True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks ‘Man of Steel’ & ‘Batman’ Reboot

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Joe Manganiello Man of Steel Batman Reboot True Bloods Joe Manganiello Talks Man of Steel & Batman Reboot

Joe Manganiello – best known for his role as the werewolf with a heart of gold on True Blood – previously expressed an interest in playing Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel on more than one occasion. Alas, as we all know, the part eventually went to Henry Cavill instead.

Manganiello recently opened up about the reason he wasn’t cast in the role and his desire to play Batman in the inevitable reboot following The Dark Knight Rises.

On why he wasn’t chosen to play Superman, courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News:

“Well, I mean, the thing about Superman was it… I mean, I know the right one is out there for me… there wasn’t anything I could do with Superman. There was interest from every single possible angle on that project, and the reason they were interested was because of ‘True Blood.’ From the director, to casting, to the producers involved, it was all because of ‘True Blood,’ that was why I was in the running. And at the end of the day, it was ‘True Blood’s’ schedule that kept me from doing it. There’s just no human way possible I could be in two places at once when I’m contracted to be on ‘True Blood.'”

He went on to say he was particularly interested in exploring what would make an alien want to protect humanity, and that he believed he could’ve brought something new and interesting to the character.

While I think that Manganiello is pretty good in True Blood – or at least as good as one can be in a role that requires little more than growling, brooding, piercing looks, and taking off one’s shirt repeatedly – he doesn’t quite have “the look” most people would associate with Superman. While you might hate the fact that Snyder cast a British actor in the role of all-American Clark Kent, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that Cavill doesn’t very much look the part.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent True Bloods Joe Manganiello Talks Man of Steel & Batman Reboot

When asked whether or not he’d be interested in playing Batman in the forthcoming reboot – and Justice League film – Manganiello said:

“From your mouth to God’s ears, man. I mean of course, I grew up – as a kid, I read comic books and I watched every single comic book movie that ever… You know, I was a big sci-fi fan. I was just that kid. I’m a fanboy at heart. So, yeah, that is on my radar.”

I think we can interpret that as a “yes.”

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you want to see Alcide from True Blood play Batman/Bruce Wayne in a future Batman or Justice League film? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. True Blood airs Sundays on HBO @9pm.

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Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. He’s not the worst choice IMO. It’s good that he’s a fan and he seems genuinely enthusiastic about it (plus he kinda looks like Bruce Wayne), but I think he needs to prove himself a bit more as an actor before he can put on the cape and cowl…

    • All I’m going to say is……no one believed in Heath Ledger, or Anne Hathaway. Or Tom Hardy for that matter.

      • Indeed

      • Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy were amazing. I find Anne Hathaway’s performance extremely overrated. I thought she was a terrible Catwoman. She was just Anne Hathaway trying to act tough in a costume. She just didn’t do it for me at all. I felt she was the worst part about The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, Nolan has a hard on for her now (it’s a shame she’s in Interstellar).

        • I don’t find Hathaway particularly bad, but she is definitely overrated in TDKR. What does she/Catwoman really do? What really makes her Catwoman? What happened to her little girlfriend? The fictional personal data erasing device (let’s call it the plot device) was stupid. You know, they have hard copies? And some databases that aren’t connected to the Internet or satellites. Does the device cover that? And she needs to delete her criminal records from what every government database in the world – did she cat burgle in every 1st world nation? Or what about agents assigned to her case? Surely, they’d know her case existed.

          Tom Hardy didn’t do a bad job – it was the writing. But the voice is just ridiculous. Don’t argue with that – that’s fact. His plot was overly complex. Isn’t Bane supposed to be one of the more straight forward villains? Actually, I saw a video recently detailing how Bane is one of the few Batman villains that isn’t insane. He gets $h!t done – comes to Gotham, finds out Bruce Wayne is Batman, and breaks him – no clown gags, no riddles, no suits made of two suit halves. And a MASK THAT STOPS PAIN. Unless you punch that mask. I didn’t want a Bane with the green, glowy tubes or one that shapeshifts from a featherweight into mini-Hulk – I quite like the TDKR look, but how is a super-steroid called Venom (that has serious side effects like steroid abuse tends to have) not realistic?

  2. I’ve always wanted Sam Rockwell for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    • A little short and skinny, eh? But he definitely has the acting chops.

    • Sam Rockwell? Really? Not my first choice for Bats. Not even top ten.

    • Yeah sorry but as I have said before, not every role is a match for every actor. Rockwell is awesome in everything he does but he just doesn’t have the look or build to be the Bat.

      • He could beef up for the role, Balr has changed his body several times for roles. His height can be adjusted through camera angles, lots of actors are short and look taller on screen, it’s called movie magic. I think he would be good, and I only thoight of it after seeing Iron Man 2.

        • rockwells face screams bad guy .. ie thats why he was so good in green mile and iron man 2 .. he should be riddler or mad hatter just my take .. but in no way shape would i ever buy him as batman .. and i wouldnt see it if a batman movie was made with him in the cowl .. just my two cents

          • Definitely, Riddler or Mad Hatter.

            Seriously, on a side note, what’s with the typing on this site? As I type, letters either lag or more likely don’t register (that is won’t pop up as I type). It’s just this site.

    • LOL…Sam Rockwell could fit to play Bruce Wayne if they ever make a comedy Batman movie

    • He’d be my choice for The Riddler.

      • THAT

    • “regular or menthol?”

      • Haha, good call on the Ninja Turtle reference. Most people don’t know that he was in that.

    • Interesting choice, I could totally picture him sitting in the bat cave staring into the bat computer with that silent calculating look in his eyes.
      However I would like to see a beefy Batman for once.

    • I hope your joking……

  3. I`m gonna miss Christian Bale, Manganiello looks like Eric Bana on that picture. Manganiello cant take him serious for Bruce Wayne.

    • if you have seen him on how i met your mother then you would know that joe mag cleans up pretty well and definatly has the billionaire playboy look .. but when he has this beard and longer hair then yeah .. he looks too rugged ..

      • He should be LOBO

  4. Im with some of the rest of you in that I dont know if Batman needs to be rebooted just for a JL movie. Im not against Joe being Bats but we dont need a reboot.

    • I`m with you on that I wish they can continue the story it doesn’t need to be reboot.

      • Nope. Nolan’s Batman universe and the Man of Steel universe can’t be one and the same. How can you explain all the storyline potholes? All of a sudden there are superpowered beings in the Nolanverse? A reboot is necessary if they want to do a JL movie. It doesn’t have to be a reboot. More like a reintroduction of characters through a different storyline. Hollywood could use the Batman: Year One storyline as an origin reboot.

  5. honestly i think he “joe mags” looks more like supes then cavill does .. not that i think cavill was a bad choice , much better then the josh hartlet,jude law,brednan faser,ben affleck and brandon routh .. but i would be stoked to see him as batman .. i loved the nolan movies but i dont care for bales batman and that stupid vocie he does ..

  6. Sorry Joe but no and no.
    He would have been a mistake for MoS.
    He’s not right for Bruce Wayne.

  7. In one word – NO! He does not strike as being sophisticated as Bruse Wayne needs to be or as deep as Batman needs to be.

    • Apologies for grammar and spelling errors

  8. he’s too tall for batman.
    henry cavill – 6ft
    joe manganiello – 6ft5in
    these are the real heights, not the fake exaggerated hollywood heights.
    we don’t want batman to be nearly half a foot taller than superman. its like iron man being taller than thor/hulk. doesn’t work.

    • ofc, if you didnt get it, i was talking about the inevitable teamup in the justice league film.

      • im ok with batman being taller then clark .. seeing how clark is the one with the super powers and there are many ways to make it work .. just like they made it work with hardy and bale .. hardy playing bane but he is a little shorter then bale ..

        • there’s a 2 inch difference between hardy and bale. and that was covered up by slightly thicker shoes. almost half a foot is a whole different story.

          also, manganiello an awful actor with zero star power. so that should already ensure him being not good enough to get the part.

    • You do realize that in movies they make people look taller/shorter than they really are right?
      Tom Cruise looks tall in a lot of his movies and RDJ looks taller than Paltrow in the IM movies (and in real life Paltrow is like dubble the size of RDJ ;))

      Height isn’t an issue AT ALL.

      • RDJ & Paltrow are the same height at 5’9 lol.

        An inch or two is easy to fake with camera angles. Half a foot is not. you would notice it on screen.

  9. as long as he’s able to act, and NOT have the crappy Batman voice then I’m good with it if he’s asked to do it.

    • he isn’t a good actor though…

  10. First off its not really a reboot its just a new actor playing batman & a new dirctor. It’s going to take place 6 years after TDKR. Plus I can see Manganiello playing Batman. I hope it plans out.

    • Where are you getting this? It”ll be a reboot. A full-on reboot.

      • It’s been reported that it’s not a full on reboot it’s just a new actor & a new person behind this movie. And that is movie will be six years after tdkr

        • Reported by who? Everything I’ve read has stated, in no uncertain terms, that they are rebooting.

        • Yeah, that never happened.

        • Care to provide a link… some proof?

  11. First of all I love his character in True Blood, he’s a good actor. But he’s no Bruce Wayne/Batman. For what it’s worth I think in a couple of years Joseph Gordon-Levitt might just pull it off as the dark knight

    • jgl is a great actor .. way to small for batman .. unless we are talking about batman beyond a high school batman .. but i think he would be great as nightwing and or the flash .

    • He’d be cool for Batman BEYOND maybe. But then again I think we’re all just running loose with our “JGL picks up the cowl in the end of TDKR” theories. Why else would we just happen to fixate on him, of all people?

  12. Hey this is to Sambo’s comment:
    Yes I love the idea of Hush being a main villain especially for a reboot to have some origin and some new villain involved. But if you are selecting Hush as the villain for the origin flashbacks in the first place the why not go with MASK OF THE PHANTASM approach. We rarely get to see a female role that is that dark and full of vengence… I think the Phantasm would be a perfect villain for a reboot. That whole movie would be great as a LIVE ACTION ADAPTATION. Only thing I would change is have Black Mask be the main villain as well and introduce Deadshot as the hired gun the Black Mask used to kill Andrea’s Father….

    Oh and I’m not to great on that Rockwell pick everyone mentioned… I’m still for ERIC BANNA!!!!

    Eric Banna can so pull off Batman without a doubt… There is no one out there that comes to mind when you ask of a fan to cast batman… At least for me anyways.

  13. I could see joe playin aquaman, or maybe even a rebooted green lantern

    • I like the idea of him as GL. I didn’t think the GL movie totally sucked, but it didn’t leave me wanting more either. I love the idea of Eric Bana as Batman.

      • Eric Bana would be a perfect batman if they decide model the reboot after frank millers “dark knight returns” (great book by the way) everyone should read it

    • idk if he could pull of being a blonde for aquaman
      my top picks that i think would suit him are

      1- Hawkman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2- Green Lantern, for the reboot if theres a reboot
      3- Captain Marvel

      • I like the Hawkman idea.

        • he would be a great hawkman

          • I agree. He’s more fitting for Hawkman than Superman or Batman and we don’t need another reboot or origin story for either of those characters. Chances are people who don’t know their origins by now don’t live remotely close to a movie theater anyway.

  14. I’m of the opinion they will reboot Batman again.

    I’m not apposed to Joe doing it. If I were to nitpick the 1st 2 Nolan movies or rather, ask for something more, it would be more Batman stomping heads.

    I’d play on Joe’s size and portray him as a Batman getting started that has to rely on the beat down more while he hones his detective skills. And defiantly show him gaining those detective skills through experience.

    Less gadgets, more brain sweat and more boots to the head. Needs to be someone that’s not going to be intimidated by power rings, Supermen, or mythic demigoddesses.

    The kind of Batman that spies on Clark Kent from the roof and salutes him through binoculars.

  15. Domonic Purcell would make a pretty good Batman. He’s done some pretty crappy movies, he could use a meatier part.

    • Too small for batman? This guys makes Bale look like a skinny liitle boy.

  16. I’d rather not be thinking about who will replace Christian Bale… I honestly don’t want to see a reboot of Batman for at least another 10 years; do we honestly need an “Amazing Batman”? I would rather see Christian Bale reprise his role as an aged Bruce Wayne in a Live Action Adaptation of Batman Beyond! Then we could talk about who would be playing the role of the next Terry McGinnis Batman.

  17. please no

  18. I guess i could see Joe as Batman, i really liked the Dark Knight Trilogy so I hope he does his own thing with the role if he is casted. Its great to know hes a fan i think that generally when people work with superheroes and they love the characters they tend to do a better job.

  19. I heard from one of the comments that they thought he could play Captain Marvel now that i could see workingout pretty well, when i heard about Joe being in the running for supes i thought he’d make a good superman but not the best Clark Kent he just wasn’t nerdy looking enough to me. I guess its hard casting two characters that are the same person inside, because they have to look like two completely different people, but i do hope Joe gets a superhero movie soon. I guess i could see him as the next Batman but he still seems a little to masculine to be batman not to say Bruce isn’t masculine i just think he looks to much like hercules to play a character like batman. Green Lantern is a character i don’t like at all, i hated the movie and honestly don’t care for the character at all he always struck me as really lame i mean he had a ring that could make a bunch of weapons and half the time he was making shovels and arrow pointers also never liked him costume so i hope he doesn’t do green lantern if they make a reboot. I could probably see him as aquaman but if was gonna play him he’d obviously have to die his hair because aquaman is blonde and all, i have a hard time picturing Joe as a blonde but not as hard a time as i do picturing him in an orange tunic type shirt or armor whatever people call it, aquaman i think can be really cool but i remember i went to a party one time and there were plenty of people that liked superheroes like me there and they were talking about how lame aquman was i hear it all the time from people aquman is useless and i don’t think that’s true at all if they do make a movie on him i hope they show just how bad*** he is in the movie the guy could probably go toe to toe with some of the best guys out there, another thing i hope they do in the potential aquaman movie is get rid of the orange shirt he has and give him something cooler i read somewhere its hard drawing aquman in the comics because he has that orange tunic and you gotta make him look serious, the other option is to just give him something serious and cool, sorry i’m getting off topic here lol… Anyway back to Joe as a superhero, he certainly has the height for the Martian Manhunter role read online dudes six foot five i think (when i think of the martian manhunter i think of him being really tall).

    So in the end if he was gonna play any superhero i’d say Captain Marvel, maybe batman, hell no for Green Lantern, possibly aquman if they make some adjustments, oh and i could also see him as hawkman i forgot to write that.

  20. I look at him and see the potential for him playing Batman in a solo film but the first villain should be a much better Mr. Freeze. I haven’t seen true blood but I say give him a shot and see how good he can be playing Batman. I would be behind him all the way and he looks the part, has the right built and features and according to that in True Blood he can play a person of action and fighting styles against criminals. I say “yes” to Joe playing Batman in a movie.

  21. I don’t think Joe Manganiello should reboot as our new batman, if there’s a chance he be better playing as one’ve DC’s superheroes Hawkman of Thanagar.

  22. If not Joe, then how about guys like Bradley Cooper. Just dye his hair jet black and get rid of the stubble. Make him take martial arts lessons. I think that Cooper is a well-rounded actor. And I think that Cooper could get really jacked if he wanted to. Cooper and Cavill are approximately same height. Plus, he could pull off the millionaire playboy role easily.

  23. He would be a perfect Shazam/Billy Baston

  24. Honestly, I’m not to happy with the idea of a reboot to start with!

    I loved Bale’s Batman (although his voice could get annoying) and I just don’t know who could possibly replace him. I can’t picture Manganiello doing it or any other guy mentioned here. Gordon Levitt is an amazing actor but I see him more as Nightwing. The actor to play Batman has to be someone who is good looking with a player/playboy look but at the same time, have a bit of a dark side. Maybe Cooper could do it…

    And I’d totally be up to see Hush (the comic) turn into a movie, but that would require a lot of actors for each villain that appeared and then would there be a new catwoman or would it be Anne Hathaway coming back? And how about a story with Talia? Or batgirl? (Which could be very risky)

    The problem with a reboot is what story to pick? There are so many options and I don’t really want to see Nolan’s movie redone

    But that’s just my opinion 😛

  25. Jake Gyllenhaal should be the new Batman.

  26. I prefer him as bruce wayne/batman coz of his ruggedly looks but not superman i love henry cavill as superman with earnestness & humbleness.

  27. Trey, I would like to make a comment on something you said earlier. Are you still there, admin?

  28. I am late for the party but I can’t believe that Joe wasn’t given the Superman,Tarzan,or Batman roles. These other blokes I won’t pay money to see. None of these roles requires Shakespearian acting from anyone. We wanted Joe!!