Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?

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theriddler Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?(My dear readers, you have permission to treat this rumor as hostile.)

Not two days after wild rumors started circulating that Angelina Jolie was looking to play Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s third chapter of the Batman Begins series, comes an even wilder rumor from out of the UK that Warner Bros. execs have begun eying top-notch actors Johny Depp and Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman for the roles of The Riddler and The Penguin in the next Bat-flick

DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID JUST YET. For every new rumor of which villains will be featured in the next Batman film, comes another statement from Dark Knight scribes Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer, saying that they are trying NOT to take the obvious route of throwing the second-most iconic villains from Batman’s rogue gallery into the next film. However, as Spider-Man 3 taught us all, when a franchise reaches a certain $tature, the studio’s wishes quickly begin to trump any creative desires. Don’t be surprised to see The Riddler, The Penguin, or both, show up in the final draft of the script.

riddlerandpenguin Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?However, we won’t really know anything until a script for BB3 is actually done. But that hasn’t stopped fan debates from raging 24/7. Personally, I don’t think Goyer and Nolan should be working too hard to try to pull out obscure villains and/or plotlines for the next installment. If Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight taught us anything, it’s that an actor at the top of his or her game is able to take what is iconic and totally redefine it. (And fanboys, really, is that not the essence of all the best comic books: re-definition of the status quo?)

Which villains do you think should make into BB3?

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  1. @michael
    All I can say is excellent. I could not think of a better way to use Bane. However, Nolan’s Batman was stated to commit to Batman as an ideal, was made to never date or commit to one woman. Bruce’s commitment was what his parents wanted to do for the city, thus Batman will only cease to exist when Bruce has stood up for everything his parents wanted for Gotham, so I do not know about Bruce dating Vicki though. Awesome story though, most realistic take on Bane ever. I like it a lot.

    This is my outline for the first twenty five minutes of the script. I am still fiddling around with it though since the first 20-30 minutes usually dictated the tone and style of the movie.

    So here goes:

    It is morning time, in an abandoned warehouse, Black mask is interrogating Marcus Celios, one of the main Henchmen for Sal Falcone by placing a knife into hot pokers and making slow slashes into Marcus’ skin. This is regarding the issue as to where Sal has transported Scarecrow’s remaining fear toxin , as Roman wants to use it on all the Arkham inmated to rule over them since he secretely owns Arkhum Asylum and has a secret penthouse there and makes all his comands from there to carry out his crimes. Finally after four and a half hours of torturing, he pulls out a silencer gun and shoots him in the back of the head. It is night time, and Bruce Wayne is sitting in Cobblepot Luxury Dining with three high profile ladies , The waiter then serves one of the Ladies a seafood meal that is stale, thus Bruce Wayne deamnds to speak with the owner , Mr. Cobblepot, threatens to sue, then Cobblepot says that he is sorry, and Bruce Wayne subdues him into selling the restaurant for a reasonable price of 80 mil. Bruce Wayne then gets a call from Fox , says that Alfred has been mysteroiusly stabbed and is in hospital, Bruce Wayne has a heart to heart talk with Alfred in private when the doctors leave , the doctors come in the room and then say that Alfrd will take a month to recover due to Alfred’s age.

    Well that is the first twenty-five minutes . Now Penguin will not be a villian even though Bruce Wayne brought his restaurant. I just put that scence in there because I wanted to refresh the audience of what the Bruce Wayne is like with other people and then I cut to the talk with Bruce and Alfred because I wanted to show the audience what Bruce Wayne is really like, and you only see what Bruce wayne is really like when he is talking with Alfred. Now Zsaaz is also not included even though Alfred is mysteroiusly stabbed. I just wanted to show the audience to true Bruce Wayne. And the interrogation scence would have set the tone of the movie and shown what Black Mask is really like.

    So let me know what you think and if you are fine with me puting this into a script, as the start of the script is something you want to get right.

  2. I like it and i am sure you are going to have a sal vs roman type thing and i think you could have flash backs to how black mask came to be. I want to know which assassin you will be using because i just watched “Gotham Knight” which is like Batman Begins 1.5 and Deadshot and Killer Croc are in there so you should restrain from using those two villains. So youre assassin choices are Bane, KGBeast, Deathstroke, and people like that. I think the fashion in which you had Roman look was very true to the character and thank you for not using Penguin, he is probably the worst batman villain.

  3. @michael
    I know you think that Deadshot cannot be used because he was captured in Gotham Knight, but one of the main reasons that I used this idea of Black Mask secretly owning Arkham Asylum is because it would actually allow mw to bring Deadshot back. Heres how: doing flashbacks as to how Deadshot moved to Arkham from jail since the comice books state that Deadshot is suicidal and was committing attempted suicides. Thus Gordon decides to move him to Arkham Asylum . Now since Black Mask owns Arkham, He can actually give Deashot a job of being his personal assasin and pay Deadshot plenty of money.KGbeast is kind of a metahuman who likes to uses a large gun on his left arm and Deathstroke fels like a deadpool rip of-another metahuman. And Nolan has a realistic take. And Deadshot actually uses snipers and assualt rifles and Balck Mask uses explosives. So it makes for a nice action pack mix as well. My version of Black Mask will get burnt by Sal Falcone, but indirectly. I will use a flash back to show Sal’s men , who burn the house down of a client who did not pay up. Now Roman was also interrogating this same client because the client hide will not tell Roman who liquidated Roman’s shares of 700 million dollars( because the Client does not know). This is where he gets his face burnt and gets a hugh scar across his face with a red-hot knife.
    But I’ll most likely go with you’re awesome idea of-“Roman Sionis who owes him money but cant pay because he drove his company into the ground due to his inabilty to compete with Wayne enterprises. Sal takes romans head and sticks into a creamation chamber in which romans grandmother is being cremated. the ashes and bones then morph to his face and causing mental trauma which creates Black Mask.”, if you are okay with me using it that is.

    What do you think?

  4. Interesting concepts…I look forward to reading the polished product!

  5. How can you do Hush without a dead Robin? That would just be stupid.

  6. There will be no Hush because I realized that would make no sense a few weeks back.
    The script will have a delay because I lost my USB – yeah, I am not the most organised guy. The title will be – Wolrd’s Greatest Detective. I will be using a cameo of the Clock King – do not worry, it will be brief and advance the plot as Clock King is an explosives expert and knows how to get around security systems.

  7. I hope you find your USB, Fred! I’m interest is piqued!

  8. Oops! That should have said “My” not “I’m.” Sorry! :(

  9. Give Johnny a break. The only reason I wouldn’t want him in the next Batman movie is so that his few acne-faced boycotters don’t have any more reasons to insult him.

  10. Okay, I have officially lost my USB. So I will start from scratch with the script. I will make a different plot based on Black Mask. Black Mask will be the main villian and Clock King will be the supporting villian.

    The plot will start out like such: Black Mask will set out on a killing spree on Gotham to kill all the rich upper class people of Gotham . This will reduce Gotham’s economic value and plunge Gotham into recession. Then from this point Bruce Wayne becomes a target. Deadshot will play a cameo role sort of thing and Clock king will carry out the killing spree along side Black Mask. Now when Gotham’s economic value falls, all mob gangs will look to take over Gotham’s underworld and Black Mask’s purpose is to be the ruler of Gotham’s underworld , but faces competition from Sal Falcone. Thus a mob war will also loom at the same time. Black Mask will be simply put-ruthless, strategic and crafty.
    This plot is not based of a comic , but my own story since we are under recession and all the hard times . Just thought that would add some realism to the script.

    And Clock King will have a real, gritty take on him. He will not be the one from the comics, but based slightly on personality , from the comics.

    Johnny Depp has to pull of an incredible acting performance to be not made fun of.
    That was a good rumour by the way.

  11. Oh dear god please let this be a wind up. Johnny Depp can’t act for gods sake don’t let him in. He completely rapes roles x_x I was a big fan of Batman up until now simply because of the latest films. Don’t kill that for me please >..> classic catwoman.

  12. Ever read the long halloween?

    no there is a story that should be a movie. and it would fit in with the redemption story they sent up at the end of TDK.

    Plus, you get all the good villains! including mad hatter, and cat woman can come back (cringe) because she has a minor is she helping or hurting role.

    But yeah…Long halloween. do that story :)

  13. JUST JOHNY!!! DONT DIE PLEASE!!!!! <3 <3 :'(

  14. When does it start getting filmed???

  15. uhhh… sorry to disappoint you 790, but why would Stan Lee have any input into the next Batman series?? He’s with Marvel and Batman is from the DC camp.

  16. Firefly or Killer Moth as the bad guys. Batman will kick some bug butt!

  17. In my personal opinion, if they bring in The Riddler why not have the orginial Riddler play him? Why not have Jim Carrey be The Riddler if he is brought into the next film?

    • Jim Carrey (I think) played a childrens’ version of the Riddler. Even in the comic books he is portrayed as an extremely intelligent, former professor type of person. He has more of that arrogant, doctor-professor personality, constantly getting bored and annoyed with inferior minds.

      Jim Carrey took that character and made a Power Rangers figure out of it, very, childish. It just is not going to fit at all in the Christopher Nolin Series.

      • What I did not like most about the Tim Burton series of Batman was that they took the names literally in making the villains.

        Penguin is not a literal half human half Penguin type of deal. To the best of my knowledge that is his NICK NAME, because he always carries a black umbrella, and wears a black suit with a white dress shirt, and is over weight, with a caucasion white face; hence, he looks like a penguin.

        He’s the hypocritical politician, smiles in public and then back stabs his own people.

        Second, the Riddler. The comic books due take it to the extream, but in the actual story, the Riddler is like the famous professor gone mad. He did have a rough child hood, and, not fully mentally sane. But a literal riddle making clown???

        Jim Currie’s interpretation was not to my liking. It was just nothing to respect. Like some Power Rangers kid’s story version. There’s no way in the world I can believe some guy that crazy could ever be of a extreme threat to Gotham.

        I think the best route is to have Johnny Depp invent a caracter using a combination of the most respected utopias of intelligent caracters, like House and Sherlock Holmes. We love these caracters for their great intelligence; it would be nice to have the same reverence-fear for the riddler.

        In almost all these stories the genius is the hero. Now lets imagine if someone like Sherlock were to turn evil? How much of a threat they would really be? We could feel the same fear as we did with the Joker.

        • Just like how Bruce Wayne disguises himself as Batman, I was thinking to have the character Edward Nigma be someone of similar stature, and have the Riddler be the second part of his double personality.

          We can have Edward Nigma like a Bill Gates; a man who got rich through his glorious inventions. His true name is not really reveled until later in the movie. At first he can be portrayed as someone good, for, we can have him and Bruce become friends (the viewers really do not have a clue that he’s Edward Nigma in disguise.

          In the beginning of the movie we can have Batman fight other foes; but when he defeats them the movie isn’t over yet, but more foes keep coming. The secret Edward Nigma is behind it all, but no one knows that he is even in the movie until later on.

          We have such reverence for the most ingenious hackers, and that’s what he is and a lot more. Just like the greatest identity thieves, Edward Nigma gained control of his very identity. And only Batman with the help of Lucious Fox can discover his true identity [By not finding the simple (wrong) answers to the complected riddle].

          The Riddler is a character he uses in his great strategy to fool everybody and fulfill his purpose by his most ingenious strategic plans. By leading people to believe he’s nothing but a crazy serial killer that paints question marks and plants riddles at murder scenes, he leads Gotham into the greatest trap.

          The ploy was that the riddles being solved literally, he led all Gotham to do exactly as his grand strategy envisioned. By making people feel that they were smart, he proved exactly how stupid they really are. Lucious Fox has to help Batman discover that the Riddles are nothing more than a trap. But will it be too late???

          • The riddles can be a ploy to lead the majority “stupid” people to their death or part of Edward Nigma’s plan to take over. While the few that slightly compare to his intelligence can interpret them by haveing a very vast knowledge coupled with a extremely high IQ (Lucious Fox).

            Morgan Freeman can once again be that ingenious wise man. He can bring back that detective character of Seven to a far greater level as he has to be the good professor that saves Gotham.

            It will be so interesting as he figures it out and explains it to Bruce how magnificent it really was, and how much it really makes sense. It was starring us in the eyes the whole time. The clues were all there, people can rewatch it to find out. Make it so that only the few truly gifted people can figure it out before the end of the movie. This may have it really hit home. But as for the rest of us, we just didn’t get it.

            Let it hit home that we ourselves would have been fooled. What will we do? Admit that we are not geniuses and we need the help of wiser men to survive? Or continue to prove that we know everything, putting ourselves in the field of intellect, where Edward can win.

            The only way Gotham can save themselves is to leave this battle of intellectual superiority and follow their hearts to do what is right; even if it means being stupid.

            • Part of his riddles all come down to one of his favorite games: Chess. He is a Grand Master, but he’s tired of the board game; he want to play real life chess.

              In interpreting the true meaning of the Riddles, Lucious Fox was able to count up to 8 different coordinates in the drawings, followed by 2 by 4 coordinates in a battle plan. 8*8=64, 64 squares on a chess board.

              Lucious byes a beautiful big chess board as a beautiful rendition to the the Wayne mansion in the beginning of the movie. And keeps moving the pieces all throughout the movie without either Alfred or Wayne understanding why.

              Finally its explained near the later middle of the movie. That each faction of Gotham was made into a chess piece, Batman very conveniently is the black (dark) knight piece. Its a mystery, but they finally decipher that Bruce Wayne is also another piece on the board; he’s the black king that the riddler is trying to checkmate! Very, shockingly, this lets them know that Edward Nigma knows Batman’s true identity, and that he’s going to be checkmated in the very next move unless he does something.

              Black, but how? Its just that Edward and the nick named penguin are in control of the “white” government. And because of Batman’s bad reputation at the end of Dark Knight, he, and like wise, Bruce are enemies of the government.

              Not that Bruce is siding with the mafia and thugs, its that Bruce Wayne has to control their movements to instigate Edward to do something.

              Bruce does not want to play this chess game, he just uses this to try to figure out his next move. And then interpreting it on real life conditions.

              Its possible in chess to checkmate with just a knight and a king. But the king must be employed strategically. So, Bruce must confront the infamous Edward Nigma before he sends in Batman for the kill. Which is actually part of Edward’s plan to maybe lose this chess game to win something far greater….

  18. Because Jim Carrey was horrible in the Batman Forever and that would be in most peoples minds if they saw him in the next film. He was horrible and really isn’t that dramatic or serious Carrey Does Cheap laughs real well like Holding up sex toys or making odd noises or fart jokes. His best films are long gone and he hasn’t had a good one in a long time.

  19. Jim Carrey wasn’t the original Riddler; he was just the most recent one.

  20. Did anyone else see a connection between the Riddler and Stan Lee in Batman Forever? Let’s look at it: E.Nigma works for a Wayne Enterprises, presents some intriguing ideas to the company, gets rejected and goes off to create his own company where he puts those ideas to reality, and his company ends up being rumored to out-perform Wayne Enterprises. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Stan Lee worked for DC Comics, presented some creative ideas for new comic books, these get rejected and he goes off to create his own comic book company (Marvel) where he brings these comic book ideas into reality, and Marvel has arguably out-performed DC ever since! It’s no wonder that DC decided to cast Jim Carrey for the part, they wanted to make their version of Stan Lee appear as crazy as possible!

  21. Hm…interesting parallel, Ryan! :)

  22. I think johnny deep as the riddler would be a great idea. IF they let him “own” the character. Like the late Heath Ledger did. I would go with The Riddler and Bane.

  23. No way man ! ! The Riddler , Penguin , and Catwoman ! ! But they should do what they did with Harvey Dent and make Catwoman Selena Kyle in the movie and wait till the very end and make a bridge between the forth movie where she becomes Catwoman and wants revenge on Bruce Wayne and wants Batman for herself ! ! And in the forth movie they should bring in Poison Ivy , Robin , Batgirl , and Catwoman ! ! Where catwoman and batgirl fight for Batmans affection ! ! And poison Ivy almost kills Robin and Vicky Vale ! ! And Batman has to decide whether to stay as Batman or Bruce ! ! Yo let me be the director real quike ! ! Lmao

  24. Itd b da movie of da year jajaja ! !

  25. And i agree johnny depp would b beast as riddler . And im not gonna lie . Jim was gud , its only he gayed up da part and now people think riddlers gay ! !

  26. Hoffman -YES! Depp -No!

  27. OK come on guys… lets get on the map with this discussion…

    Christian Bale is really the straight man in about every scenario he gets into and needs a decent antagonist to carry the weight of his metal facade appropriately. Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt carry the weight and measure of a man who could break the entire mystery of Bruce Wayne and Batman as one who has survived both sensi and self?

    Can any of you guess where I am going with this??? Look at it this way, Batman and Nygma have a history and its sordid in more ways than Batman can imagine sort of like Bale does his best work when he is faced with the task and the timeline exclusively. Bale is not the sort to mush things up and gets a bit thin in the margin when asked to as we saw with an American Psycho. He is significantly suited for the Bruce Wayne dilemma of managing so many decisions and levels of social framework that the personal nuance is lost for him many times. He really needs the master of manipulation and chameleon of crime to if he is to be ruffled and stirred up enough to let something major like the Bat Cave entrance slip through the radar and be detected.

    Who is this Master of Manipulation and Chameleon of Crime you ask??? Ah well, do you really think it will be some wet behind the ears geeky trickster who can formulate some mayhem or a dashed-off-the-top cream face high school bandy ready and willing to play the part in tights opposite the likes of Bale in his Kevlar Armor? Well then…think again!

    Edward Nygma needs the sort of mystery and finesse which is both entrance and brooding in its torment… He needs a bit of sinister which has been aged like a fine wine which comes from the cellar far from the light of day to re-emerge with a glint at the sun. Edward Nygma needs a specifically telling way of stepping on the scene again which erases the funhouse that was a joke for real. He needs a touch of the Egyptian to remind us that all mysteries are eternally lingering for each person to ponder their ability in the realm of masterminds and idiot savantes.

    Edward Nygma is best suited to a man who has cultivated a sense of torment and destiny in his very gaze which cannot be stolen by anything going on around him nor rattled by the weapons of the legendary Batman. Edward needs to come with the air of a man with nothing to lose bearing a riddle which has multiple answers but only one that allows you to live.

    The Riddle of this Riddler is, in fact, as much about how the Riddler knows what he knows and from where he will next emerge within the social framework that is the Empire of Bruce Wayne… This is how we should come to see the character of Harley and possibly a cameo of other foes.

    The Riddler should baffle the Catwoman and toy with her as though she were a kitty tangled in some string…. The Riddler should be Johnny Depp and he should walk with a Cane not because his limp is so bad but because he has spent some time studying Egyptian arts as a Magician of both illusion and deception which would remind us of the calm and cool terror that people experience when the meet up with a character such he.

    The riddle of Edward Nygma should be borne by an actor who has bested every role with his own way of weaving together all the stories and symbols and intricacies of intonation. The way the riddle is told and presented is always where we find ourselves gripped by the fear of unknowning and yet suspended on the brink of thinking we know only to veer dangerously close to a very wrong answer. I believe that Depp can deliver this role better than many actors who have come before and with his natural air of mystery might even provide a twist that the director had not yet thought of such as starring as himself in the movie at various points to confuse Bruce Wayne as to who he is really dealing with.

    Talk about nervy… this is the job of the Riddler and I do think that Bale and Depp had this very sort of tension in Public Enemies to the degree that I would love to see it play out further. Bales performance in the The Prestige and also in The Machinist let me know that he can rise to the occasion and subtlety of Depp’s Characterizations in an epic Fantasy/Mystery/Action Plotline devised as a mousetrap built for two.

    Obviously I will be down front center on this one….

  28. well i say hell no to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he is nothing to these stars listed below,

    Brad Pitt [fight Club and Troy],Leo Dicaprio [Shutter Island,Inception], Micheal C Hall [Dexter The TV Show],Tom Hardy [Inception],Timothy Olyphant [Live free or die Hard\Hitman]Ewan McGregor [Deception\I L

  29. The Riddler in Batman 3 should be a smooth intellectual who is calm and calculating at one moment, then wild and unstable the next who has unlucky Victims wearing Question Mark shaped Death traps and if the Riddles that are said by The Riddler are not solved they experence death which said on the Video cam almost Jigsaw from Saw style and but the same goes with the challenging puzzles as well and Batman has to save them from the Riddler but if he fails Lifes are lost even if the police get involed. and Good Cast Chioces are Micheal C Hall [Dexter The TV Show],Timothy Olyphant [Live free or die Hard\Hitman] but my number one chioce is Johnny Depp however even Neal Mcdonough if you don’t believe me just watch 88 Minutes with him as Jon Forster and Walking Tall as Jay Hamilton. and Lastly Gerald Bulter from Law Abiding Citizen and The Phantom of the Opera. but of course Johnny Depp is number one on my list. thanks!