Malkovich Picks at the Remains of Spider-Man 4

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spider man 4 john malkovich as vulture Malkovich Picks at the Remains of Spider Man 4

Just like the abomination that was Batman and Robin (1997) inadvertently cost Steve Buscemi or Jeff Goldblum a chance to play a super-villain on the big screen, it looks as though Spider-Man 3 may have cost John Malkovich the same opportunity.

The 56-year-old has spoken for the first time about missing out on portraying the dreaded Vulture in Sam Raimi’s proposed Spider-Man 4 - the one in which Tobey Maguire would be saddling up again as the web-slinger.

Of course, while a fourth Spider-Man film is in the pipeline, it will not feature Raimi behind the camera nor Maguire in front of it, with Sony Pictures intending to go in a new direction with the franchise – a reboot with a younger cast and Marc Webb in the director’s hot seat. And presumably no Vulture, and no Malkovich.

Speaking with Collider, Malkovich expressed concern that the character of The Vulture was somewhat to blame for the demise of Raimi’s Spider-Man 4.

“Well, I think a lot of the people who sort of follow that genre… I’m not sure, I never really spoke with Sam about this, but I’m not sure they — maybe the kind of fanbase, the fanboys — either didn’t approve of that character as an adversary for him to some extent…or maybe the studio. Or maybe that was totally unrelated to why it fell apart.”

Though the real blame should probably be directed at Sony and the entire too-many-eggs-in-one-basket affair of Spider-Man 3. The movie made over $300 million at the US box-office, but was slammed by both critics and general cinema-goers for the convoluted way it played out.

Up until January this year, it was believed Raimi and Maguire would both return for a third sequel, with Malkovich and Anne Hathaway as the villains; the well-respected Malkovich was perfect for the role of the bald-headed Vulture.

Sony’s recent decision to reboot the franchise has meant that for the second time, Malkovich has missed out on playing a villain in a Spider-Man movie: he was overlooked for the role of the Green Goblin in the 2002 original.

spider man 4 willem dafoe green goblin Malkovich Picks at the Remains of Spider Man 4

Malkovich went on to tell Collider that he was certainly up for strapping on the vulture wings, and is disappointed it didn’t happen.

“Yes [I was disappointed]. But because I like Sam and I like Tobey [Maguire] and all that stuff, and the producers, two of whom I’d met before because I’d been offered the first [film] … I came to like them, so sure why not? But it didn’t play out.”

The situation has shades of Batman Triumphant, which was in development and scheduled for a 1999 release – until the misfired Batman and Robin caused it to be scrapped and director Joel Schumacher was rightly banned from ever helming another Batman movie.

The main adversary for the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in that proposed fifth installment of the Tim Burton-Schumacher series was to be Scarecrow, with first Goldblum and then Buscemi the front-runner for the part. The role of Dr Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, was eventually filled by Cillian Murphy for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005), but in a very different way to what Schumacher had planned for Batman Triumphant. In the script Scarecrow was to bring back The Joker as a gas-induced hallucination.

While things worked out well for Batman and his millions of fans, Buscemi would have made a great super-villain. He still would.

Likewise two-time Academy Award nominee Malkovich. Who knows – he could still get a call from Spider-Man producers. If not there’s plenty more superhero movies in the works that could utilize with his considerable talents.

How about as Lex Luthor for a new Superman movie?

Source: Collider

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  1. I would have loved to see Malkovich as the Vulture.

  2. Im still disappointed myself that Spider-man 4 was canceled. Especially if they were planning to waste MJ off in the the film as rumored, if the film turned out to be bad it would be a pretty good conclusion to Raimi's Spidey franchise. But Sony like other studios had to take the easy way out & decided to reboot the franchise instead. I admit Spider-man 3 had some flaws, mostly what i couldnt stand was all Peter's dancing scenes but most of the film i liked. Mostly due to Sandman & Venom even if the character was miscast but Venom could of be used again played by another actor. Its just my opinion people over-reacted on how bad the film was and i thought Raimi deserved a 2nd chance. I thought Sony was rushing to reboot the franchise knowing the arch villains were used up already. I actually wouldnt mind seeing the Vulture if he's played by John Malkovich and i rememeber seeing on here alot of people voted for Anne Hathaway as the other villain. Anyways i think ill pass on the Spider-man reboot. I dont wanna see Peter in high school again etc.

  3. Oh no he is too old to play Lex Luthor.

    But he would've made an absolute perfect choice to play the Vulture. I was actually looking forward to him playing the Vulture in the sequel. Even though the third movie was was bad, they could have easily fixed it. But Sony obviously wanted to go another direction. If this reboot is actually successful, I am sure Vulture will be a villain in one of its sequels, so hopefully Malkovich will have his chance then.

  4. When I think it over, there's really not a reason why he can't be asked…the studio may want a reboot (which I think will backfire) but who will Spidey face down? I don't think it will be Green Goblin again.

  5. I think he would make an amazing Lex Luthor. He's perfect for some super villain role in the future. I think if he wants it enough, he is going to end up getting a big role. He would also be perfect for Doctor Doom in Marvel Studios next Fantastic Four! This time a Doctor Doom done CORRECTLY! He would be perfect. He has that Victorian essence about him. Who knows how things play out. Same time he said some disparaging things about comic book movies back in the day. Now he's beggin to get a role.

  6. As far as I've known Lex Luthor has always been “old”

  7. I don't necessarily like him for Lex Luthor, he seems a little too low key I think unless they were going to do a live action version of the late '90s Superman animated series. If that were the case I think it'd be less face to face time between Superman and Lex. I like the way Lex has been portrayed in the movies as sort of an emotionally balanced version of the Joker, high energy but had his next 3-5 steps planned out.

    Now Malkovich as Dr. Doom, I think that's about as perfect a casting as you could get and can't believe it hasn't been thought of prior. I think that's where his “Victorian essence” (as you call it) would be a blessing in a comic book movie.

  8. I always thought The Vulture was a lot older than Lex Luther?

  9. He would be awesome as Doctor Doom. He would have to beef up a bit or perhaps allow the armour to augment his pressence, much like Iron Man's armour for RDJ.

    An Fantastic Four film done FAITHFULLY & ACCURATELY as a mature sci-fi action film would be absolutely classic. I wouldn't want Fox Studios anywhere near such a project though. :-)

  10. I find it so frustrating that Sony have already screwed-up one Spider-Man series, and now they're starting another one rather than allowing the rights to revert back to Marvel.

    Malkovich would make a perfect Vulture… but unless he's playing him in a Marvel Studios-made film set within the Marvel cinematic universe, I'm not interested.

  11. he would-of-could-of made a good Vulture but that ship has sailed, so why bother “hoping” it will still happen. It wont so lets move on. Like the above article said there are plenty of other villains out there he would be good for. I see him as “Brainic” in the re-boot of Superman.

    till next time

  12. I dont know for sure but Marvel Has the rights to Dr. Doom right? If they do.. I think he would make a FABULOUS addition to the Avengers movie as a secret character or something, I think when a movie has twists and turns that fans are not expecting just makes it that much more exciting. Having Dr. Doom pulling the strings in the Avengers movie would be so cool. But this is the fanboy in me coming out… lol.. If I was writing the Avengers I would try and pull off something like that…. lol

  13. I agree with you. It was basically Sony's fault for what Spider-Man 3 was, not Sam Raimi. People take it way to seriously and say all kinds of stupid things. Sony screwed that movie up in so many ways. But I still like the movie, I was so pumped for Spider-Man 4 (despite the fact about MJ getting killed off.) I was very overwhelmed and disappointed to here that it got canceled. Sony is stupide for canceling it. If there is any Spider-Man movie without Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi in the directors chair, then this reboot is a waste of time. Bring the real Spider-Man back. And give Sam Raimi his space and freedom to take over like he did in Spider-Man 2. Sony needs to really think about this. The reboot does not sound interesting to me at all. I'm not gonna waste my time seeing Peter Parker in high school again. We've seen that in the first film already. Sony is one word RETARDED.

  14. I agree this reboot is going down the “Ultimate” Spider-teen path which doesn't really appeal to me much. It's really targeting the teen market and Sony are only in it for the money, nothing else.

    As far as I'm concerned Sony and Fox have no integrity or creativity when it comes to respecting the original source material.

    I would much rather see the “Amazing Spiderman” route, which to me holds a greater amount of interest and history associated with the character.

    However, I didn't think much about Raimi's version of events either. They looked good but lacked real dramatic substance in the story telling. Apart from a great supporting cast, I just wasn't convinced by Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's acting.

    They were nothing like their comic book counterparts.

    In fact Tobey had never even read a Spiderman comic book and was never interested in them as a kid. I believe it shows in his rather mediocre performance.

    Personally I can't wait for the day when Marvel Studios present a faithful movie depicting a realistic and mature Spiderman.

  15. A sinister and impending Doctor Doom sub-plot sounds really cool. :-)

  16. I second that, on hoping Marvel one day picks up the rights to the Spider-Man franchise. To me it seems like Sony wants to make live-action movies based off that Spectacular Spider-man animated series by wanting Peter in high school again etc. I actually wished Marvel can get their hands on all the other franchises aswell, like Fantastic 4, Daredevil, X-Men etc.

  17. Yup. I tried pointing that out to people that it was mostly Sony's fault about Spidey 3's outcome. It was Sony's idea to put Venom in the film due to fan Request ,not Raimi's. Along with breaking their word about giving Raimi freedom with the film. As i said before, I sure hope Marvel picks up the rights one day. They obvious know how to make Marvel character movies great.

  18. Yea I still liked the movie, but there was way to many surprises in this movie. If Sam had complete control, then this movie could have been the best movie in the franchise. But with this reboot I know its going in Ultimate Spider-Man's direction. But Sony really shouldn't have done this. What are you gonna do.

  19. 20 Century Fox in my opinion was no help to Fantastic 4. I expected the 2nd movie to fix all of the first movie's mistake. Well it didn't turn out so well. The same thing for Dragonball Evolution and most video game films. They were bad, not be off subject but, Sony screwed up pretty bad with the 3rd movie. Lets just hope it isn't the same for the reboot.

  20. I am so upset that Tobey will not be the Spiderman. I hate it when Hollywood changes the people that play the roles, that is what messes movies up. We love Spiderman and hate the thought of them ruining it by changing actors! THere was nothing wrong with Tobey playing the role.

  21. for whatever reason why i couldn`t access a comment for a while cuz of having to be part of facebook, i don`t have as much response to this as i could inform. I`m going to say something something right now as i truly mean it. The first spidey movie, the introducttion to a popular superhero`s colors, was the best movie in this franchise.