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Last week, we shared some “explosive” new TV spots for Jonah Hex. Today, we’ve got the second official trailer for the movie and it delivers an even bigger action punch.

The new trailer, which comes our way via IGN, features much of the same content from the first Jonah Hex trailer, but with a few important additions.

For one thing, the second trailer doesn’t offer as much insight into Jonah Hex’s origins. In fact, there is hardly any footage featuring John Malkovich, who plays Hex’s nemesis, Quentin Turnbull.

However, the second trailer does flesh out some of the supernatural elements of the film, which, it should be noted, do not exist in the comic book version of the character. Also, a whole bunch of stuff gets blowed up real good! Yeehaw!!

Check out the new trailer below.

Personally, while I like Jonah Hex as a character and I admire Josh Brolin as an actor, I don’t find anything particularly compelling about this film. It seems like too much of a generic summer blockbuster for my tastes.

Also, I’m not sure whether I like that they turned Hex into a sort of Desperado version of Ghost Rider. It might not go over as well at the box office, but what’s wrong with simply making an awesome, action-packed Western?

There’s also the Megan Fox factor to consider. Some people think she’s all right, but I’m definitely not one of them. For her sake, I hope she manages a stellar turn in the movie since she’s no longer a part of the Transformers franchise.

What do you think of the trailer? Does it deliver the goods, or will you pass on Jonah Hex?

Jonah Hex hits theaters on June 18th, 2010.

Source: IGN

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  1. I have , for the most part , been enormously unimpressed with almost everything I’ve seen of this movie.

    This new trailer does , however , give me some hope that Jonah Hex might not be a total crap fest.
    It’s starting to look like a good action movie and I’m digging the supernatural angle.
    I think Brolin and Malkovitch are both terrific actors and Fox is always a delight to watch ( yumm ).

    I loved Jonah Hex comics when I was a kid ; it always seemed so cool to me that he was such a scary looking bad ass AND a good guy all at the same time.
    I do think Brolin has the chops to play this part but I’m still kinda pissed that (IMO ) they didn’t get his look quite right.
    Jonah was always drawn with his one eye looking all weird and spooky. If they didn’t get that right where else did they go off course ? They got the clothes right and the scar but was there no room in the budget to CGI one eyeball ????

    I know at least a little bit about how the world is ; for any comic book movie that gets made there will always be some people who just aren’t happy about something that was added or left out of the film.
    Yes , I realize that I’m complaining about AN EYEBALL but I am still willing to give this movie a chance.
    I was able to disregard Costner’s American accent in Robin Hood and still enjoy the movie( don’t hate me cuz I liked that one,it was fun ) , so perhaps I can look beyond Brolin’s non-CGI eyeball and enjoy watching Jonah Hex.

    • They should have gotten the same people that CGI’d Twoface in TDK. And I too enjoyed Costner’s Robin Hood.

      • Me too, I enjoyed as well. One of my favs :-)

      • you actually liked that movie? lol oh man, i left 30 minutes into seeing that when it came out in theater, couldnt handle costners language slip ups lol

  2. meh….

  3. I’ll bet anything in the world, if Ron Perlman took up that role and another actress besides Megan Fox played whoever she plays, the film would be widely anticipated. And those are facts.

  4. This movie looks so terrible. And Megan Fox acting bothers me very much. Looking at her upsets me. How come she always has to do that neck turn and get close to someone when she answers a question. It’s at 1:28 of the trailer, so annoying. I hope she fades out very soon.

  5. It’s to bad we humans are effected by age because we missed the perfect casting choice for Hex with Clint Eastwood. Clint would of been perfect 20 to 25 years ago. He’ll color his hair leave him in the hat and 12 years ago would of worked but now we missed our chance.

    • 20-25 years ago? Shoot, if he did that role now i’m sure he’d still look bad-ass aaannnd i’m sure alot of people would go just to see him on a horse again kicking ass.

  6. OH she’s one of those “close talkers” pop, boo, wop, pow…

  7. Clint Eastwood would’ve been a great fit for this movie if he was younger. His presentation as a bad ass is just so authentic and natural, I mean even in Grand Torino, even at his older age he still has that ” you just f–ked with the wrong guy” appeal.
    I’m familiar with this character but there something about this film that seems a little Will Smith, Wild Wild West about it. It feels commercial. I don’t know I’ve always felt when your dealing with bad ass bounty hunters, killers, outlaws, and vigilante types, that it should stay gritty and rated R for the killing and blood( wait is this rated R?). Whatever. I have to see the film first before I can really get into it, so here’s to hoping it turns out alright.
    Oh yeah Robin Hood starring Kevin Costner was a fun film indeed, minus his accent, it was decent.

    • Good comment.

  8. Eye candy of the lovely female actress kind can’t hurt a film and Megan Fix in LInegrie like outfits is about as eye candy as you can get.

  9. There have actually been both multiple Jonah Hex miniseries with dealed with the supernatural, such as Jonah facing off with zombies and ‘spirit people’, and in the post-Crises On Infinite Earths 18-part series entitled “Hex”, Jonah was actually transport into the future to the year 2050. So the supernatural aspect does, in fact, “exist” in the overall Jonah Hex universe, and I’d say there is thusly plenty of support to go that route for the movie; and, I don’t know about you guys, but I much prefer the supernatural angle instead of them doing the ‘time-travelling’ version.

    • @Dello

      I don’t dispute that Jonah Hex has had to deal with supernatural enemies at times, but he has never to my knowledge been shown to possess supernatural abilities himself.

      I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think Jonah Hex has ever been able to revive anyone from the dead in the comics.


  11. Hey man do us all a favor there is a button located on your keyboard it should be called caps locks. Just go ahead and push that for us.

  12. Doesn’t matter to me.I’ll watch and enjoy every minute of it.
    For gosh sake, it’s a comic book character, and the only reason Jonah Hex is appearing on the silver screen is because of Timothy Truman & Joe Lansdale.
    Their style of writing and art, filled with dry wit, sex, and occasional demon/wurm creature, cannibals, etc… renewed peoples interest in DC characters that were no longer considered marketable by the company.

  13. If it’s Sci-Fi. I’ll watch it at least once. If it’s good, I’ll buy it on Dvd. What else is there to be said

  14. I love a good sci-fi western. But don’t forget the gritz man! A good western has got to be chock full of unshaven tabacca spittin’,pistol whippin’, horse running, dead eye shootin, whiskey drinkin, bar fightin, whore rubbing, goodness – freshly squeeze from the good ole, god fearing, early days of the American West! YEEEEHAAA