Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

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gun in movie theatre Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

We’ve all been there – we’ve paid for our overpriced movie tickets, purchased our popcorn and drink of Coke priced as if I had a double shot of Jack Daniels in it, made our way into the inevitably packed screening and made our way to our seat. But we soon forget about those troubles and settle in to watch a movie that hopefully makes that all go away.

But just as we’ve settled in comfortably to relax and watch what we’ve paid too see, we hear some ignorant fellow moviegoers start talking, either on their phones or to the people next to them, ruining our movie viewing experience.

We might proceed to give them a harsh “ssshhh” or even go as far to politely ask them to shut the hell up. Now assuming that fails (which it usually does) most of us would just let it be out of politeness, while some will complain to theater staff. But no doubt we’ve all gotten to the point where we have thought, even if just for the briefest of moments, of shutting up the offending moviegoers by pure brute force. But a thought is all it amounts too, nothing more.

Well it seems that not all people are able to restrain their anger…

It’s been reported that 29-year old James Joseph Cialella Jr, who went to a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day, pulled out a gun and shot another man in the arm because he and his family (yes, that’s right, his family was there) for being too noisy. The incident took place at the UA Riverview Stadium 17 theater in South Philadelphia.

Cialella became annoyed when the family, which was sitting near the front, wouldn’t stop talking. He told them to be quiet, but because of this apparently the young son decided to be a smart ass and became even noisier, making comments and the like. Cialella then threw popcorn at the young boy in an attempt to get him to stop annoying him. But since that failed he decided that next logical step must be to pull out his gun (a Kel-Tec .380 handgun to be precise) and shot the father in the arm.

But one of the most shocking things is (beyond the obvious, of course) that Cialella didn’t try to run away – but sat down to continue watching the film, even as people around were fleeing the theater. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested him. He is up on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and weapons violations. The victim, who remains unnamed, was sent directly to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is reported to be “okay.”

Oh, and if the quote in the title of this post is throwing you, it’s by Al Pacino in Scarface, referring to a machine gun he’s holding just before he starts shooting up a room. icon smile Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

So what do you think? Do you think this is completely outrageous, or in some dark little corner of your mind are you thinking “damn straight, about time someone taught people to shut up during a movie?”

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  1. Aah I forgot about the 25 auto,, what a piece of crap. Squirrels laugh at that bullet.
    32auto is powerful if you have Silvertips, and use a Seecamp.
    The 22 is super deadly with the right bullets.
    I would prefer a 380 wound to either of those…
    A leather jacket will 8 times out of 10 deflect a 380.
    The guy prob did fire multiple times but I’m guessing his piece of crap gun jammed on him. :-)

  2. How funny would it be if some movie bootlegger caught the whole thing on tape.

    I’m not sure Sylar’s Hunger Continues, the family is prob being booked on Oprah as we speak. This Junior character won’t get much sympathy when America see’s the trama written on the kids faces. I’m sure the dads gonna say that they weren’t talking that loudly. You know he’s allready called Larry Parker and that theatre is gonna get suuuueddd. Ouch !!
    I feel bad for this Juniors parents. I mean come on he prob still lives at home. They might even have to absorb some of the legal costs.

    O, well,, Aint it Cool news com just lost another loyal commenter. :-)

  3. sylar, why would it be a gun rights debate? He lives in South Philly, which means most likely he doesn’t have the right to legally carry a weapon anyhow, which makes him just another idiot criminal with a gun. It actually should help the argument for self defense. But I know the media won’t play it like that. Just like how the media ignored the school shooting in Vermont or Virginia that was twarted because of students with concealed licenses and concealed weapons but the Virginia Tech shooting is all over the news. God forbig the news media show a case where a concealed weapons license have done some good… There are actually cases where legal firearms are used to prevent crimes every week, almost every day, but you will NEVER hear about them on the news… I love our unbiased news, don’t you?

  4. Meant to say “God forbid” not forbig, lol

  5. Yeah that same unbaised media gets ppl elected…


  6. I’m reminded of that scene in Natural born Killers, where a vehicle passes the sociopaths on the run.., while they are standing at a bridge.. yelling some obscenity at them and the newlywed killers just turn around and look at you are lucky its our wedding day..That was a very disturbing picture, and like road rage, we have a bunch of walking and driving timebombs out here.
    I just hope they all don’t get up at the same time one day, on the wrong side of bed.
    me..I would have taken my passive agressive streak and just shot the movie projector..If I can’t watch this movie….nobody can!

  7. I am shocked that everyone seems to be surprised this has happened…have we learned nothing from when President Lincoln was shot?


  8. Sys_Congig: what a great name! (Not sure why, it’s not like I ever understood that little devil)

    Bill: That was just wrong.

  9. Can we make a holiday named after this guy ? He’s my hero.

    Like others have said I bet no body in that family will talk during a movie again. I would never go that far, but you have to admit if a few other nut jobs out there snapped in the movies at talkers and did just this one thing and it got national coverage… Well lets say there wouldn’t be as many talkers.

  10. before every movie it should say “please be quiet, OR ELSE” , then show a picture of that dude.

  11. “Please be quiet, you never know who you will piss off” He should get paid so theaters can use his picture for that message, lol.

    Seriously though, that would just encourage people to do things like that so they can get famous if they think that will work… People are THAT desperate for attention now-a-days…

  12. Like everyone else I hate talkers or slobs while watching a movie. I have done a couple of mean things to people in a theater for talking like dumping a drink or two (and yes it did make me feel much better :) ) or throwing some popcorn but I wouldnt pull a gun on someone. As much as I applaud the guy (sorry im one of thoose people that is saying “damn straight, about time someone taught people to shut up during a movie!”) that is going a bit far.

    I think the best part is the guy just stayed in the theater to watch the rest of the movie. :D

    I wonder if the kid wet himself after that? lol

  13. @Ken J.

    That would be nice! Wonder if they would set them up here! :D

  14. to those who suggest that the kids will be quiet from now on, i suggest the opposite, that they’ll continue talking, but will be armed, you know, just in case.

  15. Haha, Vic. Yeah:

    “Offenders will be shot. Repeat offenders will be shot again.”

  16. If these kids love their dad, then they’ll shut up from now on as they will feel eminent remorse and regret… otherwise if they don’t and they learn the punishment the guy gets for shooting their dad in the arm they might just find their actions justified as it put a nut case behind bars… either way I don’t care for both parties: 1 an idiot who shot someone’s dad to shut the kids up; 2 a family where the parents never found it important to instill the kids proper manners in public places.

  17. No matter how rude people are in the theater are, I generally leave them alone unless I’m losing it. I figure that if they have the balls to be THAT rude, maybe they have a weapon to go with them.

    I don’t agree that the man should have been shot but I have to think that if the shooter had wanted that dude dead, he wouldn’t have winged him.

    Basically, the dark side of me is thinking: FINALLY! Some yapper got theirs! The other side is thinking: Great, now I know for sure that people go to the movies packing. I figured that was true but I didn’t need proof.

    I hate when people talk loudly during a movie, answer their cell phones, heck, just leaving them ON is annoying. But no one ever does anything to shut these people up. I get so angry that I just want to strangle someone. But I don’t. I still want to yell at them or something. Especially the combo people who like to kick my chair WHILE talking. Ooh, my favorite? The person who keeps saying loudly what’s getting ready to happen. Love that person.

    I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not packing either, huh. ;)

  18. prtfvr, if you tolerate a boor giving on-the-spot spoilers, and don’t at least move, i’m more shocked at your behavior, not theirs.

    No one will kick my chair for long. I say “please don’t kick my chair” and turn back around. It’s polite but it’s not a request.

    If everyone is sporting a gun, that’s just fine. But I’m not going through life not having a spine. (Been there, done that.) If I do, “then the terrorists have already won.”

  19. Hiya Sylar!

    Yes, from time to time I DO say something and I’ve NEVER had a good result. I fall more into the “why bother” category. Of course, I’m from Baltimore where they grow all the Baltimorons.

    Sometimes I can’t take it anymore but others I just suck it up. Why? Because I DO want my spine. I don’t need any new holes in it. Every other person in Balitmore is packing or carrying knives. And I really gotta think: is Mama Mia really worth a fight? And then I think: Why the hell am I watching a musical? I hate them.

  20. LOL gun-toters at musicals. Was it Rent? They may want you for your red pumps.

  21. This is hilarious.

    More people need to be impulsively homicidal like this. It’ll make the world a better place.

  22. Well, he definitely doesn’t look like the type who’d, you know, go out of his way to get a license for that gun. Come to think of it, he doesn’t look like the type who’d go see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button either.

    But ugh! Admittedly, I get annoyed when people talk obnoxiously loud during movies but sometimes I’m guilty of talking as well. But to pull out a gun and then finishing watching the movie? That is a tad too extreme. I mean, honestly…you’re in a movie theater packed in with a bunch of people (obnoxious teenagers are the worst), you can’t expect everyone to just sit quietly in their seats. In a perfect world, maybe…

  23. Sadly it was bound to happen at some point. It is really annoying when people talk during the movie, but, somehow i push it it to the back of my mind, and try to pay attention to the film and if it gets worse, I simply get up, go to the ticket booth and exchange my ticket for a different movie or a different showing.
    The thing that really pisses me off though, are Straglers, the ones who show up just after the lights go down, and stand there for about 5 minutes, and noisily discuss their seating options and proceed to said destination, and disrupt everyone on their way. If you can be in your seat before the lights go down, don’t bother showing up. I wish every movie had Hitchcocks approach, when he released Psyco, No one was allowed in after the Lights go down, granted he did this for the maximum effect for his movie, but even so it still pisses me off, maybe i’ll consider bringing a gun to the next flick i go to and pop em each in the knee cap, hahah JK

  24. This type of annoying behavior (like from the FAMILY, not to maniac) are why I will not set foot in movie theatres anymore. You don’t get what you pay for, which is supposedly a high quality view and listen of a particular movie. It doesn’t help that theatre owners do almost NOTHING to stop this stupid behavior. They can keep their seats. When someone breaks in and tries something stupid IN MY HOUSE while I’m watching my dvd or pay per view movie, I’ll make this maniac look quite tame by comparison.

  25. I will NOT be kept from the movies when I want to go. There aren’t that many movies worth going to see any more. At $11 a ticket, if I wait a couple of months I can spend $14.99 and buy the darn thing for iTunes if I want to see it that bad and it’s not available for rent.

    If I think it’s going to be THAT kind of movie (too many stupid people), I go see the matinee version. For some reason, matinees have more polite folks there. Go figure.

  26. FACT: The family was being inconsiderate.

    FACT: The kid with the smart mouth will undoubtedly think twice before shooting his mouth off again, lest he irritate another who shoots from the hip, not the lip.

    That having been said, the only reason to be packing heat in a movie theater is if you’re Donut Dave, The Mall Cop sneaking a 2-hr. unauthorized break.

    When they rereleased the Star Wars films to the theaters, my wife and I were at the theater when some jack*ss decided to play with their laser pointer…so there’s Han Solo with an angry red Tinkerbell flitting around his face like a psychotic gnat; I judged from the number of heads ahead of me all looking backward, that the offender(s) were behind me, turning it off to hide their ID.

    So I waited until Tink returned, then borrowed my wife’s compact with mirror; I got a fix on the offenders, then got up to get some popcorn…went out Auditorium Door A, crossed over and re-entered through Auditorium Door B, using the side of the stairs as concealment while I took my sweatshirt off and left it on the floor; then I entered and got a seat right behind them and waited.

    Sure enough, laser pointer came out; I reached from behind and grabbed it, then made for the lobby, being pursued ineptly by 2 surprised 12 year olds. The manager was nearby as I exited, and I told him what I’d done. The boys claimed it was my laser pointer; what they hadn’t counted on was that this was a VERY expensive pointer with a tortoise-shell finish and an engraved name on the clip…a name that wasn’t mine.

    So they tried to be tough guys about it; claimed it wasn’t theirs, so I said, “Then you won’t mind if I do…THIS!” and threw it to the tile floor and brought my Tony Lama bootheel down on it.

    I think the boys…um…soiled themselves at that moment, because they’d have to explain what they were doing with Daddy’s $500 laser pointer, as well as how it got busted.

  27. Those bastards took my laser pointer!!!

    Excuse me I gotta make a call.

  28. @Dan

    Dude… AWESOME story! :-P


  29. Shoplifter Dan, did it cross your mind that if they claimed it was “your” laser pointer, you could have winked at the manager and walked off with a Laser pointer ?

    You chose the destructive path of the Dark side. Dan.