J.K. Simmons Talks Spider-Man 4

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spiderman jk simmons J.K. Simmons Talks Spider Man 4In October, we reported that Sam Raimi would be too busy to film the next Jack Ryan film due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming Spiderman 4. In his quote Raimi suggested that filming for Spiderman 4 could begin in March of 2010.

Well, as of today, it looks like he was pretty accurate.

At the 25th annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, MTV got a chance to speak to actor J.K. Simmons. Simmons plays everyone’s favorite Daily Bugle head honcho, J. Jonah Jameson and he revealed that he will be returning in his famous role and that shooting will begin in 2010.

He also stated that he knows this from speaking with Raimi at a Christmas party over the holidays. This news confirms earlier speculation and reports of possible shooting and release dates.

That’s great news to hear – J.K. Simmons is one of the best parts of the Spiderman films and I’m excited to see the franchise rebound from the messy and disappointing Spiderman 3.

And if you missed it, check out our update from a couple of weeks ago to find out who Sam Raimi would like to see as a potential villain and who else we think may play a big role in the film.

Are you happy that Jonah Jameson will be back and probably more bitter than ever?

Spiderman 4 is expected to launch the summer slate of films for 2011 with a May release date.

Source: MTV

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  1. JK Simmons is awesome…he was great in Juno and gave one of the few genuinely funny performances in the rather unfunny/stupid Burn After Reading

    I hope JJJ has a bigger role in the next Spidey movie.

  2. I personally would love to see a story that revolved around JJJ hatred of Spider Man and how it came to be, like in the comics, maybe even show him partnering with one of the villians to try and bring down Spidey.

    However, having said that, ireally believe that they should suck it up, lick their wounds from Spider Man 3 and stop making a fourth and Fifth. But thats just mu opinion on the matter, they really screwed up with #3. Why add to the flames?

  3. This is one of the few casting calls that was just spot on. From visual to acting chops Simmons has captured the essence of the character and really brought him to life.

  4. @Cali
    totally agree!

  5. Was a bit surprised at his choice having seen his character in Oz. But he was great. Would like to see him in more too.

  6. Simmons is great as Jameson, great I tell ya! Not to mention I might be biased on the name thing.

  7. Rather than parrot virtually everyone else agreeing with the original poster, I’ll toss in that while Simmons is the perfect choice to play JJJ, Burn After Reading was hilarious, but not many people get it. That’s what I love about the Coens, that they don’t dumb their black humour down(most definitely a dark comedy) but rely on educated viewers, a rare thing in this day and age. I’m still shocked how many people say they LOVED O, Brother Where Art Thou? yet have no clue it was based on the Odyssey. Really? His name is Ulysses, they fight a Cyclops, and encounter Sirens! Geez. Uneducated audiences=underappreciated genius films.

  8. @huntthejest,

    I see what you’re saying about Burn After Reading – but as smart as a comedy may be, that doesn’t affect whether or not characters/actors come off as funny or well-played.

    For example, Brad Pitt’s character had his moments, but at times it was over-the-top and overly fake.

    For the most part, I enjoyed that movie though.

  9. @huntthejest

    Wow, so I must not bright enough to “get” the Coen brothers comedy, because I freaking HATED “Burn After Reading.” I thought it plain sucked.

    I’m sorry but I need a character in a movie I can relate to as a viewer, and the closest thing to that in the film was J.K. Simmons. And Brad Pitt would have been perfect for the part he played… 20 years ago.

    And BTW I am a fan of their films, I loved “Fargo” and “Brother Where Art Thou.”


  10. @ Metallicat79,

    Spidey 3 made almost a billion dollars, so while a lot of us fans were disappointed with the movie (I really didn’t like it personally) the studio doesn’t have many wounds to lick – unfortunate in the case of this movie and X3.

    I just hope the next movie comes out with the quality of the first two and not like the 4th Indiana Jones. My hope is that they’re changing the style to a simple well-developed story rather than just flash, action and big names everywhere. While disliking the other one, I kinda want to see more because it could be wildly entertaining if done right :)

  11. @Rob
    Fair enough.

    I have a real dislike for Spidey 3. It did not do the villians justice overall. And it focused way too much on the whole Mary Jane crapfest, I wish they would recast Mary Jane, Kirsten Dunst is a terrible Actress.

    Don’t worry, Im dumb too.

  12. LOL, nah… it’s just funny that movie came up because I finally watched just a couple of days ago. :-P

    I probably had it coming from huntthejest since he went and saw PWZ on my recommendation and he hated it. 8-)


  13. @Metallicat79

    “maybe even show him partnering with one of the villians to try and bring down Spidey”

    Oh, why not just come out and say “Scorpion!”


    Actually, I kind of agree- while it wouldn’t hurt to show JJJ actually has it in for crooks- a masked/ski masked thug attacked members of his family, if I recall the comics backstory- it also runs a small risk of “humanizing” the comic relief: JJJ is meant to be over the top and rude, even if he lets his guard down on occasion.

  14. @ Metallicat79,

    I agree on what you said of the problems and dislike of Spidey 3 – it was pretty bad in my opinion for the reasons you mentioned.

    But do you really not want to see Spidey on the big screen dealing with some other villain (hopefully learning from their mistakes of Spidey 3)?

  15. I’d love for them to do a movie based on the Marvel Knights – Spiderman: Reign storyline, I loved it, thought it was one of the best ever, but that would call for an old spidey, and a lot of villains to cast so maybe it won’t… a big part of that storyline was JJ, and Simmons would be great in a larger role, with a darker tone(he was Schillinger, no?)

  16. And what about Kraven in a movie? Something with relation to Kraven’s last hunt or something like that… it’d be cool

  17. @rob
    I would love to see them learn from their mistakes, BUT I really don’t think they will, I have great respect for Raimi and his work, but Spidey 3 was a huge tarnish and I do not know if they would be able to redeem themselves from that. I actaully would not mind seeing a more mature Peter Parker, he whined is way through the first two and emo’d and danceed his way through the third, Just Grow Up All ready.

  18. they need to draw the focus onto to just one villian, if you do two, do it in a similiar fasion to TDK, where it focused on the Joker for the most part, while developing the Harvey Dent/Two Face Charactor in the background.

  19. good points Metallicat,

    We’ll just have to hold our breath in hope they can fix it rather than use the Spider-Man brand just to bring a huge payday to Sony (again).

  20. I hope they are takeing this huga amount of time to fix the major issues they had with the last film so Spidey 4 is a makeup for the last one. Lets hope they use this time wisely.

  21. Ditto about Simmons; the man is awesome! And Vic, if you are dumb, I must have the IQ of a rock. :-)

    If Spidey 4 is going to happen, no more whiney crap from Parker, no more Saturday Night Fever disco garbage, and less Mary Jane Spidey-gets-all-the-buzz borefest! Maybe they need to go Superman: Returns route and totally forget that 3 happened.

  22. yes i think spider-man 4 will be awesome. it sounds so cool ”spider-man 4”. i love the spidey films; and i cant wait to see who the villains are.

    vic holtreman do you know if gwen stacey/bryce dallas howard will reprise her great role as the hot,hot,hot peter’s mistress. i would love it if she returned. oh mighty god i would love it. bryce is a great actress.

    ”go spider-man 4”

  23. I’m starting to like the Morbius idea more and more, but I still think having the Lizard and Kraven be the villains in the movie would be pretty cool. Then near the end do a Kraven’s last hunt thing or something.

  24. i like jk simmons he’s cool j jonah jameson he’s cool i will see him on spiderman when he meet jim carrey as carnage and jeff hardy as morbuis two villains thats cool i will see jk simmons on spiderman 4 in theatres may 6th 2011 see ya.