Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?

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theriddler Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?(My dear readers, you have permission to treat this rumor as hostile.)

Not two days after wild rumors started circulating that Angelina Jolie was looking to play Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s third chapter of the Batman Begins series, comes an even wilder rumor from out of the UK that Warner Bros. execs have begun eying top-notch actors Johny Depp and Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman for the roles of The Riddler and The Penguin in the next Bat-flick

DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID JUST YET. For every new rumor of which villains will be featured in the next Batman film, comes another statement from Dark Knight scribes Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer, saying that they are trying NOT to take the obvious route of throwing the second-most iconic villains from Batman’s rogue gallery into the next film. However, as Spider-Man 3 taught us all, when a franchise reaches a certain $tature, the studio’s wishes quickly begin to trump any creative desires. Don’t be surprised to see The Riddler, The Penguin, or both, show up in the final draft of the script.

riddlerandpenguin Johnny Depp As The Riddler In The Dark Knight Sequel?However, we won’t really know anything until a script for BB3 is actually done. But that hasn’t stopped fan debates from raging 24/7. Personally, I don’t think Goyer and Nolan should be working too hard to try to pull out obscure villains and/or plotlines for the next installment. If Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight taught us anything, it’s that an actor at the top of his or her game is able to take what is iconic and totally redefine it. (And fanboys, really, is that not the essence of all the best comic books: re-definition of the status quo?)

Which villains do you think should make into BB3?

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  1. Hey, Fred, I need you to clarify the Fox/Wayne issue. Is your idea that Bruce will try to replace Fox by learning and doing it all himself, or will he try to find someone equally trust-worthy that can take over for Fox? If the latter, then Bruce’s studies would insure that he is as functional as possible regarding everything Fox-related to make sure the gap is filled until Fox’s successor can be brought up to par! In TDK Bruce seemed to be pretty knowledgeable on all the stuff that Fox did relating to Wayne Enterprises. He also seemed to be pretty computer literate (i.e.: the cell phone imaging machine). The only thing I think he didn’t know how to do himself was the mechanics of making a new suit, the car stuff, and the various materials for gadgets. I think Bruce is more than capable of learning and doing all that, but I don’t think he would have time. It seems reasonable that he would need help just to get it all done in a timely fashion. That’s just my 2-cents! :) Hope it helps!

  2. and Bruce Wayne hires Barbara Gordon to replace Fox…lol

  3. @mattali
    Bruce Wayne will not find someone equally as trustworthy because he has trouble even trusting Fox on some occasions, plus the person who would replace Fox would have a lot of trouble trusting Bruce because of Batman being a criminal and Gordon saying so – that batman killed the six people including the two cops.
    Also Bruce Wayne is pretty computer literate, but he would need a chemistry and forensics background to trace leads all the way to the criminal(s) on some occasions. In TDK, he had to use Fox’s help to identify the prints on the fragmented bullet which lead to the split personality person, which Harvey was interrogating by fliping his double -headed coin( I forgot the guy’s name ).

    So Bruce will try to replace Fox by learning and doing it all himself because
    it is his best hope of not having his identity revealed via hiring someone else’s help. He is capable in almost all the comic books of doing all the work himself as well. I forgot to mention that ever since Bruce does not need to be batman -at the start Batman 3-due to gutsy D.A.s, he will also stop his partying, playboy cover-up lifestyle, thus making time for more combat classes and learning almost everything Fox knows.

    Bruce will not hire Barbara Gordon because her own father said that Batman killed the six people. Plus the script will be based two years after the events of The Dark Knight. Therefore, Barbara will only be roughly seventeen years old, thus being too young for Bruce to hire.

  4. @mattali
    However , you are right in saying that he will not have enough time to do all that learning. Thus setting it two years after the event of TDK and saying that Fox had multiple strokes(like 2-3 starting from an 22 month period) will act as the motivation for Bruce Wayne to start his rigourous study – he is dedicated to Being batman after all.
    This logically seems like enought time – Bruce does not have to be as skilled as Fox-just almost approching his level if intteligence.

    Let me know what you think please ?

  5. Do you have a plan to explain how Bruce will account for his sudden change in lifestyle? He’s spent several years convincing everyone that he’s shallow, spoiled, and irresponsible. Taking on a hobby might seem logical for a person like that, but throwing himself into a whole series of activities that require dedication and perseverence in order to succeed would perhaps cause people to take an unhealthy interest in just exactly what makes Bruce Wayne tick. Do you think it would initiate the asking of too many questions which can’t be answered satisfactorily except by telling the truth? Are you thinking of having him drop out of the social scene entirely? Would he be studying in secret? Will the hiring of private tutors raise suspicions (maybe you have a different plan)? Will people connect the disappearance of Batman with Bruce Wayne’s decision to take a low profile since both will happen at roughly the same time?

    I know what you mean about the risk of being unmasked if he tries to hire a replacement for Fox, but I wonder if just as many suspicions will be raised by his sudden change in personality. It’s a sticky situation because the men he trusts are the ones that were also loyal to his father. Trying to find someone loyal from his own generation would be difficult since it seemed his only close friend was Rachel. I’m not creative enough to figure a way around the obstacles so am interested to see how you overcome them.

  6. Bruce will account for his sudden change in lifestyle by stating that his parents’ company is going into economic termoil due to Fox’s rested leave from the stroke and the stock market reccession(clarifying on the the real take to Batman due to the current stock market crisis in America)-as Fox’s one month’s absence will prompt Bruce to hire a temporary CEO which he will be keeping close tabs on secretly to make sure that he is not corrupt . Then in a press conference, Bruce will explain that it is time to change and revive his parents’ company. Then this will act as a cover up to Bruce preparing for Fox’s absence by studying the long hours-thus saying in the press conference that he will be the next CEO of his parents company. This will also play well into Bruce being a philantropist, as that will still add as a cover-up to hinder anyone suspecting him to be Batman.

    This is my original plan, but it does need plenty of work.

    So in short-Bruce will instead will try to convice that he is a person who is reformed to be dedicated in carrying on the legacy of Wayne enterprises.

    Even though Bruce is happy to not be or not needed as Batman but still fears the day he will be needed as Batman
    plays into Bruce’s goal set from TDK-to have a normal life, as is continues from TDK. But now he doubt that he will ever have a normal life, thus chooses to be prepared to leads a life of his alter-ego-Batman.

    In this thrid movie, Bruce Wayne is trying to convince people of a different thing.

    I do not intend on making him drop out of the whole social circle entirely-just attend one party per week to keep up his image and show that he is trying to keep up his parents lagacy and also flirt a bit with woman to erase any thoughts of him being Batman. Remember that in the start of the script, Batman is not needed due to all the gutsy D.A.s inspired by Harvet Dent, so people would not think him about Batman.

    The private tutors should not raise any suspicion as he can say in the press conference that he wants to be really well prepared in running the company.
    Also the fact that Wayne enterprises has an Aerospace research facility and a Forensics development facility means that he has an excuse to learn these without people having doubts as to whether he is Batman.

    Thanks for the feed back though, much appreciated.
    This script will only keep on getting more and more awesome the more feedback I get as this erases any minor and major holes in the script.

    I want to recieve as much feedback as possible, thanks.

    No one is perfect at writing a script-including me. However , it would be nice for a cool site like screenrant to have an awesome Batman 3 script to show boat. And hopefully maybe, Nolan will bump into this and take something out of it.

  7. All your ideas seem feasible as well as workable. I’m wondering though how it will fly if there is no Batman in a Batman movie, or is that something you were planning to bring back at the end: Bruce tries to develop a life without Batman leaving the crime-fighting to the authorities but finds that corruption rears its ugly head again thus necessitating the return of the caped crusader?

  8. If you recoil, I did mention that at Sal Falcone will plot along with the Yakiza to blow up all D.A. offices. Thus there are no more gutsy white knights(D.A.s) to fend of the corrupt mob bosses . And thus Gotham once again needs its Dark Knight. So there will be a Batman. I just want to explore Bruce’s world without a Batman-as it is what he always wanted.
    But then there is the fact that Gotham may need to be rescued-just revisiting old themes and exploring new themes.
    Batman will only not be present at the starting phase of the script, but it will then be Batman all the way.
    Also keep in mind that ever since Rachael’s death, he would have built up alot of rage and thus a larger obligation
    to the need to be Batman.
    So it is an exploration of a struggle of what Bruce wants(to not be batman an lead a normal life) and what Bruce is obligated towards(being Batman and bringing Gotham back from injustice, giving the crime-free, safe Gotham that his parents aspired towards).

    I am making it as deep as possible.
    So please do add more suggestions or feedback.

  9. By the way, there is a typo in the first line of my previous post-the word “at” is not supposed to be there.

  10. My thoughts, I do not like the idea of Fox leaving his job, due to a stroke, at least not right now. In the Dark Knight, he just about quit his job because he did not like to spy on people. For him to actually leave this time would make the part in the Dark Knight weird. Fox can stay because it is convenient. Batman is dealing with enough issues that he doesn’t need Fox to have a stroke. That would be Bruce facing a financial gadget problem, and quite honeslty, I don’t think anyone will care about Bruce’s fanacial gadget problems. Alfred needs to get stabbed by Zsasz. That is all I have to say. It is the perfect timing. Bruce will be upset and when he fights Zsasz in the hosptial room, he will 90% be thinking about killing Zsasz, but then he won’t.

    I like Zsasz, Deadshot and Thorne. They all tie in well with Gotham. Zsasz will ve around for the first half. Deadshot will be introduced in the second half. Thorne will be the big problem throughout the film.

  11. Actually, FRED…there’s a typo in the first line of your second post, if the word you meant to use was “recall” (to remember); “recoil” is defined by the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    Copyright © 2006, as a…


    To spring back, as upon firing.
    To shrink back, as in fear or repugnance.
    To fall back; return: “Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent” (Arthur Conan Doyle).

    n. also (rē’koil’)
    The backward action of a firearm upon firing.
    The act or state of recoiling; reaction.

  12. Fred wrote: “I did mention that Sal Falcone will plot along with the Yakiza to blow up all D.A. offices. Thus there are no more gutsy white knights(D.A.s) to fend of the corrupt mob bosses . And thus Gotham once again needs its Dark Knight.”

    When in your story were you thinking of putting all the D.A.s out of action? My understanding (if I’ve read your proposal correctly) is that you will begin the story with Bruce trying to just be Bruce. How far into the plot do you foresee Bruce being forced to become Batman again?

    I agree with Jay P that Fox should not be disabled by a physical ailment. My feeling is that if Fox can no longer function as he has in the past, it should be as a result of some evil that has been perpetrated against him because someone has a grudge against Bruce. That event could be tied in with the rest of the story and keeps things tight. Introducing a medical condition is similar to introducing a non-essential character who doesn’t advance the story or promote a better understanding of its characters but instead slows down and hampers the plot progression. Did you have a specific reason for creating a health issue for Fox?

    My other thought is that if you put Fox out of commission, it should only be temporarily in order to advance one of your story lines. I think Fox is a character that is both too colorful and too valuable to get rid of permanently.

    I hope my input is helping you sort your ideas and clarify where you want to go with your story, Fred, instead of muddying the waters further. Make sure you let us know “when too many cooks start spoiling the broth!” :)

  13. …also, I still like the idea of Catwoman… ;)

  14. @PhotoShopLifter Dan
    Hey, thanks for correcting the typo in the second line. I always wondered which was the correct term to use. And thanks for giving me reference as well as the meaning of the words recoil and recall.
    Much appreciated.

    You have a point. I have looped things around too much. I have to sit back and think hard for my motives for this script. I think I am trying to hard to be creative. I should have a logical and simple approach and then branch out into all the complex themes. My plans were to kill of Fox by the end of the movie. but you are right, Fox is an extremly awesome character – especially when played by Morgan Freeman.
    Sorry, I just cannot seem to find a way to fit Catwoman into this script. Maybe next movie. Rupert Thorne and Deadshot can really have a strong impact rather than Catwoman. By the way, I really wanted to use Catwoman, but like I said , it tured into a bundle to mesh with the plot.

    @Jay P
    Yes you are right.Zsaaz should be used in the film, it was silly to not use Zsaaz in the script. Zsasz, Deadshot and Thorne. They will definetely tie in well with Gotham. However, I have juggle four villians-the fourth one being the main mobster. I will not bring in the whole Yakuza thing into it.

    To pull this off, I will need plenty of suggestions as to creatively use Thorne, Deadshot, Zsaaz and the main mobster. i might even skip the main mobster-Sal Falcone, but it does not fit in nicely.
    So more suggestions and feedback please-I am sort of approaching a mental block of ideas-something I did not expect.

  15. I dont think you should skip the main mobster entirely because then it kinda kills what had been built up by BB and TDK. The mobsters could just have a minor role instead. They will still be a threat but not something to really take notice. That way the attentin could be set on Thorne, Deadshot, and Zsaaz. I also have a question, are you going to use the situation with Zsaaz stabbing Alfred?

  16. this may be a little late but when you guys were talking about fox being put out of commission and bruce having to learn tech and criminology, how do we know he doesnt already. Nolan never told us what happened betweeen the ages of 12 to 25 so he could have went to college and might know more more about both subjects (he did build those sonar phone thingys) than the whole government

  17. @Jess H.
    Yes, Zsaaz will stab Alfred. Zsaaz will only have a minor role as his past is too complex to fully explain-so he will be portraited as a madman that sees Alfred’s life a worthless in him helping Bruce Wayne when Bruce is overseas to brush up on his combat skills and Alfred is shopping for food items in some rich fancy supermarket.

    Yes good point, but Bruce Wayne is a little bit too reliant on Fox, so perhaps I will definetely depict Bruce Wayne helping Fox with some weilding gear to build up a new Batmobile/Bat-tank, and doing repairs on his suit.
    See, Nolan did not depict Batman at his prime, he depicted Bruce Wayne/Batman approching his prime. Now with a father figure like Alfred in hospital , Bruce will put into practice what he has learnt
    and deal with his own mental and physical problems on his own.

    I am still hesitating to use Rupert Thorne as a main villian. I am even thinking of using a villian that operates
    from inside Arkham Asylum to plot all these crimes-imagine, a villian Batman cannot touch or see, but has a safe haven in jail/asylum , the one place you put dangerous villians. It is just something original that I came up with as I was typing this post up.

    Let me know what you htink of the idea please.

  18. Johnny Depp would be a poor choice for The Riddler. You see, The Riddler needs to be seen only by his riddles and death traps during most of the movie; hidden from Batman, the police, the mob, and us. That would require a supporting actor.

    But, as Deadshot or The Black Mask, Mr. Depp would get the proper amount of screen time for an actor of his caliber.

  19. Fred wrote: “I am even thinking of using a villian that operates from inside Arkham Asylum to plot all these crimes-imagine, a villian Batman cannot touch or see, but has a safe haven in jail/asylum , the one place you put dangerous villians.”

    I like that idea, Fred! It would certainly come with its own set of complications and obstacles!

  20. Well at least someone thinks that it is a good idea, everyone bat fan I talked this idea about think I am on something illeagle-LOL. Anyway, since I want t okeep with the continuity of the comics, I will use Black Mask, as he has done a few dealings of guns and drug-according to the comics-while in Arkham asylum. Doing this sor of a set up will let me make the main mobster more of a threat. In BB and TDK, the main mobster was this vunerable person that could just be pushed around and interrogated. I intend to use Black Mask as a double crosser, where he is supplied money for actually doing the biddings of the main mobster, thus also using the money to gradually take over Sal Falcone’s(the main mobster) mob empire, then uses Deadshot to murder Sal and a few of his past business partners that made him broke and ruined his business empire-in particular Bruce Wayne. Now I intend on making this a battle of also Bruce Wayne vs Deadshot, as Black Mask will send Deadshot to kill Bruce Wayne-how does Batman deal with the criminal underworld when he is now the prey while being Bruce Wayne.

    This story is my favourite concept so far as it has never being done before. Rupert Thorne and Deadshot is also good, but feels like a political crime drama thriller, and there have been plenty of them. So that is why I am pitching the Black Mask idea.

    What do you think?

  21. I think you should go for it, Fred! The idea is intriguing and if developed correctly should be a good read! :)

  22. That is a really good idea Fred, I like that one better then the Zsaaz idea! This will be the first time that Bruce Wayne will be a target instead of Batman, It could throw him a bit. Stick with that one!

  23. Ok, I am going for it. I will not change to anything. I will have the first twenty minutes of the fun script by next week.I will be posting this script part by part instead of one whole long script so it keeps things interesting. I may sneek in a cameo from another DC superhero just to set up the justice league. Do not worry, it will not be an awkward one. Just a clue in . I will only use the appearence of the superhero’s alter-ego. It will be way at the end if I decide to do it.

    Here is the structure:
    Main villian: Black Mask
    Side villian: Deadshot
    Main mobster: Sal Falcone(the son of Carmine Falcone-from Batman Begins)
    Main Themes:insecurity, identity, friendship, the mask of Batman. I may delete or/and add some more themes.

  24. Batman Villains that could be used in Batman 3:

    Rupert Thorne
    The Mad Hatter
    Killer Croc

  25. if you look at the BB game, the usable batsuits are as follows: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Worlds Greatest Detective, The Caped Crusader. Doesnt it seem then that the next title would be The Worlds Greatest Detective. In that case it would lead to a villain fit for a detective so a smart villain (riddler, bane, clue master) so fred, maybe you could base your mock script off of bane as in deadshots role assassin. And like the first and second one have the villains be core opposites of Bruces ideals BB:Life(Batman) v Death(Ra’s al Gaul) TDK:Order(Batman) v Chaos(Joker) TWGD:Genius(Batman) v Insanity(Black Mask). Thats my two cents. and with your script create a title for the movie

  26. I look forward to reading each installment of your script, Fred!

  27. Depp should be the riddlerjust watch him in Once Upon a Time in Mexico
    i have had this weird idea of Benicio Del toro as one of the villans he was great in Sin City

  28. I agree, Rob! He was great in that…a joy to watch even if he was extremely gross!

  29. this is the story outline i just thought of.

    The movie starts in Santa Prisca with the growing up of bane including his schooling being taught by a jesuit preist and other inmates teaching him fighting techniques including jui jitsu, street fighting, kick boxing, and the brazilian martial art that i cannoyt think of. As he progresses in his age he creates a unique fighting style composed of all the fighting styles he learned in jail. he also teaches himself a wide variety of sciences which by the time of his escape he is as knolegable of them as the leading people in each field. he also learns multiple languages including english(spanish is his natural tounge). He soon becomes the “alpha male” which the prison guards notice and test a drug that has killed all other patiences on him. he barely survives but after he recovers he relizes he is severley addicted. while raging on this drug him and his freinds, bird, zombie, and trogg escape him being the only one to survive. he breaks into a missionary hospital kills every one and performs surgery on himself and puts an iv pouch on his chest covers it with steel and connets it with tubes and needles to his brain. he puts a button on the steel casing giving himself a dose once every week. he then becomes an assassin thru out ssouth and central america.

    the scene is then put in gotham where sal falcone is head of the falcone family and is much like the nephew in Godfather 3, fearless, merciless, dealing everything possible and the city is becoming as corrupt more and more evryday. he then puts his sight on Roman Sionis who owes him money but cant pay because he drove his company into the ground due to his inabilty to compete with Wayne enterprises. Sal takes romans head and sticks into a creamation chamber in which romans grandmother is being cremated. the ashes and bones then morph to his face and causing mental trauma which creates Black Mask. He then goes on a crusade to take over the mob and over the next thirty minutes he does while bats is only helping by puting falcones thugs into jail. By the end of the thirty mintes Roman kills Sal out of revenge and then looks to hire an assassin to kill bruce wayne.

    Then bruce goes on a date with vicki vale while the place is being robbed by romans men and batman must leave to only come back as batman to fight crime. being the good reporter she is Vicki puts 2 and 2 together and after some research finds that Bruce Wayne is in fact Batman.

    As roman is looking for an assassin he goes thru such names as KGBeast and Deadshot but finds what he is looking for in a central american assassin named bane. he contacts him and gives him 2 mil to kill bruce wayne after a failed attempt bane figures out in a couple of days who batman is.

    Batman finds Vicki calling him “Bats” and Bane attacking him on both fronts relizes his secret is becoming less of a secret and begins to become more and more inconspicuous until he eventually stops talking as batman unless it is with C. Gordon. He then asks vicki not to tell and gets in the back breaking fight with Bane. In the short run, he has to use a gadget that stops his heart for 30 seconds in order to keep his face on. after bane leaves bats is jolted back to life and crawls in his new batmoble(a thin fast car to contrast with his last big strong car) and zooms to the bat cave where he recovers and alfred comments that his back was nearly broken. With batman out of commision crime swells up and the new mob boss is the worst in years never hesitating to kill.

    After batman recovers he finds that black mask kills vivki vale because she got in his way and as he goes to fight roman he runs into bane the third time but is merciless in the fight throwing bomb batarngs at the toxin after which bane goes into a coma caused by lack of “venom”. batman then confronts black mask who is then put into arkham and the movie wraps up and ends.

    that was only a rough outline and tell me if you like it, especialy fred since your writing a script.