Joe Quesada Raises Expectations for Thor Movie

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thor header Joe Quesada Raises Expectations for Thor MovieWith Iron Man 2 only a few months away and the next big Marvel Production soon to get underway in Thor, there’s no shortage of exciting news coming our way for comic fans and moviegoers.

Just a few days ago Screen Rant posted some updates regarding Thor discussing another addition to the film’s stellar cast and some confusion of how the movie will follow the comics, or even which version of Marvel’s Thor it will follow. In addition to that, there’s been some recent online buzz about the possibility of actor Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) playing Hawkeye in The Avengers, a character for which Renner thinks could be introduced in Thor.

Now comes a little more on Marvel’s Mighty God of Thunder from the Comic Publisher’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada who had his latest Cup O’ Joe installment with Comic Book Resources put up last week where they talked on the subject of the next Avenger to get his solo flick out to the eager audiences: Thor.

Quesada was asked about how they confident they are with the Thor movie with there being some out there who cast doubt on the realization of this character on the big screen and its success compared to other comic book movie properties.

“We are incredibly confident. And there isn’t much I could say to convince people beyond, “Look at these designs! Look at this script! Look at the moments in this story and tell me it won’t be a huge success.” But, that’s obviously something I can’t do, so the one thing I can say – and I’ve said as much to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige – is that people are going to go into this movie with a preconceived idea about what it will be. If you’re a comics fan, you’ll have a preconceived notion of what you’re going to get. If you’re a non-comics fan, you’ll have another notion of what the movie is all about. And what’s really amazing is that both groups will walk away going, “I’ve never seen anything like this before within the super hero genre.” It’s so cool, and I don’t want to use the word unusual, but it is unusual in the sense that it redefines what a super hero movie can be. It’s not the expected story or settings. That part of it is incredibly exciting to me.”

While I am extremely exciting for the Thor film, especially with Kenneth Branagh directing and the cast they’ve selected, I do wonder what Quesada is referring to with all of this proclamation of Thor being a game-changer in the genre.

It sounds intriguing but I’m a tad hesitant about feeling positive on his statement about the movie going against our preconceived ideas for what it should be.

He continued:

“We walked through sets and saw different designs for locations and designs for costumes, and I just thought to myself, “Oh my God.” It’s absolutely breathtaking, and the casting is terrific on the movie. And Branagh is a joy to listen to talk story. There was a point during the discussion of the most recent draft of the screenplay where a particular plot point was put up to the group for discussion, “How should we play this one moment within the context of the story?” and Branagh and some in the group had a particular idea of how it should play, while some others felt differently. I was in the opposite camp, but as we discussed the differences, I’m sitting there listening to Branagh act out his version of the scene with gusto and passion and I had to stop him and say, “If you said to me right now, ‘Then Thor kills 100 puppies in an animal shelter’ I’d say it was fantastic.” [Laughter] It’s just magnificent hearing him talking about the story with the great love he has for the material. You don’t see it quite often, but when you see it you’ve got to go with it.”

This is not the first praise we’ve heard about Branagh being somewhat of a great salesman with acting out the movie and his ideas for it in front of Marvel execs. I wish I was there for that.

Kenneth Branagh, director of Thor

Despite the blatant bias of Quesada speaking well of his own team, I have faith in Branagh and his vision for the character and story. I can only hope he does the character and origins justice so that it works not only on its own, but with our other heroes in The Avengers team-up movie.

Thor opens in theaters May 20, 2011 and I’ll be there.

Source: CBR

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  1. My concern is that everyone is so hyped for this film that they are raising their expectations WAY too high.

  2. And it’s still so early… But I’m confident it’ll live up to them [expectations]. Man, I wish Branagh had a twitter account like Favreau so as to keep us teased and informed during shooting when it starts in a few weeks.

  3. @Gary

    because this film will be fuking aweseom!!!

  4. yea this movie is getting quite the hype hope it live up to it hard not to in my opnion if done right, i hope there is alot of hammer action!!

  5. It’s only hype to us guys. Not many people know about Thor.

  6. While I’m sure Thor will be a good film, I’d be surprised if it was a game changer. Why? Because I don’t believe that anything can be a game changer, in the end it still be a story that we will have seen elements of before (or read before) or in fact that we have seen the whole thing before.

    Plus I tend to try and block out Joe Q, he was the guy who ruined Spider-Man

  7. I think Thor will be a good film which will lead on to “The Avengers” nicely, but i dont think it will be a fantastic mind blowing genre busting film simply because Branah is directing it. (dont get me wrong i’m not a Branah basher, far from it. but something keeps niggleing at me that Branah has not got the right credencials for this type of film, but then again what do i know? this might be his Citizen Kane…finnaly.
    I truly hope it is!(even with no Brian Blessed in it.)

  8. I actually think this one really could be a game changer, in the context of comic book movies, it is something truly different, and the cast is amazing, picking Brannagh as the director is the most inspired move. This is a guy with real vision, and as an actor himself, he really knows what performances he should be getting from his stars.

  9. Well the game changer could be a hero actually “killing” things.

    We need to look at the mythology and super hero mixture.

    Thor in the comics is a true to life card carrying “lesser” God. Banishing him to earth to live like a human doesn’t mean he will not act like a God. Yeah mess his pancake order up and then give him lip.

    Rob him, or attack him and don’t see if he doesn’t lay the justice down, eye for an eye.

  10. I don’t know; my expectations have been tarnished a bit by this report. Genre changer? Blade was a genre changer and so was Batman Begins. I just hope Branaugh realizes that the fans of Thor are not the fans of Citizen Kane.

  11. I’m really curious to see how this turns out. I am not a huge comic book fan; I know some of the characters from my childhood, but I don’t read comic books now. I don’t consider myself “above” the material on anything, just not something I follow these days. For example, I had no idea what “Watchmen” was (I’ll probably be banned now,lol).

    It seems to be really hard to translate the (usually) very stylized illustrations in comics with the real world – and some of the story lines are pretty “far out” too, when you think about it.

    I’m looking forward to see how they go with this – will it be a total fantasy (which is fine by me too) or will they somehow take a stab at a “realistic” approach to the subject matter? Could be a lot of fun either way (or not).

  12. I trust in Branaugh

  13. My hope is that the public wont see this as a Superhero film,
    But a huge Epic, the Likes of LOTR.

  14. Ray Stevenson and Idris Elba still leave a BIG “?” in my mind here in this movie. Idris Elba is an incredible actor but him being cast as Hiemdall has to be either genius or the total opposite. It makes you wonder if Branagh really knows what he’s doing. Idris Elba is the perfect actor to play as Luke Cage and hopefully Marvel can still hire him to play as Luke cage in the near future,why not Ray was The Punisher. Whats cool about Idris is aside from him being able to do a great American accent is that he does it very convincingly without any feelings of hmmmmm,this guys has some kind of foreign vibe to him. Idris has the New York accent and swagger down necessary to play as Harlemite Luke Cage NOT the horrible “same character in all his movie” “TYRESE”. John Singleton and Tyrese need to be dropped as contenders for “Luke Cage” and or “Black Panther”. They both are from L.A. and are very good at doing the “L.A.” thing THATS IT. They need to seriously think hard on who’d be better to direct those movies.