Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

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jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

With the disappointing lack of announcements at Comic-Con 2010 from the DC Entertainment side of Warner Bros., we currently sit with only three confirmed major DC characters getting their own new solo films. There’s next year’s introduction of Green Lantern, Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 and of course, the reboot of the Superman franchise.

Two of these three franchises already have an actor starring as the title character and we await news on who may play the next Clark Kent. According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

Previously rumored as a candidate for Green Lantern and popular online for his humorous portrayal of Superman’s arch-nemesis in the Funny or Die skit (shown below), Hamm in my mind would be a solid choice to play the new Clark Kent… if he were at least a decade younger.

Superman will be produced by Christopher Nolan and likely directed by his brother Jonathan. Previously rumored candidate for the title role is Zachary Levi (Chuck) who auditioned for the part.

Superman/The Man of Steel is set to debut Christmas season of 2012 with Batman 3 opening earlier that year on July 20th.

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Source: Think Mcfly Think

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  1. I need this. Who cares if he’s too old (which he’s not). It’s a Nolan movie, HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

  2. Yes! Great actor. He definitely would be good.

  3. he definately has the chisled jaw for the part

  4. Oh geez, I hope not! Zero appeal factor for me. Absolutely zero.

  5. I say give him a shot , he looks the part and I’ve heard many good things about his acting.
    as for his age , well he’s young enough to squeeze out a few good flicks and they’ll just reboot again after about 3 films anyway :)

  6. I say they should get Brandon Routh to do the role as Clark Kent/Superman again. I also think Kevin Spacey should return as Lex Luthor, because in my opinion he was the best actor to portray him. Yes Gene Hackman was good, but Spacey nailed the role!!!!

    • i think the Nolans wanna avoid ANY comparisons to Singers film and thiers, casting them both would draw both, on preformance levels and character levels.

  7. I heard a rumor that Tom Welling (Smallville) wanted to do the role, that would be cool, but they’d have alot of holes to fill. I seriously want Kevin Spacey to do Lex Luther, as for the rest of the cast I don’t care, I’m sure Nolan will get it right, Batman is proof of that!

    • People really need to let go of Welling. He will never play Superman on the big screen. Besides the major problem of conflicting stories between Smallville and the movie, people will confuse the two. And I highly doubt, Nolan will want to continue to beat a dead horse by continuing the series. I love the show, but it needed to have ended ages ago.

      • i realy dont think the Nolans would let that happen anyways, it’d draw too many comparisons to the smallville universe.

  8. If they’re going for an older actor, of which I’m all for it, then why not James Caviezel? Although he’s pushing 42. But all in all, I like the idea of going with an older, more established actor.

    • From playing Jesus to playing Superman?

      What next?


  9. Lex Luthor = automatic boycott!!!

  10. I think he’d be a solid choice. Especially if you’re going for an older Supes, which is unfortunately unlikely in the first of a new franchise. Also, I’m still pushing for a “Kingdom Come” movie…He’d be terrific. Clint Eastwood as an old Batman. Think about it….

    • I like it!

    • That would be awesome.

  11. i feel if they pick him, theyll be going the same route as all the other movie interpretations of superman on film, the reeves superman, which is slick…….. in a 1960s 1970s kind of way, which is one reason why i hated superman returns. its out of date. thats not the superman you see in comics nowadays. you need a grittier, more down to earth (pun intended) superman. mathew fox would make a good superman, even though he’d make an even greater barry allen (the flash).

  12. in my opinion, a younger actor. hamm is too old

  13. Too old!

  14. i am all for a new superman, but it will never satisfy every one. use the guy from smallville or clone christopher reeve – he was superman.
    forget kevin spacey, he was good but we need something fresh that has no connection to that awful superman returns movie..we are suppose to believe clark kent was in a jungle doing some third world charity work, he won’t even get himself dirty when necessary and he returns on the same day as superman – great writing … haha
    let’s also have some old school movie making – superman does not look super carrying a cgi plane. movies were better with smoke and mirrors and sweat..

  15. Interesting choice. Superman is supposed to be older, not the male model type they picked for Superman Returns. It would also help DC avoid the typical mistake of casting a young, talentless hottie to play their female leads. Think Rachel Weisz (Constantine), not a Megan Fox/Malin Akerman that drags their respective movies down.

  16. Well, some actors (*Cough,coughWilliamShatnercough, Cough!) hae been known to overact when playing a legendary hero…if we MUST have a ham actor, let’s have a HAMM Actor!

    Pun intended

  17. He would make a great Superman, hopefully they go with him. Superman Returns was kinda bad…

  18. I for one do not think 39 is too old.
    I am not sure about Hamm, he has the
    facial look, the physicality is more uncertain.

    Jon has demonstrated he can project strength
    the all too elusive leadership quantities that
    would be necessary for Superman but
    I am not sure he could posses the
    innocence Superman also has.

    I am all for a grown up take on the character
    which would by itself mean a more serious
    tone for the movie without going dark
    and distinguish the film from others.

  19. I don’t doubt that the man can act. I just don’t think he’d make a good SUPERMAN. I’m sure there’s someone more fitting.

  20. I have no problem with his age at all. He certainly doesn’t look his age and could easily play an early 30’s superman. He’s not my first choice, but her certainly is a good one.

    Please stop suggesting Tom Welling. For one Nolan wouldn’t use someone from another Superman franchise that isn’t connected to his. Two Tom is a bad actor just truly awful and has no place in movies let alone Nolan films.

    • daniel, ive been trying to hammer that very thought into people here for weeks. the Nolans are too smart to cast actors who already played the role

  21. He’s too old, he’s not tall enough and he doesn’t even have the build. JUST NO!

  22. mathew fox!!!!!!!!!!!

    • it calls for a male to play the part of superman, fox isnt one

      • here is the “jk” i should have added up there lol

  23. Henry cavill!!!!!!

  24. i would like to see a superman similar to the one from the Kingdom Come series,that would be awesome

  25. @ Daniel F, I didn’t suggest Tom Welling, I just stated that Tom had interest in taking on the role.

    You people should read before you go bashing someone!!!! Oh and Kevin Spacey IS Lex Luther, I hope they have him reprise the role. As for Hamm, HELL NO!!!! He is way to OLD!!! It’s an origin Story, the actor has too be young, stop whining.

    • i highly doubt they would have him “reprise” his role of Luthor.

  26. This is a very poor decision! The man is only 6’0″ and not to mention almost 40 yrs old! I’d rather see Tom Welling in the role rather than this guy. Whatever happened to the Zachary Levi idea? I seriously hope they dont screw this up :/

  27. Lets just get another properly done Superman film already. If this is an origin story, you need a younger actor, but if not I would like to see a Superman in his early to mid thirties. Either way, the film is in the right hands; so I’m good.

  28. Holy crap no!

  29. Brandon Routh should be Superman again. Not some old guy, because the reboot is an ORIGIN story therefore the character has to be young and grow up and mature during the series. I think Chris Nolan and his brother will do this franchise good, just like the Batman trilogy!!!