Jon Favreau Not Directing ‘Iron Man 3′ [Updated]

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jon favreau not directing iron man 3 Jon Favreau Not Directing Iron Man 3 [Updated]

It what may be the most shocking Marvel Studios related news to date, Jon Favreau, the man responsible for bringing the young studio their first worldwide blockbuster and successful franchise, is stepping down from the directorial duties of the third Iron Man film. That’s right, Iron Man 3 will not be directed by Jon Favreau.

Why? There’s no clear cut answer or official word from Favreau himself just yet, but if you piece together some recent events and take into account Marvel’s tight budgeting, you can formulate some viable working theories.

New York Magazine reports that Favreau has informed Marvel Studios of his decision and that the studio began the search for a replacement director last night. This is not something we learned on Friday from Kevin Feige’s Marvel Movies update

Here’s what we know: Marvel Studios and Favreau took time to come to a deal for Iron Man 2 due to their cost-sensitive budgetary nature. A similar issue almost resulted in fans not having Samuel L. Jackson play Nick Fury for years to come and many suspect it is the same reason Edward Norton has been replaced by Mark Ruffalo.

We also know that both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were rather rushed and in the case of the first film, they were shooting before a script was even done. With a release date already set in concrete for Iron Man 3 before they have any idea what story they’ll be telling and rumors that Marvel may be forcing in more characters as part of the bigger cinematic universe, I can understand if this played a significant factor on Favreau’s decision. As New York Magazine points out, in a recent interview with MTV, Favreau is on record explaining that he’s unaware of the studio’s plans for the Iron Man 3, as of a few weeks ago:

“In theory, Iron Man 3 is going to be a sequel or continuation of Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Avengers… This whole world … I have no idea what it is. I don’t think they do either, from conversations I’ve had with those guys.”

Combine that with highly-publicized financial concerns (that’s why Favreau isn’t directing The Avengers), and this could be a reason for Favreau’s decision. That, and he has lots of other projects on the go and is a solidified A-List director. Favs is finishing up work on Cowboys & Aliens as we speak, which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest summer hits of 2011, and he’s already in line to direct Magic Kingdom for Disney.

From Disney-Marvel’s perspective, Disney spent $4 billion on purchasing Marvel last year and more recently, forked over another $115 million to Paramount to buy back the distribution rights to The Avengers and Iron Man 3 so it’s understandable, although disappointing, why they feel a need to keep costs down when it comes to talent.

With Robert Downey Jr. having been replaced by Daniel Craig for Cowboys & Aliens and now Favreau not doing Iron Man 3, it begs the question, will RDJ and Favs ever work together again? We all hope so. Favreau brought the exact tone and feel we all wanted in Iron Man and he knows how to give fans a good time.

[Update: Jon Favreau explains why he left Iron Man 3]

Stay tuned for more details on Favreau’s future involvement with Marvel Studios and who may be brought in to helm Iron Man 3.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4, 2012 and Iron Man 3 is currently scheduled for release May 3rd, 2013.

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Source: New York Magazine

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  1. That’s great news! Iron Man 2 was horrid.

    • Again only bad because Marvel was stepping in and trying to control and not let favreau have the reigns.

  2. This is extremely disappointing to see Marvel/Disney try to turn Iron Man into a Marvel Universe movie and to have chased off the man who made the Iron Man movie a success in the first place. (Remember, Favreau fought for Robert Downey, Jr.)

    This is ridiculous. Silly. And heart-breaking. Iron Man 3 will crash and burn because if it wasn’t going to be enough about Iron Man to satisfy Favreau to come back, then it won’t be enough to satisfy US, the fans, either.

    Don’t fool yourselves people. Marvel chased out successful writers like JMS (the writer who made Thor a successful comic book again) because they were so into crossovers that it made writing about the MAIN CHARACTER of a story impossible. This is going to happen all over again with the Iron Man movies.

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  3. what a shame, i credit jon for making better films then fox has done with marvel’s franchise. iron man 2 was good but it lacked a coherent storyline and really did not tell us anything other then THOR is on the way, and while the special effects were awesome, not having a villian like the MANDARIN or perhaps the DRAGON SEED SAGA did not help out this film at all. iam sorry but the less i see of SAMUEL JACKSON, the better.
    these films are sucessful because of the marvel characters and the more they keep expanding nick fury’s role, the more diluted the story will become..

  4. It was the script that made Iron Man a hit, and a dvd purchase.

    Fav’s directing skills are right up there with MCG interms of talent, and it showed in Iron Man2. The very second Iron Man 2 opened with Tony Stark dancing like a goof ball, I knew it would suck. And it did.

    I hope Fav’s gets back into acting, and stays there.

  5. Marvel pinching pennies. This is no surprise favreau wanted out. They probaly offered him horrible money for the third film and he balked.

  6. I hate to bring it up…but…how about Joss Whedon, should Avengers prove to be worth the gamble?

    • No Thanks! :-)

  7. Darren,
    I wouldnt be surprised if they offered it to Whedon but some how folded it into his current contract with them.
    Maybe give him points on the backend to prevent paying a big fee.

  8. Bull, The Dragon Seed Saga ,
    Was Fin Fang Foom in that?

  9. For some reason I assumed it wasn’t because of money Favreau is out, its because the negative response of movie critic toward Iron man 2 which makes Marvel become hesistate to used Jon Favreau service for the third Iron man, I also have a feeling that Robert Downey Jr. is also on the next list the be cut out from Iron man but lets hope and pray that wouldn’t happen.

    • You can´t cut out Downey from the IM franchise. He IS Iron Man. That´s like having Clooney playing Batman. Oh, wait…

      I really hope they´ll keep Downey. I couldn´t imagine any other actor being Tony Stark. He nailed that role perfectly.

  10. I thought I would be more surprised, but this honestly didn’t shock me at all. Really don’t know how to feel about this. Not happy, but not upset about it either.

  11. Well let’s see if the House of the Mouse can change his mind especially being that he’s got a relationship with them too now.

  12. On his twitter account, Favreau pointed out that he is doing Magic Kingdom instead of IM3,I wonder if they wanted him to start prepping for the next Iron Man so that he could get started on it after The Avengers.
    That would mean that he would have to give up Magic Kingdom.
    He might have felt they were going to rush him again.
    Just speculating.
    I dont care if they wanted him to go anyway.
    He made the right choice.

  13. This is “WRONG” . . . THIS IS OUTRIGHT WRONG ! ! ! GET IT ! ! !

  14. Like some people said here, Blomkamp or J.J Abrams. I can’t see anybody else taking over from here, not at this point.

    • If anything, if Blomkamp or J.J Abrams or whoever takes over they need to keep Favereau involved in some capacity as Producer or something. He needs to remain involved.

      • Hey start the tweet chain on that people, keep Favs involved and try to push for Blomkamp or J.J Abrams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He could still star as Happy Hogan…

  15. I Think Disney WANTS Favreau on Magic Kingdom instead.

  16. I thought the article said favreau IS still a producer of IM3.

  17. Wait im comfused did I just read that Favreau isn’t directing IM3? Are they playing a stupid joke? that is rediculous I can’t believe that he will not be directing IM3 what about his character as Happy? will He still be Playing Happy in IM3 I hope so because if they decide to replace his part as Happy then Im gonna be pised at the direction they are heading..They already replace Terrance Howard dont ruin it even more for us IM Fans..IM2 was ok but the feeling wasnt there that much like IM1 first off RDJ acted too cocky in IM2 and there Hair Due’s were all messed up including Leslie Bibs and Robert Downey Jr’s Hair looked all jacked up like the salonist Rushed on doing there hairstyles unlike IM1 they looked good. Fight Scenes were great but they couldnt been longer especially the last battle with Whiplash, War Machine and IM.

  18. Oh and they also messed up in the beginning of the movie of IM2 when Vanko was watching the TV and Tony Stark says that he is Iron Man but he’s not reading the card like he did in Part 1 when he says “Truth is” “I am Iron Man” I hope that IM3 show’s alot more improvement that the second film and I hope that Fav will still be able to take his role as Happy.

    • That scene was actually from the first movie. Watch it again and you´ll notice a short break between him looking at the card and then looking into the camera.

  19. Let him go, he’s really not that good and there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

  20. Agreed with all who say im2 was not as good as im. Does anyone know when im3 is set to release? With Avengers coming out in 2012 surely im3 is set no earlier than 2013? Surely there is plenty of time to make alot of good decisions between today and the day im3 hits theaters. I think Fav. is cool and he did a great job, but I see no reason to get bummed about this.

  21. ok… so who’s gonna play Happy? Any ideas out there? :)

    • Pauly Shore

      • nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

        • just kiddin

  22. So sad! On another note, these ads are going to get really annoying. I know, it’s business. But still.

    • darkpassenger,

      I’ve disabled the ads. They are SUPPOSED to appear ONCE per visitor per DAY. Not on every single page view. I’m pissed about it and have emailed the ad network behind them.

      Did the every page issue just start today? I’m pretty sure that yesterday it was working as it should.



      • It’s only started happening for me today. Thanks! That’s a relief to hear it’s not supposed to be that way! It definitely wouldn’t keep me from reading the site or anything (LOVE this site!), but it would be pretty annoying.

        • darkpassenger,

          Can you tell me what time of day you saw it start happening and what browser you use when you visit the site?



          • I’m sorry, I don’t really remember what time it was and I switch between Safari and Firefox depending on which one is working faster at the moment so I’m not sure which it was. That problem has gone away now (for me at least). If it’s still happening for other people, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful! I’m usually on the internet midday though (like 4-5).

            • darkpassenger,

              I’m 99% sure it only happened on Safari.



              • It happened to me yesterday and I’m on Firefox… I have only seen it once today, tho. :)

  23. Marvel needs to stop screwing around with there talents it’s pathetic that every time something new that’s marvel related it’s always about the director and actors getting replaced or the franchise getting redone it’s really annoying.

  24. I was hoping Fav would get one more crack at this, to redeem IM2. IM2 was just “ok”, far less enjoyable than the first one was, way too silly, which annoys me a lot. Did anyone actually feel at any point in IM2 that any character was in any peril whatsoever? In the first one we sure did. That alone pretty much spells it out.

    Maybe it’s for the best.


  25. no*

  26. What about Duncan Jones?

  27. I dont think that this is that big of a deal. Someone else will be just fine…he’s an overrated director if you ask me.

  28. Jason Statham for Deadpool.


    • Tim Story would be a terrible choice. Look at the CRAPPY FF movies.

      MARVEL STUDIOS need to start getting serious with their movies and start hiring well seasoned screenwriters with a few hits up their sleeve and EXPERIENCED, distinguished, and critically acclaimed Directors.

      If they want to play with the big boys they have to be prepared pay the BUCKS to get the best result, stop the executives from interfering and STOP treating the majority of their fan base as little kids.

      • @Magnetic Eye Your absolutely correct! Marvel had the right screenwriters for Iron Man 1 then they let Robert Downey Jr. convince them to let Justn Theroux write the screenplay for Iron Man 2, that was a big mistake. RDJ is a great actor and helped with a lot of great ideas for Iron Man but that was waaaay too much power to give him letting him choose the screenwriter. The original screenwriter/s knew what they were doing and built up great momentum and by ditching them they royally messed up the seriousness of Iron Man and it’s momentum with a screenwriter who is only good at great one liners and comedy.