John Malkovich Confirms Vulture in Spider-Man 4?

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spider man 4 john malkovich as vulture John Malkovich Confirms Vulture in Spider Man 4?

With the mess that is the delay and behind-the-scenes dispute over villains between Sony and director Sam Raimi, it looks like we just may have a positive piece of news pushing the film in the right direction from a development standpoint. That is, the direction that the film may be made on time…

While appearing on the Italian sports show Quelli Che il Calcio, Malkovich spoke about his involvement and confirmed that he is set to play the villain known as the Vulture in Spider-Man 4.

There’s no word on the other rumor about Anne Hathaway playing Vulturess and I think most of us hope it stays that way.

Thanks to the folks at for sharing the news and info with us, we have a little summary of what was said.

“When conductor Simona Ventura asked him about his role of Vulture in the movie, he not only didn’t deny his involvement, but confirmed that he’s waiting for the final script to be sent to him, and that the movie has been delayed. He also hopes that shooting will begin as soon as possible.”

We had already seen confirmation that there are production delays for Spider-Man 4 thanks to a scoop from IESB, later confirmed by THR. This was further emphasized when Marvel moved up the release date of next summer”s Thor to the same weekend Spider-Man 4 currently sits. Obviously, Marvel and Sony won’t have both big budget super heroes competing for the opening weekend of summer 2011 so we can expected Spider-M4n to be pushed.

We knew from before that Raimi wants Vulture as the feature villain but Sony seemingly wants Black Cat or another villain who’s currently hot in the Spidey books right now. With what Malkovich is saying here, we know he’d definitely been in talks to play the part and he likely will, pending the final script treatment (if Sony and Raimi can agree on it).

Here’s a fan-made Spider-Man 4 poster which now seems more appropriate:

Spider Man 4 fanmade poster Vulture 280x420 John Malkovich Confirms Vulture in Spider Man 4?

Click to Enlarge

What do you think of John Malkovich playing Vulture in Spider-Man 4 and what other villain(s) would you like to see?

Trivia: John Malkovich was offered the role of the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man but turned it down, allowing Willem Dafoe to take the spot. At least he gets to play another green dude, right?

Stay tuned for more news and confirmations as it comes in at Screen Rant!


Fan-made poster from HeyUGuys

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  1. BIG MISTAKE!!! I will not be going to see this movie. What are these people thinking!? This movie is supposed to be The Lizard,Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat as an ally. This is the nail in the coffin, this franchise has officially went down the tubes. They were supposed to redeem themselves after SM3 not makes it worse. Marvel/Disney please take Spider-Man back! Sony and Raimi don’t know what the hell they are doing!

  2. im kinda looking forward to this now. cause malkovich is amazing in everything! tho im not a fan of maguire or mary-jane (cant remember her real name). but we’ll see, it might be good after all:)

  3. this is probably the best news Ive heard about Spiderman 4 in a long time. If Vulture doesnt die at the end of this then they could easily throw in Electro in this movie as well and then spend the next two setting up the sinister six (so long as Sam and Toby return, of course)(for those of you who argue about the sisnister six because Doc Ock is dead, he could easily be brought back, trust me).

    the way I see it, throw in Electro as another villain and, if they want to, throw in Black Cat, not as a villain, but more as an ally/love interest. in SM5, we need Kraven and the Lizard (also throw in Quentin Beck before he becomes Mysterio). then in SM6, have Quentin Beck become Mysterio, gather the Sinister Six and weve got the perfect end to the spiderman franchise.

  4. As intrigued as I am at the idea of Malkovich playing The Vulture, I don’t think he’s a strong enough character to warrant a whole movie focusing on him. I mean, I could be optimistic and trust that Raimi has a plan for the character to use him in a way that’s fresh and unexpected, but he didn’t do that very well with the third-string villain of Sandman or even the first-stringers like Green Goblin II and Venom. Personally, the big names that I want to see are Kraven, Lizard (he’s been hinted at for so long, give him his shot), and Black Cat. I even liked the idea of Morbius back when that rumor was circulating. Thing is, Spider-Man’s at the point in his career where New York should have a healthy underground supervillain community. I’d even argue that they should bring back Doc Ock as a barnacle-encrusted sea-zombie propelled forth only by the AI in his arms… a true Doctor Octupus! And no more done-in-one fights between him and another guy. And for the love of Pete, no more of the formulaic final battles where he has to save Mary Jane and his mask gets ripped off so that by the end of the movie every single person in the cast knows who Spider-Man really is.

    Okay, sorry about the long comment. I’m just venting.

  5. It’s already sounding like the same negative stories that surrounded Spider-Man 3 – if they can’t handle it then Sony need to hand the rights back to Marvel & let Disney/marvel take over…and just forget the next movie until there is a solid-team-effort that’ll do justice to Marvel’s greatest hero…..Can’t believe they’re cocking things up!

  6. just put it in 3d like Brian bendis said that’ll make it better lol

  7. @ Mike Greear,

    No apologies necessary, great comment. We’ve seen full blown essays as comments here :)

    Malkovich may be only one villain of several, we have yet to see if he’s the feature character.

    @ Vin,

    Please no on the 3D :|

  8. It should have been The Lizard.

  9. We dont know the Lizard isnt involved until the script is finalized.
    Lets just wait and see.

  10. I always pictured Patrick Stewart as the Vulture.

    This movie will be just as bad as 1 & 3.

  11. @ DrSamBeckett,

    1 wasn’t bad though? Maybe not as good as Ghost Rider for you, but good nonetheless ;)

  12. 1 is pretty bad in my opinion, acting is real shonky, Goblin while portrayed brilliantly by Dafoe just looks ridiculous, the script and direction are shoddy as hell.

  13. I think that the future of this series should be the sinister 6. this would work because I don’t think we actually saw Doc Oc die. they should have spidey, the lizard turned good, and black cat take on the sinister 6 in the end, and then the final movie should have carnage.

  14. I don’t know. Part 1 has its moments. It wasn’t as strong as part 2, but it was alright. I think the Spider-Man scenes in it were the best out of the trilogy and more faithful to who he is in the comics. However, after seeing Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire, I do think they should have just made the Green Goblin a Jeckyl/Hyde transformation effect and let Dafoe play the character in full make up instead of a big dumb mask.

  15. I don’t see John in this role but I have been wrong before. Let’s just hope we get a quality script with no dancing or crying by Parker.

  16. More reason not to watch Spiderman 4. Not only is Vulture one of Spidermans worst bad guys who also just shouldn’t be in this series. It’s the Lizards time and it’s stupid to have hinted at him all this time and not give him the big part. He’s a much better and interesting bad guy than Vulture. Looks like they want to make another crap film.

  17. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but the first 3 movies all had the same script basically.

    Spider-Man = Not-so-bad-guy becomes Not-so-good-guy, beats up peter, kidnaps MJ – Villain has some sort of redemption to his original state

    Spider-Man 2 = Not-so-bad-guy becomes Not-so-good-guy, beats up peter, kidnaps MJ – Villain has some sort of redemption to his original state

    Spider-Man 3 = Not-so-bad-guy becomes Not-so-good-guy, beats up peter, kidnaps MJ – Villain has some sort of redemption to his original state

    Maybe they should try something different from the first three movies lol.

  18. Meh I thought Spiderman one was the best. I appreciate what they were trying to do in SM2 and I understand why some think it’s great, but I found it very boring and I thought Ock was poorly written. I found my self so uninterested in Doc Ock that I was actually wanting to go buy popcorn in the middle of the film to miss his parts. Spiderman one really felt like a Spiderman film it felt true and it was also entertaining. It had it’s problems wasn’t perfect and by no means the best comic book film of all time, but still good.

  19. I love seeing Malkovich as a villain. I just hope they make the Vulture cool and somehow a little more realistic than in the comics. I’m a little dubious about the “flying technology” thing. I’d also like to see a spider-man villain who kills a lot of people (rather than just focusing on Spider-Man).

  20. I think this is a great casting choice. John Malkovich just has the same look as The Vulture and will probably do the role very well. Black Cat might be cool, but I could do without her to be honest. Kirsten Dunst bugs me enough, I would take her out of the fourth if possible. They really shouldn’t have done Venom in the third, or just not Sandman. I still think it’s time for Lizard. They’ve already introduced his character! They might as well do something with him.

  21. @ M Cat

    I see your point completely. And using either Vulture or Lizzard simply continues that cycle even further.

  22. Vulture could baesome malkovich is one of the best acors of the last 20 years. It could have armed beautifully in the 3rd. Spidey wanting to marry mj but bad guys like vulture and sand man keeping him in. And bad guys like vulture and sandman who don’t really wanna be bad guys but have to. Sandman for his daughter and vulture cuz he’s old and dying(needed super powers to live). But for this one gimme the scorpion and king pin. Spidey has all but eliminated crime in NYC so the king pn finances the ceation ofthe scorpion. Hell they could even throw in a dare devil cameo. And Parker could be despeately trying to tie up loose strings spidey sidE so h can gEt back mj.

  23. DrSam

    I could definitely see Patrick Stewart as the Vulture.

    My all-star lineup spread over multiple movies:

    The Vulture – Patrick Stewart

    Morbius – Benicio Del Toro

    Kraven – Bruce Campbell or Mickey Rourke (I know he’s Whiplash)

    Electro – Viggo Mortensen

    Carnage – Hugo Weaving

    Green Goblin – Willem Dafoe (great casting)

    Doc Ock – Alfred Molina (great casting again)

    Venom – horrible casting choice for Spiderman 3 – I would have cast Vin Diesel (say what you will but he’s not a bad actor)

    It will never happen but I can dream.

  24. I too am intrigued by Malkovich as the Vulture.

    But this is just my opinion that if this is indeed the last Spiderman film of the current franchise, then I really think that they should go for a higher profile of villain.

    I also think that the LIzard would be cool because Conners has been in the series since 2 and him becoming the Lizard would in my opinion show some actual character progression outside of the main cast.

  25. @ Daniel F,

    Spider-Man 1 is my favorite of the series as well.

    @ M-Cat,

    Yeap, that’s the formula they keep using. Spidey villains are never truely evil :)

    @ neontiger21, twistedburton, Cody

    I think Malkovich is a great actor and I’m interested to see what he brings to the franchise.

  26. To the other comments, I really wish we’d see Dr. Curt Connors transform into The Lizard as well and that would have worked well with Morbius had they gone that route.

    Benicio del Toro would be the PERFECT Morbius.

  27. Rob

    do you know if these are the same writers throughout the four spiderman movies? these characters they use from the comics were truly evil in the comics so I don’t understand why they went away from that formula. They have to keep making these guys genuinely nice for some reason. I just don’t get it.

  28. Even if the “confirmation” is true, the studio hears and sees the fan backlash already. They will have more “issues’ and there will be more delays. The studio will most likely follow the younger fans demand of CARNAGE!

    Ithink that would be a mistake , Malkovich is a great actor and a Vulture upgrade a’la Archangel-style wings, could be kickin’. Vulture is a classic villain, not some 90′s goo spawned from a symbiote. He is truely evil, and vulture’s evil stems from… GREED! Raimi wants to redeem himself…

    I’d like to say, “trust Raimi’s vision” but there are forces at work that want to interfere in this story.

    one thing’s for sure, Spidey 4′s success depends on Raimi laying down the law, and a better release date.

  29. Green goblin wasn’t nice. He dies tryin to kill spidey. Venom also not nice. Doc oc ya he has a change of heart. But sandman was never really evil, only teing to help his dying daughter. Wouldn’t u rob a bank if u were in that situation.