Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confirms ‘Ant-Man’ Discussions With Marvel

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Joseph Gordon Levitt writes directs and stars in Don Jon 2013 Joseph Gordon Levitt Confirms Ant Man Discussions With Marvel

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s crucial role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises didn’t spawn a franchise for the actor, his work in the billion dollar box office success – and Nolan’s Inception two years prior – helped propel the actor’s career, which up until then consisted mostly of smaller and independent films.

After multiple notable roles in 2012 (Looper, Lincoln, Premium Rush), JGL is celebrating the theatrical release of Don Jon, a project that represents Levitt’s feature film writing and directorial debut. And what better way to follow these successes than by joining one of the the biggest cinematic franchises ever as a superhero?

Yesterday came the first report on the casting process of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Ant-Man since writer and director Edgar Wright announced his return to Los Angeles to begin working on the first “Phase 3″ film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to insiders, Marvel and Wright are currently interested and are talking to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd.

Speaking with the French division of HuffPost (translated) while promoting his directorial debut Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt addressed the news, confirming that he is in discussions.

“There is always a lot of rumors around these projects and so far it is still only discussions. I am always very transparent when it comes to my role and my career. I’m Usually the first to speak and communicate with my fans if something happens. If you hear nothing from me, they are just rumors. “

Levitt also however, spoke with Allocine where he seemed to hint that it’s not much beyond a rumor at this point. Given Levitt’s name popping up in the past from reliable sources as a name of interest during the casting process of Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s very possible Marvel kept him in mind for the Ant-Man role.

ant man movie release date Joseph Gordon Levitt Confirms Ant Man Discussions With Marvel

Should Wright and Marvel choose JGL as the first new hero introduced after The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’ll be up to JGL whether or not he wants to sign what we can expect to be a lengthy, multi-picture contract.

Levitt is 12 years younger than supposed other contender Paul Rudd but it’s possible both could be in considerations for different parts. The stories of Ant-Man in Marvel Comics cover several men who sport the Ant-Man costume.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: AllocineHuffington Post

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  1. I thought that the all the talk was to have 2 different characters. One as Pyrm and the older or Later Passed down Character after Pyrm? Sorry I may not know or remember correctly. Does this sound familar to anyone?

    • You’re not crazy. I do remember some comment on having both Ant Men (at some point).

    • Wright had a script treatment with both Long and Pym. Pym set in the 60s, Lang in present day.

    • It is Pym not Pyrm.

    • They can adapt the Too Steal An Ant-Man storyline in which Scott Lang steals the equipment from Pym.

  2. I’m getting tired of hearing about this guy…I don’t think he fits this character at all he’ll bring too much of a dark persona to the character.

    • What are you talking about, the news JUST broke yesterday about this casting and you’re already “sick” of him?

      If you’re so sick of him, then stop reading this news, Ranter.

      • I think he means the actor in general has been flooding news sites, though with good reason. He was in 3 great movies last year (one being one of the biggest film franchises), his directorial debut just released and was met with positive reviews and he was recently on tour spreading the word about his ‘HitRecord’ website and label. A place in which any artists can submit their work and get noticed. He’s helping people in that manner, so the more exposure he gets, the more exposure HitRecord gets, which means more exposure for people’s work.

        • It’s either him or… you know, Bieber, Cyrus, Lohan lol.

        • That’s exactly what I meant thank you ColdSc. Some people are just too quick to go on the attack before trying to understand what a commenter means.

          I have nothing against Joseph I liked him in Inception and Looper but having too much exposure can rub some people the wrong way whether it’s positive or negative unless you are obsessed with the individual.

          • True, too much of a good things ends up being a bad thing. Though the way I see it is, the more exposure they get, sure more people will get annoyed by it and may start disliking the person, but even more people will start taking notice and like him. It’s like a fraction that never changes. Well that’s how I see it. Unless he does something stup*d lol.

            • I thin JGL is a good actor (good not great) but he is far better in supporting roles. I don’t like the fit as Pym at all. Rudd would be a little better but a good blond actor would be better. I know he doesn’t have to be blond but it is who I picture since Pym was blond since the 60’s.

              • Completely agree with you!

                • I have no idea who I would pick for Pym, but if I had a list in front of me I could easily do better than JGL. Even someone like DiCaprio or even Neil Patrick Harris would be a start.

                • Or Sawyer from Lost would be good.

    • i totally agree.

    • I grow tired of him too. I think he would have had more success in teen beach movies or comedy as he looks too much like a geek (though he does know how to act). Ant-Geek?

  3. I he gets cast, I’m there. Joseph Levitt has a huge range and is insanely talented, I’m sure he can do justice to the character.

  4. I feel casting Rudd plays to what Marvel as been doing; getting actors from comedy realm and sticking them in action. I think getting JGL would be something different. Im down either way!

  5. I was kind of hoping for paul rudd. JGL is the obvious pick cause he js the hot name, rudd is a very inspited pick imo.

  6. He’s a good actor nuff said truthfully I can see him play nightwing

  7. Rudd is the second most likable/friendly-face guy in hollywood – after Clark Gregg – so it only goes to say that I hope Marvel snatches him up too haha.

    But yes I can see JGL playing the young rash Scott Lang type.

    • I really doubt people consider clark gregg as the number one most friendly face in hollywood…most people have no idea who he is. With people like geroge clooney, ryan gosling or even brad pitt. Gregg isnt even in the same league.

      • You forgot about Hugh Jackman, and maybe a dozen others.

        • Hugh Jackman gets my vote.

      • +1
        I really like Clark Gregg but like you said, he’s definitely not in the top 10 or top 20 friendly faces in Hollywood.

    • umm, how could you leave out Nathan Fillion as most likeable/friendly-face guy in hollywood?? Plus he’s a huge nerd

      • Totally. Nathan Fillion is the first name I think of when people are talking about the human/likeable side of Hollywood.

  8. Please make this happen Joseph is amazing. He will be a great Ant-Man. He is an amazing actor and will really bring him to life. I’m really pulling for him. I really don’t want Paul Rudd to do it, the movie will be ruined from the get go if he’s cast. He can’t pull off the right acting charisma needed for the character, Gordon-Levitt can

  9. Hey Fatty Boom-Boom, Hit me wif da Ching-Ching!

    • Wtf?

  10. well idk about you guys, but the Antman that i grew up reading was either, A: extremely self centered and waaaaaaaaaay too into his work, or B: mentally unstable and taking on multiple personas (Antman, Giantman, The Wasp, and Yellow Jacket) personally Im not a fan of these two playing Antman but it is the MCU and not the comic book universe so they can do whatever they want. Marvel hasn’t done anything wrong yet… so “In Marvel I Trust”

    • Hence why I’m in team Rudd based on the characterization of Hank you just mentioned. I know both he and JGL can make that work, but Rudd will look the better haha
      Yep, In Marvel We Trust… agree to that

  11. I’m still in team Rudd, but as I said, I love both actors so even if JGL gets the job, I’m perfectly fine. Better than that, they should cast Anna Kendrick as Janet if JGL does get it, they have this wonderful chemistry in 50/50
    Then again, the thought of Paul Rudd as a superhero in the same room with Mark Rufallo and RDJ speaking scientific mumbo jumbo together… wow, just wow.

    • While my pick is JGL, Paul Rudd’s chemistry with the other cast members would be undeniably awesome.

    • My God, never though of Anna Kendrick as Wasp, great choice.

  12. I didnt like this guy in the dark knight rises its just something about his face makes you want to punch it kinda like ben afleck.

  13. Prefer it of been the guy from From Legacy or the guy from Pacific Rim

  14. Hey, since I’m kind of “Mr. Canon” around here at times, why not see what Pym looks like in the older comics, then look for an actor with good acting abilities who resembles him? Maybe not necessary, but couldn’t hurt. Incidently, the two actors being considered: on Screenrant one actor looked more like a hero, and on one of the other sites the other guy looked more like a hero (oh, shush…I know..”what does a hero really look like?”). I can’t say I’m super familiar with either one, altho I’ve heard of the one in the Batman movie.

    • Agree with you, Goldilocks. Why don’t they start by trying to cast an actor with most of those characteristics: tall, squared-shoulders, serious look, blue eyes, blond hair. Granted, the eyes don’t matter that much to most (but it’s kind of a trademark of Pym, if you really follow comics) and the hair can be dyed. But for the rest, it’s non-negociable in my opinion, as a fan. They’ve taken Pym out of the founding of the team, they’ve taken him out of creating Ultron… could they stick to cannon at least for what he’s supposed to LOOK like?

  15. I sincerely hope it’s just Pym, Scott Lang totally blows. That being said, I’d be fine if either of these guys played Ant-Man, although I’m not sure about Rudd in an action movie. But most comedic actors strive to play serious roles, so I’m all for it.
    And the Wasp better be in it.

    • Yup, Im with you. Please no Scott Lang. But tbh, the age difference between these guys is pretty big, Levitt even looks way younger. Im pretty sure there looking at Rudd for Pym and Levitt for Lang. In which case Lang will be a lot easier to like.

      I’m fine with either getting the role of Pym, but I am also on Team Rudd. But I won’t really be upset if Levitt gets the job.

      • I’m not sure which actor, if either one, will do the best job, as I am not sufficiently familiar with either one to make a truly informed judgement. What I will be upset about, though, is if it is only Lang, and we are not really much closer to an ultimate goal of mine, which is getting Hank Pym as Giant-Man or Goliath (and his gal Janet Van Dyne as Wasp as well) into The Avengers. I also will not be happy if this is a “ha-ha, dorky funny movie”. While I wold not reject the occaisional smile inherent in most Marvel movies, I don’t want this to be a series of never-ending fall-flat funny moments that causes you to not be able to take the dramatic serious parts seriously. If I want all giggles and smirks, I’ll watch The Three Stooges. Please! Keep it mostly serious!

  16. erm did he confirm ant man discussions? didnt sound like it where you getting that from?

  17. Paul Rudd can play Hank Pym, JGL can play Lang. Sounds great.

  18. In the meantime, DC/Warner whips out Ray Palmer (The Atom), and….!

  19. I’m more onboard with the Paul Rudd option. In comics, Pym is essentially a Reed Richards type, but instead of having to drop his obessive scientific research for a whole family, Pym pretty much just has the Wasp to keep him grounded and pushing him to interact with others (Avengers). Plus, he is a pacifest, who believes in using his mind to solve problems (i.e. the supervillian prison in the negative zone). Rudd, gives off that demeanor/attitude in spades. However, the movie needs action and lots of it. If that’s the case, JGL would probably be a better choice. I still think Armie Hammer would be better choice then either of them. However, The Lone Ranger may have screwed that up.

  20. I’m more onboard with the Paul Rudd option. In comics, Pym is essentially a Reed Richards type, but instead of having to drop his obessive scientific research for a whole family, Pym pretty much just has the Wasp to keep him grounded and pushing him to interact with others (Avengers). Plus, he is a pacifest, who believes in using his mind to solve problems (i.e. the supervillian prison in the negative zone). Rudd, gives off that demeanor/attitude in spades. However, the movie needs action and lots of it. If that’s the case, JGL would probably be a better choice. I still think Armie Hammer would be better choice then either of them. However, The Lone Ranger may have screwed that up. End of Line.

    • In another thread, they said that a third actor is in talks too. Maybe it’s Hammer… who knows, with all those rumors, where there’s smoke there’s fire after all. Plus, I’ve read somewhere that Hammer and Cavill (who plays Superman ;-)) who are currently filming “The Man from U.N.C.L.E., don’t get along at all, Cavill being sort of nasty towards Hammer (this, folks, is PURE gossip ;-)) Maybe a slight Marvel-DC competition there? I’m just stretching it right now, really 😉

  21. The Hero is a Hero only in the minds of the worshiper. End of line.
    The Hero is only a Hero when the world is saved. The Hero is the Harbinger of Death. End of line. The option is not yours, so give up the hopeless dialogue. End of rant

    • Seriously, I don’t see anything in this article that says JGL confirms discussions with Marvel for the Ant-Man movie… am I missing something? I think the author is stretching it a lot.

      Personally, I can’t see JGL at all as Hank Pym. Maybe Scott Lang, but… no, not really. He looks like he just got out of high school (I know he’s 32, but really… look at that baby face!)

      • I’m sorry, I commented on this post, whereas I wanted to comment in general… The article I’m referring to in my previous post is the one here on SR. The article you linked cites JGL as saying the exact same thing as in this thread, but the conclusions are not the same at all. The article you linked comes to the same conclusions as I did reading this thread :-)

        Sorry for the confusion.

    • EW left out part of JGL’s comments to the French division of Huffington Post, which this Screen Rant article did include, specifically where JGL said:

      “There is always a lot of rumors around these projects and so far it is still only discussions.”

      JGL has confirmed he is still in talks with Marvel.

  22. I hope he doesnt wreck his career doing this turdburger of a movie

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