Jon Favreau Talks ‘Iron Man 3′ Decision & ‘Magic Kingdom’

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Yesterday afternoon, the surprise news broke that Jon Favreau would not be directing Iron Man 3. Speculation about financial and creative reasons causing the departure aside, it was a shock to fans and possibly a blow to Marvel Studios, who owe their accelerated success thanks to his work on Iron Man and establishing the Marvel cinematic universe.

As we know already, Favreau will still be working with Marvel parent company, Disney Studios, on Magic Kingdom and he’s still in a producer role on The Avengers. But what fans really want to know is why he’s not sticking around to close the Iron Man trilogy. Fortunately, Favs was quick to explain himself, continuing his tradition of openness to the fans and public.

Favreau revealed his reasons to Hero Complex a few hours ago, explaining that he wishes to work on something new and different, projects that don’t come with preconceived expectations and ones that he can “blow people away” with.

On Twitter he confirmed that he had dropped out of the director’s chair on Iron Man 3 so he can focus on Magic Kingdom and he described what the project and Disney mean to him with Hero Complex:

“Between the theme parks and the movies, the Disney iconography was probably the first set of archetypes that I was exposed to… Walt was able to expose me as a child to the full array of emotions, including fear and sorrow. Those movies and attractions haunted my dreams and made a deep impression on me as a child. When I first heard about the ['Magic Kingdom' film] project, I was on my way to visit Disneyland with my family. I took notes and had no problem filling a book with all the ideas that this concept offered, even on first blush. Since then, I was lucky enough to be given a tour of Imagineering by Tony Baxter, who knows just about everything there is to know about Disneyland. He pulled original concept art from the archives for me and exposed me to Walt’s original vision.”

As for Marvel Studios and his feelings on the franchise and President Kevin Feige:

“Marvel and I both came of age together… The years that we shared were a pivotal experience. Kevin has a firm grasp on the many franchises and how they all interweave and I am happy that I had the opportunity to establish the world that these characters can now play in…. ‘Iron Man’ has given me tremendous opportunities and Kevin and I are enjoying a lot of momentum in our careers thanks to the ‘Iron Man’ films. I look forward to seeing what others can do playing in the same world.”

He’s certainly right about Iron Man helping solidify his Hollywood status and opening up opportunities. He’s currently in post production on Cowboys & Aliens, the star-studded, big budget summer blockbuster by Universal Pictures and after that, he gets to work on bringing his expertise to Disney’s Magic Kingdom which we can only hope, shares in the same fun and entertaining spirit of his Christmas hit, Elf.

For Iron Man fans, a new captain to helm the ship may be a good thing for the franchise with the sequel not meeting expectations and causing some sorry about The Avengers. Marvel is already on the hunt for Favreau’s replacement so stay tuned for news on that front. Be sure to read Jon Favreau’s plans and inspiration for Magic Kingdom.

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Source: Hero Complex

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  1. you’ll be a tough act to follow, that’s for sure. thank you, Jon for breathing creative heart and life to Iron Man! job well done! :)

  2. His reasons sound a little too diplomatic if you ask me. It was only a couple of years ago Jon was gushing about how much he loved iron Man as a kid, knowing the character really well and how much this franchise means to him.

    Jon, thank you for IM 1 but you changed your tune rather hastily. I wonder what the real reasons are.

    I understand business is business, but there seems to be no loyalty or integrity towards anything in Hollywood, except for the almighty dollar.

    • Just like the “Studio” messed with Spider-Man 3, another “Studio” messed with Iron Man 2 and I can see why Favereau would walk in favour of something else.

  3. Yeah, maybe Nolan can pick this up in his spare time… :-D

    • LOL, “Iron Man Begins” & “The Iron Knight Returns”. :-)

      • Oh I forgot…….”The Iron Knight Rises”. :-)

        • Ironman & Robin

          • Someones bored lol ;)

          • LOL :-)

  4. I´m wondering if he will executive produce The Avengers, like he said he would.

    • Probably. He sounds like he loves Marvel.

  5. Does this mean no happy in The third movie?

  6. if mandarin and fin fang foom are involved in IM3, it’s gonna be big and loud. Maybe too big for him, It’s seems that Favreau couldn’t handle the criticism of IM2.

    who would give up IM3 for magic kingdom? Magic kingdom? Favs just lost all his nerd street-cred!

  7. This reminds me when Del Toro left Blade 3 for Hellboy and we got that POS ‘Blade: Trinity’. And when Singer left X-men 3 for Superman Returns, and we got X3. PLEASE don’t let Brett Ratner pick up Iron Man, PLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE.

    • HELL NO!

    • Personally, I think it could be Joss Whedon, once he is done with Avengers.

      • That was my idea also.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Trilogies never end well when there is a new direction for the last part. However there is time for him to come back.

      • Yeah. Until IM 3 there´s a lot of time. I really hope he changes his mind. I don´t wanna see another X-Men 3 like movie.

  8. I love Iron Man 2. I don’t get what all the whining is about. Saw it twice in theatres. Own it on Blu Ray. Mickey Rourke is badass (more so than anything in Expendables). Sam Rockwell is spot on. I love the struggle between Stark and the government over the Iron Man technology. The action was thrilling. What’s the problem?! It wasn’t a navel gazing, cliche ridden, cheese fest like that overhyped turkey, Kick Ass? Give me Iron Man 2 over almost any other action film this past year.

    • I had fun with the film, and admit I own it on BD. However, the film was jsut a let down from the first film. The story was obviously rushed, and was more like a big commercial for The Avengers than an Iron Man film. The film just lacked the charm the first had. Even RDJ was stale as Stark (IMO). The only reason I do like it is b/c it has great action, and great CG. I really can’t think of anything good to say about the movie other than that.

      • “I really can’t think of anything good to say about the movie other than that.”

        Scarlett Johanson in a tight cat-suit?

        • iron man 2 should have had irona man in it not mellow dramatic tony stark getting drunk being sick the getting better in 2 min the film only had 2 badass ironman scenes the that dumb ass scene of him at a party. rourke was there at the end for about a minute in a half. the movie should have been about iron man making the sacrifices that was hinted throughtout the film everyone said how they wanted his armor and bla bla bla but we never saw him taking out terrorists kind of like the first one and even then first one the action went by to quick and wasnt really exicuted all that well it was good but it could have been bigger. no matter what you say universals hulk did the movie right it just had character and plot problems but the way it exicuted its story is exactly how a comic book film can be epic and have a gripping story. fav does comedy iv never had faith in him i accppted him with iron man because i like the character thats it.

          • I have IM1 on BR and I dont plan on getting IM2 it was a let down…

        • LOL, true. But it’s really sad when you have to list something like that as the best part of a movie.

          • I didn´t say it´s the best part of the movie. I have no problem with IM 2. It´s about character development, not just action scenes. All the actors were great, the story was good and it was fun to watch. A perfect popcorn summer blockbuster. The final fight could have been a bit longer though.

            • IMO, that’s where the film failed the most was with the characters. But to each their own.

    • Totally agree.. it will be a loss.

      And Nolan? Get off it. The thing Nolan did was give us “a Batman” closer to the original serious vision.. the stuff we fed off of. He wasn’t the first.. just the first for Batman. Nor is he the best. Spidey beat him long before he was on-track.

      Of course Favreau’s Iron Mans were better. He will be missed.

  9. Respect your opinion. But, had a totally different reaction to the film. I got it. I got into it. It was right on course with the first film, in my opinion. As for that tired, ‘It was just a big Avengers commercial’- I gotta call BS. The Avengers aspect was handled just like it was in the comics. Sprinkled throughout the story to establish a universe. The main focus was Stark and the after effects of his decision to reveal himself as Iron Man. The Avengers aspect was there because it’s a part of the universe he’s in now. And, besides, all of this is leading up to Avengers; it’d be weird NOT to talk about those characters.

    • Yes, it’s all leading up to The Avengers, but IM2 had most of the film about other superheroes. It’s like Marvel said, “Ok, we need a big setup to The Avengers, but we also need to put some stuff in there to remind everyone this movie is about Iron Man”.

      • “IM2 had most of the film about other superheroes.” Like who? Sure, it had Fury and the Widow. Cap´s shield was almost unrecognizeable (at least to non-comic book fans), and the after-credit-scene showed a hammer, not it´s owner.

      • Yep. I fully agree with that.

        • When I say “I agree with that,” I mean Little Monster’s comment.

  10. fav will be missed but , maube this is a good thing and whos to say he will not be back on another Marvel property after his trip to the Magic Kingdom, also I wouldnt be so quick to say there where issues, cause lets face it Disney is giving their Child to him, and this is big for Disney this project represents everything that is Disney, so Im not feeling fallout or ill will, Im seeing Fav as having his eye on the prise and maybe he has his eye on something that is Post Avengers, Like a Antman, Dr Strange, or possibly a new Fantastic Four. I would actually like to see him reboot DareDevil.

    • Yeah, he could be Foggy Nelson again.

  11. Meh the news doesn’t matter much to me. Favs did ok with Ironman but honestly both films feel short of great and could of been so much better. Part of the blame on him and part on the writers for giving us a shallow action popcorn flick with some good one liners. I enjoyed both Iron man films, but both could of been so much better and so much more. They could of been great and had to settle for pretty good instead. Tony Stark is such a complex character and he was fairly shallow in the films. Jon even said he was basically not going to do the great Tony Stark stories. So maybe we can get someone that will. Sadly though he already wrapped up the drinking problem. Patched it all up like it was nothing a momentary lapse in judgment.

    • For once daniel i agree 100%.

  12. More than emotionally struck, at present, I am curious who WILL take over the franchise’s directing duties. Also, I’m curious to learn more about “The Magic Kingdom”. I feel fairly certain, unfortunately, that it will NOT be based on the entertaining series KINGDOM KEEPERS. THAT would make for a great film, directed by Favreau…and Disney characters populate the story, so there would be no rights issues :)

  13. As far as the Great Ironman stories go,
    You wont see Demon In A Bottle filmed.
    MAYBE Extremis .
    My guess is they will focus on Tony Stark stories that involve The Avengers and other heroes.

  14. In my opinion, the first one was great, the second one was only 1/3 as good due to total lack of character development. It sorta went Transformers on me and lost it’s human appeal.

    As for Favreau, he did was he could already with the story. If he was really happy about the prospect of doing another Ironman movie he would have, we all know it. Something turned him off and it was most likely interference from executives.

  15. I wish Marvel could buy back the rights to Doctor Doom. I would love to see Iron Man face off against Doctor Doom and the Dreadknight.

  16. With regards to Mr. Favreau, I believe he made the right call. If the studio had him make compromises on IM2, you can only imagine what the meetings would have started to be like for IM3 in terms of Feige input.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really do believe that Marvel Studios is becoming the next Fox Studios for its blatant interference and meddling with directors and scripts. Like Fox, they just don’t seem to understand that while we want loads of great action, we also want great stories.

  18. Iron Man 1 was a happy accident. Iron Man 2 was all Fav and RDJ. Good riddance.

  19. Like the Transformers…there’s “more than meets the eye” to this story.

  20. Just Marvel calling up Jon Favreau and saying: “Hey fella, your comments caused a stir. Would you kindly get out there and explain that things aren’t so bad as all that, so we can take the fans’ money again with a crappy sequel? Thanks a lot, who loves ya, man?”

    • lol philster, you nailed it.

  21. This is clearly Faverau being professional about why he’s decided to leave a studio that makes very foolish bussines decissions.

    Marvel is seriously going to screw themselves and big time if they don’t stop this scrooging they are doing. Its one thing to cut back a budget an something yet to start filming and that doesn’t have any established Box Office history but to do this kind of thing to what they have is just idiotic. This is made worse by the fact they have big money behind them now in Disney.

    I don’t know if these moves/cuts are coming from Marvel or Disney but If I had controling interest in Disney I would have the person who is doing this, fired and thrown out on their backsides.

  22. It was a grave disappointment watching Iron Man3. I did not know the director had changed until watching the third movie. I realize the comic book story line may have been more true, but the original directing and scope of the movie was lost. I will always support Marvel, but a tone was sent with the two initial movies, which was not felt in Iron Man 3. Fluidity should be important and supported to insure movie goers experiences. I believe that the transition of directors failed to provide a fluid experience.