True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks ‘Man of Steel’ & ‘Batman’ Reboot

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Joe Manganiello Man of Steel Batman Reboot True Bloods Joe Manganiello Talks Man of Steel & Batman Reboot

Joe Manganiello – best known for his role as the werewolf with a heart of gold on True Blood - previously expressed an interest in playing Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel on more than one occasion. Alas, as we all know, the part eventually went to Henry Cavill instead.

Manganiello recently opened up about the reason he wasn’t cast in the role and his desire to play Batman in the inevitable reboot following The Dark Knight Rises.

On why he wasn’t chosen to play Superman, courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News:

“Well, I mean, the thing about Superman was it… I mean, I know the right one is out there for me… there wasn’t anything I could do with Superman. There was interest from every single possible angle on that project, and the reason they were interested was because of ‘True Blood.’ From the director, to casting, to the producers involved, it was all because of ‘True Blood,’ that was why I was in the running. And at the end of the day, it was ‘True Blood’s’ schedule that kept me from doing it. There’s just no human way possible I could be in two places at once when I’m contracted to be on ‘True Blood.’”

He went on to say he was particularly interested in exploring what would make an alien want to protect humanity, and that he believed he could’ve brought something new and interesting to the character.

While I think that Manganiello is pretty good in True Blood - or at least as good as one can be in a role that requires little more than growling, brooding, piercing looks, and taking off one’s shirt repeatedly – he doesn’t quite have “the look” most people would associate with Superman. While you might hate the fact that Snyder cast a British actor in the role of all-American Clark Kent, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that Cavill doesn’t very much look the part.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent True Bloods Joe Manganiello Talks Man of Steel & Batman Reboot

When asked whether or not he’d be interested in playing Batman in the forthcoming reboot – and Justice League film – Manganiello said:

“From your mouth to God’s ears, man. I mean of course, I grew up – as a kid, I read comic books and I watched every single comic book movie that ever… You know, I was a big sci-fi fan. I was just that kid. I’m a fanboy at heart. So, yeah, that is on my radar.”

I think we can interpret that as a “yes.”

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you want to see Alcide from True Blood play Batman/Bruce Wayne in a future Batman or Justice League film? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. True Blood airs Sundays on HBO @9pm.


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Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I like his enthusiasm!

  2. I just hope they don’t “Twilight-ify” the Batman reboot.

    • I Am Sparkly In The Day And Night! I Am BATMAN!!!

      • The gosh-darn batman lol

  3. Enthusiasm only goes so far. I have yet to see him in anything other than trueblood and to me that doesn’t scream BATMAN.
    NOW Eric Banna in the movie Troy!!! As Prince Hector!!! That screams Batman and superhero all over it. He even has the deep Bale/batman voice down already… He’d be perfect for a reboot…

    • Troy was a great movie. Bana wouldb e interesting choice for a Batman reboot. Might be 5 years too old if your are looking for a franchise lead.

    • He was Flash Thompson in Raimi’s Spider-man and had a reoccuring role in one tree hill(my wife likes that show, I got stuck with it).

    • Eric banas the hulk tho! Lol

  4. I really hope this is a joke. He is a good wolf but I really can’t imagine him has superman or batman.

  5. I can’t imagine him being worse than Bale.

    • I can.

  6. At least he has fanboy down pat. And I have never seen True Blood so I can’t comment on him playing the Boy Scout or Cape and Long Pointy Ears lol.

  7. I always wanted Jon Hamm as Superman in a Death of Superman film…

  8. a batman reboot… can someone please explain why ?

    • for the possible justice league film…

      • please elaborate for me….

        • Batman is getting rebooted beacause he is one of three biggest comicbook characters and WB is planning a justice league movie.

        • Well, Bale and Nolan are ending their Batman Trilogy and Warner Bros. is desperately doing all they can to capitalize on the superhero craze and the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. There’s more than likely going to be a reboot of Batman to tie-in to the Justice League film much like Iron Man started the whole Avengers craze.

          It’s a smart decision. Man of Steel is going to cap off the eventual lead-up to the inevitable Justice League film because who else would start the path other then Superman? Granted, Nolan’s Batman made it more modern and believable, but I feel that Warner Bros. is trying to make their vision of Batman from the original approach of the comics.

          Hopefully, it all works out and they do a reboot of Green Lantern with John Stewart rather than try again with Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) or even try to create some arguments among the team with Guy Gardner. Guy and Batman have a ton of animosity with each other, but I know that Jordan also has some with Bats.

          This is all my personal opinion based on rumors and articles that I’ve read concerning DC/WB franchise.

          • why cant they just have batman as the underdog in the JLA movie that everyone tries to have join the team ? way better then rebooting everything and pissing off the fans (i highly doubt a reboot will make more then nolans batman and be as ‘effective’) just to have things ‘make sense’, this is the same mistake they’re making with spiderman, rebooting and having him go back to school has made a lot of mainstream viewers think ‘wtf is going on’.

            it would be way more simple to just introduce the new batman in the JLA movie or have him appear throughout the other main heroes movies.

            • Well, with the reboot of Spiderman, Marvel is using their foresight in hopes that Sony will join talks to share the rights to Spiderman so that Marvel could put him in a future Avengers film.

              It makes sense. I mean, they might even try to do the same with X-men because of the whole Civil War series as well as the other sub-plots and crossovers that are going on throughout the comics.

              It’s all business and when you have the means to tools that you can sell, I’m sure anyone would do everything in their power to sell it.

              • that’s besides the point, i dont understand why they’d reboot a movie so soon after the trilogy ending. it would be very easy to tie him into the other JLA members movies without having to resort to such extreme :(

                and like i said, i doubt the reboot will make as much or be as good (yes that came from me) as noaln’s batman movie.

                • Well, you can’t quite take Nolan’s Batman and put him in other movies because A) Bale isn’t doing another Batman except if Nolan is; B) Nolan isn’t doing another one; C) I don’t think taking the creative version one director/writer had for a movie would work for another director/writer to use in a reboot.

                  That’s basically a copycat and there would be no need to even have a director if you’re going use Nolan’s Batman as a member of the JLA. What kind of director would want to conform to that?

                  The reboot makes sense in the essence that it will bring a new version of Batman that no one has ever seen before–maybe a more darker and disciplined Batman with quick statements to the point. Much like of what we saw in the cartoons and comics.

                  To make a reboot so soon after the trilogy IS smart, yet it’s also dumb. Smart because you can still capitalize on the Batman craze and dumb because it might also tank. I don’t think it will. I mean, if Warner Bros. brings in a smart and creative director that can bring together all of the DC superheroes that make up the original JLA and the movie receives great praise, that’s great. If the director fails, it will suck because he’ll always have that mark of shame on his resume and there wouldn’t be any hope or sense in rebooting the JLA film–you can only tank the director and hope to not tank the sequel.

                  Nolan’s Batman trilogy is a stand-alone trilogy. Nolan made these films with the exact statement that it will NOT tie-in to the JLA film because he didn’t want to have to deal with creating too many subplots than he already has.

                  The reboot will work if they find a capable actor to play Batman and great supporting cast, and if the director can bring in his own take that the audience can relate to.

                  No one likes change, but we all need some form of it one way or the other.

                  The Batman reboot isn’t going to happen for another year or two so it’s not SO SOON after Nolan’s trilogy is ending. It’s not like they have a script waiting for people to screen test for.

                  • no one had a problem with don cheadle taking over the role of rody, or that woman replacing the other one from nolan’s batman movies, so i dont se why they would cry over another actor playing batman in an already established ‘universe’ (for a lack of better term).

                    like i said, they dont need a whole new line of movies to tie him in if the ‘damage is already done’, they can make him the reason why the JLA doesn’t work (in the movie) and he can be the rational and realistic one that brings everyone together based on past experiences (shown to viewers as flash backs to nolan’s movies).

                    the idea of rebooting so soon will bring fatigue to the average movie goer b/c they will be stuck between ‘why are they doing this’ and ‘nolan’s version was better’, that is what is currently happening with spiderman – mainstream viewers are left scratching their heads whilst fans are bored b/c we have seen the origin already and just want things to move forward not backward.

                    • At the end of the day, this is why -

                      Nolan’s Batman exists in a ‘world’ sans ‘magic’.

                      That’s why Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t actually immortal in Batman Begins, because the Lazarus Pits were deemed too ‘magic’.

                      Now a Justice League movie will need a broader scope to indulge the less realistic elements of the DC Universe, hence the reboot.

                    • I agree. To me it would make sense to just have someone else play Batman in little cameos in other films leading up to the JLA movie. I don’t think a reboot is required in order to set up the JLA movie or to introduce the new Batman character. They didn’t do a Hulk reboot movie to introduce Mark Ruffalo for the Avengers movie and that worked out fine in the end. Yes, people did have some issues at first with Ruffalo taking over for Norton but in the end it worked out great. Ruffalo even redefined the role of the Hulk and surprisingly made people say he’s a better Hulk than Norton was. New character introduction in a movie that has other main characters isn’t always a bad thing

                    • They are rebooting because they do not want Nolan’s gritty, realistic Batman as a part of the JLA “shared” movie universe. They are disregarding him completely to go in a more comic bookish direction with the character to better fit in with the other characters that he will encounter in the”shared” universe.

              • Marvel and Sony are NOT in talks to “share” the rights to Spider-Man. Marvel Studios has PLENTY of characters to work with and Spider-man is pretty much last on the “join” list.

                The only people that would really benefit from some sort of cross over at this point would be Sony to give their Spider-Man some validation. Make no mistake, Marvel wants their IP back so the LAST thing Marvel wants to do is encourage other studios to keep using their characters.

                • Mongoose

                  Actually, they were planning on having the Oscorp building in the Avengers but the designs werent finish for it.

                  • Yes, I know about that but it was ONLY the building because they liked the look of it so much. That was it and there was no discussion past that so Spider-man was never on the table.

                  • Pretty sure that was just a rumor…

    • I thought you’d be about about the Batman reboot… seeing as how much you hate Nolan’s version.

  9. I haven’t been impressed by him in True Blood and he does scream ‘superman’ to me. The new kid will do just fine.

  10. Even when shaved you can still see he looks his age, which is way older than a superman now starting his hero career. Older superman perhaps but idk.

  11. I’d take him over Ryan Reynolds in any superhero movie any day.

  12. Never seen True Blood but I think he’s got the right look for the role of Batman.

    • Thought the same thing

  13. I like what he’s saying and he is a solid actor and seems like a cool dude from interviews I’ve seen I think he could do the batman role just fine.

    I’ve loved Nolan’s films but to me they just seem to miss something about the character of batman. Idk they are great films but I just think its been missing something.
    Best thing about the films this far is ledgers joker performance.

  14. Am I the only person that finds reboots of films less than 3 years old absolutely stupid? Associating the term with the Dark Knight Rises is the equivalent of sitting through a Twilight marathon; retarded.

  15. In reality WB shouldn’t have been sitting on their thumbs this whole time after superman returns… They should have skipped Jonah Hex and they should have gotten their other properties off the ground… At least a wonder woman movie… They fell behind a long time ago and now putting so much effort into a batman reboot??? Just reboot Lantern with a new Lead for the role and bring the solo projects. We need a wonder woman and flash movie and a good Hal jordan green lanter…

    • i love the flash .. but he doesnt not need a movie .. unless you are gonna do it as a high school teen comedy kick ass style without the gore .. but the flash villians are horrible ..

      i think that in tdkr .. they should make simple suttle refences to supes like lexcorp, or metroplis.. im not saying cavill has to be in it .. but just simple easter eggs .. luthor,lois lane,something
      next up in mos at the end of the movie have the martian manhunter find clark and tell him that a great threat is coming to the world (either braniaic or darksied).. then i think you just go right to a justice league flick recast batman .. recast green lantern (john stewart)..

      and after the justice league movie do a mos 2 and a rebooted batman and i think you could either do a supergirl movie or the recasted rebooted green lantern ..

  16. Henery Cavill looks like a young superman to me, I just hope they don’t go that way with the recast for batman!!! I’m still for ERIC BANNA for the next batman… I can’t see anyone else out there right now that has acting credibility and maturity to take on batman right now besides him… If anyone has any other pics besides mine please name some.

  17. Jon Ham for an older batman ? Hellz yeaaa…however m i the only one that would like to c Armie Hammer take a crack at it?

    • yeah i would be cool with hamm has an older bats .. or supes .. maybe from earth 2

  18. Manganiello for Batman? Sorry, just not seeing it.

    The only person that I think holds promise for Batman is Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural). He has a certain intensity that I think meshes with the Batman persona.

    • yeah i agree with you .. i think jensen ackles would be great as batman as i think he is a really great actor .. but i always get flamed when i throw his name out there ..

  19. I don’t watch true blood so i’m not familiar with this guy but he’s seems like a good guy. if the talent is there i say go for it.

  20. When I see him… he captures younger Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come Superman perfectly

  21. Aww I hate that no where in this article did it state he was once in a great superhero movie called Spiderman where he played Flash Thompson. Random but a fact.

  22. “While you might hate the fact that Snyder cast a British actor in the role of all-American Clark Kent….”

    What a stupid and naive thing to write. Why would anyone ‘hate’ the fact that Mr Snyder cast a Brit as Kal El/Kent/Supes? Kal El grew up in Kansas but he is first and foremost from an alien plant called Krypton.

    Snyder ( and I’m sure WB and Nolan had a say as well ) cast Cavill because he was simply the best actor for the role.

    Does Ben Moore know that Christian Bale is a British actor? An English actor who was cast as Bruce Wayne: a character who WAS born and raised in a fictional AMERICAN city called Gotham. Where’s the outrage? lol

    • * planet

    • I’m sorry, are you inferring that I hate that Cavill isn’t American? If you would like to take a crack at reading comprehension, what I actually said was you, as in the royal you, and might, as in maybe, maybe not, hate that a British actor is playing Superman. I never said I, as in me, do, as in do, hate that a British actor is playing Superman. It’s not stupid or naive to refer to the fact that there were many a fan angry that Snyder cast a British person as Superman. I would’ve thought it was obvious from my statement that I am not one of those fans. But I guess not!

      • Too bad your skin is so thin.

        I stand by my statement. It speaks for itself.

        You try too hard to defend yourself.

        • Hahaha. Okay. My skin isn’t thin, Kryptonic. You called me stupid and naive because you completely misunderstood my statement. I called you out on hilariously misunderstanding my statement. Rest assured, there was no trying involved.

    • You’re kinda misunderstanding what he said…

  23. i can see him as Hawkman, but not Batman or Superman

  24. Whomever said there was going to be a reboot of Batman after Dark Knight Rises?? The series may lose Bale and Nolan but DKR is going to leave it open to sequels nonetheless.

    Nothing personal to the writer of this article, but god how I hate how words like ‘reboot’ and ‘franchise’ are associated with movies these days…

    • No, Warner Bros. has indicated they’re going to reboot it.

    • WB announced that they’re planning a reboot for 2015. Nolan and his wife will produce it, but he won’t be directing.

      It makes sense to reboot Batman if DC finally gets a JL movie off the ground.

      • The future installments of Batman films will not specifically be a ‘reboot’. The next movie will pick up where Dark Knight Rises leaves off. It may be a situation like James Bond where we switch from Sean Connery to Roger Moore, but it’s not like they’re going to tell his origin all over again.

        • They don’t have to retell his origin for it to be a reboot. Those are different things.

          • Yeah, especially since telling Batman’s origin is really, really simple. 3 lines of text could do it:
            Wayne Murder + Combat Training + State-of-the-Art Tech = Batman

        • Ye, it will be a reboot lol.
          In order for DC to get their JL movie off the ground, they need Batman (because Batman is a founding member and one of the most popular characters ever created), but in order to have Batman in the JL they need to change the tone a bit (Nolan’s dark, gritty and realistic Batman can’t co-exist in a world with Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash for example – even Nolan himself agrees with that statement).
          Hence, the reboot.

  25. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel on more than one occasion. Alas, as we all know,

  26. Whoever they cast, I hope the reboot has Wayne engineering his own “wonderful toys” (more stylised, less ‘Nolan functional’), and demonstrates Batman’s escape artist capabilities, focuses heavily on mystery/detecting, and delivers a Batman who is content being Batman, unlike Nolan’s version, who seems to operate more out of a sense of duty.

    But maintain Nolan’s view that the audience must care about Wayne, and is not just marking time until he suits up. Who ever gets the part must be able to deliver both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

    • My pick for the ideal reboot film – Hush.

      Would allow us to see origin stories for the new Bruce Wayne and the main villain side by side, just to keep things fresh, and played out in flashback as a ‘fully-established’ Batman investigates the emergence of a heavily bandaged conspirator in Gotham, leading Bruce to look into his past to unravel the mystery.

  27. I think Michael Fassbender would be a good choice for Batman.

  28. Manganiello would be a great Wolverine!!!

    • this guy should do casting for movies

    • yeah .. but theres no reason to replace hackman he plays the role very well .

    • no-ones see’s hawkman??????????????

      • yeah hawkman would be cool for joe as well ..

  29. Has he been a leading man in anything?

    I’d personally like to see an older Bruce Wayne/Batman. I think he’s approaching 40 by the time TDKR rolls around so it would be interesting to see an older Batman leading a Justice League team of characters that are beginning their franchise. As some Marvel movies have proven, a mid-40s star can be credible as both a hero and superhero. To cast an actor younger than Bale is a step backwards, to my way of thinking.

    • I tend to agree, as it would allow for the introduction of some of the younger characters (be it Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl/Oracle etc), and not to mention lend some authority to Batman’s position and viewpoint in the JLA, as you mention.

      • no older than 40 though, i’d prefer mid to late 30′s.

      • I could see them doing an animated film before a live-action for the Bat family. Sad to say, WB/DC really doesn’t have their act together when it comes to getting their gallery of characters to the screen.