Joe Johnston Talks Jurassic Park 4 Story

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jurassic park 41 Joe Johnston Talks Jurassic Park 4 Story

Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News put up an interview from a while back on the set of The Wolfman with director Joe Johnston. In the interview they discussed a bunch of his previous works and a bit about Jurassic Park 4 for which he is attached to helm.

This was before it was announced that Johnston would be directing The First Avenger: Captain America so unfortunately, that topic does not come up.

In the interview, the topic of special effects (the right mix of practical and digital) came up and Johnston gave the example of the first Jurassic Park and how it still holds up today as something special in that regard. Shortly thereafter, Harry brought the conversation back to Jurassic Park to ask some questions about the widely speculated fourth installment of the franchise. Joe Johnston of course, directed Jurassic Park 3.

“Well, there is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with and it’s nothing like the first three. It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.”

Harry then asked if it would be again about a group of folks trying to survive against the dinos and Johnston responded, “We’ve done that and it’s been done three times…”

Following that, Harry emulated the feelings of many fans and said to stay away from the island.

“Why would anybody go back to that island? It was hard enough to figure out the second and third reason for them to go, but it would take it off in a whole other trilogy basically, but when it gets to that level it’s sort of about studios and Steven’s thing and who knows. I think we are at that point where we are due for another one if we are going to do it. They had what four years between them? 1992… 1996 or 1997, and then 2001, so we are past due. I don’t know, but we will see.”

Johnston’s Jurassic Park 3 was sadly was the worst of the trilogy for me and they definitely need to do something new and completely different for it to work or potentially kick-start the franchise with a new set of films.

What do you think about Johnston heading up another Jurassic Park and the Captain America movie? What do you want from Jurassic Park 4?

Universal has no official schedule set for Jurassic Park 4. The Wolfman finally hits theaters February 10, 2010 and The First Avenger: Captain America will hopefully not be delayed and open July 22, 2011.

Source: AICN

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  1. I’m all for a new Jurassic Park film, although I wish Steven Speilberg would be attached to it. Although the 3rd film was the weakest of the trilogy, IMO, it was still an entertaining movie. Dinos on screen running amok is always good for a fun movie!!

  2. i’d like a Jurassic park 4, Just bring back the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Wasnt the same without him in the third with that Spinosaurus. Terrible Replacement…Also bring back the Oringinal Logo or atleast the one posted above in the greenish Color’s because that looks Cool.

    I’ll be watching it either way, hopefully for better then worse.

  3. The problem with taking the movie away from the island is that it no longer makes sense to call it Jurassic Park. The island is the park and the park is the island.

    If they start a new franchise or trilogy maybe they should change the title as well? Jurassic World or something like that?

  4. Part 2 is over-bloated and boring at times, which was a major disappointment for me since I loved the first one and couldn’t wait for The Lost World to open. Jurassic Park 3 has its faults, but that spinosaur scared me–Johnston made that beastie nightmarish!


  5. ps-At one point, part 3 was going to be called “Final Extinction,” I think (you can see artwork for the famous JP logo with that name on the JP 3 extras), and I believe they were going to show dinos over-running the planet. That sounds much cooler than the rumored “mini-dinos” that have weapons attached to them.


  6. I think a cool idea would be to set the next film 50-100 years in the future with most of the world having forgot about the island and the dinos. Maybe a plane crash or shipwreck strands survivors on the island only to have to battle the dinos with decaying equipment found in the abandoned park. I really don’t see how they can get away from the island idea unless they’re now going to be in a South American jungle or something.

  7. If the stories are good, i’m up for a lot more Jurassic Park movies. I’ve been thinking they should do a new one for years. Anyway, hope they listen.

  8. I think it would be cool if they decide to do a new Jurassic movie, althought my favorite it will always and best the first one Jurassic Park..!!

  9. To me the raptors were honestly the best thing about the jurassic park franchise. I cant see either how they can do another jurassic park movie and not focus on the island…to me it doesnt make sense. If I remember though…in the novel the raptors somehow made it onto costa rica and were stealing babies out of cribs (not pg material but maybe a step in the right direction). What if the Jurassic park animals somehow got stranded in some place like the congo or south america…maybe a plane crashed with the embryos still in tact and they hatched. You could possibly bring back some of the original cast. I dont know…just an idea though.

  10. You have to take in consideration the amount of change that happen in the palaeontologist world in the last fifteen years. Last time I watch a documentary on dinosaurs, the T-Rex what nothing like we saw in the first movie. Apparently the adult were to begin and clumsy to hunt for themselves, so they wait around the trees to chop something the kids were bringing, oh yeah and baby T-Rex were all cover in feathers.

  11. Were to big and not to begin. sorry about that.

  12. @ Heath, I think the fourth was to be called “Extinction” as well for a while.

    @ Paul,

    They can still have the movie not based on the island but have a scene or part of the movie there to use the name. Jurassic Park(s) (or the islands) are where it all began afterall so even if they don’t, they’ll still explain for new viewers how the modern dinos originated

  13. Joe Johnston

    Hopefully he blows us away with The First Avenger so he can take the reigns and do The Avengers. I liked his work on Jurassic Park 3 and Star Wars so we’ll see what this guy has up his sleeve.

  14. I’m actually frankly surprised that you thought the 3rd was the worst. I had always considered that the 2nd was widely considered the worst of the three.

    I agree with what everybody said about T-rex and the Raptors being crucial, but what really made Jurassic Park what it was is Sam Niel. He was (and could be) almost as iconic as a modern-day Indiana Jones. I think a new set of films, focusing around developing his character would be highly entertaining.

  15. I thought Jp4 was scrapped after Crichton died? Or have things changed?

  16. I still cant believe Michael crichton is gone, one of the greatest sci fi writers of our generation.

  17. I was going to say the same thing, Tin Man. I heard any plans for a fourth were canceled once Crichton died.

    But if they do go through with this, it better not be anything I’ve read online. I don’t want to spoil anything if it is, but in short, the scientists make the dinosaurs smarter.

  18. It’s the time! Jurassic Park IV now! The world wiat for the sequel since 2001. What happend with dinossaurs? Everybody want knhows. Please start the production of JP4 soon.

    Steven Spielberg… This your time of says something about develop of Jurassic Park IV.


  19. Well you know what they say by the fifth movie of a franchise, it’s time to reboot.

    Why not make the fourth and the fifth one tie together? In four make it about humanity goes to the islands to wipe them all out and the fifth rename as “Jurassic World.” Advertising would go, Jurassic Park becomes Jurassic World.
    The fifth story then is how the animals of Jurassic Park spread to the rest of the world. The sixth one reboots…

  20. I can see it now, the dinosaurs will be done entirely in CGI, and it’ll be filmed in 3D with dinosaurs popping out of the screen chomping at the audience…oh the tragedy

  21. The pre-historic world is vast, and like previously stated, there have been great advances in paleontology and cloning. The very idea of re-created extinct species sheds some very dark light on human civilization.

    When they introduced the cane toads to australia to deal with the crop pests, the toads ate everything, they’re now a plague. Imagine a pack of raptors find a daycare… uh scary.

    There could be more development on pre-historic plants and insects, and some more different dinos, or even bring in early man.

    Like in Iceman with Tim Hutton, the neanderthal in today’s society wasn’t exactly encino man. What if Sam Neil brought back cr0-magnon? or cover an entirely different era, like Pleistocene. Ice age animals and cavemen maybe?

    There is an article in this month’s National Geographic about Crocs in the ancient sahara that were so big, they ate dinos.

    And has there been any sea dinos? ancient sharks? There are literally millions of years of material to work with here.

  22. I agree with the posts to explore new ideas with the franchise. Everything has been played out with the island. Def need to bring Sam Neil and Goldblum back and it would be nutty if they brought the two kids from the first one and showed them all grown up.

    And I completely disagree with whoever said lost world was the worst. JP3 was BY FAR the worst of the three. Obviously Spielburg didn’t helm that one but I just feel like it redid the formula that worked so well for the first two. But honestly if you go back and watch them now, JP 3 looks like an older movie compared to the other two. The CGI is subpar for the time and he doesn’t use any animatronics like spielburg was known for in the first two. That is the key with this new one is bring back the mixing of animatronics with CGI to make a truly terrifying dinosaur experience. Also they should make it scarier and have it take place on manhattan. Raptors running amok in the subways, T-rex in times square.. could get intense!

  23. I thought all three movies were great and they shouldn’t have changed a thing. I think the best way to still involve the island without making it just another “survive getting off the island”, is to have the dinos finally make it to the mainland of Costa Rica. In the original novel, the islands were 120 miles from the coast of Costa Rica and the story starts with Compy’s attacking people in a small Costa Rican town. Have a large ship of some kind get caught in a storm and dock on the island till the storm passes, not realizing they are docked at the most dangerous island in the world. The dino’s get aboard the ship and kill everyone and the auto pilot at some point returns the ship to Costa Rica, infesting the mainland with Dinos. Then the military can come to help fight off the Dino infestation. This time the dino’s come to us instead of teh other way around. Characters from the first films could be brought in willingly or not so willingly to help the military. That’s how I’d do it.

  24. Oh and Fenix, you need to watch the making of JP3. They used a ton of animatronix. T-Rex, Spino, and Raptors. More than in the first actually. Most of the Spino attack on the plane was all animatronix. The machanical Spino was the biggest animatronic puppet ever created until the ones used for the “Walking with Dinosaurs” live show…which I got so see by the way. It was awesome.
    Anyway…get your facts straight.

  25. Jurassic park IV will be awesome!

    YessssssssssssssssssSSS! Jurassic Park IV!

    Come on Joe, Come on Spielberg, Come on Universal Studios make the best Jurassic Park movie. Welcome to Jurassic Park 4.

    Now turn Official News.

  26. hell yeah i just want to see some more dino action scary crap happening on the big screen. so if he does it like the first films cool if he want to go in a different direction great but lets see some plesiosaurs,and some more diloposaurs. a new trilogy would be pretty wicked cool.bring on JP4!!!!!

  27. i also hear that universal is doing a remake to the creature from the black lagoon does anyone have any new from this year?AND RESIDENT EVIL 4 IS BEING DONE BUT I HEAR THEY PLAN TO REMAKE it after part 4 more like the first game called resident evil begins.i also hear that steve altens the loch is being made to a film and underworld the begining hell yeah so many great movies. and x-4,and a sequel to hulk.any news on any of these films would be apprieciated and any news on killer animal films with good story and casting and effects.

  28. also who is going to be the villains in spiderman 4,5,and 6 i would love to see lizard,doc ock again,scorpion,carnage,kraven,and mysterio all have some part in the films.

  29. and we are going to get alot of x-men films so hell yeah. first class 1,2,and 3,magneto,wolverine2,and 3,deadpool,gambit,nightcrawler,mystique,new mutants,and x-men 4,and 5. all we need then would be district-x,and generation-x unless they use characters from genration-x in new mutants and new x-men characters like beak,tito bohusk,angel salvador,glob herman,rockslide,anole,chamber,and husk.those characters in a new mutants would be the most awesome x-men film ever. well maybe not ever but really close.x-men 2 is my all time favorite. if they would just focus on story and chacater like x-1,and x-2 instead of pure action the films would still be great.i think in first class sinister should be after cyclops and other strong mutants,and the sentinels should be the humans answer to the mutant threat in first class 2,or 3 or even the frist one.apocalypse should be magneto and charles villain in the magneto film since magneto does not turn to a villain himself till after first class because x-3 show him and charles building the x-men.sorry but it is called screen rant.anyways hell yeah jurassic park 4.