Joel Silver Producing ‘Sanctuary’ – A Cross Between ‘Blade’ & ‘Wanted’

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Joel Silver Producing Sanctuary Joel Silver Producing Sanctuary   A Cross Between Blade & Wanted

Joel Silver is one of the most legendary action movie producers in Hollywood history, having produced 48 Hrs., Lethal Weapon, Predator, Die Hard, The Matrix, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and many, many more. Of course, more recently, he produced the very lucrative Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr.

Now, the producer is developing a supernatural-action property called Sanctuary – no relation to the TV show of the same name – which has been described as “a cross between ‘Wanted’ and ‘Blade.'” Which is funny, considering one of those movies influenced Silver’s The Matrix (if only a little) and the other never would’ve existed without it.

According to Deadline, the story of this Blade/Wanted hybrid centers on a woman possessed by a demon – think The Exorcist – who seeks “sanctuary” within ‘The Sanctuary,’ a secret organization run by the Vatican that teaches possessed men and women how to harness the power of their demons in the fight against evil.

It’s easy enough to see why Blade is a relevant comparison here – both Blade and Sanctuary involve a protagonist afflicted by supernatural evil who manages to turn said evil against the true monsters of the world. Wanted, on the other hand, doesn’t immediately spring to mind while reading the synopsis. Of course, both films do involve secret organizations that train the protagonist to harness his or her powers, but the similarities seem to end there.

Sanctuary A Cross Between Wanted and Blade Joel Silver Producing Sanctuary   A Cross Between Blade & Wanted

That’s basically all we know about Sanctuary so far. It sounds like the sort of film that could, with the right creative team behind it, be an incredibly fun time. And with the wrong team behind it, it could be more akin to Priest.

Sanctuary will be Silver’s first film since he ended his 25-year working relationship with Warner Bros. back in September. It’s being developed through Silver Pictures and Paramount Pictures from a script by Alan Trezza, whose last and only writing credit was a short called Burying the Ex in 2008.

Does Sanctuary sound interesting to you, Screen Ranters? Or are Joel Silver’s best filmmaking days behind him? Let us know in the comments.

There’s no word yet as to when Sanctuary will go into production, nor is there a release date, so stay tuned for  more news as it becomes available.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. I was thinking more like a mix of Exorcism, Van Helsing, and Blade.

  2. Sadly i think his best days are definitely behind him. In the mid-80 to early 90s his name was a sign of quality as far as action films were concerned, but these days it’s one decent film every few years, lots of DTV rubbish that even i, as a connoisseur of trash, can’t enjoy, and TV stuff that doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

  3. Anyone remember Constantine?

  4. Ben, you state:

    “Blade and Sanctuary involve a protagonist afflicted by supernatural
    evil who manages to turn said evil against the true monsters of the

    And, you say:

    “Wanted…, [and Sanctuary], involve secret organizations that train
    the protagonist to harness his or her power, …

    Based on those snippets of information, how is Blade a “relevant
    comparison”, while Wanted isn’t relevant? Don’t “the similarities [to
    Sanctuary] seem to end there” for both films?

    I think it’s “easy enough to see” that you’re seeing what you want to see.

    • Because the former is fairly unique to Blade, at least in movies, while the latter could describe a hundred other movies that Wanted was derivative of.

      • Actually this sounds like a cross between popular Anime Naruto and Wanted.

    • The ‘rarity’ of the formula used by “Blade”, versus that of “Wanted”, does not necessitate relevance. Sanctuary may be like “Blade” (and its comparable films), and may also be like “Wanted” (as well as all the films “Wanted” emulates).

      • You realize, Tom, that I said Wanted doesn’t immediately spring to mind when I read that synopsis. For you to get out of sorts about what does or does not spring to my mind is really quite strange.

        • Out of sorts? Again, I say you’re seeing what you want to see.

          “That synopsis”, from Deadline, that you read, states:

          “Scripted by Alan Trezza, Sanctuary focuses on a young woman who is possessed by a powerful demonic force. She seeks refuge within The Sanctuary, a Vatican-run secret organization that teaches the possessed to channel their inner demon and use its power as a weapon against evil. The flavor is a cross between Wanted and Blade.”

          From the first two sentences, neither Wanted nor Blade “spring to mind”.

          The last sentence is what links the upcoming film, that no one knows much about, to Wanted and Blade. Did Blade “spring to mind” before you read that? That comparison could have either been made by Silver or added by Mike Fleming Jr who wrote the article at Deadline. Regardless, you take it as the bases of most of the rest of your article and arbitrarily choose that Blade fits, and Wanted doesn’t.

          • Tom, you’re clearly out of sorts. You say Blade doesn’t spring to mind, but I have to wonder how you have knowledge of what does or doesn’t spring to my mind? Obviously, I am not purporting that Wanted doesn’t spring to anyone’s mind anywhere.

            To me, I do get a Blade vibe from a story about a lady who learns how to harness her demon power to fight (presumably) other demons. I also should probably stress that I said Wanted doesn’t immediately – as in right away, pronto, directly – spring to mind, before then going on to explain where the connection in the synopsis between the two films seems to be.

            “Regardless, you take it as the bases of most of the rest of your article and arbitrarily choose that Blade fits, and Wanted doesn’t.”

            Tom, no, I didn’t. I wrote in a single paragraph of the article that the Blade comparison, to my mind, seems more apt. One paragraph. But whatever! I’m sorry I ruined your day in doing so.

            • Haha, I think you’re confusing yourself

              “Spring to mind” indicates that Blade popped into you mind as you read the first two sentences of that particular paragraph in Deadline’s article. But, it didn’t as you began your analysis (4th paragraph)with: “It’s easy enough to see why Blade is a relevant comparison here…”. Meaning you read the last sentence, and decided that Blade fit.

              Anyway, that’s not my point. My point, as per my first post, is how is either Blade or Wanted more similar or dissimilar to Sanctuary based on a few lines of information that are of similar weight? You say Sanctuary is like Blade in one regard and like Wanted in another, but surmise Sanctuary’s “similarities [to Wanted] seem to end there”.

              So, my question is, what other similarities do Blade and Sanctuary have?

              And, why isn’t Blade unlike Sanctuary? One’s about a vampire while the other is about demonically possessed girl, albeit both use their powers for good. Whereas, both Sanctuary and Wanted include secret organizations that train the protagonist. But, again, the power source isn’t the same.

              I don’t care which is more similar or more dissimilar. The Sanctuary may have nothing or everything to do with Blade or Wanted. Who knows. We haven’t seen the film yet, and synopsis can change/evolve. But, how can you, who provides information to others, just come to arbitrary conclusion. If you are a reader/commenter it’s different, but you aren’t. You’re a writer/reporter.

              No, you haven’t ruined my day; it takes a couple of minutes to post a comment. I hope I haven’t ruined yours. I appreciate your replies.

  5. A little bit of the Hitman (movie / video game) in it as well.

  6. I think if done correctly this sounds like it could be really good. When it first came out I used to watch Blade at least twice a month, of course I was 12 at the time, and Wanted is one of my favorite action movies