Jon Favreau Willing to Play Happy Hogan in ‘Iron Man 3′

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jon favreau not directing iron man 3 Jon Favreau Willing to Play Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3

Jon Favreau may have provided a very diplomatic explanation for why he decided to bow out of directorial duties on Iron Man 3, but reports of his increasingly tense relationship with Marvel Studios certainly make it seem like there might have been more going on behind the scenes than either party is prepared to acknowledge.

Favreau’s departure came as a shock to fans of the Iron Man franchise who recognized what a pivotal role he had played in helping Marvel establish their cinematic brand.

There was no shortage of suggestions when it came to possible replacements, but the issue was slightly complicated by the fact that it seemed like Marvel was interested in a filmmaker who was not only cheaper – but also one who would be more compliant with their demands for Iron Man 3.

Then we received our second surprise when it was announced that Shane Black had been chosen to direct the film. His involvement renewed the faith of many fans, but there was still one question left lingering – what about Happy Hogan?

In addition to directing Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Favreau also played the supporting role of Tony Stark’s bodyguard, chauffeur, and friend – Harold “Happy” Hogan. Would Marvel be forced to recast the part with another actor or simply decide to leave him out of the proceedings completely? As it turns out, the studio may have a third option.

During a WonderCon panel for his upcoming film Cowboys & Aliens, Favreau was asked if he could be persuaded to reprise the role for Iron Man 3. Favreau revealed that he loves Shane Black, he loves the franchise, and that yes – he would be willing to play Happy again.

It sounds like the ball is in Marvel’s court now.

Given the character’s expanded screen time in Iron Man 2, it seems to me that his absence in Iron Man 3 would certainly be noticed – even by those who weren’t aware that it was Favreau. Although I wish they’d done more with Happy in the sequel than use him primarily for comic relief, I like Favreau in the role and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

It’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll never get to see Happy transform into the Freak like he has in the comics, but there are other aspects of the character that might be worth exploring – including his relationship with Pepper Potts.

If this does indeed come to pass, it would be a nice way for Favreau to pass the torch to Black – and reinforce the notion that his relationship with Marvel might be a bit more amicable these days. If he’s ready and willing, I say make it happen.

On the other hand, Favreau could just be speaking diplomatically again.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

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  1. Really hope it happens, I really enjoyed his role in the last two and he could progress very well through out the whole solo Iron Man series.

  2. Major props to Favreau for his willingness to keep the character going. I also would love to see Happy grow into something other than comic relief. I thought that Favreau’s portrayal of Happy was good all things considered.

  3. I actually liked him in the films, bring him back, i say.

  4. NO Favreau please. He’s what ruined Iron Man 2 for me. His acting and directing was garbage.

    • I tend to agree.

      Maybe this time Happy Hogan can quailfy for a concealed carry permit.

      It was laughable when all he could do was hide in his car during the racetrack scene in IM2.

      He’s a bodyguard?

    • I agree the movie is called Iron Man not Happy Hogan, if he does come back hope that his screen time is shorten. ps Potts as well too much bikering.

      • Too much bikering? I know they bickered a bit but I didn’t know they were bikers as well. :-)

  5. I really dont think he will be back, due to the tension between him and marvel and also because he has more important projects to think about…
    For example, Magic Kingdom

  6. I hope he does since he brought some much need comedic moments into the film

  7. I hope he comes reprises his role as Happy for IM3. I liked both Ironman films & would be nice to see him for little comic relief.

  8. I don’t get it that people like to bash favreau for ruining Iron Man 2. It was the executives at MARVEL who ruined it by wanting to push advertisement for the characters from THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA for the 2012 AVENGERS film thus IRON MAN 2 suffered from drifting to what the story was to the point that NICK FURY and AGENT was annoying for always showing at the scene or always making references to the AVENGERS INITIATIVE.

    If it wasn’t for favreau, the first film may have bombed without him. With the addition that Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast as tony.

  9. he was a waste of time and didn’t do anything to achieve anything in IM2. i would be more then happy if he didn’t appear in IM3, that being said a brief appearance wouldn’t ruin anything either… so long as he’s not in the movie for any longer then 2 min (in total) b/c his character for the most part doesn’t have anything to do with plot etc he’s just in it for the sake of it.

  10. I hope that they follow what happens to Happy in the Civil War Series. Having someone from the opposing side put him in a coma forcing Tony, from pleas of those close, to ‘help’ Happy move on. This would be another hard sturggle for Tony.

  11. Glad he is willing to reprise his role.
    I hope it happens.

  12. Marvel ruined IM2.
    It was like an extended TV pilot for The Avengers.

    • Marvel didn’t ruin it, Favreau and Downey did.

      • @ Kris: “Marvel didn’t ruin it, Favreau and Downey did.”

        Are you really *that* stupid?

    • Marvel is becoming “Attack of the Fanboys.” Directors want to make their own movies (within limits given the character), not follow some rigid master blueprint. At least any decent director. I’m interested to see how this plays out over the next couple of years, and beyond.

  13. If Favreau ends up not playing Happy again, I say they just have Shane Black do it – sort of a tradition of having the director play that character. Black’s just as adequate an actor, and kinda looks similar to Favreau so most people might not even notice.

  14. The opening scenes when Tony made the military higher ups look like fools in court was awesome.
    Afterwards it just took a crap in my milkshake. :)

  15. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what and who you are talking about, some actors can be replaced to play parts and some can’t. Favreau is one of those who can be replaced. Not to take anything away from him as a director, I liked that. I was sort of sorry to see him not helm Avengers or iron Man 3. However, the part of Happy Hogan is, let’s face it, just not that big & integral to the plot, and Favreau not that outstanding of an actor that they couldn’t have someone else play the part if absolutely necessary. He was not horrible or anything, but he was just kind of like a chubby guy put in for comedy relief most of the time, and Hollywood probably has a number of those. It was like the guy who played Rhodey (either one in either Iron Man 1 or 2): they could have put a different actor in for either one and it would not have made that much of a stand-out difference. Unfortunately, sometimes some actors, like Rhodey #1 after Iron Man 1, thought he was worth banner-bucks, and he was not that special. #2 was nothing special, either. Now Downey as Tony Stark, you could not replace. It would be like trying to replace Charletin Heston as Taylor in sequels for Planet of the Apes, or Sigourney Weaver in sequels of ALIEN. Could not be done. Some people are iconic to the roles, the standards to which all othes are held up and found lacking. Just like in Spiderman, you probably could not replace Tobey McGuire. You could not replace actor Simmons who played J. Jonah Jameson, as he was perfect both as an actor acting-wise and looks-wise. Younger or not, you cannot adequately replace Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart as Magneto and Professor X. Stepping back for a moment to Spiderman, the gal who played Parker’s girl-friend, Kirsten Dunst, however, thought she was one of the ultimate blobs of glue holding the movie together, and while she was good enough, her not playing the part had there been a Spiderman 4 in that particular franchise would not have in itself sunk the movie. She was Ok, she was cute, but so are alot of other gals who could act if circumstances demanded it. Some are replaceable, some are not; it would be good if those who are replaceable remember they might not be the most irreplaceable cog in the works.

    • i agree…

  16. Props to THE MAN. He’ll always be my favorite Marvel-film director. Hope it happens.

  17. Thanks alot Favreau, You ended up letting the Iron Man 3 Project fall into the wrong hands of a stupid jerk who is now using THE WRONG KING OF CHARACTER FOR the villain of the film! NONE OF THIS WOULD have happened if YOU DID NOT leave to direct Cowboys and Aliens!

  18. I agree! If there is going to be Underwater scenes, it is okay to have Namor appear as an ally, but not a villain! I demand that Shane Black uses FIN FANG FOOM or THE MANDARIN as the villain.

  19. We want the Mandarin!Or at least Fin Fang Foom! Come on everybody! Back me up!