John Cusack Plus Roland Emmerich = 2012

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johnc John Cusack Plus Roland Emmerich = 2012John Cusack has just signed on the dotted line to star in Roland Emmerich’s global disaster movie 2012.

Also in talks for the film is the bane of my spell check – Chiwetel Ejiofor, the English actor has also delivered solid support in films such as American Gangster and Children of Men.

The plot of the film involves the destruction of the world as we know it, and the struggle of the survivors.

The title of the film comes from the Mayan calendar, as they believed that the world would end in 2012. Hence the reason why this movie is being “rushed into production” for 2009.

Yes, that was a joke.

However, if it is true then it might have a major (deep?) impact on life as we know it. Sorry to panic you!

This sounds like something that Emmerich could do in his sleep following films like Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow. However, what is John Cusack doing in this?

I’m guessing that Cusack has to pay bills like you and me, on top of that he has to and raise finance for passion projects like Max and War, Inc. He has been looking for a blockbuster lately – although he’s had a few problems because of the financing (see Jan De Bont’s delayed Stopping Power)- hence the reason why this Sony produced epic has a budget of $200 million.

Emmerich comes under a lot of flak from movie fans, but if you go into his films with the belief that you are about to watch an expensive B-movie, then you won’t be disappointed.

2012 goes before lenses in July in order to meet the July 2009 release date.

Let’s just hope that we are around for the sequel in er… 2013.

Source: Variety

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  1. Why do people over complicate the Mayan calendar? The Mayan people did NOT think the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. The Mayan Long Count calendar is astrologically focused, and simply resets from to (you’d have to understand their numbering and grouping systems). On this date the earth will be passing the galactical horizon and go from being on top of the Milky Way to being on the bottom. It will be this way for the next 13 b’ak’tuns (about 5135 years).

    Yes, Dec 21, 2012 IS going to be significant. MANY other astrological occurances that have never occured simutaneaously will happen THAT day. Is it sheer coincidence or part of God’s perfect plan?

    I don’t know, but I hope they make this movie right and factual.

  2. “I hope they make this movie right and factual.”

    LOL… two words will be prevent that from happening:

    Roland Emmerich


  3. Ok this is how this film is going to go down!!!…….


    (yeah right if you couldnt see this coming down Broadway).

    John Cusak will play an expert on the Mayan culture. He’s going to start to believe the prophecy is coming true as we near the year 2012.
    Events will take place that are paranormal and widespread across the globe.
    Manhatten or Washington will be destroyed in some fashion.
    (This is a staple of Emmerich, like I even have to mention).
    Cusak will have to survive with a small desperate band consisting of Cusaks love interest, an autistic little girl or boy, a Cop, a black or jewish guy and prob a military evoy of some type.
    They will take on many challenges some might not make it.
    In the end (right at the designated time that ony Cusak knows) another Earth like planet will merge its dimension with our damaged Earth giving whoevers left, new hope to begin a new life on a new Earth.

    The end……….>

    30 mil opening weekend…..
    See ya on dvd in 3 months.

  4. Alcadyzaar,

    That may be YOUR belief, but the vast majority of those crazy conspiracy theorists think that that is the end of the world date according to the Mayan calendar

    Just listen to the crazies on ‘Coast to Coast’ late night radio

  5. No, no, no! You all have it wrong! The Mayans knew that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election of 2012, which will destroy the earth. :o)

    I love disaster films, and yes, I did like Day After Tomorrow. I’m one of the few who are looking forward to this one.

  6. Ah Jimmy, you have a closed mind. (790/President of The Crazies)

    Ya know John, a lot of folks expect clinton to use propaganda that hasn’t come out yet to slander Obama at the last minute to sway her lead. Scary.

  7. 790, politics (poli- meaning many, tics- meaning “blood suckers” LOL) really gets on my nerves. Right now, Clinton is whining because she is losing the delegate votes but may be winning in the popular vote. I was one of the ones who said Gore should have won because he won the popular vote but Clinton agreed to the Democratic process they are using but since it’s not now to her advantage, she’s crying wolf. Good grief!!

  8. John, she aint no Capt Janeway!


    (Waaaaaayyy ooofff tooopic).
    Yeah there’s corruption afoot here. Why is she still desperatly pandering for votes. (Someones telling her stick around, don’t worry).

    I tell ya John, it dosnt look good no matter who wins.
    McCain will be another bush , Obama is another Jimmy Carter and clinton sooo New Word Order if she wins , its game over for the USA.

    Personally (crazy 790) I think were in for another BS terror attack and that will suspend the elections. US and Israel will be involved with Iran in some way in the next few months.

    I hope I’m just a crazy , Coast to Coast listener.

  9. 790,

    Ahhh the good old days with Art Bell… what ever happened to him? I bet some nut case finally found out a bit too much about him so he was forced out of the biz. :(
    I used to listen to his radio, there were some Stttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrange people on that program.

    Anyway, this new planet would probably be VULCA a.k.a Planet X… ;)

    Meh, your pitch is probably the movie… what the heck else COULD possibly happen?

    I personally think that the Mayan Calendar shows the year and date for when their Machu Picchu will finally slide off of that mountain top (hence their total existence won’t be apart of our natural remains of ancient human artifacts. After all, quite a few cultures and countries have been born since which they’ve not taken into account. So IF it has any truth to it, it’s their own disappearance form history with the already dangerous and unstable foundation their ancient city is built on.

    As for the election… well… it bothers me seeing how the media is ONLY showing Hillary and Obama. But then they don’t really talk about McCain!! Let’s get real here… we’re wasting time on two Democrats who’ll loose anyway.

    Hillary won’t become the first female President of the USA this time around. I doubt she’ll ever make that bid. Too many people are still against that thought (sad but true, people are backwards, and I don’t mean I am supporting Hillary, because I am not).
    Then we have Obama, who’s got a name that is too Un-American and people accidentally call him Osama more often than when people use the word Its when they actually mean It’s.

    The media is simply, once again been drawn away from what’s really going on here. We’re wasting time on two people who the American people WON’T elect. A woman who’s got a bunch of traditionalist going against her and then a Black man with an un-American name. You do the math.

    It’s going to be a typical name like McCain who will sit in the seat. Remember how he suddenly changed his mind and started to support Bush? Any chance they said, stick with us and we’ll make you king? Hmmm…

    In London all we hear is Hillary this Obama That… NOTHING about McCain or what’s going on with the Republicans.

    But I can tell you this.. IF Obama wins, you better start freaking out… cause Scientology has invested quite a bit in this man… that’s enough to make stay awake at nights…

    Me? Personally?

    I’m voting for this man :

    He would scare the crap out of EVERYONE!!! A no nonsense president with a gun to his head in every meeting to prove a point. ;)

  10. Cool Art’s back?


    Yes, whoever wins… we’ll loose… BIG TIME…

    Get ready for the new world order…,-emails-and-web-use.html

  11. Haha. Walken as pres! Lmao.
    (If he can keep it in his pants)(S). Anyone that has worked on a film with Walken knows what I mean….

    The presidental campaign has a lot to do with the aliens vs predator post we were just on. “Whoever wins, we loose”.

    And yeah Arts still around on weekends.

  12. Just what this world needs, another LEFT WING, DINGBAT, WORLDS COMMING TO AN END movie if you don’t by buy Gore Carbon credits, from actors that everyone is sick and tierd of listing to. I love it when they shake their fingers at me from their big A$$ jets that I’m killing the earth.

  13. The current Mayans are as puzzled about this western interpretation of THEIR calendar too..:)