Pirates 4: Is Johnny Depp The 56 Million Dollar Man?

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pirates Pirates 4: Is Johnny Depp The 56 Million Dollar Man?Was anyone honestly surprised to hear Disney was actively developing Pirates of the Caribbean 4? Or the news that Johnny Depp would in fact reprise his role of Captain Jack Sparrow?

I didn’t think so.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Depp will receive a massive payday in the form of $56 million US (aka 32 million pounds UK) to put on the black eye-liner for a fourth time.

Normally, I wouldn’t believe this considering the source is the British tabloids which certainly are biased in the whole “truth-telling” department. That said, there’s probably something to this news item.

Say what you will about their quality (God knows I’ve said my fair share… and then some!), both Pirates sequels chugged out just under $2 billion between them. And that doesn’t even include the big-bucks the Mouse earned from home video sales, television rights, merchandising, etc.

No two ways around it, Depp is the franchise. Like Harrison Ford with Indiana Jones, this isn’t a film series where the actor is interchangeable to the character (like James Bond and Superman to name a few) and Disney is smart enough to realize that.

And from the sounds of things, the studio wanted to make damned sure they had Depp lined up before hiring anyone else. Thus why they’ve yet to hire screenwriter(s) or a director – at least that we know of at the moment.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is currently aiming for a May 2011 release.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. If that pans out to be true, I’ll boycott it. No actor is worth 56 million to do one picture!

  2. I’m with you there old man… although I haven’t seen the 2nd or 3rd one either, lol. But I’ll pretend me not watching the 4th one will be for some actual reason… 😀

    And about that line about Depp putting on the eyeliner one more time, I think he never takes it off… hahaha

  3. I sure hope that Sir,Depp gives some of that money to countries that could develop an infrastructure.
    I’m calculating he could end starvation in 2 or 3 countries with just 19% of that stash.

    Old Man,,,
    I 3rd that motion!
    (Boycott the lot of them !)

    Ken the 2, and especially the 3rd Pirates films sucked the wood off the decks…
    CGI Blasphemy.

  4. @ Ken J; ROFLMAO Maybe he’s half raccoon..

  5. LOL, oh, yah, we’re just jealous… that’s why if it was the same news about a more deserving actor, we wouldn’t be going against it… No wait, that doesn’t make any sense… Damn these people who know how to spell… 😀

  6. lol i got told!!!

  7. I just hope part 4 is better than at Worlds End. though the effects were on point, the story was weak and just like a wtf when Bloom was made to be Davy Jones. Also to Disney, having a woman grow huge and then disperse into crabs is not a sign of power, nor is a whirlpool.

    • I think its nuts to pay someone 56 million for a movie. Not to mention how much johnny Depp got paid for Alice in the wonderland. I hear that their not gonna have Kiera or orlando in this one. Too bad:( Actors are so overpaid!

  8. I agree that the third one sucked worse than any of them, but the second one wasn’t all bad. Sure there were some corny lines here and there, sure there was the unrealism of Elizabeth Swan knowing how to wield a sword better than anyone in that Tortuga bar, and fight better than any of Davy Jones’ crew, but Davy Jones’ character (Which was utterly destroyed in the third movie) leveled it out entirely.

    I also believe that even if the third movie sucked (really bad) Jack Sparrow’s character remained very much intact throughout the trilogy. So a forth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean? I say yes, presuming that the movie will focus entirely on Jack Sparrow and will maybe have the recurrence of Barbossa and his mutinous crew.

  9. “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is currently aiming for a May 2011 release.”

    Hmmmm … going up against our beloved Capt. America.
    I wonder … who will win?

    Marvel change Caps date NOW!!!!

  10. Well the only reason I feel the way I do is because that much money is about 1/3 the cost of a top rated production. 790 has a point, I hope he’s generous with it and helps some worthy causes, because I can’t see him retiring.

    @Sock Monkey said: “but the second one wasn’t all bad”
    Strange as it may sound it was consistently rated higher but made less money domestically than the others.

  11. I’m not a big fan of these movies, I haven’t even seen the third one yet– but I’ve gotta say that I enjoyed the second movie more than the first.

    That said, with the usual antagonizing of Depp in movies, his awkward femininity makes him perfect for the role. If he lives throughout the third movie, I don’t see a problem with a fourth.

    That payday is incredulously ridiculous, though.


    • I’ve only seen The curse of the black pearl and lets just say that it wasn’t my kind of a movie. The haunyaks who pay actors wayyy overpay em.’ LoL.

  12. The Taylor Foundation for Wayward Trekkers is a great charity to give that money to. :-)

    My daughter said it was going to happen and I didn’t agree. This is one thing she finally got right. 😎

  13. @Clean Talking Chimp

    From a business point of view, I guess you’re right. If a movie franchise has pulled in over $2 billion, I suppose $56 million to the star makes sense.

    But objectively speaking, it’s an insane amount of money to be paid for a few months of acting. We can always jump to the old “teachers and law enforcement” comparison/argument.

    Not speaking about him personally, but “stars” in general – this is where I want them to shut the hell up when it comes to trying to influence voters and whatnot. What kind of a “normal” worldview does one have when they get paid millions of dollars to star in a movie as opposed to working a real job (yes, I said a “real” job). Directors, cinematographers, VFX people and other crew actually earn their paychecks, but at this level actors don’t earn theirs… it’s purely a ROI calculation for the studio.

    Based on that I have no stomach for them getting on a soap box of any sort.

    (Man, I hate it when I take a thread off topic – can’t help myself sometimes.)


  14. Personally, I H-A-T-E-D both PIRATES sequels, and feel the Jack Sparrow character (as well as the franchise in general) wore out his welcome by the second installment.

    That said, I have to respectfully disagree with our friend and long-time poster the old man.

    Depp’s worth that massive paycheck because he is the face of that franchise. Audiences fell in love with the Sparrow character and went to see the sequels mostly because of him.

    It should also be worth-noting that the $56 million apparently does NOT include any back-end deals, percentage points, etc. So depending on PIRATES 4’s box-office, Depp could literally walk away with $100 million (!?!)


  15. I think that kind of a paycheck skews every other “A” list actors pay. Which puts even greater pressure on all movies to bring in better box. Which means less risk taking in all facets of movie making…

    Hope you like sequels, with paychecks like that, that’s perhaps all you’ll get.

    Here’s next months Book Of The Month recommendation; “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

  16. I have to totally agree with The Old Man, on this,,,