Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

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gun in movie theatre Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

We’ve all been there – we’ve paid for our overpriced movie tickets, purchased our popcorn and drink of Coke priced as if I had a double shot of Jack Daniels in it, made our way into the inevitably packed screening and made our way to our seat. But we soon forget about those troubles and settle in to watch a movie that hopefully makes that all go away.

But just as we’ve settled in comfortably to relax and watch what we’ve paid too see, we hear some ignorant fellow moviegoers start talking, either on their phones or to the people next to them, ruining our movie viewing experience.

We might proceed to give them a harsh “ssshhh” or even go as far to politely ask them to shut the hell up. Now assuming that fails (which it usually does) most of us would just let it be out of politeness, while some will complain to theater staff. But no doubt we’ve all gotten to the point where we have thought, even if just for the briefest of moments, of shutting up the offending moviegoers by pure brute force. But a thought is all it amounts too, nothing more.

Well it seems that not all people are able to restrain their anger…

It’s been reported that 29-year old James Joseph Cialella Jr, who went to a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day, pulled out a gun and shot another man in the arm because he and his family (yes, that’s right, his family was there) for being too noisy. The incident took place at the UA Riverview Stadium 17 theater in South Philadelphia.

Cialella became annoyed when the family, which was sitting near the front, wouldn’t stop talking. He told them to be quiet, but because of this apparently the young son decided to be a smart ass and became even noisier, making comments and the like. Cialella then threw popcorn at the young boy in an attempt to get him to stop annoying him. But since that failed he decided that next logical step must be to pull out his gun (a Kel-Tec .380 handgun to be precise) and shot the father in the arm.

But one of the most shocking things is (beyond the obvious, of course) that Cialella didn’t try to run away – but sat down to continue watching the film, even as people around were fleeing the theater. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested him. He is up on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and weapons violations. The victim, who remains unnamed, was sent directly to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is reported to be “okay.”

Oh, and if the quote in the title of this post is throwing you, it’s by Al Pacino in Scarface, referring to a machine gun he’s holding just before he starts shooting up a room. simple smile Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

So what do you think? Do you think this is completely outrageous, or in some dark little corner of your mind are you thinking “damn straight, about time someone taught people to shut up during a movie?”

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  1. Luckily the gun toting devotee didn’t miss the end of the movie, since the life story goes rather in reverse.

  2. I’m wondering who the victim of this story really is…

  3. About as far out line as someone could go, could have killed someone for talking? What a world we live in.

  4. I actually worry more about the flip side of this situation – that some nut job will assault me for telling him to be quiet during a movie.


  5. While I believe the guy with the gun took it a little too far, I bet those kids will NEVER talk during a movie again.

  6. I have to admit, although what the guy did was shocking and a tad unnecessary, in “some dark little corner of [my] mind”, I can’t help but applaud him. It’s one thing to lean over for a second and whisper something to a friend, but people that actually talk during a movie, whether out loud or on their phone, are majorly inconsiderate. Not to mention, a major pain in the @$$. I mean, I don’t EXACTLY condone what he did. He took it a little too far by whipping out a gun and shooting someone, but let’s face it, he’s the only one with the guts to do what we’ve all thought about. Again, though, he took it too far.

  7. Maybe they will be quiet the next time they go to the theater… LOL

    I personally wouldn’t do that, although I physically can (not legally) since I’m a concealed weapons license holder and I am almost always armed in some way. But seriously, some people have no respect, they think they are at home watching the movie and that what other people want doesn’t matter. Sometimes I wish they would respond in a violent manner when I ask them to shut the hell up just so I can kick them in the face and call it self defense.

    I remember watching Iron Man for the first time, the guy next to me was just a slob. You can tell he has absolutely no respect and no consideration in how he would peal the wrappers off his candy and then just throws them on the floor in front of him. Literally the floor in front of him was completely littered and it was all from him. He would wipe his mouth, throw the napkin on the floor, open a candy, throw the package on the floor when he’s done, finish his nachos, then throws the tray on the floor, etc. etc.

    Then in the middle of the movie, his phone starts ringing. Now forgetting to silence your phone, yah whatever, I’m sure it has happened to many people. But usually they go and turn it off right away. Him, he let’s it ring for a good 20 seconds, ignoring it at first, then he casually takes the phone out of his pocket, and instead of hitting the button on the side to silence the ring, he sits there, looking at the phone, while it’s still ringing, and just keeps looking at it, not answering it to hang up, not silencing it, just letting it ring. Of course now it’s really loud since it’s not in his pocket, so I can see everyone was getting annoyed, I hear whispers all around about this ringing. I look to him and say “are you going to turn that off or what?” And do you know what he does? He aims the phone at me thinking the light is bright enough to annoy me…

    Well, along with a firearm, I ALWAYS carry a high output flashlight that is bright enough to blind someone temperarily if their eyes are adjusted to the dark. So I said in a sarcastic manner as I drew my light “oh, I’m so blind…” and as he looked at me I shine the light right into his eyes from point blank. Lol.

    I don’t know if he noticed I was with a large group of friends or he just knew he was just some stupid fat slob that can’t take care of himself, but he didn’t do anything about it. When his vision came back, hahaha, he silenced his phone and I didn’t hear from him since.

    Luckily Iron Man was good enough for that to not ruin the experience. Now everytime my friends and I go to the movies, one of them always asks me “you have your light right?” just in case we run into someone like him again, lol.

    Another time we were at a theater, we were watching The Kingdom, a spanish family was sitting behind us. They were just talking to each other at a normal volume like they think they were at home, not even trying to whisper or anything! Just talking and talking and talking. So when that first explosion in the beginning happened, my friend was like “hey, that was a cool explosion wasn’t it??” loudly, so I responded loudly “Yah, that was, I’m so glad we’re watching this at home where we can talk as loudly as we want and not be bothering anyone!” and he was like “yes, it is so awesome that there is nobody else in this place that is bothered by our loud talking!” and I responded “yah, it isn’t RUDE or anything!” we waited a while to see if they got the point, and they did, they all shut up, so my friend and I started laughing (quietly this time) about it.

    Another time, forgot what movie we were watching, some ghetto kids kept making stupid comments during the movie and talking through the movie, my friend said to them “hey, shut the hell up!” (politeness doesn’t work with idiot teenaged ghetto wannabe thug kids) One of them came back to where he was and started making all of these threats, as if it was my friend’s fault that he wants to watch a movie in peace, but when my friend stood up (he is like 6’5″ or something like that) and the rest of us stood up too, that kid just started backing away and went back to his seat, lol. They were quiet from that moment on… 😀

    THEN another time at the theater, during Beowulf (sp?), these ghetto kids were all making loud comments throughout the movie. But we actually didn’t do anything about it this time because we thought the movie was pretty stupid anyhow and understood why they were not paying attention either, lol.

    Yah, there are a bunch of a-holes here in South Florida, especially when you get into Dade County like Miami or whatever. Not only do they not speak english down there, but they are rude and almost none of them know how to drive, either that or they are intentionally trying to ram everyone off the road… It’s like driving an obstacle course driving in Miami…

  8. South Philly? Well, that explains it, then.

  9. BTW, just to clear it up, I’m not condoning what the guy did, he’s an idiot. The LAST thing I would ever do is use a deadly weapon in such a manner. It is for self defense when your life or the life of someone else is in imminent danger, period. This guy is basically going to face prison time just to shut someone up. If all else fails, he could complain to staff after the movie and probably get a voucher for a free movie ticket.

  10. Oh, but “attempted murder” from a single shot to the arm with a .380?? That charge will be dropped for sure, but the rest have a good chance of sticking.

  11. The guy went way over the line…The problem I guess is not the guns but the morons that use them….

  12. How I responded to a moviegoer’s phone call:

    During the movie Frequency, a lady a few rows back got a call during a tender moment. She was in the middle of a row and just had a conversation. People all around whispered but nothing was directly said. At moments like these there’s an effort for me not to “lose the moment” in the story with a distraction. But also of course anger and annoyance at the idiot.

    If you’ve seen Frequency, you may recall how all the elements wrap together in a complex climax. That’s when her phone rang again and she talked louder to compensate for the movie volume. I still had some energy around her first ignorance, and some resolve in me not to be silent. So I shouted HANG UP! She went on for maybe 5 more seconds before I said it even more forcefully, ***HANG UP!*** I should point out that I was alone and had no buddies to give me thumbs-up or pat me on the shoulder or even shout along with me. It takes a lot for me to do something like that, so my heart was pounding and I needed some time for the adrenaline rush to die down. As it is, I lost enough concentration at that crucial time, that I only partly understood what had happened. But the movie is in my top 5 and I’ve had ample opportunities to absorb the whole thing.

  13. Wow, great to hear (your obviously PASSIONATE) thoughts and opinions on the whole “talking in movie theatres” thing. Glad to see a post get such responses.

    See – violence in movies (literally this time) always sparks conversation^_^

  14. As much of a wimp that I am, I am determined to be direct and not passive-aggressive with people who try to steal my movie experience.

    Most often, once a movie actually starts, people I thought would continue being rude, go silent.

    If there’s a group of kids, a polite request may just fan the flames. I don’t like missing 5 minutes of a movie to “report” such a problem.

    Actually I have rarely had this happen. But if it persisted, I’ve always thought that there’s a surefire way to creep THEM out, and it would be to move over and sit with them. I mean right with them, and participate in anything they are saying. At least in my mind, this would shake them so much that they’d slink right out the door.

  15. Just noticed–the boy in the picture–aren’t those legs like “three sizes too tall” for him? What is he, Grasshopper Lad?

  16. I really liked Frequency as well. But I’m sure you’ve bought the dvd saw what you missed thought right?

  17. @Ken J
    So you were the one who blinded me! Oh, wait a minute, you said South Florida. Never mind. :-)

    Murder is being too harsh, but the man should be charged with assualt with a deadly weapon. He should have just went to them and warned them he had a gun, and let them hear the frustration in his voice. It sounds like the guy had a really bad day. In any event, making noise during a film is extremely rude. I always caution my children when they start acting up. But like Ross said, I would probably praise the guy in my mind.

  18. The victim is lucky that the retard gunman only had a 380.
    380’s gotta be the weakest handgun round ever, its also very inaccurate.

    He was prob aiming for his head and hit his arm.

    I’m betting that family won’t be going to the movies anytime soon. :-)
    And they prob all collectively jump at the mention of Benjamin Button…

  19. I am contributing to this guy’s legal defense. I hope this starts happening a lot, so maybe the next time I tell someone to shutup, they will do so out of a fear of getting shot. I want everyone to fear getting shot as a result of talking during the movie. We need more people like James Cialella!

  20. I would bet $100 that this guy does NOT have a concealed carry permit. Anyone who does understands that responsibilities and seriousness of what it means to “carry.”

    What bugs the hell of out me is when I ask/tell someone to be quiet, and they look/talk to me indignantly, like I’m the one who’s out of line.


  21. You know, I’ve often felt like doing what this guy did, but honestly, I never would. I do wish people would be more respectful in theaters. However, I’m finding that homeviewing is so much more pleasureable nowadays. I may not have the big home theater systems some people have, but at least I can bring my own food and beverage, rest in a comfortable chair and tell my kids to shut up or go their rooms. :P…. or I could just pull a gun on them, “Daddy says SHUT UP!!” Just kidding on that last part…

  22. If he had wanted to murder the man he would be dead. He was too close (just two rows away?) and in full light of the screen. That should be dropped.

    The fact that many people sympathize with the shooter says something about all of the a-holes who think they own the theater because they bought a ticket. It’s a problem. Not only at the theater but because it signals a complete lack of respect for others.

  23. @Bill C

    And what slays me is when really old folks talk during a movie – like retirement age. These are people who grew up before home video and during an era when it was understood that you don’t talk during a movie.


  24. Actually it just occurred to me… instead of the weak public service messages that appear before movies – “Please don’t talk/Turn off your cell phones,” theaters could have something like:

    “You will be shot if you talk or use a cell phone during this film. Thank you – The Mgmt.”



  25. Lol,, Vic yeah looking at his mugshot I doubt he has a library card.

    I’m very confident that he will get the maximum sentance. There gonna want to make an example out of this guy. If they don’t your gonna see more of this.

    There is a small chance that Bush may pardon him, but prob not. :-)

    Its funny I LA they usually just shoot at the screen.

  26. Or better yet: “We will drop all charges of violence against you if you talk or use a cell phone during this film”. I see a SNL skit coming. 😎 😉

  27. Too bad SNL’s season is over.
    But Kahless, you know Jay Leno’s writers prob have a weeks worth of jokes already on this. Lol

  28. kahless wrote:
    “He should have just went to them and warned them he had a gun, and let them hear the frustration in his voice.”

    Nooooo, making a threat when you are actually armed is already assault with a deadly weapon. Big no-no. I’m almost always armed, not with a small pea shooter either, my choice carry weapon is a full-size 1911 in .45, but I’ve NEVER ever implied I was armed or made any sort of threat to anyone, no matter how angry I get. I even try to avoid fist fights because the gun could get into the mix and that would be bad… Owning a firearm comes with a great responsibility. Like they taught in Spiderman… nevermind…:-P

    790 wrote:
    “The victim is lucky that the retard gunman only had a 380.
    380’s gotta be the weakest handgun round ever, its also very inaccurate.”

    Well, not really, there are the .32, then the .25, then the .22. And 380’s are fairly inaccurate at distance only because of its velocity, it’s basically a 9mm short. But up close it’s just as accurate as anything else. The guy was clearly not trying to kill him, an attempt to kill would have at the very least involved a shot in a vital area and more likely multiple shots. And what an idiot to think he will finish watching the movie after shooting someone…

    “I’m very confident that he will get the maximum sentance. There gonna want to make an example out of this guy.”

    Yah, it’s too bad our justice system does not make an example out of murderers and rapists, they get off light most of the time… I would say death penalty for all of those a-holes…

    Kahless wrote:
    “Or better yet: “We will drop all charges of violence against you if you talk or use a cell phone during this film”. I see a SNL skit coming.”

    LOL, great idea.

  29. Kahless,
    Are you alluding to a Starkisha skit (Finesse Mitchell)? I love that overbearing drama queen character.

    You know it! Any jokes or talk radio discussion over this incident will center on the first offense (rude audience members) and not the criminal offense of the gunman.

    Try as they may, no one will be able to make this into a gun ban/gun rights debate, because there’s much more juice about rude behavior at the theatre.