Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

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jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm a Superman Candidate for Warner Bros.

With the disappointing lack of announcements at Comic-Con 2010 from the DC Entertainment side of Warner Bros., we currently sit with only three confirmed major DC characters getting their own new solo films. There’s next year’s introduction of Green Lantern, Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 and of course, the reboot of the Superman franchise.

Two of these three franchises already have an actor starring as the title character and we await news on who may play the next Clark Kent. According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

Previously rumored as a candidate for Green Lantern and popular online for his humorous portrayal of Superman’s arch-nemesis in the Funny or Die skit (shown below), Hamm in my mind would be a solid choice to play the new Clark Kent… if he were at least a decade younger.

Superman will be produced by Christopher Nolan and likely directed by his brother Jonathan. Previously rumored candidate for the title role is Zachary Levi (Chuck) who auditioned for the part.

Superman/The Man of Steel is set to debut Christmas season of 2012 with Batman 3 opening earlier that year on July 20th.

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Source: Think Mcfly Think

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  1. I don’t know. I think he would be too old but maybe Nolan makes it work. I think they should cast an unkown actor.

  2. hmmm, many parts of me say Hamm wood suk as superman but i know it`s hard for studios to find the right actor when fans think they haven`t found it yet so they may think it`ll lead to having to spend atleast 2 years before finding the right actor. if it takes too long before one is chosen then we may not have another supes film. routh is the only guy i know who could perfectly portray superman, so if they do 4 movies released 2-2 and-a-half years seperate, he may end to be about 39, but when i see superman i see that an age like that doesn`t stop him from looking good and being the man of steel. so i`m quite positive that if they use routh again he well blend in quite well. kevin spacey was perfect as lex luthor as well so it may be quite a struggle to look on the web and settle a supes film with all right actors. supes looks about 40 years old and doesn`t look half-bad in that picture on this blogpage. but i know that the cast of SR`s contracts have been expired, so i don`t know how it`ll turn out but i really don`t think they should cast hamm as clark kent. but in other words, if we keep being picky they won`t know how long it`ll take to find a good superman for us.

  3. oh and i meant routh is the only guy other than chris reeve who could perefctly portray the superhero.

  4. well, the only guy i KNOW

    • Well John i agree. So far Routh or Welling are the only choices comes to my mind. But If goin with Routh, instead of rebooting, i dont see why not have them just have the new film be intended to ignore Superman Returns events like they’re doin with the Predator franchise about the AVP films intended to be ignored. But i would only want Routh back with new cast of supporting characters to play Lois Lane Jimmy, Perry White etc. In the picture of Jon hamm standing, He looks more like he’d be more pefect as Lex Luthor than Superman.

  5. Hamm would make a good Superman but a poor Clark Kent. Unless they’re going to make him stay as Superman the entire movie, I really can’t say I want him in the role. As for Routh, I’d say give him another chance. He was screwed over by Singer and his writers with that goddawful rehash. He’s also 5 years older so he’s a bit older this time around. As for Welling, yeah, no thanks. He’s fine as a tv version of Super-oh wait The Blur, but he doesn’t have the acting chops for Nolan.

    • Why not Hamm as Clark Kent? He totally has the acting chops and range. Not to mention, Hamm also looks exactly like the Alex Ross sketches!

      It’s obvious to me that Goyer’s team and fans want a fresh take. We need a Superman movie to do what Batman Begins did for Batman. Although I like him, Routh is still very much a part of the Donner version of the character. Although, I will always have a special place for that interpretation. We need to get away from that. This hero has been with us for years. I think this casting choice is right on track.

      I would work for free on this movie.


  6. If it’s a reboot I’ll watch it I’m interested to see Superman be superman on screen for the first time. If this is based on the old movies not only will I not see it in theaters I’ll never see at all. Not worth wasting my time on. I want to finally see Supes being Supes finally.

    I’ll still watch it if they give the part to Routh. He’s not very good of an actor but he’s better now not as awful as he was in returns he sucked so hard in that.

    I won’t bother if Tom Welling is in it that guy is awful he’s such a piece of crap actor. I’d love to see him take a class or 30 so he can finally suck instead of being so scary awful like he is now. I’d volunter for the snip snip on my penis with out any pain releaver or being knocked out before watching him act ever again. I’d prefer being raped in jail.

  7. id prefer David Boreanaz to play Superman then Jon Hamm

    • lol@that thought

  8. I Think David B would of been a good Batman or GL but not Superman. By the way he is actually older than Hamm he’s 41.

    • yea i know lool, and yea wasnt he rumoured to play GL before Ryan Reynolds got the role??

  9. apparently my comments always get deleted, i said even if actors weren`t good ones they have the ability to improve. they just need to be pushed and remember that interprating the script is part of making a good movie. tom and brandon both portray superman quite well so they just need to have the picture of their good acting as part of all the drama in a supes film on the big screen. but that depends on a good script, of course. but we know that we all make mistakes so it`s ok to have flaws that aren`t too against the natural purpose of man, such as things happening to main characters such as dying, as long as it ends with every character staying with the person they married and no important character dying and having a good climax then there`s a movie with potential. in other words, the relationships between the important characters stay strong and alive. and the important characters includes all people around the world superman lives in who have a good life to live for. as for batman, bale is 36 which still isn`t too old as batty, i think he won`t be too old for altleast 2 more films. but that crappy batman film released 2 years ago went way dark leaving quite a bad taste. it doesn`t make a film”cool” by making it dark, people are all the same type of human being, and us living a dark life instead of one we want is just like them living a dark life instead of one they want. but they need to mAKE THE film quite scary without such violence or blood.

  10. i know that comment may be getting moderated or deleted for a bad word in there so i apologize let me replace cra**y with lame.

  11. Also Zach Levi ain`t the right guy either. The rumor of chris nolan rebooting superman is just a “rumor” or true? He didn`t do that great with the 2 new Batman films so i don`t know how he`ll do so well with superman. But he`s gotta learn his job. make great action scenes with drama between superman and the villain(s). also it`s not impossible to make a good film with multiple villains. It depends on the story. they can use the comics story with supes fighting multiple villains we need to see lots of the diversity of superman villins on the screen so like in superman 2 sometimes only 1 of the villains can dramatically menace him and sometimes all the villains can dramatically menace him and they can all have a plot for superman to deal with at the end.

    • WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?????!!!! You seriously think that people didn’t like Nolan’s take on Batman??!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????!!!!!!!!! Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are viewed by virtually everyone as the absolute best superhero films of all time… The storyline is so deep and powerful… and your complaining about action sequences (of which there were plenty in both films). Perhaps you just don’t like complexity and were pissed that you didn’t just have some half naked girl to stare at for the entire film… I am just imagine your voice (in a redneck southern accent) asking the director, “Why weren’t their more jugg’s in your movie? I like me the titties…”

  12. hamm is great for superman … besides hes not THAT old. ifbyou think about it, jim caveizel is already three years older than hamm, and he would also make a good supes.

  13. A dark bruiting Superman is a bad idea. He’s gonna wear bright blue and red. Superman is NOT Batman, and shouldn’t be dark and bruiting.

    Hamm would make a great Captain America, but NOT superman. Unless the producers want superman played as a disheveled, lanky man.

    • Who said that Jon Hamm would play him as dark and brooding? He would just model his portrayal after George Reeves who starred in the old 1950′s television series…

      More like the comics where Clark Kent is not played as a bumbling idiot/nerd… In 99% of the comics/television versions of the Superman mythology, Clark is not portrayed this way… The clumsy/nerd was the invention of director Richard Donner and actor Christopher Reeves… That is one element of those films which I absolutely hated. In most versions, Clark is an accomplished journalist on his own right and is close friends with Lois, Jimmy, and the rest of the Daily Planet staff. In the Donner films and in the horrible Superman Returns film, Lois barely noticed Clark even existed and ulmost couldn’t remember his name. In the comics, Lois falls in love with Clark before he reveals the truth to her… Some people think that Superman is the real identity and Clark Kent is the costume… but that really makes no sense psychologically. He was raised as Clark Kent and later became Superman… As superman, he says things like, “Remember folks statistically speaking flying is the safest way to travel.” Yeah… no.

  14. But david does that mean the man of steel can’t feel angst, or helpless, doubtful, or angry? Those are some of the best parts of #1,2 and 5.


    THEN IT WILL SHUT ALL THESE IDIOTS UP THAT WANT TO SEE HIM AS SUPES – when they see how crap he will look in the suit.

    He can barely act on SV, let alone a film version. He makes a decent Clark Kent, but is totally wrong for Superman.

  16. i just watched a couple eps of mad men just to see what Jon Hamm is like and i think he would’ve been good as Superman in a a sequel to Chris Reeves Superman films instead of Routh coz Routh was meant to play CK 5yrs older then CR but he looked even younger then CR did whereas JH wldve been gd to show how he had aged during the time he was searching for Krypton and how his body reacted to being out of direct contact with the yellow sun but as for him being a brand new take on Supes i dont see it really i think they shld go for a new look actor for the role like my fav choice Welling, even though many think he’ll suck as Supes on the big screen i dont think he will, you have to blame the way he’s directed on smallville and the dialogue he’s given on the show as well so im sure that given a great script and a very gd director plus the guidance from Chris Nolan i think he could do a gd job coz he has shown brief moments during SV of being a good actor but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens but whoever gets the role im sure this will be a better take on the great hero that is SUPERMAN!!!!!

  17. You know this hasn’t been mentioned much but Welling was offered the role for “Returns” and passed on it to keep doing “Smallville.” Anyone else read that? With “Smallville” ending soon this could be Welling’s big chance to break out of the character and the best insurance policy at the same time. The way I see it, if he stays away from this reboot then in the tragic scenario that it doesn’t do well and his career stalls, he could step into a “Justice League” scenario. Of course he could do like you fans want an very likely typecast himself forever, throw his hat into the ring for the part. I’m pretty sure you won’t see a Chris Nolan inspired “Justice League” but a Welling led Justice League makes perfect sense. Besides, he’s still doing “Smallville” and they’re fast tracking this movie…


    He looks nothing like him – Superman is a MAN – Welling is too boyish.

  19. well the same could be said for Routh he looks even more boyish then Welling does and he’s a a crapper actor then Welling

  20. I’ve made it very clear here on screen rant that I don’t think routh is a great actor. He was an awful actor in superman returns. While he has gotten better over time and is fairly decent now he still isn’t good enough to play superman in a Nolan film.

    That said there is no way in hell that Routh is worse than Welling. Tom has been acting for over a decade now and is just as bad as ever. He hasn’t grown as an actor since the pilot of smallville.

    I could tollerate Routh in a superman film but it would be a bad choice.

    The day Welling plays Superman in a blockbuster live action movie is the day I stop watching comic book films. There have been bad casting choices like Chris Evans for comic films before but Tom Welling would be the worst decision ever. He’s not only wrong for the part but he his a horrid actor. It’s bad enough he’s got smallville but it’s TV and it’s not really superman so it’s tolerable as long as I don’t watch it. A movie though? That’s an insult to not only Superman but comics everywhere. Hell that’s an insult to every actor in the world.

  21. Are you guys high? In what part was Routh crap?

    I think you’re mistaking “crap” with subtle. In most scenes he might not have said much, but his understated presence shone through.

    The critics saw this – why can’t the haters?

    As for Welling, can you really see him pulling off the tights and the effortless charm/sense of power?

  22. I agree on Welling Daniel F – he’s not “horrid” but he’s too weak for a leading blockbuster-role.

  23. If it is the Nolans doing it and Goyer is involved, I am sure it will be good. They seem to have a respect for the source material and will stay true to SUperman/ Clark Kent.

    The central theme was brought out earlier- Clark Kent is who this person is, while Suerman is his made-up identity. This is the polar opposite of Batman/ Bruce Wayne- with the man in the mask being the “real” person. I am sure this is the direction the Nolans and Goyer will go if given the opportunity.

    One thing they also do, though, is surprise us with casting. They usually choose a brit, even if the role is iconic and american. They also seem to favor choosing a great actor over someone who physically resembles the comic book character. Alfred, Bruce Wayne, The Joker- no one would have guessed that the actors cast to play them in Nolan’s films would be who they were based on thier physical appearances.

    I would imagine they would cast a good actor with the chops to pull it off, and likely a brit doing an american accent. My guess? Someone like Dominic Cooper.

  24. I hope it will be good. Nolans being involved doesnt mean it will impress me that much. I like Goyer’s work, but i never really considered Brainiac much of physical threat to Superman. More like the brains over brawn type of villain only machine. And i would only wanna see Luthor if he’s seen a well-respected business man, Someone who thinks no-one can touch him. If they wanna make Superman a angry god, i suggest they wait for the last film and see how he expresses that when goin up against a God like Darkseid & his forces. As for casting Superman. So far im like most people who are rooting for etheir Brandon Routh or Tom Welling. Jon Hamm seems to me like he’d be more perfect as the business type Lex Luthor who would own half of Metropolis.

  25. Nobody likes Hamm!! Welling is the best fit for superman!!!! Hamm is like 40 years old!!

  26. I think that Jon Hamm would be the absolute best choice for the Supernan role. He is an excellent actor and would fill the role superbly. His age would mean nothing to me, as his ability to act the role would probably make this one of the best super hero films of all time. I really hope that Warner Bros. Thinks twice before considering anyone else for this role.

  27. TMT is full of crap. Horrible no source rumor mongering site.