Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

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gun in movie theatre Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

We’ve all been there – we’ve paid for our overpriced movie tickets, purchased our popcorn and drink of Coke priced as if I had a double shot of Jack Daniels in it, made our way into the inevitably packed screening and made our way to our seat. But we soon forget about those troubles and settle in to watch a movie that hopefully makes that all go away.

But just as we’ve settled in comfortably to relax and watch what we’ve paid too see, we hear some ignorant fellow moviegoers start talking, either on their phones or to the people next to them, ruining our movie viewing experience.

We might proceed to give them a harsh “ssshhh” or even go as far to politely ask them to shut the hell up. Now assuming that fails (which it usually does) most of us would just let it be out of politeness, while some will complain to theater staff. But no doubt we’ve all gotten to the point where we have thought, even if just for the briefest of moments, of shutting up the offending moviegoers by pure brute force. But a thought is all it amounts too, nothing more.

Well it seems that not all people are able to restrain their anger…

It’s been reported that 29-year old James Joseph Cialella Jr, who went to a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day, pulled out a gun and shot another man in the arm because he and his family (yes, that’s right, his family was there) for being too noisy. The incident took place at the UA Riverview Stadium 17 theater in South Philadelphia.

Cialella became annoyed when the family, which was sitting near the front, wouldn’t stop talking. He told them to be quiet, but because of this apparently the young son decided to be a smart ass and became even noisier, making comments and the like. Cialella then threw popcorn at the young boy in an attempt to get him to stop annoying him. But since that failed he decided that next logical step must be to pull out his gun (a Kel-Tec .380 handgun to be precise) and shot the father in the arm.

But one of the most shocking things is (beyond the obvious, of course) that Cialella didn’t try to run away – but sat down to continue watching the film, even as people around were fleeing the theater. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested him. He is up on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and weapons violations. The victim, who remains unnamed, was sent directly to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is reported to be “okay.”

Oh, and if the quote in the title of this post is throwing you, it’s by Al Pacino in Scarface, referring to a machine gun he’s holding just before he starts shooting up a room. icon smile Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

So what do you think? Do you think this is completely outrageous, or in some dark little corner of your mind are you thinking “damn straight, about time someone taught people to shut up during a movie?”

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  1. Dan wrote:
    “That having been said, the only reason to be packing heat in a movie theater is if you’re Donut Dave, The Mall Cop sneaking a 2-hr. unauthorized break.”

    Or if you’re a concealed carry license holder that don’t try to play psychic and decide when he’s at risk or when he isn’t. I’m sure nobody thought I would have encountered an armed robber on mother’s day in a Chinese restaurant 2 years ago either… Or be the idiot that thinks because you live in a “good” neighborhood that crime can’t happen to you. I live in a “good” neighborhood with $400,000 – $500,000 homes (I know that won’t get you a studio in New York City or LA, but where I live these are really nice homes.) and my house have been broken into. Luckily I wasn’t home at the time. Luckily for the robber, not me, because if I would have been home, he would have been face to face with either my .45, my 12 gauge, or my AR15. Not sure which one I would pick…

    So don’t listen to these idiot politicians and the news media. Sure you can just “call the cops” and I’m sure they will be there to take photos of your dead body. But for me, I’d rather protect myself and not have to rely on how fast the paramedics can rush me to the emergency room.

  2. I feel sad that my evil side is happy that this guy got shot. I actually hate violence but nothing pushes my buttons faster than rude movie goers.

    I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve been to where one person is explaining the ENTIRE movie as it happens. If you can’t hear or understand the movie either wait until it comes out on DVD which is usually in about a month or go to a matinee where people can sit far away from your annoying ass.

    One of my friends has a license for concealed carry although he’s never drawn his gun in the movies that I know of. Just having that gun gave him confidence so he never had a problem telling anyone to STFU.

    Of course, he actually didn’t need the gun to feel confident. He would have done it anyhow. And met you outside later per your request as long as he got to finish watching the movie.

    So there are TONS of concealed carriers out there. Or at least in Baltimore. And I generally don’t think aboout it.

    Bottom line: I wish they could do something to the family for acting like assholes. Not just arrest the shooter. He could probably cop a temporary insanity plea if his judge or the jury has ever been to the movies at least once in their life.

    I just don’t want to hear about their dumb asses being sympathized with on Oprah. So he didn’t deserve to be shot but it wasn’t a random shooting and he and his family were being dicks. Why do I need to feel sorry for THOSE ass hats?

    This has been a fun topic. Thanks. :)

  3. What makes me sad is the fact that the parents didn’t make the kids shut the hell up.

    Too many kids are growing up with a sense of entitlement and this parental behavior just encourages it.

    We aren’t their friends. It is our job to make sure they grow up to be responsible members of society.

  4. Oprah is retarded, she will side with any a-hole. She’ll be glad to defend criminals and murderers on her show if she thinks it will help her ratings.

    I can’t wait until she uses the “it’s society’s fault” line for murderers and other criminals…

  5. @prtfvr
    The people that kick your seat…Oh, man, that gets me! If your legs are that long, just sit in a seat that doesn’t have a seat in front of you.

    I have a bluetooth that goes with my cell phone that blinks a blue light denoting it is operating. Once a guy asked to if I could turn it off; since he asked nicely, I had no problem doing so. I am a 365 lb. black man with a vandyke; many of my friends say I look thugish, especially when I wear a skullcap. Now if this man thought I was a mean Biggie Smalls-type hood, he really showed some courage. My wife calls me Boo-Boo because I am just a big teddy bear. Hmmm, maybe I should have left that part off my post :-D .

  6. @Kahless
    Stop looking for a date here! You sound just how I like my coffee: big, black, and strong. Are you packing too? ;)

    Hey, I’m a woman, ok. Just in case there was any doubt.

    Ok, back on topic.

    Re: the chair kickers. Those people are doing it on purpose. Don’t give me that ‘restless leg syndrome’ bull. It doesn’t matter how talk those people are and it’s usually kids trying to see how long they can get away with it.

    Now the giants who have their knees in my back? Hate that too but I tend to give them some slack because it’s not like they give you lots of room in most of the theaters to relax.



    I don’t think that Oprah’s retarded. I just think she’s a media whore. She’s helped a lot of people and I loved her when she was here in Baltimore when I was a kid but I can’t stand to see her face now. And those shots of her with a sympathetic look or tears in her eyes makes me want my ice pick. GRRRRR!

  7. That’s what I mean though, she doesn’t actually “help” other people, she’s helping herself. If she only cared about helping others, she wouldn’t publicize it into an entire episode showcasing how she’s helping people…

  8. Do you guys ever notice to when Oprah is talking to people that she always interrupts them mid sentence? I dont know if its just me or what but everytime someone talks on there 2 seconds later Oprah is talking with them.

    Back on topic anyways, I try to get into a theater almost late but not entirely so I can find a seat away from everyone. My theaters here are not too crowded unless it is a popular movie at the time, the later you are the less chance more people will show up so you at least dont have to deal with seat kickers. That is the worst!

  9. I have this contrast in my mind between Darwin and Dan. It’s just my own perception based on what I read.

    One strikes me as victimized, intimidated, taken advantage of; a self-imposed prisoner protected from evildoers and hooligans. He waits for months to get what he wants and enjoys it in safety and solitude.

    The other strikes me as creative, cunning, active, siezing opportunity, owning his own space, heroic (on a small scale), cheerful, unguarded, secure, and lesson-teaching. I hazard to guess that he understands freedom and the really small everday prices that it costs us today. I don’t know if he comes out of a John Wayne Movie with a John Wayne Swagger, but I can see him saying “Go ahead, make my day” to the next little twerp who crosses his path.

  10. I don’t know sylar, Dan just basically made a really anti-gun remark. Which to me is him saying that we need to rely on the help from others instead of helping ourselves. Helping ourselves as in defending ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with carrying a gun into a theater or anywhere else, it’s how you use it that matters. A firearm is for self defense, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m not going to wait for the cops to come and hopefully solve my murder… When the cops do come, I prefer that nobody be dead, but if someone is, trust that I will do what’s in my power to ensure that it isn’t going to be me.

  11. OK…I apparently missed Oprah (boo-hoo, boo-hoo); am I reading that old Opie sided with the SHOOTER????

    Oh you just KNOW this’ll get blamed on a new social disease: The Netflix Syndrome, wherein Netflix, Blockbuster, and video streamed over the internet are blamed for the lack of social graces that led to the mouthy kid.

    Hey, why stop there? Let’s have someone shoot up a TV station because “Oprah Winfrey made me do it!”

  12. @Sylar’s Hunger:

    I not only do the swagger, I do the voice, quoting from True Grit: “Young fella, if you’re looking for trouble, I’ll accommodate you. Otherwise, leave it alone.” (I do voice impersonations)…I have more fun with voicemail than one can imagine

  13. @Kahless

    I’m guessing that I’m older than you and I’m NEVER losing my sense of innuendo. How boring would THAT be. So yes, I’ll be the pathetic little old lady saying dirty things that people will think I’m too old to understand what I’m saying.

    That’s one of the benefits of getting old. You can say pretty much whatever you want and get away with it. I’d like to think that that’s a LONG way in my future so for now, I’ll just continue to get into trouble with what I’m saying. :)

  14. @ prtfvr

    That sounds a lot like Tourette’s Syndrome…;)

  15. @greenknight

    It’s not the gun but the principle behind it’s use. I don’t think that people here are advocating shooting someone any time they piss you off but it’s like seeing a movie where a person is pushed around so much that by the end of the movie they do something radical because they can’t stand it anymore.

    Basically: Just say no to shooting noisy people but say yes to getting the noisy people to behave themselves while they’re out in public. It’s not WHAT he did but WHY he did it that we understand. I hope that helps.

  16. @greenknight

    I DO curse a lot. You might be onto something there! ;)

  17. @greenknight:

    LOL! Thanks.

    So you’re advocating violence so long as there aren’t any weapons involved? Interesting stance. ;)

    Stop making it sound like I agree with the shooter. I don’t. I understand the reason but that doesn’t mean that I agree with the action he took.

    Peace man. :)


  18. Greenknight said:
    {{Guns are not the answer, they give you a false sense of security…}}

    I would have a sense of security by being properly trained to use a gun, and by carrying a loaded gun.

    Many citizens already have a FALSE sense of security. They believe that in time of danger, they would have time to dial 911, describe their situation, give precise location, and then rely on police to protect/intervene/track down/bring to justice, a criminal who would have likely fled the scene if they would have merely held the gun out in front of them.

    A number of school and mall massacres may have been prevented with the presence of just one trained gun user. The church in Colorado would certainly have been one of those massacre sites if not for a brave woman wielding a gun in the house of the Lord. Amen.

  19. Greenknight said:
    {{… and it is more likely that an accident will happen because of an error in judgement..}}

    This is a myth, along with the myth that lawful citizens carrying guns create “road rage” shootings. There’s yet another related myth that gun toters become vigilantes.

    Gun totin’ citizens increase the range and scope and vigilance of a potential police force–and THAT gives criminals a TRUE sense of INsecurity.

  20. @greenknight

    I think really no one thinks that the shooting was the right answer, but that this speaks to the heart of the issue of people basically being inconsiderate jerks in movie theaters. Pretty much like the “release” one feels when the bad guy finally gets what’s coming to him in a movie.

    As to you your gun arguments – thankfully I don’t live in a state that puts onerous restrictions on having a gun in my home. I’ve educated my wife and daughter on the seriousness, responsibility and dangers of guns – and if someone breaks into my home I won’t have to unlock a cabinet to get access to a weapon.


  21. @greenknight

    No offense taken. I just wanted to make sure that my intentions were clear.

    That being said (uh oh):

    I HATE HATE HATE guns! Mostly because I had somewhat of a violent childhood when you never knew when your clothes were going to be thrown in your bedroom at 3 in the morning and told to leave because “Chris is high and has a gun and he’s looking for you. You need to leave, NOW!”

    So I’m afraid of guns. Wouldn’t have one in my house. However, I believe in people’s right to own weapons so long as they’re WELL checked out first and licensed. And I mean checking out the person. I don’t think the review process is strict enough. Why you couldn’t wait for your license is beyond me. I must be missing something.

    I also think that people shouldn’t be allowed to own AK 47s, armor piercing bullets. Basically, weapons better than the police have. What kind of hunting are you going to do with that kind of weaponry?

    Target practice is LOTS of fun. I understand the allure of guns and I trust a person who went through the trouble of getting a license a whole lot more that the people who just managed to pick one up on the sly. Those people really scare me.

    So I’m a gun hating person who thinks that people have the right to own guns. And that they keep them securely put away until the need to shoot someone in a movie theater arises. ;)

  22. @prtfvr

    “What kind of hunting are you going to do with that kind of weaponry?”

    That is a specious argument as the second amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. It’s there for protection against others who would do us harm AND to protect us from our own government should it ever become necessary.

    I understand the basis of year fear, but perhaps it would be better directed at psychotic, drug addicted people instead of guns. I’m sure if that person didn’t have a gun it would have been a knife.


  23. Oh Vic, Vic, Vic. You hung me by using the law – literally. How COULD you?! ;)

    And how am I supposed to know who’s psychotic and who’s drug addicted. I can tell you from LOTS of experience that it’s not as easy to figure that out as you’d think.

    I hope we never live in a country where an AK47 (which I’m assured by my 20 year old son isn’t even the BEST gun) is necessary. Be assured, I’ll get over my fear of owning a gun pretty quickly.

    I’m afraid of most weapons; butcher knives, machetes, axes, bread boards, belts. Although it’s hard to find a breadboard with a handle these days so I’m over that one.

    The men in my family were a bit scary but outside of our happy home? No one would ever have believed them capable of the things they did. They were just too nice and “normal”. .

    So even though I have a better than average way of spotting loonies, I’m not 100% comfortable with my psychotic spotting abilities.

    But you’re absolutely right. None of the weapons are specified as to what you can or can’t have. I really hope that AK’s won’t get a concealed permit any time soon. And if it already exists, I beg you to keep it to yourself. ;)