John Boyega ‘Aiming’ For Marvel Role; Teases ‘Black Panther’

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Comic Con Marvel Black Panther John Boyega Aiming For Marvel Role; Teases Black Panther

Attack The Block put him on the map. Star Wars: Episode VII is making him a star. Could Marvel Studios fulfill his dreams?

British actor John Boyega landed the ultimate acting job of joining the Star Wars film franchise in J.J. Abram’s Episode 7 but the self-proclaimed comic book “nerd” has another gig he wants within the Disney empire. Earlier today, Boyega launched a storm of Marvel-related tweets, from his thoughts on some of the recent Marvel Comics headlines about Falcon becoming Captain America to his interest in a role with Marvel.

He flat out said he’s “aiming” for a role before teasing the character of Black Panther. And with San Diego Comic-Con beginning tomorrow with preview night, he couldn’t have picked a worse time if he’s just joking around – unless he’s trying to get fans riled up.



Marvel Studios hosts their panel on Saturday at 5:30 pm PST where they will provide an “inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.” And by that they mean they will unveil their upcoming slate of unannounced films that are scheduled out up to and including 2019. Marvel Studios president of production – and producer on all the films – Kevin Feige seemed to tease that characters like Black Panther could have their origins told within other films but we still included Black Panther as a title character we’d like to see get their own adventure in the coming years. Check our list of 5 movies we want Marvel to announce at Comic-Con here.

Attack The Block Boyega John Boyega Aiming For Marvel Role; Teases Black Panther

For years Feige, Stan Lee and other high-ups at Marvel have expressed interest in Black Panther and it could be as soon as The Avengers: Age of Ultron next summer that we get to learn at least a bit more about the fictional nation of Wakanda from the comics, home of the character. That is, if the rumors are true. Just nine months ago Feige also said that Black Panther was absolutely in development. It would certainly be one of the more pleasant surprises if a Black Panther title card with a movie logo pops up on the screens this weekend at Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

Could his flight mean that John Boyega is on his way to Comic-Con – taking a break from shooting Star Wars – to take part in the Marvel Studios panel or is he just having fun and simply wants to be a part of that? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017, July 28 2017, November 3 2017, July 6 2018, November 2 2018 and May 3 2019.

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  1. I read that tweet of his, and I thought he was already cast as T’Challa, but then I saw he said he wanted to be Nova too…

    So, basically he’s only making a wishlist then. *sigh*

    And probably it’s just me, but I have a big hunch, the role has already been given, or at least in talks with Chadwick Boseman. That guy played coy about talking about a superhero movie with a certain producer too. Some people speculated Jon Stewart for him too, but since Dwayne Johnson had stated he won’t play Jon because DC is going a ‘different route’ (meaning another Lantern, perhaps Hal?), it’s safe to say Chadwick won’t be playing that character too.

  2. My only concern with John being casted as Black Panther is his age. He’s only 22 and I’d rather want someone who is at least the same age/close to Evans and Hemsworth, like late late 20’s or early 30’s. Plus by that age, the character’s physique is more suitable for the role.

    • Still a long time untill it would go into production 3-4 year? He would be the right age then

    • Unless you are like me and want to see BP as BP with NO interaction of other heroes until at least the 2nd if not 3rd movie.

      The history of the Panther and what happens as he grows following his fathers footsteps, the issues Wakanda has, the various tribes etc. would make a richer story for a movie or two then say he is BP plop put him in The Avengers.

      Quite honestly I would be more interested if they kept him out of The Avengers. If the writing is done well and the acting I would much rather see three movies of ‘stuff’ that happens in Wakanda. By then they may have a new batch of Avengers and he could be the correct age….

    • I think Marvel’s been trying to cast somewhat younger for a lot of their roles because they’re going to need these actors to stick around for a while. They’ve supposedly got movies planned out until 2028, and they don’t want a bunch of 60-year-olds in Avengers 6 or whatever.

  3. I certainly hope Black Panther isn’t just a featured role. I’ve been advocating a Black Panther movie more than any other Marvel superhero movie for years. I think it would be awesome because:
    – Wakanda would be a unique setting due to the the juxtaposition of natural jungle and scientific buildings/enhancements
    – They could easily use the Vibranium to easily tie into Cap’s shield and possibly even Ultron (since a metal finish from Tony Stark may not be strong enough)
    – It’s time we had a solo superhero movie for an African-American
    – Black Panther is quite simply an awesome character; he’s one of the smartest men on Earth who has mastered nearly all forms of science (including political science) as well as all forms of martial arts. He’s a supehero, a King, a scientist, and a hunter whose suit can take machine gun bullets and Namor-level punches.

    I really do hope Marvel makes this and Ms. Marvel happen.

    • – It’s time we had a solo superhero movie for an African-American

      Really? Do you not count Blade or even (as I chuckle) Steel as superhero movies?

      While Steel is a joke… Blade is a solo superhero movie for an African-American. So maybe you meant to say Its about time we have another solo superhero movie for an African-American.

      Also Hancock…. now that I think about it.

      • You’re right– that’s what I meant to say. I typed that shortly after I woke up, so my brain was still a little fuzzy!

        My point was that it’s time for another African-American superhero flick. Blade ended sourly and is practically dead to general moviegoers, and Steel was, as you said, a joke. There’s also the Catwoman flick because of Halle Berry but… well, that movie was pretty lame, too. So it’s time we get a new, and well-done, solo movie for a black superhero. Black Panther is ripe with potential and Marvel’s track record speaks for itself, so why not? I like War Machine/Iron Patriot and The Falcon, but it’s time for a solo movie– and Black Panther is the best canidate. I’m also excited to see how the Luke Cage TV show is.

        I pretty much have the same argument for why Ms. Marvel needs to happen. She’s a good character, and we need a female-led supehero movie. To my knowledge, the only three superheroine movies that exist are Catwoman, Supergirl, and Elektra, all of which are among the most hated superhero movies of all time. With Johansson’s Black Widow and Hathaway’s Selina Kyle proving that female heroes can be awesome, and DC gearing up Wonder Woman’s big-screen debut, I think it’s time Marvel gets Carol Danvers her own movie (also, yay for Jessica Jones getting a TV show, too).

        • why can’t you say a movie about an AFRICAN SUPERHERO? Seriously Ta’Chala is an awesome character. Calling him an African American is both literally incorrect and frankly inappropriate as he would not just be an African American (Black) superhero, but think about it, the first NON AMERICAN SUPERHERO (seriously don’t bring up Superman, just dont.).

          I’d love to see Boyega take on the role, star him studying with his father, shortly before his fathers death, and then him taking up the mantle to avenge his father. Could be awesomesauce.

          • Wolverine’s Canadian, bro.

          • Storm’s Kenyan. Nightcrawler’s German. Black Widow’s Russian. Thor and his bunch, as Nick Fury said, ‘aren’t from around here.’

            Lots of non-Americans.

            • Storm is actually African-American, born in Harlem. Her mother is from Kenya and she later returns there, but she was born in America

      • SPAWN (Michael Jai White)

      • Obviously, Black Panther isn’t African-American. It”d be nice to finally see a movie about the first African superhero. I am going to be angry if he’s just merely introduced in some other film instead of first appearing in his own film.

    • Technically, he wouldn’t be African-American… he’d just be African…

  4. I’m all for a Black Panther movie, but I DIDN’T want it to be yet another origin/young guy becoming the hero-type film. I thought it would have been cool to see him a little older and already established as a great warrior king and well-respected diplomat. The film could focus on the politics and the effects that the MCU’s events are having on Wakanda just as much as the action that comes with it.

    But I’m not Kevin Feige.

  5. I’m thinking if this was true there is absolutely NO way Marvel would have him even hint at over the internet when the dude is gonna already be at Comic Con according to the article.

  6. Say what?! I made to a Screen Rant article? Thank you, Mr. Keyes.

    • First comment I read when I got back yesterday to SR SDCC HQ :)

  7. since we have a black captain america and female thor, is it outside the realm of possibility to have a white black panther?

    • White Wolf.

  8. When we do finally see a Black Panther, I really hope they retain his link to the panther god as part of his back-story. One of the things that makes the Panther so special is that he’s one of the few characters that truly mixes science and mysticism. I don’t want the Black Panther to be another link to the Super Soldier Serum.

    • Well, they will already be exploring mysticism with Dr. Strange. So it should be easier to incorporate the mystical aspects of Black Panther, like the Panther God, or of other characters like Iron Fist.

  9. Black Panther is African not African – American. If you’re wondering does it matter then you probably dont appreciate the difference. Either way am excited if Boyega. I jave been a big fan of him since BBC’s My murder long begore attack the block

    • Hehe, I was wondering when someone was going to make that distinction.

  10. It almost sounds like Boyega is takin the Vin Diesel route….

  11. NO ! Doesn’t look or fit the part.

  12. Not only an origin film, but a trilogy. T’Challa has a vast, fantastic rogue’s gallery and his journey from Prince to King and then to Avenger could supply enough story to justify a trilogy.

    Black Panther: The young Prince faces his destiny and learns the ways of the Wakandan panther warrior, then his the land is exposed to the outside world. Ulysses Klaw and his mercenaries attack the vibranium mine. T’Chaka dies and the son must done the cloak and cowl of the Panther. The new Black Panther does the unthinkable, he asks for help from the outside world. Captain America arrives and they battle a sound-transformed KLAW.

    Black Panther 2: T’Challa is trying to juggle his time as an Avenger with ruling Wakanda, while he is away fighting Thanos, his nation his usurped by Baron Macabre (a classic panther villain) who has been selling Wakanda’s tech on the black market. T’Challa’s friend Jakarra tries to stop the coup but is radiated with vibranium and turned to hate Panther as JAKARRA, The Vibranium Man! (Another classic character). T’Challa returns to face the threat. He wins but resigns as King.

    Black Panther 3: The Panther returns to Wakanda as a hermit traveller, unrecognizable. The country’s ruling council has been regressing to a more sheltered society, closing off trade and communications with the rest of the world. Then T’Challa’s own panther God confronts him, in the jungle they fight and T’Challa is beaten to within an inch of his life. Then he finds the strength and defeats his own hulky panther god! As a reward for being worthy, the god imbues T’Challa with the ability to become a ferocious man-panther with super strength and long claws and teeth. He faces the ruling council, now deserving of the title of King, he learns that the council has a mole working for the neighboring country of azania, T’Challa now superpowered like a god, fights the supervillains, The Supremicists (a classic supervillain team from the Black Panther 4 issue limited series).

    See, a trilogy is what we need here! Hee, hee! Crossing my fingers for A film announcement at SDCC!

    • That’s BRILLIANT.a great premise. You should go to MCU with that… seriously.

      • Thanks Perry. If your looking for some great T’Challa stories, look for the back issues of the comic JUNGLE ACTION featuring Black Panther. Great artwork and complex stories.

    • meh, the first two are pretty much right out of the comics and the 3rd act, turning him into a man panther, is just blech. WAY too cheesy and cliche. If you want a man panther go look for him in Underworld and leave him OUT of a Black Panther movie (or anything Marvel)

    • Love It!

    • GREAT Black Panther Movie TRILOGY Proposal you layed out. In complete Agreement.

  13. Denzel for T’Chaka? Would help pull in crowds…

    Although I personally think Denzel has played a lot of same type characters over the past few years.

    Could this be different for Denzel?

  14. I’m not familiar with John Boyega…. And I think his age is fine since Marvel signs actors for long contracts.

    Here is what bugs me about Black Panther. What’s up with Wakanda? A fictional African country? Marvel always uses real places for their characters to inhabit. Like New York….. Hell’s Kitchen…. etc. Why all of a sudden invent a fictional country for Black Panther?

    DC is the one who has all the made up locations: Metropolis, Gotham City, Starling City……. etc.

    Not a big deal really, but I would prefer consistency. What’s wrong with BP residing in Congo? Or Kenya? I think real place names are better for people to identify with.

    • Umm naww. I’m assuming you’re not a comic reader. That’s like moving Daredevil to Harlem instead of Hells Kitchen or Spider Man to the Bronx instead of Queens.

    • Not true…

      Marvel has other famous made up Marvel countries and places.

      Latveria- in Europe
      Transia -in Europe
      Madripoor -island country in Asia
      Genosha – made up island country east of Africa
      Muir Island- island off coast of Scotland
      Savage Land- Tropical region in Antarctica

  15. Lol Black Panther better be made of a black guy can become Human Torch and Captain America then why not do an original black character justice

  16. I like the idea of a franchise based on a younger hero ala the new Nova, Sam Alexander or my guy Amodeus Cho.
    It would be very interesting to watch Boyega grow into the role.

  17. With producers and director’s not wanting to stereotype characters any more, shouldn’t they get Screech from “saved by the bell” to play the black panther?? I mean they did it with the FF????

    • Revenge casting is really mature.

  18. Still want Nate Parker to play him

    • that’s a brilliant suggestion, man. you should be in charge of casting lol. dude’s an underrated talent

  19. Michael Jai White

    • Just because he played Spawn like 15 years ago doesn’t make him right for the part. Plus he will be pushing FIFTY by the time this ever goes into production.

      PLEASE stop throwing this guy’s name out, he’s too damn old.

  20. People need to forget about race and colour and cast the right actor. Jason Statham would be perfect as the Black Panther.