can be The Riddler and that JGL would play him.

  14. Definitly the riddler!!, have him as a young upcoming riddler. A good choice for batman villian.

  15. Jean Paul Valley?

    • @Ryan T,

      That was a great job!

  16. I vote Hush. Childhood rich friend of Bruce Wayne. Kind of the antithesis of Wayne who hated his parents and tried to kill them as a kid. Connections to Dr. Crane (Scarecrow already exists in Nolan’s Bat-world) being his patient as a child.

  17. You don’t suppose they would bring in Azrael since bane is going to be in it and in the comics he was defeated by Azrael?

    • Actually, that was my thought.

  18. Robin

  19. i heard hes going to be cast as batgirl like alicia silverstone was

  20. This could be a variaty of characters. Obviously he should play
    THE RIDDLER. If not as a villian now then he could be a set up villian for the next batman movie. Nolan never wanted robin in his series of batman flicks, and he might be able to pull it off and then end up as nightwing in the next movie. And for all anyone knows he could end up as azrael aka jean paul valley cause after bane broke batman’s back he took up the mantle of batman for a while. Either way I’m happy he is involved in some way in this project, hopeffully as edward nigma.

  21. Its not about bringing Robin in.
    I am very curious though .

    • this is no joker. he said he wasnt going to bring that character back.

      its Robin. the next trilogy is Batman & Robin

      • He also said they’re would be no Robin.

        • I meant *there*

      • yeah there probably wont be a joker but you have to admitt that leo and heath have some strong facial similarities. if they were to show a jokaer esacping from arkham at the end or something, he would be played by this guy :))

  22. you guys do know that TDKR is the last one in the series right ? nolan stated himself that he’s only going to be making a trilogy and that everything is sorta gonna end with TDKR.

    • Sure but it isnt the “End” of all batman movies to come. Believe me there will be MORE. It might not involve Nolan but The Batman Franchise is Far from Ending.

      Introducick Dick Grayson here could set him up for the next series of Bat-Flicks as Nightwing! Skip Robin and go staraight to the more respected and less GAY Version of Grayson.

  23. This is great! I do hope he gets to be the riddler! Maybe they could use him as a secondary villain that Batman takes on early on the movie, unrelated to the main plot.

    Anyway this better be true because JGL is a great actor and he needs to be part of a big franchise! inception was a good start but TDKR would seal the deal! :D

  24. Bale coming off that Oscar win (we all no he will), Hardy, and Gordon Levitt? Movie is gonna be epic.

  25. POP CONSENSUS “I do hope he gets to be the riddler”

    Nope, for one final movie with someone as dangerous as Bane Batman needs someone else he can rely on. The thing is they won’t be wearing tights. More like a stethoscope or a badge…

  26. How about JGL as the rumored Hugo Strange ?? I know that might sound odd, but I cannot see Tom Hardy being the Bane of the comics, but a Nolan version of Bane… Maybe, there is a Nolan version of Hugo Strange ??

    • You obviously havent seen Bronson. Go see it.

      • What I was meaning that the Bane of the comics the big hulking guy with venom and powers, will not likely be the Bane of the Nolan Batman movies. I am not saying that Tom Hardy could not be Bane. I am sure Tom Hardy will be bulked enough and be a physical and mental challenge. I also believe Hardy could make Bane a more respectable villian. Most in the comics just think Bane was a c or d list villian. I think was just saying that Hardy will bring a new et recognizable Bane. JGL could bring anew Hugo Strange, yet recognizable to Batman fans.

  27. This is TDKR, Batman not only needs a villain he needs an antagonist on the right side of the law. BB it was Dawes, TDK it was the Commissioner, For this time around I’m thinking JGL will be playing a Det. on the Batman task force with a grudge against the Bat. It will be perfect and he could be in and out of production quickly with his tight schedule.