Johnny Depp Meeting With Marvel For ‘Doctor Strange’

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Doctor Strange Marvel Comics Cover Art Johnny Depp Meeting With Marvel For Doctor Strange

Iron Man 3 not only represents the second most successful comic book film of all-time at the worldwide box office, sitting behind only its Marvel predecessor in The Avengers, but it represented (at the time) the last film on star Robert Downey Jr.’s contract. RDJ, who banked huge off of The Avengers and Iron Man 3 with a percentage of the box office gross, was a no-brainer, must-sign for Disney and Marvel Studios and they did just that, much to the pleasure of moviegoers around the world.

Robert Downey Jr. is the current poster boy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their undeniably most bankable actor, so Marvel worked out a deal to have him return for both The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3. While there’s no doubt interest in an Iron Man 4 and there will absolutely be Avengers films after this contract runs out, RDJ’s version of Tony Stark may not be there. So how do you replace the most bankable star of the franchise and the most interesting personality? Call up Johnny Depp.

Latino-Review has the scoop on another unannounced casting by Marvel Studios, an actor they described leading up to sharing the news as being A-list and “in a different stratosphere’ than Oscar winner Michael Douglas. Who is that high profile, and for what role? Johnny Depp is reportedly meeting with Marvel to discuss the potential of him becoming Doctor Strange.

It’s the type of casting that fans dream of in fantasy polls and speculation, and it actually fits quite well. In fact, the source claims that it’s the fan speculation that made the meeting happen, much like it did in putting Marvel and Vin Diesel in a room together. We had heard about the possibility of Doctor Strange filling in the void left by Robert Downey Jr.’s scene-stealing Tony Stark before, and Johnny Depp is the closest thing you can get to Robert Downey Jr. on screen. Not to mention, Depp’s part of the Disney family and earns similar epic paychecks from them for his Pirates of the Caribbean films to what Downey Jr. gets for his Marvel appearances.

Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary Johnny Depp Meeting With Marvel For Doctor Strange

Can you picture Depp appearing on stage at Comic-Con this summer when Marvel Studios unveils their Phase 3 films taking up their already-claimed 2016-17 release dates? Feige practically confirmed already that Doctor Strange will join Ant-Man has a new property in Phase 3.

Last year’s The Lone Ranger may have flopped financially, but Depp has helped Disney earn billions with Pirates and Alice in Wonderland (both franchises with sequels coming starring Depp). He’s a go-to guy for Mickey Mouse and a comic book fan himself. Disney can build an entire scheduled of billion dollar blockbusters around Depp. I’m sure some executive is wondering how they can work schedules to fit him into Star Wars

And that brings us to a legitimate question. Doctor Strange is either being planned as a summer 2016 or summer 2017 release. Disney delayed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales to July 2016 and Alice in Wonderland 2 is scheduled two months earlier in May 2016. That would mean that Strange would need to be a 2017 release for Depp to be available for a full production.

Top 10 Facts About Marvel’s Doctor Strange Johnny Depp Meeting With Marvel For Doctor Strange

Assuming any of this is true, and factoring in the fact that Kevin Feige flat out told us it’s going to be sequel followed by new property each year going forward, our Phase 3 release slate may look something like this:

  • Ant-Man (July 2015)
  • Thor 3 (May 2016)
  • The Inhumans/Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (July 2016)
  • Captain America 3 (May 2017)
  • Doctor Strange (July 2017)
  • The Avengers 3 (May 2018)

Remember, Marvel already has a rough idea of what they’re doing up until 2021, so barring any box office fails, they’re following a plan. Where Depp may have been too big of an A-lister back in the day when Marvel put faith in lesser knowns to build stars out of them, they’re now living in a world where competition is fierce, competition that is embracing the model they created.

Just look at the latest rumors from Warner Bros and DC Entertainment which have namedropped the likes of Oscar winners Joaquin Phoenix and Denzel Washington, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also potentially joining in the fun for a Justice League film which may shoot alongside Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck. We won’t even get into the most expensive superhero movie of all-time in X-Men: Days of Future Past already having a sequel in the works for 2016, one that will share the same cinematic space as the rebooted Fantastic Four (2015).

No wonder every single day brings crazy superhero casting news. Excited? Is this believable? Must Marvel go this big to introduce new, lesser known characters? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Depp can act quite well. Take a look at any serious role he has done.
    What will make or break this will be the director and editing.

    • I think Depp is doing a little bit of both the serious and comedy, but heck he`s capable of doing anything which he has proved

    • you forgot the most important thing of all…..the writing…..

  2. I’ve seen some very good suggestions. I could see Franco, Caveziel or Neeson as Strange, but I would actually prefer an actor who has said he wants the part and is a BIG Strange fan: Patrick Dempsey.

    And, I would like to see Marvel develop a DEFENDERS(Strange, Hulk, Sub – Mariner, Surfer, Valkyire, NightHawk, Son – of – Satan, Hellcat, Gargoyle(Definitely the first 6; as far as the other three, I can dream;-))franchise.

    • Defenders is confirmed for Netflix. It’ll probably feature the four Netflix characters (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage) but I’d love to see them tie it into Doctor Strange and Hulk if they were super ambitious.

  3. I don’t think that would be a convenient move. We have seen much of him lately, that is one of the reasons PoC4 was not well received. I much rather prefer someone like Neeson instead.

    • Depp being part of POTC4 was not the problem. The problem was poor storytelling and writing.

    • Didn’t he also suggest some time off from acting for the same reason recently? I thought that was a great idea.

      I think he’d be great as Strange, because there’s just that much less to sell about the character. “Oh it’s Johnny Depp and he’s a wizard now. Cool.”

  4. Neeson definitely. Deep, no. He just dials in Cap Jack every movie… He used to be a good actor until Pirates… Every Pirate movie sucke. The first one sucked a little less…

    • You are definitely in the minority about thinking the 1st pirates movie sucked. Depp was nominated for an academy award for that movie. (Unless you think that the Academy Awards don’t hold weight)

      • I actually like Depp and found the Pirates movies, Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland and even Dark Shadows to be entertaining. Problem is most of his characters are shades of one another (which he is VERY good at). When he’s not playing “50 shades of Depp” though, I find his acting to be subdued and dispassionate (which is fine btw), traits that do not match well with Dr. Strange.

      • Ok the first Pirates i could say was ok, but really how can you defend the other Pirate movies?

        • I will say this

          Pirates 1 = Great and one of a kind
          Pirates 2 and 3 = fairly good and enjoyable
          Pirates 4 = blah…

          As for Depp… He doesn’t write the scripts or direct the movies or edit them either. Depp is very versatile. He was great in Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd, the 9th Gate, Willy Wonka (although not a great movie), Secret Window, Once Upon A time in Mexico,

          I agree his Dark Shadows, Jack Sparrow, and Lone Ranger are all similar but if he plays Dr. Strange he will be playing a normal person. The great thing about that is even when Depp plays “normal” he still comes across as different and unique and “strange.” That could be a good quality for the movie version about a failed doctor who started off ego centric and is now a little eccentric and a practicioner of magic…

          • @Clay
            It turns out Johnny Depp isn’t playing Doctor Strange after all -> . Actor John Hamm is going to play Doctor Strange!

            • hmmmm…. yeah, interesting article. Although it is still not confirmed through the article.

              BUT…John Hamm is talented so maybe he does it justice

              • @Clay
                No, It is in fact true. Johnny Depp is not playing Doctor Strange after all, and actor John Hamm is going to play Doctor Strange. Which that does make sense though because, Johnny Depp will need the time to star in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales anyway.

                • But nothing has been confirmed. It’s all still speculation. You mis-read the article that you posted. The paragraph below is from the said article you posted. It proves that nothing is confirmed.

                  “Requests from comment from Marvel, Hamm, Olyphant and Dempsey were all met with silence, as to be expected, and the denials may start rolling in in no time, but, as one insider remarked to me as we worked hard to nail down this story, “I don’t bet… but, if I did, I’d make a lot of money if I wagered on Jon Hamm.” Could something change between now and when Marvel makes this official? Of course. This is Hollywood we’re talking about, but, based on what we know, I’m very confident in the fact that from now on, when you see Jon Hamm, you’ll be taking a good look at Doctor Stephen Strange.”

                  • @Clay
                    John Hamm is in fact going to play Doctor Strange. That was just the article writers opinion and nothing official at all. So no worries Clay :) .

  5. No matter how great an actor he may be (or not, seems the jury is still mostly out on that). Depp just doesn’t seem to be a proper fit, overall, for Doctor Strange to me.

  6. NO. No Depp for Dr Strange. Just….no.

    He is just too ‘silly’. Every role i’ve seen him in i can’t take him seriously and the Doc needs some intensity that you can believe in. He needs to be believable as an elitist doctor and his fall from grace and eventual rise again as the sorcerer supreme needs to be genuine, not have him stumbling around mumbling lines like in Pirates/fear and loathing/lone ranger/alice/dark shadows/charlie … need I go on?

    Timothy Olyphant, Karl Urban, Joseph Finnes, Josh Hartnett ANYONE but Depp.

    • I would have to say he can do serious also, I think he could do well and also why not a little humor added is always good, don’t want complete serious character. Look at avengers, there is all around some humor built it, don’t want to much serious.

      So question is, why so serious?

      • I don’t know, I can’t really recall him giving a solid serious performance, but i could be wrong. The character of Doctor Strange, and how he is treated in the comics, isn’t anything like the characters i have seen him play.

        We don’t really need another ‘smartass’ character either, RDJ is good but by IM3 his constant quips were getting kind of annoying. Thor 1 was pretty serious (Thor 2 not so much), Captain America was pretty serious, Hulk was as well, the Iron Man films (and The Avengers) have only been the more humourous ones, and that was mainly because of RDJ.

        I’m not saying it has to be really serious all the way through, I love the little in jokes and quips here and there, but not ALL the time. We don’t need another RDJ just because he is leaving.

    • “need I go on?”

      You don’t need to but I’m sure you will. Depp will be fine and I look forward to his interpretation of Doc Strange.

    • “need I go on?”

      You don’t need to go on but i’m sure you will. Depp will be fine and I look forward to his interpretation of Doc Strange.

  7. Oh god, did you eat all that acid?

    THAT’S RIGHT, MUSIC!!!!!!!

  8. Please NO, He has already ruined enough films. His day has passed.

  9. Depp would be the perfect choice for Strange. The only problem would be overkill with him being in Alice in Wonderland as well. With that said I can’t think of any other actor with the acting chops who would also put butts in seats the way that Johnny Depp would. Not even Adrian Brody. Not to mention Disney has worked with him before, so he’s already pretty familiar with the House of Mouse.

  10. I just finally got around to seeing Disney’s The Lone Ranger (fortunately it didn’t cost any money to see this cinematic Frankenstein). Apart from Depp’s bastardized version of Tonto, not to mention Disney’s callous butchery of an American icon (I mean the Lone Ranger was nothing but an inept buffoon…what an awful movie), that was definitely not one of Depp’s better career decisions. Apart from that, I’ve always liked Depp as a performer, but him as Dr. Strange tho’?

  11. Johnny Depp is a very talented and experienced actor. He is usually quite entertaining in the movies that he stars in.

    But I think he’s wrong for the part of Dr. Strange.

    I think they should be going for someone who is very talented but also largely unknown. (Probably a British stage actor.) The actor that they got to play Loki in the Thor movies was largely unknown to North American audiences until they put him in the Thor movies. I think his name is Tom Hindleson. And he did a great job.I’m not saying they should get this same guy to play Doctor Strange. What I’m saying is that an extremely talented but relatively unknown actor would be refreshing for many audiences.

    Having said all this, if they give Doctor Strange his own movie first (as opposed to introducing him in the Avengers movie) they probably will use some big name actor, like Johnny Depp.

  12. It’s all going to be OK no matter what your Brain is telling you…..

  13. Still hoping for Benedict Cumberbatch.

    • @chriskrispy

      I doubt that Benedict Cumberbatch will end up being the actor that will play Doctor Strange.

  14. Marvel if you don’t cast David Tennant as Doctor Strange. You’re missing a huge opportunity. As evidence by his run on Doctor Who he can play quirky and very dark quite well. Tennant would bring a gravitas to the cast and shake up the dynamic of the team, especially if Downey leaves by the time we get Strange on screen.

  15. I would only watch if Depp plays the role. That would be awesome.

  16. If you’ve ever seen Johnny Depp in the Ninth Gate you’d know he’d do very well in this role, most people thing he’ll just try to do a Jack Sparrow weirdness but as I said I;ve seen him do a proper religious / mythical serious tone in Ninth Gate and he was extremely good.
    Hope he gets it because if Robert Downey Jr is finished as Iron man (the movies wise) then Depp could be a good replacement in a Dr Strange role.

  17. I think that Johnny Depp will be perfect for the role, he’s a legend and can do anything to his best of his abilities, so why not?

  18. I do think that Johnny Depp would be a great choice for the role. But at the same time, someone lesser known seems to be how the marvel movies have taken glory.
    That aside, Johnny Depp would still fit the role almost perfectly. Almost.

    I’m also supportive of David Tennant, due to the character he played in Doctor Who, being Doctor Strange could come quite naturally.

  19. But in my opwinion, johnny depp is quit match for dr.stranger, well he got the look,obviously, and he quit good, dr.stranger is mature,handsome and lives in a mansion, so in a conclusion, depp is the right guy to act as dr.stranger.. Watch ultimate spider-man,where spider-man cooperate with dr.strangwr to defeat nightmare.. Well guys, im a fan of marvel, I really love depp act as dr..

  20. Johnny depp she Mary said johnny good actor yes I will join movies with Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson B Rose sienna miller Jamie bell Christopher lee Ewan McGregor Natalie portman all join yes ok wife she