John Williams Hoping to Score ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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john williams star wars episode 7 John Williams Hoping to Score Star Wars: Episode 7

Last October’s announcement that Disney and Lucasfilm are working on new Star Wars movies has kept fans buzzing for months now, awaiting each and every new update no matter how trivial. Following J.J. Abrams agreeing to direct Episode VII, the discussion has shifted its focus to the people returning for another trip to a galaxy far, far away.

Ongoing rumors suggest that original trilogy vets Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are returning for Episode VII (with the latest reports pointing to Ford striking an official deal soon); meanwhile, people like Yoda puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz admit they’re also willing to come back. We can now add series composer John Williams to that growing roster.

Williams made the (casual) announcement at a concert earlier this month, where he led the Young Musician’s Foundation Debut Orchestra through a collection of themes that included his iconic Star Wars melody. Here’s what he said, according to the John Williams Fan Network:

“… Neither I, nor George [Lucas], nor anyone else involved thought ['Star Wars'] would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy.  Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George…[more cheers].”

We’ve known for a while now that Lucas’ role hereon forward is that of “creative consultant,” which by the filmmaker’s own admission doesn’t require him to do much (besides serve as a human encyclopedia), so it doesn’t sound as though Williams is actively involved in the creative process on Episode VII or any of the gestating characters spinoffs currently in development – for now anyway.

Star Wars Logo Art John Williams Hoping to Score Star Wars: Episode 7

The only significant obstacle to Williams coming aboard to score Episode VII is that Abrams prefers to work with Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. Indeed, the pair have been collaborating since working on the TV series Alias on through to every film that Abrams has directed so far, including Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek (in addition to this summer’s followup, Star Trek Into Darkness).

Giacchino is a fitting choice to replicate Williams’ musical style, going by his Super 8 score – which (not so subtly) paid its respects to E.T. – and exhilarating work on films such as John Carter. He even drew from Williams’ themes for The Lost World: Jurassic Park on the video game version, back during the early days of his career. Of course, it stands to reason that Williams has dibs, all the more so because he’s continued doing great work in recent years (his War Horse soundtrack is one of my personal favorites).

Do you want John Williams to score as many future Star Wars movies as possible? Or would you prefer to see him pass the torch onto another composer, beginning with Episode VII? Let us know in the comments section.

Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively scheduled to reach theaters by 2015.


Source: JWFAN

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  1. I like Michael Giacchino, I think he is a good artist.

    But, John Williams he aint.

    Star Wars score, begins and ends with John Williams.

    If J J Abrams cant see that, then he is a fool.

    • Jeffrey W.

      You need to calm down, buddy. You’re over-obsessing over something that’s not even that big of a deal.

    • Amen to that brother !!!
      Bring John back all the way !


  2. Dude I’m saying Michael Giacchino, I’ve always liked John Williams main themes, but his minor themes and scene filling this themes I’ve never been a huge fan of, and I feel like Giacchino would do him justice.

    • Why do him Justice, he still active. 45 Oscar Nominations, 5 Wins, when Michal Giacchino reaches that, call me.

    • John Williams Minor Themes are more intricate and powerful and convey the action much more than Michael Giacchino.

      Yoda and The Force from Empire Strikes Back, Cloud City/and Escape/Battle in the Snow/ Heroics of Luke and Han.

      Big Rescue from Superman/Leaving Home/Fortress of Solitude/Chasing Rockets/ Planet Krypton/Luthors Lair

      Jaws/ Under water siege/hand to hand combat

      Raiders of the Lost Ark/ Miracle of The Ark/Desert Chase

      There has not been a single Score by John Williams, that has not had some serious magic to it when it comes to minor themes

      A Minor Theme, Duel of the Fates from Phantom Menace.

      • When I say “minor themes” I’m referring to the adventure-music type stuff that he reuses in like EVERY movie he’s ever scored haha like car chase scenes and stuff, I’ve just never been a huge fan of it, although come to think of it I don’t think he used it as much in the Star Wars films

        • Giacchino repeats himself musically way more than Williams ever has.

  3. The problem with Michael Giacchino’s scores is that they rarely develop material to the extent that Williams does in his scores.

    His score to Super 8 was nice, except it was incredibly limited, relying on far too much thematic repetition and very little variation of that material.

    His score to Star Trek suffered from this defect more so. It had a lovely main theme that was just played to death throughout the film, and at least in this listener’s opinion, at the worst possible moments.

    All that said, I was blown away by his score to John Carter. It still wasn’t quite up to the level of craftsmanship that Williams possesses, but it came close. One readily hears that he has talent, but is sorely lacking in formal training. His craftsmanship just isn’t up to par. Although, going by the current crop of “top Hollywood composers”, his level of craft is still superior to the modern norm.

    Sadly, the days of fully-trained film composers are long-gone.

    I’d much rather hear a Williams score for a Star Wars film. It would seem wrong to have it any other way.

    • I agree with your comments on Giacchino’s scores, but there are plenty of established composers who are still working and come from the traditional orchestral approach. Bruce Broughton, Alan Sylvestri, Joel Mcneeley, Alexandre Desplat, John Debney, Payrick Doyle and many many others would do a better Star wars sound than Giacchino. He is not a master of the orchestra and certainly not superior to many of the others scoring films today.

      • Yes, you are right, there are still some from Williams’ generation around.
        But I was referring to the “new crop” of younger generation film composers. Those who grew up weaned on Zimmer’s “action” scores, rather than on real music.

        • Yeah, you’re right about the Zimmer thing. That approach has unfortunately taken over. However, there are actually a bunch of non zimmerish younger composers too that don’t get much attention. Andrew Lockington and Eli Eshkeri are two of the better younger ones. There are also a ton of great composers working in other visual media that haven’t landed a major studio film yet. The art form isn’t dead, but the business has definitely embraced the more current groove based/less orchestral sound. It’s all cyclical though and I think it’ll come back.

      • I agree. For someone like Abrams, I am somewhat astounded that he’s so loyal to MG. Desplat would be GREAT doing Star Wars. Hell, what about my homey James Horner?

  4. If they don’t get the legendary John Williams to do the score, they might as well not bother making the movies as far as I’m concerned.

    • I 100% agree. To me, John Williams is a very big reason why Star Wars is what it is. His scores for all six movies have been amazing even if the finished product weren’t the greatest. John Williams is Star Wars.

  5. Oh and not to forget the 10 Grammy Awards.

    Ok where does Michael Giacchino measure up?

  6. I’m extremely excited that Williams plans to return. He is the sound of star wars! And, if for some reason it isn’t Williams there are many more qualified than Giacchino. Abrahms would probably go With Giacchino if Williams didn’t do it, but it just wouldn’t sound like star wars.

  7. The star trek score was good- but can your play it in your head right now?
    Probably not.

    What about Star Wars? YEP! Even the prequels had fantastic iconic and memorable music.

    Giacchino just doesn’t have the same spark as John Williams.

  8. Everyone with some kind of taste in music knows that Michael is terrible and overrated

    • Be fair.
      I myself don’t “admire” his work.
      But it’s not “awful”, and there are MANY who are far far worse.

  9. Actually that 21 Grammy Awards


    Imperial March comes to mind.

    Supermans Theme

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    Asteroid field
    Yoda and the Force


  10. I am sorry, I never forget Imperial March, watch the star destroyers and hearing the music…And then.

    Saying, what the heck can cast a shadow over a Star Destroyer?

    Yeah, it was that good.

  11. Maybe the first new movie should be scored by Williams but he’s over 80 years old. They need to pass the torch and I’d rather they do it willingly than by necessity. Not to be morbid but he could even be dead before the new movie hits theaters.

    • @JoeC

      Like John Williams being Nominated for Lincoln this year?

      • That doesn’t even correlate with my comment. People like you give fan boys a bad rep as argumentative and annoying.

        • JoeC

          Whatever floats your boat. Here is your argument? Who is the said John Williams will not Score the next three Star War Films, or any of a number of films before he passes on?

          You and I do not know that, and neither does John Williams. However, for as long as he is one of the best movie composers out there, I say give him a chance.

          Now. How is that for a correlation?

  12. Hell yeah! I agree with Jeff W. Michael Giacchino is great and I absolutely adore his scores for Star Trek and Super 8 (“Letting Go” is one of THE masterpieces of film music). But you can’t beat the master of masters that is John Williams.

    • Please don’t devalue the word “masterpiece”.

      You can like that excerpt all you want, but absolutely NOTHING Michael Giacchino has ever written, and chances are nothing he’ll ever write, will be a musical “masterpiece”.

      • If you say so, Mr. Musical Authority. ;)

        • what would be required for you to accept someone as a musical authority? maybe I fit the bill. do graduate degrees in music count? working in filmscoring for 20 years?

          • The requirement would be that you realize that there are very few things in life that are being perceived more subjectively than music and that there is no such thing as a musical authority. No degree or work experience that you throw around like it means something will change that. Sure, you can approach music objectively and quantify the complexity or even analyze it mathematically, but that has zero bearing on the emotional impact that a certain piece of music has on individuals.

            For me Giacchino’s Letting Go is one of the most amazing pieces of music that I’ve heard in my life. It touches me every single time that I hear (more than 100 times by now) and I can’t imagine that he will ever write another piece of music that will touch me more. As such, for me it is indeed his masterpiece. I don’t care if it isn’t for you. It is for me, and that’s all that counts in the end, even if you completely and utterly disagree. Such is the nature of individual taste.

  13. That should Kathleen Kennedy’s call, but he’s my choice.

  14. J.W. gets the nod for as long as he wants it. Giacchino would probably agree.

  15. Giacchino is a budget version John Williams and always has been. Everything MG has ever done sounds like a weak copy of the master JW.

    If Abrams can afford John Williams then he should go with the real thing.

    But, if Abrams wants to cut corners and save some money……. by all means hire a cheap imitation.

    • Why does he have to be a “cheap imitation” though? Why can’t JW just be a heavy influence on his style? That would be like saying Stick to Your Guns is a cheap imitation of Pantera who is a cheap imitation of Metallica who is a cheap imitation of Black Sabbath yknow?

      • I get your point.

        But just so you know. I own Black Sabbath albums on vinyl, and a couple on CD too.

        I don’t own any Metallica. And I’ve never heard of the other bands you mentioned.

        Though to be honest my listening is mostly jazz and classical these days on my iPhone. I do listen to some rock music but metal isn’t on the radar for me at all.

        To make a musical analogy, how about this:

        Would you rather listen to The Beatles or The Rutles? Both good….. both valid. But The Rutles are a Beatles parody band. Sounds kind of like, looks of like…… but.

  16. Honestly, I can’t bring to mind the Star Trek or John Carter scores, although I enjoyed both films.

    The thing is, John Williams is not going to be around forever, so they are going to have to make the shift to a new composer at some point. Might as well do it now. That is not taking anything away from Williams’ history with Star Wars, which will probably remain nearly unsurpassed in its sphere.

  17. But on second thought, reading a few other comments, I’m feeling like they should give Williams the opportunity if he is willing and able. Anything less would be uncivilized.

  18. Thank the Lord! This is amazing news!

  19. I didn’t know fans cared about crap such as the music score. you learn something everyday on screenrant.

    • It’s not that we care so much about the music but can you imagine watching Star Wars without the music in the background. Can you imagine the Trench run without the music blasting in the background. or Imagine Jaws without that haunting theme. For me, it’s a big part of the movie experience.

      • Actually, I do care. My CD rack is full movie scores.

        • *full of

    • Crap? The music often makes or breaks a movie. It’s imperative!

      Watch this iconic scene that totally makes E.T., but with all the music stripped and only a few addedd soundeffects. It’s awkward and boring as hell.

      With John Williams’ music, however, it’s absolutely amazing

  20. Giacchino is a semi-talented hack who is great at mimicking specific styles, especially the Sixties (see: Ratatouille & The Incredibles). Outside of that, he’s mediocre at BEST (see: everything else he’s done, especially Star Trek). Even if, for some reason, Williams couldn’t do it, there are 10 more qualified composers in Hollywood who would do a better job.

  21. So, lets say Michael Does score the New Star Wars film.

    Would be akin to Michelangelo looking at a paint by numbers of the Mona Lisa.

    So let Michael Giacchino score Star Wars, will be like John Ottoman scoring Superman Returns, sure it sound similar, but there was just something lacking.

  22. I don’t want to bash Giacchino because he has great scores under his belt but John Williams is a living legend. I can just imagine watching Episode 7 and the heart warming music they will play while they are introducing an older Luke. Just shed a tear thinking about it.

  23. Michael Giacchino is a great composer.

    But, you do not copy one of the best masterpiece of a movie score such a Star Wars.

    Here is an analogy. It is like Joe Montana and Tom Brady. Tom has the stats, the arm, the skill and the mindset and might be the best QB ever to play the game when it all said and done. He has Won Superbowls.

    Joe Montana is however Perfect in Superbowls.

  24. I think it would be a great novelty if Abrams is on board, but I do not feel as though it is necessary. After all, this is a whole new area for Star Wars. If it’s ok that Lucas is not directing, I think it’s ok that Williams is not scoring.

  25. Simply put, you go with John Williams. Michael is good, but John is better.

  26. I say John Williams. He’s not only helped make the franchise with the incredible scores but has continued to make great work in recent films meaning he hasn’t lost his touch.

  27. Simply put out of legacy John Williams does episode 7.

    Episode 8 Williams and Giacchino

    Episode 9 Giacchino ( Torch Passed) MAster teaches apprentice..Bot Williams and Giacchino learn from the experience. If John Williams passes god forbid, I will shed tears..but they will ebb knowing that Williams has parted Giacchino with his Magic.

    Much like Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg.

  28. I think I’m voting for Willaims but then again I haven’t heard any music from Michael unless he did star trek I’m not sure. But either one I think I’m fine with I just hope the new guy will do as good a job becaus wine of my favorite things about all the star wars movies is the score even in the prequels it was still good.

    • Try this one on for size, especially from 1:51 all the way to the end:

  29. In all honesty, this was my biggest concern about the new Star Wars Trilogy (other than I’ll miss the 20th Century Fox trumpets at the start). It wouldnt be the same without John Williams, although I do enjoy Giacchino as a composer as well. I’m hoping they bring Williams on board!