‘John Carter’ Fans Campaign for Sequel; New Fan Trailer & Woola Clip

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john carther woola 570x238 John Carter Fans Campaign for Sequel; New Fan Trailer & Woola Clip

Disney’s John Carter may not have had a(n) (inter)stellar opening weekend, but there aren’t people (apparently many of them) who not only enjoyed seeing Carter’s journey to Barsoom (Mars) – they want Disney to make a return trip to the red planet.

You may (or not) remember a few weeks back when we posted an impressive John Carter fan-made trailer that circled the Net; that trailer came from a user named “Dotar Sojat,” who runs a site called The John Carter Files. Sojat pointed us to a grass-roots campaign where JC fans are gathering to collectively pledge their desire for a sequel film. As a bonus, Sojat has also cut a brand new fan trailer for the film.

Despite the pointed criticisms of some, we here at Screen Rant found John Carter to be a relatively fun adventure flick. In fact, in my John Carter review I ended things by stating the opinion that, should Disney choose to make a sequel, it would likely turn out better than its predecessor, now that the foundation on this property has been laid, and people are sold on it. If the reaction to this fan campaign for a sequel is any indication, I wasn’t the only one to hold that view.

You can join in the campaign for a John Carter sequel by joining its Facebook group, via the link below:


John Carter Sequel Facebook Group


Now, check out the latest fan trailer cut by “Sojat,” which is entitled “Heritage”:

The trailer does a good job of showing the transition from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Barsoom” sci-fi novel series to the modern 3D blockbuster crafted by WALL•E director Andrew Stanton. The artwork featured at the start of the trailer  - inspired by the novels – has been around for some time, but looks particularly hi-res and gorgeous. Hard to believe that Lynn Collins (who plays princess Dejah Thoris in the film) was actually overdressed, based on Burroughs’ rendering of the character.

John Carter is a rare case where a sequel will almost certainly be more welcome than its predecessor. Hopefully positive word of mouth will carry the film through its initial sluggish rollout, and Disney will decide it makes sense (and dollars) to go ahead with the sequel. Will this grassroots campaign sway the Mouse House? Not likely. If fans really want to make a difference, they need to start expressing their wishes directly to the studio.

Finally, if you need a good reason to go out and see John Carter, might we suggest taking a look at this clip, which features the lovable (and quick-footed) Martian space…er, “dog,” Woola.

John Carter is currently playing in theaters. If you want to see a sequel… go see it (again).

Source: Facebook & The John Carter Files

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  1. I really liked the first one, so IMO, a sequel would be cool.

  2. Grassroots campaign….I’m in!

  3. I would love to have a Woola the Wonder Dog. That alone would make me want a sequel.

  4. John Carter deserves a sequel and that trailer makes it feel suitably epic. It all depends on whether it earns enough money to make the sequel viable.

    personally, I think Disney should have done a lot more to guarantee people would see this movie. I mentioned it to my brother and the guys I work with and none of them had heard of it. They should have targeted the young audience, especially the young boys as after all it is an action adventure very much geared towards boys.

    Disney had the rights to this for a long long time. They should have developed it into a animated series and got a toy line released a few years ago so that it would have had the built in audience that “Star Wars” had. They really needed to get the kids familiar with the character and premise of Jon Carter so the kids would drag their parents along too.

  5. Now, you see…? That’s how you introduce a beloved century old property that inspired ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Avatar’ as opposed to that “Lawrence of BARSOOM” marketing hack job that Disney gave the world.

  6. I love the trailer simply for acknowledgment
    of the visionary Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    John Carter has its flaws but it deserves a sequel.
    For sheer ambition alone I cut it a lot of slack.

    A lot of talented people tried to get this
    right despite being a favorite of the
    media to bash long before release.

    To fight against long odds and still be
    standing respectably says something.

    So yes, John Carter, by some magic,
    by the Gods, return to Mars once more.

  7. I went to see it Wednesday evening in 3D, having recently re-read a lot of the books I enjoyed it a lot.

    I’d love to see a sequel.

  8. How can a giant and very successful film company built on the magic that is film make such a poor trailer and some fan using bits of film and love of the legend that is John Carter do it so right?
    Disney need to hire this guy and turn him loose. REALLY WELL DONE

  9. I think that was a great trailer. Someone should hire him. I’d love to see another movie. I’ve seen John Carter twice already and might go back for a 3rd time next week.

  10. The next one should maybe keep the fx down a bit so it has a chance to make a profit. You really could have made two movies for the budget of that first one. Concentrate more on romance and Burroughs story telling and less on huge battle scenes.

  11. Great Movie,everybody who watched it here enjoyed it a lot !
    Really just hope the Box Office picks up and gives it a better chance.
    Would be a shame if we get no Sequel !
    I am in this Campaign !

  12. And fanboys and men mock Twilight fans for being irrational, greed-induced suckers clinging to stupid movies.

    Seems to me that everyone begging for a sequel for JC has never seen a decent film in their lives… Or maybe they’re just paid by Andrew Stanton to save his ass.

    • All I have to say Ken is, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. You don’t have to enjoy what others do BUT you shouldn’t look down on others!

    • Next time I think I’m enjoying a film I’ll check in with you Ken to make sure I’m allowed. If it’s not on your “Ken the King of everything good film list” then I shall burn down the cinema showing the offending film and find the director so I can give him a slap across the @rse with a wet haddock.

      Actually, that sounds like a bit too much effort. Maybe I’ll watch what I want and enjoy it if I want. I want out of your kingdom Ken; it sucks!;)

  13. While I liked the acknowledgment to ERB, I thought the setup was way too long, taking up nearly half the trailer with text. If this had been on TV I would have changed the channel long before it got to the movie sequences.

    I do however agree that Disney missed the mark by not playing up the ERB angle. It should have been explored and exploited in some way.

    (still disappointed they chose to deviate so much from the books visuals though ;( )

  14. I have seen the movie twice and plan on seeing it several more times.

  15. We loved the film and saw it twice. The story was fun, action packed and best of all it had Woola the space dog. My husband and I would love to see a sequel :)

  16. I never wanted to see this movie as i didnt no anything about it. But ive just watched it and it was amazing defiantly want a sequel as just got to no what happens when he goes back. Will she be waiting for him or does she think he left her.