Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

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jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

With the disappointing lack of announcements at Comic-Con 2010 from the DC Entertainment side of Warner Bros., we currently sit with only three confirmed major DC characters getting their own new solo films. There’s next year’s introduction of Green Lantern, Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 and of course, the reboot of the Superman franchise.

Two of these three franchises already have an actor starring as the title character and we await news on who may play the next Clark Kent. According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

Previously rumored as a candidate for Green Lantern and popular online for his humorous portrayal of Superman’s arch-nemesis in the Funny or Die skit (shown below), Hamm in my mind would be a solid choice to play the new Clark Kent… if he were at least a decade younger.

Superman will be produced by Christopher Nolan and likely directed by his brother Jonathan. Previously rumored candidate for the title role is Zachary Levi (Chuck) who auditioned for the part.

Superman/The Man of Steel is set to debut Christmas season of 2012 with Batman 3 opening earlier that year on July 20th.

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Source: Think Mcfly Think

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  1. Nooooooooooooo

  2. If Hamm gets the part, I want to see Clark Kent drink old fashioneds and cheat on Lois.

  3. I like Jon. He’s got that old school Hollywood thing going on. I like this idea, just not sure if he’s right for it.

  4. Umm Ryan I wasn’t specifically talking to you but referiing to the people who actually do suggest him. If you look at every other article that even mentions superman someone says Toms name.

    As for Hamm I don’t believe they ever said this was an origin my understanding is that this was just going to pick up at some point in supermans career instead of re telling the origin. Also I could be wrong but I believe DC lost the rights to supes origin and they can’t tell that part anymore.

    • besides WE all know the origin of Supes all to well

  5. Personally I think he would make a better Mr. Fantastic…

  6. @ Daniel, oh my bad, I’m sorry for accusing you. I didn’t know that they lost the rights the origin? I always thought Nolan was going to do with Superman what he did with Batman. I really hope they do the origin Story, I would like to see a him crash land on earth and the destruction of Krypton with modern visual effects!!!

    • Unless something has changed, DC and Warner Brothers are still ONLY legally hamstringed by a suit that the heirs of the creators (Siegel and Schuester) were harassed into filing after having received fair treatment for years for the product that their relatives created. The suit forced DC to make some creative deviations from the typical Superman origins story, and pretty much locked them out of the “baby sent here from Krypton” version.

      A lot of stories about the upcoming film mention a “twist,” or a “new spin” and I am willing to bet that it has to do with the legal hamstringing and a deep desire to prove that they can tell the same story or a chapter of that story without the Krypton mythos.

      Personally, no matter who stars, I think that the writer/director need to have Clark/Superman be a more well-rounded character because Superman Returns went back to Donner’s Superman so much that it neglected the way that the character (of Clark) became more than just an alter-ego in the 80s/90s/00s.

  7. Well Iron Man is 45 so I guess he’d be good candidate.

    • valid point!!! but really marc, who better to play an alcoholic super hero than downey anyways lol

  8. Honestly I would hate to see the origin story for the 100th time superman isn’t exactly an unknown I don’t think there is a person in existance that doesn’t know his origin. I’d prefer to see superman being superman from the begining. Every film and cartoon ever dine dealt with his origin we really don’t need it again.

    • thats exactly my take on it, just get on with him doing his thing, no need to rehash how he came to earth, im over that already.

  9. Wow Anthony what’s up with your hatred for Fox? And why say he isn’t a guy that doesn’t make sense. I mean I hated his horribly crappy tv show as much as the next guy but honestly I’ve always kindda dug. He’s not superman though.

    My first choice is by far Adam Baldwin but John Hamm is a decent choice he looks the part decent size and build and a nice heroic jaw line.

    • lol. i shoulda added a “jk” its really hard for me to take that guy serriously after that girly party of five show. now adam baldwin would be good, ive always liked that dude.

  10. All I know is that if Christopher Nolan is a part of making the film, then it will be Epic!!! Look at Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Inception as examples. There is no way that this movie will be bad. I just hope that they don’t use Lex Luther in the first movie, but set-up for him and have him as the villain in the sequel, and I really want Kevin Spacey to play him. I don’t care who plays Superman, because he’s not my favorite character; Lex Luther is.

    • naw, just bring back gene hackman…..

  11. Hmm, he certainly has some of the look to him and I honestly don’t see the age being that big of a deal. I think the comment that he is an older type of superhero is rather correct and he’s not that old. At least, 39 doesn’t seem that old to me. He’d need to build up a bit of course, but he’s not a bad choice by any means.

    I hope this one ends up going well. Superman for some reason always feels like a tough sell since the guy is pretty much the most powerful superhero ever. Only the DCAU series did it for me. Of course, this comes from someone who has only ever seen Superman Returns and never seen any of the ones with Reeve. I probably should check those out at some point actually.

    Hey though, he could always go for Lex Luthor if he doesn’t get Superman.

    • he’s powerful till he gets shanked by a kryptonite dagger

      • I know, I know. But unless you have it, you really don’t stand a chance and it has struck me as odd that so much always seems to end up on Earth and whatnot. Of course, I’m questioning logic found in comic books, which probably isn’t the greatest idea.

        I’m somewhat curious as to what the their take for this would be. I’m not sure the whole grim and gritty feel he did with Batman would work much here since Superman’s world often felt like a different one from Batman’s at least in terms of darkness and the environment. Still, I’d be surprised if these things weren’t taken into account.

        Curious as to what other villains besides Lex you could really do since if this is being a shared universe with Nolan’s Batman, then I would expect him to probably not bring out the more outlandish ones. Though Superman himself is already a bit outlandish I guess.

        Do we have confirmation Jon Nolan was directing? I only seem to find that he was rumored and there I didn’t see anything on DC aside from some bits about Batman and the Green Lantern panel.

        • Whoa back up there sparky, at no point has anyone said this is being in the same universe as Nolan’s Batman, in fact quite the opposite. Nolan has stated on numerous occasions that his Batman exists seperately, can you really see Bale’s Batman interacting with a guy in red and blue tights?

          As for other villains, there are hundreds, Smallville has survived using every DC villain available for a decade, there are plenty of villains for them to use other than Lex. But, they will have Lex in this, it would be like having Batman without Alfred.

          • My apologies. I wasn’t aware of that and I got the impression in some cases that such a thing was going to be the case. That would certainly make sense as a whole since you are quite right in that it would be a bit bizarre to see Superman interacting with Nolan’s Batman.

            Oh I know there are plenty and you do need Lex. I’m rather curious who they would use though. Darkseid would certainly be interesting to see but that could get complicated I suppose. Braniac would also be a nice choice to see now that I think about it.

            • There is a lot that can be done with Braniac.

              • Indeed, I feel stupid for forgetting about him. Of course, the only version I have much familiarity with is the DCAU version, which seems like the best way to go if you were to introduce the character into the movies.

  12. I rather have WB/DC just ignore Superman Returns and start over and do the samething only they could have film still follow the first two films, or just the original film. Id like to see Brandon Routh in the role again and maybe have him wear a different costume that looks more like Christopher Reeve’s but made outta the same material as the costume in Singer’s film. Just because Nolan is involved doesnt mean this movie will be all that great because of past films like both recent Batman films or Inception. Nolan isnt directing and Superman is the opposite of batman depending how dark Nolan makes Superman. I hate to burst your bubble Ryan but I think they intend to use Lex Luthor again & Brainiac as the villains for the film as i been reading. If they wanna make Superman a darker, angry god for the film, id rather see Darkseid & his forces.

  13. Why cant they cast Tom Welling to play Superman!? He has done an amazing job in Smallville. Smallville is the top most of the reason why I began to like Superman. Maybe they can bring the other cast members too.

    • I’d like that too, but it just isnt going to happen.

    • id love to see Tom Welling be Superman in a movie but the only other cast members from smallville i would cast in a film is rosenbaum and marsters as lex and brainiac who are the badguys in this remake according to someone close to Chris Nolan but if they were to use smallville as the origins to how CK becomes Supes then the rest of the cast dont have what it takes to be a top big screen actor especially Erika Durance i cant stand her even though shes hot ;)

  14. Ok, I have never seen this guy in anything before, but he looks like he could do the part quite well, his age isnt really a concern for me, Clark is often drawn in the comics so he looks in his forties. Superman does age just not like everyone else.

    I want Lex to play a vital role in this film, but have him as a scientist again. Brainiac or Darkseid for main villains though.

    Rachel Mcadams for Lois Lane is a must!.

    If they try and do a dark Superman then I wont be going to watch, but from what I hear they arent going down that route.

    Also, there is no need to retread the origin story, and even if there is just show it on the main title sequence like The Incredible Hulk and be done with it. Everyone in the world knows Superman’s backstory, there isnt a country in the world you could go to and show them the S shield and they wouldnt know what it is.

  15. I would get on my knees and thank the Lord if they cast someone who is 39 to play a major role. I have had enough of the “young Hollywood actor” to last several lifetimes. Plus, he really looks the part in my opinion.

    As far as the story goes, I remember reading an interview with David Fincher who said that if he was going to do a Spiderman film, that he would show the whole origin in the opening scene/credits. His thinking being that the majority of people were familiar with who Spiderman was and wouldn’t need a whole film based around his origin to enjoy the movie. I think they should take that same approach with Superman.

  16. I totally dumb. it’s to old, I am hoping brandon routh in superman reboot. which it is young and matured not old. People will not see him as superman it will be a joke if jon hamm is superman. Warner bros should follow up brandon routh instead jon hamm.

  17. I may be way off the charts here…but what do people think of Thomas Jane (Hung) as Superman? May be an interesting actor to cast, not sure if it’d work, and he is older than Hamm, but still, just thinking out loud.

  18. He doesn’t have the build, Superman is a built dude and this actor doesnt have the build, tho I suppose he could bulk up for the part, other than that he’d be alright.

    • What like Chris Reeve was a body builder?

  19. too old.

  20. LOL!!! John Hamm looks just like a Super Hero PERIOD. He looks like old school Super Man and if they don’t get him to play Super Man then they NEED to cameo him in as The Atom, or Captain Marvel(Shazam).

  21. Kal-El should be found in the middle of a typical day of saving earth… then Doomsday. The whole movie should be based on that storyline with Supes getting help ( a.k.a a cameo) from both Green Lantern, Batman and Martian Manhunter (who followed Doomsday). Also, they find out Doomsday was brought by a mysteriously sinister hidden enemy.

    He “dies”. Then he returns with the help of an early Justice League. They fight Doomsday together and the end is a foreshadow of a future conflict with Luthor (the dude that brought the D-man to earth).

    Just a thought. But it avoids the “done-to-death origin”.

  22. Hamm looks like the Alex Ross version of Supes for sure…

    Does anyone else think that Ross draws his superheroes to look like pompous jerks? Might be just me..

      • Well they ARE the most powerful beings on Earth…


  23. Jon Hamm seems to be more like the George Reeves era Superman. He would would of been a better pick for that role in the bio-picture about his life&death instead of Ben Affleck. But he does look little old for the role. I know its unrelated but if they can expect people to ignore the AVP films from happening, why not do the same with Superman Returns and pick up from the original film or both the first two films? Keep Brandon Routh and replace everyone else. I guess i wouldn’t mind Tom Welling and since they want to reboot maybe they could consider the Smallville series as a spin-off begginning. Erica Durance is best Lois Lane since Teri Hatcher ive seen so i wouldnt mind seeing Erica Durance and Tom Welling as Lois & Clark in a Superman film together.

  24. this may be a bit out there but what about Bradley Cooper playing superman all he needs to do is put a little weight on and dye his hair darker, he has that look about him that could suit playing superman and he’s toned but as i said he’d need to put a cpl stone on to have the perfect physique and he’s a decent actor, but my favourite choice for superman will still have to be Tom Welling the guy has the look and the physique and hes not that bad of an actor im sure if he were to land the role in the movie Chris Nolan and whoever directs will get the very best out of him, and besides its not that hard to play superman coz he doesnt show much emotion in any interpretation that iv ever seen so Tom could do a gd job seeing as in smallville CK is a emotional mess and Tom doesnt do a bad job and becoming Superman means he has to distance himself from human emotion but keep his human morals at the same time.
    but whatever happens with the casting of this film im sure it will be just as cool as batman but then again Chris Nolan isnt Directing only godfathering it so who knows.

  25. Personally, I like the idea of Jon Hamm as Superman. He gives it that old-school George Reeves vibe. I don’t think he’s too old either, especially if they’re just picking up in the middle of Supes’ career. I also like the idea because it gives you a wider range of people you can cast in the supporting roles, like Lois or Jimmy.

    Look no further than the golden boy of Marvel Studios – Robert Downey Jr. The dude is 45 now; he was in his 40s when the 1st Iron Man was FILMED. And he’s going to be pushing 50 (if not in his 50s) when Iron Man 3 is in theaters.

  26. Awesome!