‘John Carter’ Sequel Is Already Being Planned

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john carter taylor kitsch John Carter Sequel Is Already Being Planned

Walt Disney Pictures is wasting no time on setting the stage for next month’s John Carter adaptation to become the first in a new blockbuster series for the studio. The plan all along has been for the sci-fi flick to kick off a new trilogy – something which co-writer/director Andrew Stanton has previously made no secret of – and now progress on the next installment is already heating up.

Screen Rant‘s own Roth Cornet has learned that Stanton and his John Carter co-writer, Michael Chabon, have not only written outlines for the next two films in the series, but they’ve also actually begun penning a script for the sequel, tentatively known as John Carter: The Gods of Mars (the subtitle comes from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ second Carter novel). But is Disney counting its chickens before they hatch?

According to a new report from Deadline, the answer to that question right now is decidedly “yes” – with the site’s story on the subject bearing the disconcerting sub-headline that “[‘John Carter’] could be [the] biggest writeoff of all time.” The 3D project’s official budget is estimated to be around $250 million (with unofficial reports pegging it as even higher), but early word is that the Mouse House could be looking at a loss of well over $100 million on the film.

Those theoretical numbers are based on early box office tracking results for John Carter, which Deadline quotes an anonymous non-Disney studio executive as claiming that “women of all ages have flat out rejected” based on early surveys of the demographic. Kind of ironic then that the film’s original title (John Carter of Mars) was shortened, under the logic that it would lend the movie more appeal to younger female moviegoers - without significantly weakening its appeal to men. But we digress.

John Carter Trailer Disney John Carter Sequel Is Already Being Planned

Disney is already downplaying the idea that a John Carter sequel (much less a franchise) is merely a pipe dream, and early word of mouth from those who’ve seen the film is actually very positive (most comments state “The movie is a lot of fun”). Seeing how the company’s marketing campaign for John Carter has only begun to really intensify over the past two weeks, awareness and interest in the movie should become all the more heightened from hereon out.

In other words: John Carter may not prove to be the box office disaster that some are anticipating – and on the off-chance that it actually turns out to be a surprise hit (good word-of-mouth would help), Disney wants to have the next installment already in motion. Still, best not hold your breath while waiting to find out whether or not this sequel is going to happen for certain.


John Carter arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on March 9th, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This movie’s advertisement strategy reminds me of how Tintin was advertised:

    Lots of exciting sequences, but not enough to convince everyone that it’s something special.

    I do hope I’m wrong, I’m really looking forward to the movie.

  2. If John Carter is an entertaining movie, has a good story, and if the lead character is likeable, then the film will likely do well through word-of-mouth. What exactly is Disney supposed to show to make people think it’s something special? Why are so many people bent out of shape on Disney’s supposedly poor marketing? Why do they seem to care so much that the film makes tons of money? Like any film, my #1 wish is a very selfish wish….that I like it. It’s better when hundreds of millions of others also like it, but ultimately all I care about is what I think of it.

    • I love this movie. I watch it every time it come on direct tv. I cant wait for part 2

      • People care because they’d like to see a 2nd and 3rd installment. This movie was poorly advertised. Disney left out whole segments of the population IMHO. I’ve seen the movie regular and 3D and the 3D was a waste of money. S&T of the movie industry cramming 3D down my throat when the movie is completely enjoyable as is. I watch this movie on cable a lot and as with many sci-fi movies it has gained in popularity. They created Willa and didn’t advertise her well. There were several sequences that could have been advertised but were not. Not sure where you ate but in my area the movie advertising was almost non-existent and what little was shown did not impact those needed to fill the seats. Many people discovered this movie on video/cable etc.

        I also want to like a movie, buy in order for a franchise to be created a lot of other people have to like it too.

  3. I have a feeling that John Carter will do well critical and in the box office. Which I’m hoping it will. The movie looks very epic with e set pieces and action. I think it’s a must see. But then yet again i know there will be people who will no matter what try to compare this film to Avatar and star wars, and other movies. But overall i think it will do fine, and fine enough to give the studio a good reason to make a sequel.

  4. “women of all ages have flat out rejected”

    Hey, sounds like my kind of movie!

  5. The shortening of the title was not a good idea.
    John Carter Of Mars at least has some wonder
    to it and John Carter makes anyone unfamiliar
    with this story wonder what the film is about.

    Similarly I think the shortening of the title
    The Invention of Hugo Cabret was another
    mistake and probably hurt box office for Hugo.

    • John Carter of Mars is more intriguing I agree. Funny that the logo has the M still. Hopefully it’s a big enough success to warrant another one.

    • I agree it was a mistake. Absolutely NO ONE would have been wondering why they are using the title of the last book in the series. Maybe if they had been willing to stick to the source material more closely I could see the reasoning a bit more but considering the significant deviations……yeah, no. Hollywood needs to stop over thinking everything.

  6. i think thats great the first one looks great

  7. i really dont care about titles. people always complain about movies titles or their subtitles and i really dont care as long as the film is good.

  8. I admit I’m torn about wanting JC to succeed. On the one hand I am very disappointed in their blatant lack of continuity with the visuals from the book. If you can’t be bothered to match descriptions wherever possible and think your personal vision is better than the author’s, then the hell with you. If you aren’t willing to do it right (within reason), you shouldn’t be doing it at all imho.

    On the other hand, I hate to condemn something that may expose people to the writings of one of the masters of science fiction and get them reading something from an author farther back than just 10-15 years.

  9. This looks good

    • It’s extremely annoying every time I see people criticize a movie because it’s not like the book! Why not simple enjoy each body of work by it’s own merits?

  10. Movie looks awesome,and i am really looking forward to it !
    But as it is with most Movies I am exited about turn out Box office failures i do not expect different here.

    Sad thing is,I like those Movies and no sequel in sight!
    Sad..wish John Carter the best !

  11. What isn’t a trilogy these days?

  12. If they do make a sequel…they had better have Taylor Kitsch back for it! If he isn’t it’s an immediate no for me (redbox rental at best). The number one thing that annoys me about sequels is the fact that the actor of a main character has been replaced. I understand deaths/serious injuries…I make an exception for those (Dumbeldore) but hashing out a sequel with none of the main characters immediately writes it off for me.

    That being said I hope it does as well as they are anticipating I will for sure be going to see it in the theaters!

  13. Just got back from checking out SW EP1 in 3D, they played a 3D trailer for John Carter ahead of the movie and I have to say the 3D looked really amazing! It’s clear that Stanton’s Pixar pedigree is behind it. I can honestly say it is on par with Avatar’s 3D!

    A guy next to me even asked if that was from Avatar 2 before the title appeared :-P

    So if the rest of the movie looks as good on 3D as the trailer did we are in for a visual treat! :-D Count me excited!

  14. It was a great film, well worth paying the extra $ to see it in 3D, however I kind of wish that Disney hadn’t had their hand in it. Whatever the case, I’d like to see a sequal, but with more attention to detail, following ERB’s stories, and with more gore and violence. These folks who make these film aren’t interested in presenting a story, they are only interested in money. Money motivates everything, and it’s rediculous, since money is worthless paper. But alas, society still has a lot to learn. Human nature is self-centered, and until we can overcome self, we will not advance to the next level.

  15. We enjoyed the movie and we are waiting for the next film. Hurry PLEASE. We like great sci-fiction. We are avid readers too.

    • I agree I love the movie can be mad. Please make a sequel!

      • *Cant*

  16. I am eager for the next JOHN CARTER OF MARS movie. I have not read the books or went to the movie theater to see the movie but, when it came on the channel channel STARZ, myself and my husband both enjoyed it greatly watching it more than once, even in the same day. I would definitely go see the next one at the movies, but only if the same actors came back. People don’t like change so if u really want the big bucks, bring back the original actors that was in the first. TAYLOR MIRACU, LYNN COLLINS. THEY WILL BRING IN THE BIG BUCKS. THANKS

  17. My whole family loves this movie. We can’t wait until the new sequel comes out

    • Me too..I thought it was great…I have watched it about 10 times… cant get enough of it.

  18. This was an excellent movie. Whoever did the marketing and advertising for it sucked big time because I absolutely loved it.

  19. I am a major fan of the books,and had been waiting for a live action movie of the same for 30 years. I was not dissapointed with the Disney movie,the fault lied in the advertising/marketing of the movie along the movie title (John Carter of Mars would have been better)

    The odds of a sequel unfortunately are nil to slim,and that is a shame.
    Once again the movie was advertised/marketed horribly. Which is a shame because a LOT of sci-fi movies and even superhero movies popularity is owed to Burroughs. He actually created the first superhero (i.e. Superman—humanoid alien comes to a world with powers above the normal natives)

  20. Very good movie.when the second movie?

  21. I really enjoyed this movie in 2D and 3D. Please don’t leave your fans waiting for the next installment. Bring back the same actors and get the marketing correct this time, please.

    • We love this movie and can’t wait for the next one.

  22. I just watched this movie and I feel like it could be a big hit please make another one! You canon just leave us hanging we want to know what happens next! xoxo

  23. 1st John Carter movie was a hit we need the sequel !!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I hope they do a sequel. Just make it like the books. Disney is known for making movies that are timeless. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, 20,000 leagues.

    I can only hope they get serious and make a film worthy of their classics. And follow the trilogy of the rings.

  25. I loved this movie very much. I would be deeply grateful for a second installment. People just need an escape from reality and this one appeals too both children and adults.

  26. Class movie 10/10 forget the haters.Bring on the 2nd one cant wait :-)

  27. Ha! I wonder how that sequel is coming now?

  28. I loved the movie and can’t wait for the next

  29. I disagree with the neigh naggers. This movie in many ways was much better than the book. I’ve read the book many times… and frankly where the book is weak this movie was strong. The story is unique and spread out… the movie paired it down a bit for the better… still people claim there was were too many locations (I disagree). The book featured a number of things that would not go over real well in today’s political climate; thank goodness for Disney who was able to creatively address those problems. The characterization in the book is flat (cardboard). John Carter has a less interesting and much more vague background in the book than the movie. Dejah in the book is passionless and one dimensional; thankfully a combination of excellent acting by Lynn Collins and clear headed writing and direction brought this character to life. I do not agree with most of the critics when it comes to this movie and hope for a sequel.

    • I agree. The movie plot is much better than the books. I’ve read them – they’re quite boring and ‘flat’ as you put it. So excited for the next part. They’d better make a sequel for the fans from the rest of the world. I’m Indian. There are thousands of fans here in asia