Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises? [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

[UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t playing Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises.]

Last month, I wrote an article discussing who Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play in The Dark Knight Rises.

My number one choice was Alberto Falcone, aka The Holiday Killer. It looks like I was right.

A new report, which cites anonymous “insiders” on the set of The Dark Knight Rises, claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will indeed be playing Alberto Falcone in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. In the comic book story The Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Falcone plays the “Holiday Killer,” a serial killer responsible for offing some of Gotham’s biggest criminal figures.

According to Variety, which ran the report, most blogs had Gordon-Levitt pegged as either Deadshot or The Riddler. I guess they don’t read Screen Rant. In addition to the Gordon-Levitt news, Variety writes that 21-year-old actress Juno Temple is “being eyed for a supporting role as a street-smart Gotham girl.” There’s no word on whether or not Temple’s character is someone who currently exists within the Batman universe or is a new creation.

Alberto Falcone The Dark Knight Rises Joseph Gordon Levitt to Play Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises? [Updated]

The reason I liked Alberto Falcone so much as Gordon-Levitt’s possible character was because it fit perfectly into Nolan’s Batman series. Not only was Alberto Falcone plausible within Nolan’s realistic style, but, because Alberto is Carmine Falcone’s son, it ties the narrative back into Batman Begins. Assuming that Marion Cotillard plays Talia al Ghul as many fans expect, The Dark Knight Rises would also see the return of the League of Shadows — another nod to Batman Begins.

Because we know that The Dark Knight Rises is Nolan’s last Batman film, it makes sense that he would try to wrap things up with a nice tidy bow. Gordon-Levitt playing Falcone is not only the logical choice, but it’s one that the actor is well-suited to play. Despite many fans who liked Gordon-Levitt for Nightwing (with hopes to continue the franchise), JGL is a much better fit in a non-action role.

I should add one huge note about this story. While I’m confident that Variety‘s report is correct (since it would mean I was right too), Christopher Nolan is extremely secretive about his projects. It’s entirely possible that Gordon-Levitt won’t play Alberto Falcone, and that someone from Team Nolan is just feeding the story to the press in order to keep us guessing. Would Nolan toy with our hearts like that? Without a doubt.

That being said, I think there were only so many logical choices for Gordon-Levitt’s role, and Falcone is the best fit for the third entry in Nolan’s franchise. As a fan, this rumor is very exciting to me, and suggests that Christopher Nolan is going to deliver another excellent Batman film and close out his massively popular series in style.

UPDATE: A new Entertainment Weekly report citing a “source close to the situation” claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not play Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises. Is this more misinformation from the Nolan camp, or was Variety‘s report wrong? Only time will tell.

Source: Variety

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  1. Good call ScreenRant!

  2. oh man if this ends getting confirmed by Nolan you are going to be able to brag so hard

  3. If you look deep into the special features of “Batman Begins” and go into the “Confidential Files” look up both “Carmine Falcone” and “Ra’s al Ghul”. The “Carmine Falcone” one mentions that he has three children so perhaps Juno Temple is playing a younger sister (sorry, I have forgotten the name). Perhaps all three “Faclone” sibling will make an appearance. On the “Ra’s al Ghul” file it mentions “Tali al Ghul”. It seems that these characters appearing are very likely since Nolan said the answers are in “Batman Begins” and all of these characters are mentioned.

  4. Have you considered the possibility that this is a rumor circling around? Something along the lines of… ScreenRant hypothesizes, and then the Nolan camp decides “hey, that Rumor sounds pretty good”, and then it gets fed to Variety. :D Ha! :D Wouldn’t THAT be a feather in your cap, too? :D

    • Didn’t he write exactly that in this article??

  5. Sounds good to me!

    *Fingers now re-crossed for Talia*

  6. Sounds like a full roster of villains for Batman to face-
    Talia Al Ghul
    Alberto Falcone
    (not to mention any others that might crop up)-
    All while fighting Gotham PD. Hope Nolan’s story can handle all those players without any of them bogging it down.

    • I pray that this doenst become Spiderman 3… Just cause there is so many characters…

  7. Bad news!
    Nolan disappointing me each day.
    i just hope and prey Marion is not Sofia Falcone.

  8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a lightweight.
    I like the idea Alberto Falcone for this film
    but Gordon-Levitt is the wrong actor to play him.

    • You seriously might wanna reconsider ur definition of a lightweight because JGL is definitely not one.

      • I might not, thank you. I’m certain.
        And he is just damn annoying too.

        • Agreed, Robert. Nothing special about this guy. His performance in Inception is praised for some reason but all he did was talk in a trying deep voice. Didn’t really do anything. I don’t hate the guy but he’s just a regular actor. Hasn’t done one amazing thing.

          • I agree. He’s not a bad actor, but he’s definitely not in the league with Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, and so on.

            I thought he and Ellen Page were the weakest links in Inception.

            Hopefully Nolan will make it all work, but I don’t exactly picture JGL being able to play an Italian mobster’s son. Can he even do an accent without sounding silly?

          • Just curious – have you seen any of his other performances besides Inception? 500 Days of Summer? Hesher? The Lookout? Brick? I have to disagree in saying he hasn’t done one amazing thing. To each his own, right?

            • To me, the only JGL role that left an impression was “Bronson”. 500 Days was a smart rom-com, but praising acting chops for a rom-com is like giving Hugh Grant an Oscar lifetime achievement award for the same role he played in every rom-com.

              • When you mention Bronson, were you referring to the movie Bronson, which stars Tom Hardy? Or did JGL play a character named Bronson in one of his movies?

        • Sha-Dayum. I’m usually the one to serve up the Bit*h Puddin’…

        • You should rethink your definition, because the current one you have is uninformed and pathetic.

  9. I have a feeling it might be Alberto as well.I also suspected early on that Marion was playing Sofia, but with indications she’s playing Talia I guess that’s out of the question. I also have a feeling the Juno will be playing a street smart friend to Selina Kyle, much like the one she had in Year One. Either way , this film is getting interesting.

  10. this movie budget must be enormous. how the hell is he going to fit all these characters in a 2 hour movie? Good luck Mr.Nolan. if anyone can pull it off its you mr.inception

    • I have to agree with you, Mr. Bronson.
      There are enough characters for two movies.

      I do think Nolan is the best director working today.
      He does tend to clutter his films a bit but he
      does make them work as only he can.

      • So far, this movie has more villians then Spiderman 3… Bane, catwoman, falcone, gangsters and everyday bad-guys, and im not even adding in talis yet cause that is just a rumor as of now, I hope im wrong, but this sounds more and more like SM3… :(

  11. Go screenrant!!!, thats a good choice for the young actor, I was thinking riddler but still a good adition to Chris nolans batman story :)

  12. Riddle me this, Riddle me that, who else will be fighting the bat? Blood is Red, Corpses are Blue, you’re on the right track, but you don’t have a clue!

    • Nice

  13. Anyone else think john leguizamo would play an awesome bane? :)

  14. FYI! You weren’t the only ones who called this. MOST Batman movie fans called this as well. Solid casting! I think Juno Temple will be playing Holly Robinson or a friend to Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

  15. While I disagree with those who say that JGL is an awful actor, I must admit I am disappointed at hearing he will be playing Alberto Falcone. First of all, Falcone was not what was interesting about Batman Begins. He seemed kind of like a warm up for Bruce. But as the Holiday Killer, wouldn’t Alberto be on Bruce’s side? And with reports sounding like Catwoman could be on the side of good, it wouldn’t be ALL that cluttered. As CBM fans, we’ve all seen worse.

    I think JGL would have made an excellent Riddler, not that I think that Nolan should have gone down that route. Actually, I kind of wished he had, just to wash Jim Carrey out of my mouth. I was actually REEEAALLLYYY hoping that he would play Black Mask. THAT. Would have been wicked.

  16. I remember when screenrant put up all the possible characters he could play and ask us fellow ranter’s opinions. I choose Alberto. It just made the mostr sense not to mention the story for the character has already been developed over the last couple of movies.

  17. I should have placed bets on this…

  18. Lol at people comparing this to Spider-Man 3. That movie was crap because of studio interference. If Nolan wanted to reboot Howard the Duck, the studios would have his support.

  19. Lol at people not thinking JGL is good enough to hang with Hardy, Watanabe, etc. He was great in Brick, Manic and (500) Days of Summer

  20. JGL is a good actor so I really don’t get the doubt over him. I guess some still him as the kid from 3rd Rock.Lol. For those worried about too many characters , check out Nolan’s other films like Batman Begins, The Prestige, Inception and The Dark Knight. It’s Nolan’s m.o. to have sweeping stories with several characters, and unlike Spiderman 3 they all are connected to each other and to the larger story.

  21. Tommy ,because JGL will always be tommy from 3rd rock the moment someone mentions the guy to me(hell,he still look like tommy), is not suited for many roles,he’s simply to shrimpy

    now his inception role worked as it is original,however he cannot pull of action roles at least not any that demand an actor to make a believable physical impact(shrimpy), his acting ain’t bad though…

    • Luckily he won’t need to beef up for this role, since the character in the comics is rather skinny/average and isn’t physically imposing.

  22. In the whole bringing all the movies full circle I believe scarecrow will be back and he will develop the steroid drug for bane, at least I hope so.

  23. Alberto Falcone fits Joseph Gordon-Levitt quite a lot, good role. I wonder if the Scarecrow will be back in it for a short roll?? What stumps me is how Batman’s going to defeat all these villains, unless Catwoman or Alberto Falcone decide to help him out. Anyway, I believe in Nolan, I know he’ll make it work. <3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3

  24. The true identity of the killer is never definitively revealed in the story itself; both Alberto Falcone and Gilda Dent admit to being Holiday, with Gilda claiming she committed the first three murders and that someone else (she believes her husband Harvey) took over from there…i think this is where he fits in

  25. before dark knight, who thought heath ledger could be a joker? this could work with proper story telling and directing, they have been good so far.

  26. Juno Temple could be playing Kitrina Falcone which is Albertos sister but could more likely be playing Holly Robinson. Holly takes over as Catwoman for a while and her background loosely fits the description. I think she was a hooker in the comics and Selina takes her in and teaches her the way of the cat. I mainly know her from the Infinite Crisis.

  27. It does fit very well, if true. I would enjoy it.

  28. He’s an OK actor, I’ve never seen him be brilliant in anything yet. I do worry that this film is getting bloated with actors and characters, I hope its an improvment on The Dark Knight.

    I really wish they would change the awful title too.