John Williams Hoping to Score ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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john williams star wars episode 7 John Williams Hoping to Score Star Wars: Episode 7

Last October’s announcement that Disney and Lucasfilm are working on new Star Wars movies has kept fans buzzing for months now, awaiting each and every new update no matter how trivial. Following J.J. Abrams agreeing to direct Episode VII, the discussion has shifted its focus to the people returning for another trip to a galaxy far, far away.

Ongoing rumors suggest that original trilogy vets Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are returning for Episode VII (with the latest reports pointing to Ford striking an official deal soon); meanwhile, people like Yoda puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz admit they’re also willing to come back. We can now add series composer John Williams to that growing roster.

Williams made the (casual) announcement at a concert earlier this month, where he led the Young Musician’s Foundation Debut Orchestra through a collection of themes that included his iconic Star Wars melody. Here’s what he said, according to the John Williams Fan Network:

“… Neither I, nor George [Lucas], nor anyone else involved thought [‘Star Wars’] would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy.  Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George…[more cheers].”

We’ve known for a while now that Lucas’ role hereon forward is that of “creative consultant,” which by the filmmaker’s own admission doesn’t require him to do much (besides serve as a human encyclopedia), so it doesn’t sound as though Williams is actively involved in the creative process on Episode VII or any of the gestating characters spinoffs currently in development – for now anyway.

Star Wars Logo Art John Williams Hoping to Score Star Wars: Episode 7

The only significant obstacle to Williams coming aboard to score Episode VII is that Abrams prefers to work with Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. Indeed, the pair have been collaborating since working on the TV series Alias on through to every film that Abrams has directed so far, including Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek (in addition to this summer’s followup, Star Trek Into Darkness).

Giacchino is a fitting choice to replicate Williams’ musical style, going by his Super 8 score – which (not so subtly) paid its respects to E.T. – and exhilarating work on films such as John Carter. He even drew from Williams’ themes for The Lost World: Jurassic Park on the video game version, back during the early days of his career. Of course, it stands to reason that Williams has dibs, all the more so because he’s continued doing great work in recent years (his War Horse soundtrack is one of my personal favorites).

Do you want John Williams to score as many future Star Wars movies as possible? Or would you prefer to see him pass the torch onto another composer, beginning with Episode VII? Let us know in the comments section.

Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively scheduled to reach theaters by 2015.

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  1. John Williams all the way, no question about it.

  2. I look at this as sort of a reboot to inject new life and creativity in to it. Go with someone else.

  3. JW’s royalties on all the movie music he composed must be astronomical!

    Unless he doesn’t and gets a flat fee per movie?

  4. J.J. is the heir apparent to Steven Spielberg and now George Lucas. It seems only fitting that he would get a chance to work with THE MAN, and why the hell wouldn’t he want to? Other composers will get their chance with spin-off and future movies. If I were you I’d get ready for some amazing Star Wars films in the near future and forever after.

    • I don’t know how anyone can call J.J. Abrams the next Spielberg. All due respect to Abrams, but come on. In time, maybe he will be. It’s not impossible. But for now, definitely not.

  5. I’ve asked myself the Williams/Giacchino question since they made the announcement of Abrams. I’d prefer Williams, just because he’s John freakin Williams and has scored some of the most iconic scores of all time, however Star Wars: The Clone Wars has done fine without him and the Harry Potter franchise continued on without him for most of the movies. Unless Disney intervenes, I doubt Kathleen Kenedy would let Williams slip away on this one. THey worked together on many many projects already.

  6. If abrams was smart he would stick with williams. Williams is as iconic to the saga as Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill

  7. Since Abrams is only directing Episode VII, it doesn’t stand to reason that MG is the only viable alternative. I suspect a collaboration in the first movie, perhaps JW & MG; then perhaps a different collaboration for VIII. That is probably the best way to mentor possible replacements for JW. He will likely be pushing 90 by IX.

    • It”s not gonna be Star Wars university for composers. They will either go with Williams or hire someone who is qualified to replace him and probably work with the themes already in place. If someone needs to be mentored to score star wars they aren’t ready for the gig and shouldn’t be hired.

  8. It’s John Freaking Williams.

    The greatest composer alive.
    No other composer has the reputation and rapport that Williams has.

    Star Wars would sound very empty without this master of film music.

  9. I am pretty sure he will get Williams precisely because he loves working with Giacchino.

    Abrams is not taking over the entire franchise just one film as far as we know.

    The last thing he would want to to tie Giacchino to a franchise he (Abrams)probably won’t have a long term commitment to that may force Giacchino’s schedule to conflict with other Abrams project down the track.

  10. We must have John Williams!

  11. A collaboration between JW and MG is the more likely scenario, since the former is getting up in years, and Disney will certainly want a smooth transition to Eps. VIII and IX.

    Those suggesting that MG is not up-to-snuff need to remember that JW started out doing a lot of Mickey-Mousing (for shows like GILLIGAN’S ISLAND) before honing himself into the artist we know today. Likewise, MG started out with video games, then TV, and he’s already n Oscar winner in a movie career which is still (by comparison with Williams) still in its infancy.

    • Even John Williams early work showed extreme promise in his thematic writing. Giacchino doesn’t write very memorable themes and doesn’t have the musical depth to enhance Williams themes. I said it earlier, but I feel a collaboration would just create an inferior sounding star wars score. If we can have the real deal with Williams we should, at least for episode 7. I would hope that with George Lucas still consulting and others over at Disney hopefully having some musical background they will come to the conclusion that a collaboration is a huge step down. Let’s let John Williams do his thing and worry about his successors somewhere down the line. Also, as a side note: having the same composer for star trek and star wars could be very sonically confusing. Giacchino’s composing is not deep enough to create a truly different sound to what he did on star trek. Similarly, Even with Williams mastery of the orchestra I wouldn’t have wanted him to score trek.

  12. No Williams, no Star Wars.

    I’m already extremely skeptical about Lucas selling his baby to Disney. If you remove John Williams, the ultimate film composer, from the SW formula, you will be left with just another sci-fi/fantasy story. In my opinion, 80% (or more) of what makes the original trilogy (and, to a lesser extent, the prequels) so wistful and enchanting is Williams’ inimitable ability to breathe life and personality into characters & environments. That man is the master of the leit motif, and any composer who attempts to “replace” him would inevitably give us a soundtrack that sounds like a cheap imitation of John Williams, because that’s precisely what it would be.

  13. honestly without John Williams at the musical helm, it will not be Star Wars. He’s a genius & a legend.

  14. I disagree with most on here. Other composers can do a great score for the next Star Wars film. Its close minded to think Williams is the ONLY guy who can do a great Star Wars score. Horner, Desplat, Doyle, Zimmer and Howard are all capable.

    • Williams did the first 3 Harry Potters and all the music that followed did not add anything. I have seen most JJ movies and do not remember any memorable theme from his composer. That guy is not bad but he (and most) are light years away from Williams. JW should do it he is unique and still manages to create great music.

  15. They need to update the music style. Dubstep all the way and get Skrillex to score it. It will go nicely with JJ’s anamorphic lens flares.

    Then they can use the soundtrack in the Star Wars Dance Off at Disney’s Star Wars Weekend. Everybody wins.

    • XD

  16. For me it’s simple. If Williams isn’t the composer then I won’t spend money to see this on the big screen. Why? If you are one of those lucky ones like me(I was only 4 y/o and the memory is still crystal clear)and in 1977 were able to not just watch but also hear something that would shape the lives of so many of us then you wouldn’t have to ask. How many times have you caught yourself humming that theme without realizing it? John Williams is arguably the greatest film composer ever and the only way Star Wars Episode VII is composed by anyone else is if Williams decides not to.

  17. I would be very upset that, given an enthusiastic John Williams, he would choose someone else. I know he’ll choose who he thinks is the best for his movie.. Star wars with John Williams would be worth it, it would tie it all together.

  18. Well ok, this is good. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.

  19. Hoping? He has to! Star Wars without Williams wouldn’t really be Star Wars. His themes are so iconic that the SW score has become possibly more important than any character. His work, especially in the original trilogy, is exceptional and when one listens to the soundtracks, it’s amazing to realize how easily they tell the full story without the need of the pictures, just like an opera. Who else on Earth could achieve such level of mastery? I see no-one. Then again, he’ll eventually die one day so at some point, a replacement will be necessary but please Disney, make that happen as late as possible.

    And to the people claiming that SW material scored by someone else than John Williams (such as Clone Wars or some video games) is just as good, I’m sorry but it doesn’t quite make it, to say the least…

  20. Then they can use the soundtrack in the Star Wars Dance Off at Disney’s Star Wars Weekend. Everybody wins.

  21. John Williams or no star wars

  22. You can not have a Star Wars film without John Williams! That’s like having another Indiana Jones film without Harrison Ford!

    This is a no-brainer…

    JW all the way!

  23. John Williams has the ancient knowledge and secrets to the Star Wars music why not get it from the master himself?

  24. Yes to Williams, no to Abrams.


  26. John Williams!! Until he literally can’t compose music anymore!! It was his music that MADE the Star Wars films amazing!!

  27. definitely John Williams, my favorite composer