‘Avatar 2′ Producer Talks the Sequel’s Potential Release Delay

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avatar sequel release date delay Avatar 2 Producer Talks the Sequels Potential Release Delay

James Cameron’s name is trending online once again (did it ever stop?), thanks to his original mega-blockbuster, Titanic, beginning a 3D theatrical re-release today (at the time of writing this). It’s no shock then that journalists and news outlets are doing what they can to inquire about the upcoming sequels to the filmmaker’s 3D sci-fi epic Avatar.

Titanic and Avatar franchise producer Jon Landau has also been touring the press junket circuit of late, offering tidbits of information about Avatar 2 – which he says had already begun its arduous effects-work process. However, Landau is also suggesting that the massive nature of the sequel may mean that its previously-planned Christmas 2014 theatrical release date is no longer feasible.

When Empire sat down recently with Landau to chat about the dual Avatar sequels (specifically, the second installment), the producer said:

“We’re not naming dates, but I think 2014 will be a tough date for us to make [as far as releasing ‘Avatar 2′ in theaters goes]. It’s about getting it right… Movies make release dates; release dates don’t make movies.”

Cameron long ago established himself as a filmmaker who doesn’t cut corners or rush things, when it comes to the lensing process on his cinematic undertakings. Hence, there’s no reason to doubt that the director and his massive production team will be working hard to ensure that the Avatar sequels look and sound fantastic – as opposed to putting in overtime hours in order to reach any sort of studio-desired deadline.

That’s all to say: it’s probably best to take Landau’s comments here to mean that Avatar 2 probably won’t arrive until 2015 at the earliest – regardless of 20th Century Fox’s wishes to the contrary.

In addition to his release date comments, Landau once again addressed those longtime rumors that the majority of Avatar 2 will take place primarily in the oceans of Pandora:

“WETA are already working and we have our core team, [animation supervisor] Richie Baneham and [digital effects supervisor] Nolan Murtha, working with us. And we’re working on underwater performance-capture… It’s going to be like the Floating Mountains in the first movie. It’s not going to be all underwater; [the Pandora ocean is] going to be a place we go to, leave and come back to.”

Cameron’s documented knowledge of Earth’s oceans has informed his filmmaking craft in the past to positive effect (see: the underwater sequences in The Abyss). That is reason enough to suspect it should do likewise for the technological elements being utilized in order to properly realize Pandora’s sea life in Avatar 2 (ie. 3D and motion-capture animation).

Most likely, those results will justify any (potential) extended wait for Avatar 2. We will of course continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of the sequel, in the meantime.

Source: Empire

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  1. I liked the first one a lot mainly due to the awesome 3D. It is the best 3D experience Ive had to date. Hopefully part 2 will have a little better story (not a re imagining of Dances with Wolves).

  2. I am looking forward to the Avatar sequels. Every two years, the visual effects technology doubles in power. I know for fact its going to look amazing!! Can’t wait.

  3. Meh…
    The only way I’ll go see this is if they go even further with the VFX and 3D effects, or if the plot/story isn’t completely boring and played out… of course, if A2 has both of those, that would be good too :)

  4. Avatar was great movie, the special effects was amazing but the story was a bit weak.

    I think James Cameron should go back to the Terminator series just like Ridley Scott with the Alien series by doing Prometheus.

    Still if Cameron goes foward with Avatar 2, I hope Arnold Schwarznegger has a big role as the main bad guy like Arnold playing a ruthless colonel just like Colonel Quaritch.

    • Quite frankly, I wish he would just go ahead and to Battle Angel. I’ve been waiting for that film since he announced it.

  5. I loved avatar. i have having to wake so long for the sequel. but i guess i would rather have them get it right they get it out as quickly as possible.

  6. Hated avatar. Thought it was pure drech. Hopefully Cameron can craft a better story than terminator smurfs in space. Not like the quality of the story matters though, as the sequel will still be a box office smash

  7. Actually, I loved Transformers 2, hated Avatar! TF2 at least had original story (but not coherent plot) and Avatar was like Pocahontas and Dances With The Wolves. So, we are going under water now… Expect Avatar 2 to be similar to Little Mermaid if not the same.

  8. Baahh. The first movie sucked majorly. The only things that i liked was the 3d and the special effects. The story was crap, the acting was crap and it had an eco message. Shut up hollywood and stop telling us how to think. Uouve been pulling that liberal crap since the 1950s with The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    • Im willing to bet you are a republican. Most people who rail against the James Cameron “environment issues” usually tend to be republican. I think thats why some people hated the movie, but really didn’t want to admit it for that reason. So they just complained about the story and find excuses to try to label it with something else.

      • @ Justin Kemp

        Not to get into politics or anything but im one Republican who enjoyed Avatar. Sure it was overhyped like other movies but still a great film i thought. Imo Titanic is still better, i don’t care Avatar managed to outgross Titanic.

    • 1950’s The day the Earth Stood Still was a great movie!

  9. Baahh. The first movie sucked majorly. The only things that i liked was the 3d and the special effects. The story was junk the acting was junk and it had an eco message. Shut up hollywood and stop telling us how to think. Youve been pulling that liberal stuff since the 1950s with The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    • Or we are the ones that accpeted their idealogies, if we did not accept it, then they wouldn’t tellimg us how to think. Lets face, hollywood movies reflect whats happening in our society. Hollywood never tells us how to think. We human are good at moving the blame to someone else

  10. I look forward too part two of avatar but if they. Wait too long then they will lose interest! And it might bomb!!

    • I doubt it will bomb. No matter how sceptical people are, they will still see it. If Goerge Lucas (stupidly) made another Star Wars, theaters would be packed for days, dispite how much it might suck. For that matter, Mr. Cameron is not Mr. Lucas. I dont think he would drop the ball.

  11. I really doubt Avatar 2 will bomb, because the main thing that made the first movie for a lot of people was the fantastic effects. I really doubt Cameron’s gonna deliver worse effects in the sequel, given his nature and given that I think the whole ocean angle will make for just as superb if not better visuals.

    Not stoked for Avatar 2 though…like lots of people have said, the story was pretty mediocre. Didn’t care for the characters much. Visuals were great of course but I couldn’t enjoy it in 3D, I just can’t handle 3D very well.

  12. Everyone on here hating is going to watch this movie LOL! Don’t doubt me on this!

  13. Honestly i used to be. But im just pissed that i went to see the movie and it put out a message. I hate that. I know its art and stuff but when i go to the movies i want to be entertained, to not have to deal with the problems of today, but cameron forces that issue with Avatar

  14. I m waiting this movie always

  15. Avtar2 movies my idea to more popular in world 2/3 percently more money cover I am prey god successful movie