Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

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jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

With the disappointing lack of announcements at Comic-Con 2010 from the DC Entertainment side of Warner Bros., we currently sit with only three confirmed major DC characters getting their own new solo films. There’s next year’s introduction of Green Lantern, Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 and of course, the reboot of the Superman franchise.

Two of these three franchises already have an actor starring as the title character and we await news on who may play the next Clark Kent. According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

Previously rumored as a candidate for Green Lantern and popular online for his humorous portrayal of Superman’s arch-nemesis in the Funny or Die skit (shown below), Hamm in my mind would be a solid choice to play the new Clark Kent… if he were at least a decade younger.

Superman will be produced by Christopher Nolan and likely directed by his brother Jonathan. Previously rumored candidate for the title role is Zachary Levi (Chuck) who auditioned for the part.

Superman/The Man of Steel is set to debut Christmas season of 2012 with Batman 3 opening earlier that year on July 20th.

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Source: Think Mcfly Think

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  1. I am really sick of hearing this discussion. I wish they would just cast him and get it over with. Then I can go on hating them for not casting Tom Welling. All this discussion when you already have a pre-made Superman right under your nose. Most all Smallville fans would agree and plus look at it this way, what else does Tom have to do after Smallville goes away? They are obviously wanting Superman for quite a few movies so why not go with the ace in the hole. Christopher Reeves passed the torch personally and nobody even cares. Sad.

    • @ Bob

      I care. My top two choices would be Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. With Smallville coming to a end i dont see why not begin a reboot with Tom Welling as Superman which of-course excists in the same continunity as the series. Plus Besides Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Michael Rosenbaum if they talked him into it are great as Lois Lane & Lex Luthor. As for Brandon Routh i wouldnt mind him again because i dont see why ignore Superman Returns events and have the new film pick up after Superman 2 again or after the original. As for Jon Hamm, if he was bald, he’d look more like a Lex Luthor from the 90′s animated series.

  2. If Warners stalls too long on the project they may go the route of Sex and the City and use the cast of Smallville. Welling has played the part the longest of any actor and the clincher wil be shown in 2011 when for the last episode of the series(it ends its run next year) he’ll be in that famous suit. Easy sell to gravitate to the big screen. He’s been in a couple of movies, i.e. remakes of Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin and John Carpenter’s The Fog. I, too, would like to see the Kryton scenes in CGI and in Superman II, they did show his birth and the coming to earth as the opening titles.

    • well the films of sex and the city were based on the show so of course they were gonna get all the actresses from the show so ur that part of ur comment is irrelevant, and yea TW has played the character the longest and that he may get to wear the suit by the series end but this is smallville were talking about they like to tease the fans with things then never actually do them, and TW hasnt had any real big screen time and i think him playing superman is the right role for him to test his metal seeing as he knows the character but obviously the character will be a bit different to what he’s use to playing on SV but he can pull it off, and they could do that with this remake have the opening credits as the origins, but we all just have to wait and see what happens.

  3. Sorry, meant Krypton.

  4. oh yea if warners dont make this film by 2012 then the original creators will get the rights back and iv even heard rumours that superman could be getting bought by marvel if that happens :S

  5. Yeah, he would do great!!

  6. ROBERT DOWNEY JR. IS 45 YEARS OLD, PEOPLE!!!! He’ll be 47 when The Avengers is released, LOL. Hamm is the man, he’s only 39, which gives him 6 years to make a Superman flick and Justice League. BOOM!

    • But look how old Tony Stark looks in the comic books. That’s why Robert Downey Jr. is believable. This is going to be a retelling of the origin story. Clark Kent needs to me mid to late 20′s in the origin story. He can’t be some 39 year old guy suddenly deciding he wants to put on a suit and save the world. It just wouldn’t make sense. Besides, he may be 39 now, but by the time they decide to begin filming, he’ll be 40 pushing 41. He’s just too old to be donning Superman’s legendary red cape.

      They need an actor 25-30 years old as Superman for the origin story. Or just make a Superman film using the cast of Smallville because they’ve already got a 10 season long show that builds up to Clark becoming Superman and then we’d get a full length Superman film starring Tom Welling. And since Smallville has been building towards Clark finally becoming Superman, giving Welling the part would be the perfect move on Nolan’s part.

      • they not retelling Superman origin story the movie will start in a present day.

        Tom Welling as Superman is a fricking joke that guy cant act in movies also who cares he star in Smallville we might aswell say Dean Cain play Superman cause he was on a TV show about Superman.

      • Problem with this idea is that Nolan likes to work with talent…talent.

  7. Superman = Brandon Routh
    Enough Said!!!

    • no lol

      • Is Ryan Serious?? Routh is Superboyscout. NOT Superman.

        • You’re not being fair Hyman Roth. It’s not Brandon Routh’s fault that Singer and the writers on “Superman Returns” didn’t give him his time to shine. If given the opportunity Routh would have blown people’s minds as Superman, and would have been a good successor to the film franchise that Christopher Reeve made so popular.

          Under Christopher Nolan’s watchful eye, Routh would be amazing as Superman. (Nolan is the genius behind Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.) Nolan and Routh together would make the best Superman film ever.

          Unless they cast Welling as Superman for the film and Durance as Lois Lane. Those two have been cemented in everyone’s minds as Clark and Lois due to Smallville.

          • R u serious? That girl who plays lois on that show is TERRIBLE! c’mon guys Routh? Put Welling next to Bale. It does Not work! And you say Routh wouldve done and excellent job???? What are you basing this on??? Why is Routh and Welling the only names people want to throw around???? There are other people out there. And who gives two cents about whats going on in smallville anymore??? The show has been diminishing returns for the past 5 years.

  8. Uhhh, perhaps ten years ago he would have been perfect but not now. Especially if DC wants to create a franchise around the actor chosen for the part. They need to find someone in the late twenties-early thirties age range who has a little experience under his belt but is still unknown. It’s too bad, because he probably would look good in the suit.


    Cast Tom Welling or Brandon Routh! They both ARE A BILLION TIMES BETTER THEN JOHN HAMMY.


  10. They did cast Robert Downey Jr, who was well into his 40s, as Tony Stark. There were similar concerns at the time but they had 2 successful films. They considered age when casting Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns and a franchise never materialized.

  11. In this day and age there is no reason to cast an actor in the role of Superman. There is no actor on the face of the earth who looks like Superman and/or has the build of Superman. Why not create the real Superman? CGI can create a human being that is indistinguishable from a real human being. It’s already been done. If we’re going to go along with the concept of Superman we might as well have the real thing, so to speak. This thinking is so obvious, still not one one of the overpaid, brainless Hollywood producers, directors and moguls has thought of it. At least, not to my knowledge. Then, when holograms are perfected he can be made into a real entity that you can walk around and even maybe converse with. Gee, ain’t technology grand?

    • Very forward thinking there! I still don’t see what’s wrong with just using Routh again, he’s not the reason Superman Returns was a failure, he comes as close as any to Supe’s likeness IMO. Your idea could be the magic bullet though, the blue people, Lantern’s suit, why not a take it a step further with a whole Supes. It’s not like he’s the most expressive character anyway.

      • There is a big difference between a full CGI costume or monster and a fully CGI Superman. A Fully CGI Superman would make the film an instant flop. It’d be like watching those crappy Seinfeld commercials where he walks around next to an animated Superman. It wouldn’t work.

        Brandon Routh or Tom Welling. The obvious choices.

        • @ Gary

          If they used Brandon Routh, I so no point of makin a reboot though. All WB/DC and Nolan would have to is do what Fox/ Rodrigeiz did with Predators by intending to ignore the AVP films. So why not ignore the events of Superman Returns and only bring back Brandon Routh with a new supporting cast that film could still follow the first two Christopher Reeve films? Its just a idea that everyone could be happy about.

  12. well tony stark is different coz hes not judge on his physique like Superman is and wasnt Stark in his late 30′s early 40′s anyway he was never really young when he became Iron Man, and RDJ looks a lot like Stark and was of similar age so he was a perfect match.
    but when it comes to superman the person to play him needs to be in his late 20′s early 30′s which Routh, Welling and a few other names going around are but Nolan has said that nobody from Singers Superman Returns will be Reprising their roles so for me it should go to Welling seeing as he has the physique and the look of superman.
    as for the actress who plays Lois i think they should take a leaf from smallvilles book and make Lois Aggressive and ballsy and sexy unlike the Lois’ in the films they’ve all been pretty ugly and boring.

    My choices for the film would be

    CK/Superman – Tom Welling
    Lois Lane – Eva Mendes or Rachel McAdams
    Lex Luthor – Billy Zane
    Brainiac – Johnny Depp or James Marsters (coz he did a really good job playing this character on smallville)
    Jimmy Olsen – Tad Hilgenbrink
    Perry White – Anthony Hopkins ;)

    • oh and a Blonde Jessica Alba to play Supergirl ;)

      • I would rather have someone who can act to play Supergirl.

        • who would you choose to play Supergirl????

          • I’d arther have Jessica Alba play that super hero chick hat doesn’t wear any clothes; having trouble recalling her name but she had a great costume

            • Billy Zane? Really?

              • yea why not hes not a bad actor and he certainly has the look of Lex but if not the Michael Rosenbaum ;)
                Fudge Kevin Spacey hes a great actor but i didnt like him as Lex

  13. Tom Welling is the only true Superman next to Christopher Reeve, it was Mr. Reeve himself who passed the torch over to Tom while he guest starred on smallville in season 2, I won’t accept anyone else as Superman and I believe a good margin of fans won’t either.

    • just wait for the ticket sales totals man…

    • Brandon Routh is Superman. Dana Reeve blessed him (Brandon Routh) to be the next Superman after her late husband, Christopher Reeve.

  14. I like Laura Vandervoort to play Supergirl. As for Superman Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. Right now im not crazy about this Superman reboot, especially rumored villains being Lex Luthor & Brainiac together. If they go with Jon Hamm as Superman, ill probly wait for the dvd to rent.

    • Yeah she was ok in smallville they added a new spin to Supergirl from what the comics have done and she Laura hasnt done much so maybe a Supergirl film wouldnt be a bad idea for her to star in especially if they get Tom to be superman.
      as for the the Villains i dont think Lex is gonna be the main Villain i think hes gonna be in the background and conspiring to kill superman some how like he always does looool.
      and im with you on that if this old fart becomes Supergrandad then il be naughty and watch it online and then download it ;)

      • If they do make a Supergirl film, even with Laura Vandervoort or not, It better be a heck alot better than the previous one with Helen Slater. Helen Slater was perfect in the role but the movie was horrible, bad plot, bad villains. I read Christopher Reeve almost was gonna be in the film, If everying was pretty much the same about the plot & villains i dont see how even Christopher Reeve could of saved that movie. All they mentioned about the kind of role for him is he would come subdue to Selena’s magic etc. and Supergirl somehow ends up saving him.

  15. wellington or routh as superman period.durance or autum reeser for lois lane.evan ellingson or the kid that played the son in 17 again.perry,either the guy from smallville or dan laura.lex luthor should be rosenbaum or clancy brown.

  16. Where can I get that pic of Supes, it looks awesome. And I say bring back Routh, I could live with Hamm though, but folks need to leave the Wellington guy on television, where he belongs.

    • Routh is SUPERMAN.

  17. I think he has the look and the chops, but all I’d be able to think about is his character from Mad Men. For me, that would interfere with trying to make Superman out to be a morally superior person.

    • That’s interesting shart_bite that’s the same excuse a friend gave me over lunch about Tom Welling! This gal is a law student 21 years old. So, she’s not in my age bracket or even experience level with the character. Personally, I could live with any of them as long as the director can get the performance they want out of them. Yes even Welling. But then, I don’t believe that Nolan will be behind Superman for very long and if he is, just as he’s said in interviews; His concept of a successful superhero is that they are the only Superhero within that world. So guess what? If their’s to be a Justice League it will be without Nolan. That will possibly and quite likely mean another change in actors for Superman as well as Batman…

  18. Without going overboard with this, I just want to say that I will seriously jump up and down like a child if Hamm gets the gig. I’ve been in his corner for YEARS for the reboot. You’d be a fibber if you don’t hear the Superman theme when seeing Hamm.

    Watch Mad Men, he could seriously become a badass Superman and make it his own. Givin the crazy backstory and history of the Superman character and what is asked from him via galaxy, the JLA and human Earth, he should take that experience and be a mature looking man who’s been to hell and back.


  19. BRANDON ROUTH – there is no other.

  20. why don`t we see if the 15-year old clark portrayer exploring his abilities at the beginning of superman returns rings a bell, heh?


    I’ve been crossing my fingers that they screen test Hamm in role since talk of the reboot surfaced.

    Brandon Routh is too much like Reeve. To distance the film from the Donner films, and to properly revive the character on screen, a mature actor like Hamm must be in the role.

    Hamm would put the MAN back in SUPERMAN.


    • ive been pretty much saying the same thing for weeks shawn!!, glad to see someone else other than me gets it. im just not sure who would do the role proper justice in the Nolans’ hands really

  22. I know people will be upset with me but i have to get this out. Im actually against this reboot. I rather have them just ignore the events Superman Returns and have this film just simply pick up after Superman 2 the right way with only Brandon Routh in the film and get better supporting cast. But if Reboot, why not have the films connected to the Smallville series with Tom Welling Erica Durance and hopfully Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor if the character is used since he’s the best guy whos played Lex yet in my book. But if simply Reboot like every franchise these days, Still my two choices would be etheir Brandon Routh or Tom Welling. Im sure Jon Hamm is a good actor but he looks like he’d be more perfect as Lex Luthor than Superman.

  23. If they cast the Smallville actors then we can change the title to

    Superman : The Soap Opera

    • omg GN333…you owe me a soda, i just spit up my Dr. Pepper lol

  24. routh or wellington would satisfy the nerd in everyone. I’m one of the few people that hate Mad Men. The idea of Hamm as supes isn’t a good plan…

  25. Gary,

    If you can’t see the difference between animation and CGI you truly need an opthalmologist. There were scenes in King Kong where Naomi Watts was a CGI creation. If CGI is that crappy, as you put it, you should be able to tell me which scenes they were.
    Superman is a comic book character. No human actor can look enough like him to truly give the illusion of Superman. However, CGI can create Superman and make him look enough like a human actor to be more perfect to play the role than any actor alive. Casting any human actor in that role is doing a great disservice to the legend of Superman.

  26. Not everyone would be happy about that Wally in fact there are alot of people who want something fresh who want to see the actual Superman and not a toned down inaccurate version of him. The Reeve films were fine for there time but times have changed we can put the real superman on screen now. Not every one wants a copy cat of the old films and some off us want to see Superman. The old films were a guy In supes suit not superman.

    • But “old” films were what we had back then and were amazing for the time. I disagree. I understand it is the 21st Century and am anxious to see Mr. Nolan’s vision. But those “old” films are still special to many of us old enough to remember.

  27. Anybody playing Super Man needs to WATCH OUT!!! And be careful of the Super Man curse!!!!!!!

  28. No,no,no,no,no,no,NO! Look, I’m a huge Superman fan, always have been my whole life. I know Jon Hamm’s a good actor but PLEASE, not him. I even watch the SmallVille series, that big of a fan. I’m not obsessive about the show like some are with all those episode fillers and stuff but I tuned in to watch every week. I don’t care what all the haters say about Tom Welling and the series their all nothing but ignorance. It was a good show and I admit, I was a bit concerned about Tom Welling’s acting skill, rather than having look of the character years back. But as the years went by, he was able to embody the character well and become a better actor in the process and personally, he’s earned my respects. It took me a while to even reaize it but now I know. If anyone who deserves to get the role, it should be Tom Welling to get the job done. He even admited myself that too, would love to play the role in the rebooted film. It makes sense! He’s experienced, he’s been familair with the character for many years in the SmallVille series, he’s a good choice and he has the closest accurate quality I have seen since Chris Reeve and he’s a far better actor than Routh, thats for sure. He’d make an awsome Superman for the todays generation. He deserves it and he has earned it.

    But either way, whatever happens, the new Superman movie had better be damn well a far, far better one than Superman Returns. Hell, I want it to have lots of action and able to have a good connection with the audience and in general, I want the movie to so sucessful, it could a couple Award-winnig Oscars :)

  29. Sorry, It’s “Anthony”.
    And yeah, theres a couple mess-up in the writing, forgive me :)